Saturday, May 28, 2011


Paul McGuire
The worst tornado in at least 60 years happens within 24 hours of Netanyahu meeting Obama over division of Israel. Having said that, we must be very careful to declare what God is doing prophetically! I have not met a prophet today, who operates at the level of a Jeremiah, Joel, Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, etc.

Without contradicting Bible prophecy, what is the response of the Watchman Prayer Warrior in the face of tornado’s, earthquakes and world events? For years the U.S. military has been experimenting with weather modification weapons. You can read their report at Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025

Yet, the Bible teaches that true believers can change the weather with the power of prayer. Why do you think in the Bible it say’s in James 5:13-18

“Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray. Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing psalms. Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer of faith will save the sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven. Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. Elijah was a man with a nature like ours, and he prayed earnestly that it would not rain; and it did not rain on the land for three years and six months. And he prayed again, and the heaven gave rain, and the earth produced its fruit.

Obviously, Elijah was both a prophet and a unique man of God. But God is trying to teach us about the power of prayer. It is not an accident that God uses the phrase, “”Elijah was a man with a nature like ours.” God is telling us that “the effective prayer of a righteous man avails much,” and that Elijah prayed “earnestly.” God is explaining to us that it is possible to change the weather! It could very well be that the tornadoes were allowed to come through our treatment of Israel. But, will God forgive if spiritual intercessors rise up and repent of the sin and ask God to stop the tornadoes or whatever is happening in your nation. The point is we are to pray!

I am not offering an answer in terms of a dogmatic theology, I am simply saying that God answers prayer and I sense the call of the Holy Spirit for a global movement of Biblical intercessors to rise up. Is the Lord calling you to become a Watchman Prayer Warrior and have you obeyed the call?

The other reality is that hundreds of thousands of Christian homes were destroyed, some who were supporters of Israel. When you watch the videos of the flooding and tornado’s, we can remember journalist Diane Sawyer’s comments, that these events were of “Biblical proportions.” Ironically, many of the secular journalists and scientists seem to understand what many Christians do not and that these are the Signs of the Times.

These connections between Israel and the weather in the U.S. have been made numerous times and they have not always been accurate! However, during the Katrina/Gaza pullout connection. When the Jews were forced to give up part of Gaza to the Palestinians, Katrina formed on the Atlantic the same day. (Gaza main 4 settlement pullout accomplished & Katrina formed in Atlantic on same day. August 23, 2005

May 19th: Obama announces Israel should return to 1967 borders. Historic U.S. publicly stated change in attitude (not policy) toward Israel. That day, I mention to a few people, watch the next few days for natural or economic disasters to strike us.

May 20 & 21st: Netanyahu meets with Obama and opposes him, but still takes a too weak position of some land for peace. The tornadoes start the same day. Worst series in at least six decades, and possibly will be worst ever as 1500 people are still missing!

The important thing to understand is that Watchman Prayer Warriors, (I hope you have started a group or are praying by yourself) we have been called to serious prayer! I have already begun teaching on how to engage in “High Level Spiritual Warfare with Overwhelming Force” on Paul McGuire TV, the DVD sets like “American Dictatorship -The Coming Event that Will Change Everything” and the new pre-order “Are You Ready for the Coming Global Government, the Coming One World Economic System and the Coming One World Religion? – It’s Here!”

Step out on faith like Peter and start walking on water. Use our teaching as a guideline and then begin your “Watchman Spiritual Warrior” prayer group and join many others across the U.S. and globally! It is later than you think and there are things coming on the horizon, that will bring demonic destruction, unless God’s people engage in “High Level Spiritual Warfare” If you are waiting for some great confirmation, than you are probably walking in disobedience! The Scriptures are filled with examples of prayer and God’s commandment to pray. This is the will of God …start obeying it and do not allow people of unbelief and down to join you in these meetings!

Report to us what you are doing it will encourage others around the world. Prayer groups are springing up everywhere around the world as people respond to the call of the Holy Spirit. Remember pray for me, may family and this ministry as we are on the front lines of the battle and as the Lord leads you donate Paul McGuire Ministries under Paradise Mountain Church. Many doors have opened for us a national and global level and we need your financial help blow the trumpet. Doors have opened on television networks and now daily Internet TV. Large numbers of people are joking us and they are spreading the word to friends, family and members of their church! In fact, many pastors have been set on fire and they are leading these meetings in their church.

Many people are suffering here in the U.S. and around the world. We are to pray, feed, clothe and preach the Gospel to them. Be on you guard against “Christian humanitarian” groups who do not preach the Gospel!
Tornados are ripping through the Mississippi and lower Ohio Valley’s, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Texas. Oklahoma City. Kansas. Missouri and are a threat to Memphis, St. Louis. Lexington and other areas. The Mississippi River sets new flood records. The heavy rains in Missouri, Arkansas, and other states of the Mississippi Valley has caused thousands of people to lose their homes and lives. Memphis managed to survived the worst of the flooding; the river slowly flows on, toward Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and the rest of Louisiana, all still recovering from 2005’s Hurricane Katrina. On Saturday, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers opened the Morganza Spillway, flooding a large section of southern Louisiana, hoping to save the cities downriver.
Here a couple of E Mails we have received:
Dear Paul,

Thank you for your insight and guidance via TV, emails and articles. I am watching, repenting, fasting and praying for my nation, the US and Israel, also covering you, your family and ministry. I am also sharing the truth with those in my circle.

Today, as Europe continues to sit under another ash cloud which to me signifies judgment, I am watching - and praying for - our Prime Minister as I see him agree with the US President, on British soil, on his betrayal plan for Israel; feels like Britain’s history repeating itself. The President’s speech to Parliament has described the outline for a new world order.

It is a comfort to pray Psalm 2 and Revelation 11:16-19 at this time, whilst taking no joy in the ultimate suffering of those who refuse to bow the knee and kiss the Son to avert His wrath.

God bless and keep you
(name withheld)
Dear Paul
I will be in prayer what Jesus would want me to do. Because I only operate by the Holy Spirit. It's just that where I live there seems to be lacking this type of attention being brought to the seriousness of the hour. I am well aware of the evils and what is going on underlying all of what appears to be, but really Satan is underneath where eyes cannot really see what he is up to. But this is why I said praying by the Holy Spirit because He can see into where we cannot and intercessors are needed in order to know how we are to be praying and it is Jesus praying through us by the holy Spirit so that God can through the Body execute His Authority over these things and His Power destroy the works of the devil. MOSTLY it is Getting God's Word to those who are perishing by these storms and by the uprisings. They perish without the Word of God. Thanks for your time to take a listen.

(name withheld)
I'm passing on your Youtubes and teachings to all my Christian friends, so hopefully the viewership should go up too. You're doing God's work, that's all that really counts. He'll do the rest. We're not frittering away our last days on this earth!

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Friday, May 20, 2011




By Paul McGuire

As I have shared with you a number of times, the Lord began placing a heavy burden in my spirit that began about 5 months before 2011 began. The Lord gave me a strong sense of prophetic warning concerning 2011 and the years to come. He also placed it on my heart to call the Remnant to what I term, “High Level Spiritual Warfare with Overwhelming Force.”

President Obama spoke forcefully to Israel in the name of the American people, that Israel must give up its land back to the 1967 borders and that Israel must now give up land to create a Palestinian State. This violates an agreement that President Bush made with Israel in 2004 promising not to force Israel to give up this land and it violates the Abrahamic Covenant, where God promised the physical land of Israel to the physical descendants of Abraham. God states in the Abrahamic Covenant, “Those that bless thee (Israel) I will bless and those that curse thee I will curse.”
America has betrayed Israel and has placed it in mortal danger, I believe that we have clearly violated the Abrahamic Covenant and America has been cursed.

Our economy is ready to collapse; we are vulnerable to nuclear attacks from terrorists and Hezbollah. Hezbollah, which is funded by Iran, is more dangerous than Al-Qaida. Hezbollah continues to move up from the Dangerous Triangle, which consists of Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina, through Tijuana, Mexico and are now in San Diego and other cities across the U.S.

We must remember that although, Obama spoke the words against Israel, he is not the one calling the shots. Obama is controlled by an invisible government. Soros, Jimmy Carter, Brzezinski and the Council on Foreign Relations have been planning this a long time. Notice the supposedly random sequence of events. Popular uprisings in nations like Egypt, Gaddafi’s Libya and other Middle Easter nations. The killing of Bin Laden and now the President of the United States betraying Israel. Coincidence? I will let you be the judge.

Israel and the Middle East could erupt in World War III at any time.
However, despite all these factors God is calling His people to rise up in intercessory prayer for Israel, their nations and world events. God’s Word clearly states, “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, which is not a suggestion, but a commandment!

After seeking the Lord intensely since before the economic crisis, the Lord has placed it on my heart to call the Remnant to gather in prayer in what I term “Watchman Prayer Warrior” groups across the U.S. and around the world.
Although there a growing number of prayer movements that are doing an excellent job, the “Watchman Prayer Warrior” groups will engage in a different kind of prayer emphasis – “High Level Spiritual Warfare With Overwhelming Force.” By overwhelming force I mean strong, but peaceful and law abiding prayer that aggressively tears down satanic strongholds.

I believe that as many of you read this you are being called by the Holy Spirit to start and join a “Watchman Prayer Warrior” group. The “Watchman Prayer Warrior” is based on Ephesians 6:12 where the Apostle Paul reveals to us the exact nature of our spiritual battle and how to fight it.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

The “Watchman Prayer Warrior” will engage in intercessory prayer with a completely different emphasis than most prayer movements. The foundation of the way we pray will be based on Ephesians 6:12. As such, our prayers will target the principalities and powers operating over governments, economies, the sex trafficking industry, clandestine mind control operations, wars, nations, pornography, terrorism and the demonic spiritual powers energizing them.

The “Watchman Prayer Warrior” groups are not here to play church, “The Kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence and the violent (spiritually) take it by force.” As we obey the Word of the Lord and move out in faith you will see the toppling of satanic kingdoms.

The reason many of the prayers of the modern Evangelical Church have been so impotent is that they violate the Word of God. God cannot bless or empower His people when they are violating the Word of God. Adam and Eve lost their authority over the earth as rulers because they disobeyed God’s Word and chose to listen to the voice of the serpent. The same thing is true in churches and seminaries all over the world and specifically in the U.S. They have rejected God’s Word and have listened to the voice of the serpent speaking through humanistic psychological motivational messages, humanistic church building and the teaching of humanistic and New Age philosophies in the churches. There are notable exceptions of course.
Biblical spiritual warfare always begins with deep repentance! Read Nehemiah, Joel, the Book of Kings, Psalms and the New Testament.

True spiritual warfare can only happened when it is built on a solid foundation of rightly dividing the Word of God. God will not hear people who follow false prophets, false teachers, false doctrines, false teachers and false apostles. There must be spiritual discernment based on sound doctrine.

Breaking the laws of God and winking at immorality and other sins destroys the capacity of spiritual warfare. All sin can be forgiven by the blood of Jesus Christ, but there must be repentance and a turning away from sin.

The “Watchman Prayer Warrior” is a person who understands what is really going on in the U.S. and around the world. It is only through this knowledge that you can pray effectively.

The “The Watchman Prayer Warrior” must know about the invisible government, the agenda of the international bankers and such groups as the Council of Foreign Relations, the United Nations and the Bilderberg Group and the nature of their plans.
The “Watchman Prayer Warrior” understands that at the very highest levels of the United Nations, international banking, globalism, the one world economic system and the one world religion there are men and women who actively get their guidance and power from spirit guides or demons.

Many of these elite are directly involved in the occult, the New Age, the Illuminati, Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, and open Satanism along with its ritual sacrifices. The symbols of these groups are placed everywhere, but most Christians do not recognize what these symbols really mean.

The “Watchman Prayer Warrior” groups will serve as a kind of “special ops” in the Body of Christ. They will directly engage these occult, New Age and Satanic principalities and powers in the invisible realm, which will pull down ancient satanic strongholds and set the captives free. “The Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk, but of power!”

Not everyone will be called by the Lord to be a “Watchman Prayer Warrior” or start a group! You must be called by God in order to participate. If you are reading these words and you feel the Holy Spirit touching you, then He is calling you now to join in what God is doing in the last days. Perhaps you sense that God is calling you, but you are reluctant because you do not feel worthy or “spiritual” enough? Do not let that stop you from obeying the call. God is pleased with a willing heart and as you step out in faith He will supernaturally strengthen and equip you.

I believe we are in a spiritual State of Emergency and this must begin now. There are things ready to happen on earth that God wants to restrain through His Church until after He returns and the Tribulation Period begins. If you sense you are called than start listening to my You Tube’s, Paul McGuire TV, the blog, the McGuire Prophecy E Blast, read the books I have written like “The Day the Dollar Died” and Are You Ready for the Microchip?”

Get yourself the 3 DVD set series “American Dictatorship-The Coming Event That Will Change Everything,” which includes one DVD on “High Level Spiritual Warfare.”

Also you can pre-order the new 3 DVD Set entitled, “Are You Ready for the Coming One World Government, the Coming One World Economic System and the Coming One World Religion?-It’s Here” These resources will equip you to fully understand the nature of the spiritual battle we are in and you cannot be an effective prayer warrior unless you know what to pray for.

Normally, we would have produced the videos, You Tubes, blogs, E Blasts, Paul McGuire TV and articles that will instruct you on how to begin and how to pray. But, the Lord strongly prompted me to call God’s people immediately to prayer because of things that are about to come upon America and the earth! The Lord wants to restrain evil and drive the darkness back so He can block the enemy’s plans for destruction. But, God chooses to work in partnership with the Body of Christ and certain things cannot be released or prevented, unless the people of God cry out to Him according to His Word. Jesus Christ gave us authority and prayer as “the weapons of warfare that are might through God to the pulling down of strongholds. Perhaps our greatest weapon is the Word of God.

Soon we will release the teachings and instructions to help you in “Watchman Spiritual Warrior” prayer and how to organize groups. Until then begin today and step out by faith and start praying and gather others together to pray with you as “Watchman Spiritual Warriors!’ Many of you are intercessory prayer warriors and you know what to do. All of you know how to pray and those that are called to pray are filled with the Spirit. Those of you who are partners or who know my ministry have a strong idea of what the prayer emphasis should be! Let the Lord lead you, step out in faith and begin now.

Your help is essential to spread the word for this intercessory prayer movement. You can help by praying for me, my family and this ministry because we are on the front lines of a spiritual battle. You can help by spreading the word via the Internet and talking to your friends and people of a like-minded spirit. Pass far and wide the E Blasts, blogs, You Tubes, Paul McGuire TV, Twitter, Facebook, etc. This will greatly speed up our efforts and those who are called by the Holy Spirit will respond. Don’t worry about those who reject and don’t waste your time arguing. Trust that the Lord will call His Remnant and all you have to do is plant seeds, the results are up to Him.

Finally, in addition to your constant prayers, spreading the word and your encouraging E Mails to me, we need regular partners who can donate financially to this ministry which operates as a ministry of Paradise Mountain Church International. You can donate electronically via our websites like or you can write out a check to Paradise Mountain Church. Here is the address:

Paradise Mountain Church International
25876 The Old Road # 136
Stevenson Ranch, CA 91381 USA

Remember a few droplets of water that begin to multiply soon turn into many drops of water. Small pools of water gather and then creeks, small rivers until finally a mighty river, not of destruction but of life!


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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Prophecy Fulfilled-2 God Will Help You!

By Paul McGuire

The Lord has put it on my heart to call God’s Remnant in the U.S. and in every nation of the world to confront, what can only be described as a global state of emergency, with Biblically sound “High Level Spiritual Warfare.”

There are so many end time events materializing before our eyes that only “scoffers in the last days saying, ‘Where is the promise of His coming?” could deny this. Before the Return of the Lord Jesus Christ, Jesus has commanded us to go into all the world and preach the Gospel, make disciples of all nations and to “Occupy until I come,” Christ was talking about a spiritual occupation by the Remnant or true Church. The Laodecian Church in America and around the world has failed to do this because they are lukewarm and blind to what is happening all around them.

One of the primary purposes of Paul McGuire Ministries is to teach the prophetic scriptures by “rightly dividing the Word of Truth” and to educate them regarding the prophetic nature of current events. There is much confusion in the Body of Christ regarding the need for prayer in the last days. I am constantly asked things like, “Why should we pray and stand up for righteousness?” and “What if our prayers undo Bible prophecy?” This reflects a major spiritual error. There is nothing we can do or pray that will undo Bible prophecy! God is Sovereign! His prophetic plan will happen exactly as He has planned. There will be a Rapture of the Church, a seven year Tribulation Period, a great falling away and apostasy, an Antichrist, False Prophet, Armageddon, Great White Throne of Judgment, the fulfillment of God’s Covenant with Israel, the lake of fire and a New Earth, New Heaven and New Jerusalem.

Many Laodecian Christian’s seem unaware that America is on the verge of economic collapse and that there is something we can do about the economy, earthquakes, floods, terrorist attacks and the loss of freedoms that could create and American Dictatorship. I go into this in my 3 DVD series entitled “American Dictatorship – The Coming Event That Will Change Everything” and my new 3 DVD Series entitled, “Are You Ready for the Coming One World Government, the Coming One World Economic System and the Coming One World Religion? – It’s Here!” You can pre-order this now!

I am calling you to join with me and thousands of others around the world to pray for global events and what is happening in their particular nation. These intercessors will be “Watchman Prayer Warriors.” I need people to begin immediately praying and forming prayer groups around the world! We will have materials, instructions and guidelines for you very soon and I will be teaching regularly on “High Level Spiritual Warfare with Overwhelming Force.” We need partners who will pray with us and become monthly partners by donating financially to Paradise Mountain Church International which is the ministry that will be facilitating this global prayer movement.

The “Watchman Prayer Warriors” will be different than many of the prayer movements that have existed in the past and present. Here are some of things we will focus in on:

Understanding the nature of principalities and powers that are controlling events and powerful organizations around the world. Most Christian’s who have been dumbed down by modern Evangelical preaching have not been taught that organizations like the Illuminati are real. They do not understand that many powerful leaders in the world of finance, government and organizations like the United Nations are deeply involved in the occult and receive guidance from spirit guides or demons. To the ignorant this is far-fetched, to the educated there are countless historical precedents to this. Adolph Hitler was deeply involved in the occult and received communication from demons. The Evangelical Church of pre-Nazi Germany could not spiritually discern the true nature of Hitler and how evil had entered their nation. Neither can American or European Evangelicals!

All spiritual warfare must begin with personal and collective repentance.

God will not hear the prayers of a church involved with false prophets, false teachers and false doctrine.

True prayer must be targeted, timely and specific.

The Lord has required of me to call the people to prayer. This means that if God is speaking to you about joining us. Then you must obey the Holy Spirit and pick up the ball and start gathering believers of like mind. In practical terms this means, you will have to be led by the Spirit to start a “Watchman Prayer Warriors” prayer group either by yourself or gathering with others, and getting your church involved. We are producing instructional materials and video’s to teach “High Level Spiritual Warfare.”

Normally, we would have done this before we made the announcement. But, we change our plans when the Lord impresses us to do so. We do not have programs that we follow, we follow the Lord! God has deeply moved upon my heart before 2011 started. I sensed the Lord was saying that 2011 and beyond contained dangers unprecedented in human history, as well as great doors of opportunity for God’s people. The present upheaval is not directed against God’s Remnant! It is a stern warning to the apostate church and a world in rebellion from God. The motive is love. God is shaking them up because He loves them and wants them to repent.

If the finger of the Lord is pointing at your heart right now, you are under the conviction of the Holy Spirit to join this different kind of prayer movement and to some degree step up to be a leader. If you seek the Lord, He will show you what to do!

There is no longer time to play games; it is either all or nothing for Jesus. Many things are about to come upon the U.S. and the nations of the world. But great evil can be restrained through fervent prayer! In addition, the force of a Biblically based revival, such as the First Great Awakening with Jonathan Edwards is an unstoppable revival, if it is faithful to the Word of God. The Word of God always comes before an “experience.”

Beware of men and women who attempt to infiltrate your groups and who have been sent by demons to distract, cause dissension or pull you off course. Take authority over your meetings in partnership with other strong Spirit-filled believers who God will send to help you. Ask for discernment and God will give it to you. “Be sober; be vigilant, for your adversary the devil goes about like a roaring lion seeking whom He can devour. This implies two things. First, Satan goes about like a roaring lion, but he is not a roaring lion. The Lion of Judah is. Secondly, “Satan goes about seeking whom he can devour.” This means that not every believer is fair game for the evil one. He seeks to attack those who are not walking under the shadow of the Almighty and wearing the armor of God.

Finally, all true prayer warriors must understand God’s plan for Israel, the Abrahamic Covenant, Israel’s right to the land and the fact that the Church has not replaced Israel. If they are humble and willing to be taught that is fine. If they oppose Israel and insist on arguing, than they must be asked to leave because you will not be in agreement. The purpose of the “Watchman Prayer Warriors” is to pray and not argue theology or politics. Stay on task! Also, invite all those who are genuine intercessors to join you; they have a calling to pray.

Great danger is on the horizon and now is the time to pray with Holy Spirit-driven passion and broken spirits. The Book of Joel says that we would should be weeping before the altar. You and I were called for such a time as this before the foundations of the world. At a certain point in your Christian life you look around and realize that there is nobody else to fulfill your specific call and God has given the assignment to you.

Join me and thousands of others around the world. Please pray for me, my family and ministry daily. We are on the front lines of the spiritual battle and experience spiritual battles that are horrorific. This has caused us to be desperate for Jesus and to totally rely on His power. My books, DVD’s, meetings and now Paul McGuire TV explain in detail the nature of the spiritual war we are facing. I am just one man. I do not seek to enrich myself through this ministry and for over two decades I have not taken a salary from the ministry. I tithe my life and serve as a volunteer. That may not be possible in the future, at some point, I will have to take some modest remuneration which is Biblical.

However, to drive back the armies of darkness from this nation and globally, win souls to Jesus Christ and through the Holy Spirit spread revival and reap a massive last days soul harvest, I need monthly partners who will pray and donate to this ministry. Those people who are truly seeking to the will of God and partner with Bible-based ministries like ours, will receive the supernatural blessing of God and He will meet your needs because your priorities are right.

Those people who do not give, support or join Bible based ministries will remove themselves from the supernatural blessing of God. Today there is no way you can make it without the supernatural blessing of God! In addition, joining and giving to ministries which are not faithful to the Word, will actually block the blessing of God on your life! This is disobedience and you will experience the curse of God. There is a reason why King David said, “As for me and my house we will fear the Lord.” David understood that to walk out from under the covering of the Lord opens you up to a curse. This is why in the Old Testament it says, “The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord.”

America does not dear God today and it is under a curse. Most Christians and pulpits do not fear the Lord because they are reliant on humanistic systems and the world system. Most of you reading this fear the Lord or you would not be reading these words. Personally, I fear the Lord and that is a good place to be.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Paul McGuire Prophecy Fulfilled World Government and High Level Spiritual Warfare

Join Paul at Thursday March 19 7PM Prophecy Meeting Beth Ariel 22222 Saticoy Cangoa Park bring a friend. Pauls news 3 DVD set "Are You Ready for the Coming One World Government, One World Economic System and One World Religion? It's here!" Pre-Order now!

By Paul McGuire

As I communicated to you in late 2010, the Lord placed on my heart a great burden about what was to come in 2011. Despite the Corporate-controlled media propaganda that the economy is recovering, the reality is that the dollar is deliberately being devalued in order to bring in a world currency. You can read about this in my book “The Day The Dollar Died.” The Lord also placed on my heart a supernatural action plan for His people on how we can be victorious in this last day’s scenario.

Ironically, the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was arrested for allegedly raping a maid in a prestigious Manhattan hotel the other day. This gives you an idea of the character of the men behind the one world economic system. In addition, I viewed a video of Ben Bernanke, of the Federal Reserve Bank, who was videotaped wearing a tuxedo and drinking champagne at a gathering of the world’s elite. The reporter asked Bernanke about the Bilderberg Group meeting in 2008, where it was decided to bring down the dollar. This ruling elite view themselves as our masters and we are their slaves or serfs. That is why George Soros and others have openly said on international television, that the goal is to make the U.S. more like China.

I am giving you the latest information on this in the powerful 3 DVD Set entitled “Are You Ready for the Coming One World Government, Coming One Economic System and Coming One World Religion? You can pre-order this now.

In order for you to survive it is vital for you to understand the multi-dimensional nature of the spiritual battle you are in. Beginning with the Communist manifesto, which was lifted from the Illuminati manuscripts, there is a well thought-out strategy to destroy the power of the individual who is made in God’s image. Communist brainwashing techniques are used to produce a new world built on collectivism, communitarianism and socialism. They are designed to break the strong individual, who could be a potential threat as a leader, and dissolve everyone into a kind of “group think.” You must grasp the full implications of things like the P.E.A.C.E Plan where the “egocentric” leader” is targeted to be destroyed. The term “egocentric leader” is a misleading propaganda term because egocentric has negative implications. This is a blatant strategy to destroy authentic Biblical leadership. King David, Solomon, Moses, the Apostle Paul, the Apostle John and the Lord Jesus Christ would be classified as “egocentric leaders.” This is all part of the spiritual warfare we are in!

The Lord has placed on my heart a solution to the spiritual attack that we are facing and that is what I call “High Level Spiritual Warfare with Overwhelming Force.” This has the power to of the release the blessing of the Lord in the area of your personal finances, home, job, marriage, family and areas of your life that your Loving Heavenly Father is concerned with. Secondly, when begin to enter in into this kind of prayer we can change the direction of our nations, the economy, weather, food, war and other areas. This does not conflict with Bible Prophecy because God is Sovereign and we cannot over rule the will of God with our prayers. Jesus Christ said, Occupy until I come.”

God wants to see His people engage in spiritual warfare that will bring about an authentic and Biblical last days revival and a massive last day’s soul harvest before the Return of the Lord.

The Lord has placed it on my heart to teach on “High Level Spiritual Warfare with Overwhelming Force.” I am going to be teaching on that on Paul McGuire TV. I am asking you to join with me as a “Watchman Prayer Warrior” and to begin to pray individually and in groups all over the world. I believe the Lord is calling groups of “Watchman Prayer Warriors” to assemble in every nation on earth and in every state. The trumpet of warning has been blown by the Watchman and there must be a national prayer warrior movement mobilized as fast as possible because of the imminent dangers our nation is facing, such as the threat from Al-Qaida to carry out a terrorist attack against the U.S. that will be a hundreds of times more intense 911. Al-Qaida has threatened a nuke attack against Europe and other nations of the world. Economic collapse hangs over the U.S. and other nations of the world like a dark cloud. Hurricanes, floods, earthquake, tsunamis, plagues and food shortages are already happening all over the world. Finally, we must pray for the peace of Jerusalem because there exists the very real prospect of World War III erupting sooner than you think.

I need you to join me in High Level Spiritual Prayer Warfare today! You may ask why do we need another prayer movement? The answer is because the “Watchman Prayer Warriors” is a completely different kind of prayer movement that I humbly believe, will move the hand of God. Here are a few of the reasons why:

1. Modeled after Nehemiah and other Old Testament prophets and the Apostle’s, the prayers will begin with deep personal repentance and repentance for the sins of the Church.
Prayers of repentance for breaking God’s laws and commandments in the Church.

2. Prayers of repentance over false doctrine, false teachers, false prophets and apostasy in the Church. How can we truly expect God to answer our prayers if we sweep under the carpet these things which are an abomination to Him?

3. Praying for our leaders whether we like them or not. This will include a crying out to God for righteous leaders.

4. An acknowledgement an repentance that it is and was the so-called Bible believing church and it’s leaders who chose to ignore for over the last 100 years all the open warning signs of what is now coming upon us now!

5. Intercessory prayers modeled after the Apostle Paul, where we spiritually confront ruling demonic powers called the kosmkratos which are controlling governments, economies, churches and all the major power centers on earth.

In short, these “High Level Spiritual Prayers” are the special forces of a global spiritual conflict. I will be teaching on this via Paul McGuire TV, blogs and meetings. In addition, we will provide you with materials you need on the practical’s on how to pray and set up “Watchman Prayer Warrior” prayer groups all across the nation and globally. As I show in my 3 DVD series, “American Dictatorship-The Coming Event That Will Change Everything” which you can order to give you an understanding of what is going on which includes the DVD “High Level Spiritual Warfare.”

Many of you who are intercessory prayers are familiar with some of the things we teach and we need everyone who has a burden to pray to join us!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bin Laden Terrorist Alert Prophecy Nuclear Strike EMP PAUL McGUIRE TV 4

Paul McGuire

"I had the strangest dream It woke me up from dead sleep It went like this I was standing in the upstairs of a three story house- Out of the corner of my eye I caught a bright flash and heard a foreign sounding noise- As I turned to look, a wind of tornado like strength hit hard and I and the house together began to do 360 degree spinning around . This happened 3 or four times and I felt intense Pressure - things around me began to splinter and I thought This is it- so this is what it’s like to be in a nuclear blast I then shot straight up in bed It was, strangely enough 3:33 am And I could not go back to sleep I finally got up at 5:13 am. "
A regular partner with this ministry
Name concealed for privacy purposes.
There have been thousands of incidents globally about a terror strike that are emerging after Bin Laden’s death. We can classify these dreams, prophecies, psychological episodes and actual events in a variety of ways. Here are some of them:
Television images, media, announcements, etc. produce a form of mass hysteria which can induce dreams, visions and interpretations of reality. In the famous radio drama entitled “War of the World’s” narrated by actor Orson Welles from H.G. Wells’s science fiction novel “War of the Worlds,” this broadcast was heard nationwide and produced a national state of panic. Later on it was said, that this broadcast was an advanced experiment in radio propaganda.
Then there is what is called in intelligence circles a “false flag” operation where an event is staged to create the public mood for the acceptance of a specific radical change. There are many allegations, of “false flag” operations and in some cases from the outside they appear to be true. But, does that mean every crisis is a “false flag” operation?
God does speak to His people in visions and dreams. But, how can we tell if a dream is an actual warning from God or just a premonition based on the information all around us. This is where real spiritual discernment comes in.
Simply on a scientific basis or military basis, there is plenty of reason to be wary of a terrorist strike or a cataclysmic event. I deal with this in my 3 DVD Set entitled, “The Coming Event That Will Change Everything-America and Bible Prophecy.” There is legitimate crisis and what is called manufactured crisis. In manufactured crisis an event is created to move nations and peoples in directions that they would not normally want to go. But, through propaganda, brainwashing, social engineering and mind control people can be manipulated like sheep – even Christians! This is why I have written books like “The Day The Dollar Died,” “Are You Ready” and Are you Ready for the Microchip?” In addition, the 2 3 DVD sets such as “The Coming Event That Will Change Everything” and for pre-order the new 3 DVD Set “Are You Ready for the Coming One World Government, Economic System and Religion?”
People challenge me on what I write and say all the time. God did not put me here on earth to tickle people’s ears. I have done my homework, interviewed high-level experts, sought the Lord and I am communicating with integrity what God has instructed me to communicate. Some people have commented, “Paul you look tired in some of those videos?” The reality is I am! I know much more than I have been given permission by the Lord to share and it is a huge burden on my soul.
Time is running out and God has revealed to me that He has still given us a window of opportunity! I have thrown every resource I have into reaching as many people as we can. I have been called to spread a message of truth, hope, revival, a Third Great Awakening and a last day’s soul’s harvest. In light of what the Lord has allowed me to know, my heart literally breaks at what I see. The frivolity, silliness and denial that is everywhere. I need partners to step up quickly! Not for my benefit, but in order to reach the people in time!

Your brother in Christ,

Paul McGuire
But then there is legitimate and actual crisis that is no manipulated which demands appropriate action! Since all of these things can have enormous positive and negative impacts, it is important to have people who are clear headed and spiritually discerning in positions of leadership.

An example would be Nazi, Germany. The Jews were actually going to the showers to be killed, by the millions. The so-called rational leaders were completely wrong and the blood of their brothers and sisters in on their hands! We have the possibility of economic collapse, the loss of our Constitution and lives hanging in the balance. The majority of our so-called rational leaders are have not educated themselves, they do not understand the historical precedents or facts.

In short, they are completely disqualified to lead! Yet, they are followed by millions because they appear calm. But, God has given us the Holy Spirit and we could be able to discern the signs of the times. A believer who is renewing their minds with the Word of God and walking under the control of the Spirit are going to receive advanced communication about certain things. Remember the Children of Israel hated Moses, and God sent Moses to the Children of Israel to be a deliverer!
So what is the answer pray and research from a number of counselors! Instead of allowing yourself to be brainwashed by the Corporate media, get the facts! Cry out to God for wisdom! Be prudent and prepared. If all the media alternative and Corporate are telling you the rules of the game have changed, than guess what? They probably have changed!

Read, study and learn from a variety of credible sources. N Compare what someone is saying by the Word of God! Check out what someone is saying by intensive research and not superficial research. Do not idolize any leader! If you have secretly made some leader an idol in your heart, you have violated the commandments of God! Don’t follow the crowd! If you cry out to God for wisdom and search for His wisdom as you would precious gold or silver, than God will give you wisdom!

The basic principle in getting God’s guidance is not shutting off your brain! Seek for wisdom aggressively! And cry out to God for discernment. This is not an easy process, but the benefits are huge.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Bin Laden Vows No U.S. Security Without Palestinian Security

By Paul McGuire

Fear moves across the U.S. and Europe in light of intelligence information on EMP or nuclear attacks against the U.S. or Europe for revenging against Bin Laden’s death. As I wrote earlier, Hezbollah terror cells are in Tijuana, Mexico and pouring into San Diego and the across the U.S. Many people do not realize that the Dangerous Triangle in South America which consists of Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil stages a massive terrorist army that moves through South America and into Mexico and across the border into the U.S. As I have said in my books and latest DVD’s, nuke could go off in multiple U.S. cities or an EMP attack.

This also provides intense pressure for the U.S. Government to create the Palestinian State that they are already in the final stages of planning. The majority of Americans and Europeans, including Christians will back a Palestinian State and desert Israel, if they believe it will protect them from an Al-Qaida, Hezbollah, Hama or Iranian nuclear attack.

Bible prophecy warns us that in the last days all the nations (including America) will come against Israel. Osama bin Laden warned in the final tape he recorded before being killed by American commandos, There will be no U.S. security without Palestine security, “an Islamist website reported Sunday. The U.S. and the international community will now force Israel to create full Palestinian State. In Zechariah 12:1-11.

“The burden of the word of the LORD for Israel, saith the LORD, which stretcheth forth the heavens, and layeth the foundation of the earth, and formeth the spirit of man within him.
Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem.
And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.
In that day, saith the LORD, I will smite every horse with astonishment, and his rider with madness: and I will open mine eyes upon the house of Judah, and will smite every horse of the people with blindness.
And the governors of Judah shall say in their heart. The inhabitants of Jerusalem shall be my strength in the LORD of hosts their God.
In that day will I make the governors of Judah like a hearth of fire among the wood, and like a torch of fire in a sheaf; and they shall devour all the people round about, on the right hand and on the left: and Jerusalem shall be inhabited again in her own place, even in Jerusalem.
The LORD also shall save the tents of Judah first, that the glory of the house of David and the glory of the inhabitants of Jerusalem do not magnify themselves against Judah.
In that day shall the LORD defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem; and he that is feeble among them at that day shall be as David; and the house of David shall be as God, as the angel of the LORD before them.
And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.
And I will pour upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of supplications: and they shall look upon me whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for him, as one mourneth for his only son, and shall be in bitterness for him, as one that is in bitterness for his firstborn.
In that day shall there be a great mourning in Jerusalem, as the mourning of Hadadrimmon in the valley of Megiddo.” (Armageddon)
Behind the scenes the U.S. State Department has been putting enormous pressure on Israel to accept a Palestinian State. The American people and nations around the world will give up on Israel in order to protect themselves from a nuclear attack. Now is the time to stand with Israel publicly and with prayer. Remember the Abrahamic “curse,” “those that curse (Israel) I will curse.”
Paul McGuire Ministries is devoted to calling millions of people to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and stand for Israel. Millions of people need to be educated or they will succumb out of fear to propaganda. We need your help in doing this.

Paul McGuire
Paradise Mountain Church
P.O. Box 220567
Newhall, CA 91322-0567

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Terrorist Groups & Nukes Infiltrating U.S. From Mexican Border

Terrorist Groups & Nukes Infiltrating U.S. From Mexican Border

By Paul McGuire

So you thought killing Bin Laden and crippling Al-Qaida has made you safe from terrorist attacks in the U.S. Think again! A team of terrorist organizations like Hezbollah, are setting up terrorist operations in Tijuana and other border towns in order to move in terror cells into the U.S. Hezbollah has be secretly building up a large terrorist army in places like Tijuana for the past 15-20 years!

In addition, they are far more trained, financed and armed than Al-Qaida ever was. They also have access to nukes and are equal to Cuban, Russian and Chinese “special ops.” They think long-term. I predicted an Al Qaida, Bin Laden World Trade Center attack on the U.S. in my book “Countdown to Armageddon,” before it happened.
In my book “Are You Ready?” I predicted the flow of terrorists and nukes from Tijuana and Mexico into the U.S.

In addition, based on my interview with General Shimon Erem, I exposed Hezbollah, Hama and other terrorist organizations setting up massive operations. Here is a quote from my book, “Are You Ready?” © 2005

“I was talking with Israeli General Shimon Erem on my radio show. The General warned that Al-Qaida and other Islamic groups were gathering in “The Dangerous Triangle.” The Dangerous Triangle is where Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil intersect. The area generates billions of dollars annually in money laundering, arms sales, drugs, counterfeiting, documentation and piracy. The Dangerous Triangle provides an environment where terrorists can secure financing, arms, concealment, and a sympathetic population.”

I continued in my book by writing, “General Shimon Erem remarked that this Dangerous Triangle will provide a base of operations to spread terrorism throughout South America and eventually across our borders into the U.S. Al-Qaida has operatives and training camps in the Dangerous Triangle. It is also a source of funding for terrorist groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Islamic Jihad. Six million Muslims live in South American countries which are active in recruiting and training terrorists….Terrorists can move up through South America into Mexico and across the border with relative ease. America must realize in order to win the war on terrorism, it must be active, not only in the Middle East, but South America as well.”

In my new 3 DVD Set “Are You Ready for the One World Government? “It’s Here! – “Are You Ready for the Coming One World Economic System? It’s Here! and “Are You Ready for the Coming One World Religion? It’s Here!” I do into this in detail. Also, all of my books like “Are You Ready?”, “”The Day the Dollar Died” and “Are You Ready for the Microchip?” have made forecasts based on intensive research and have an accurate track record of predicting major trends before they happen or about to happen, such as the devaluation of the dollar and world currency in my book, “The Day the Dollar Died.”

Terrorists are pouring through the Mexican border and there are a growing number of sleeper cells throughout the U.S. A nuclear weapon or weapons will go off in a number of major U.S. cities. I predict this in my novel “The Warning.”
God does not want us to be sitting ducks. The threat is very real. I urge you to be informed and to engage in spiritual warfare with overwhelming force. I weep at the fact that a nuclear blast will go off in a city that you and I live in and what will happen to our children. Remember that famous scene in one of the “Terminator” movies, where children are on a swing and a nuclear blast goes off? That is similar to what it will be like it will be like when a nuke goes off in a U.S. city.
While the majority of the Church in America sleeps with “blind guides” to guide them, America is in mortal danger! Our economic system is on the verge of collapsing, nuclear terrorists have penetrated our borders, apostasy spreads the plague and we are on major crisis away from a military dictatorship.

The God also warns that when false teachers, leaders and prophets promise peace and prosperity when danger is ahead, God say’s these very interesting words, “My people love it so.” In other words many of God’s people love being told the lie. The fact is that in many American Evangelical Churches, Christians love being lied to!
If you dare to tell them the truth, they will reject you and call you names like “extremist,” “scary,” “conspiracy theorist”, etc. These so-called Spirit-filled Christians will literally scream at you, hate you and call you a liar.
Paul McGuire Ministries continues to grow at an unprecedented pace worldwide. Thousands of people E Mail me and tell me they are starving for the truth, that their pastors never talk about such things and how thankful they are that at Paul McGuire Ministries we are committed to speaking the truth in love.

Due to partners like you we have been able to launch Paul McGuire TV globally. Please spread the word and send people the E Mail link to Paul McGuire TV. Later today May 6, 2011 we will air a special on nuclear terrorism in the U.S., Europe and other nations in the world and the storms of hell that are about to be unleashed now that Bin Laden is dead. Please spread the word and the link! Paul McGuire TV. Watch our series on terror groups through Mexico, nukes, EMP’s and God’s supernatural protection on Paul McGuire TV.

It is time to stand, weep, pray and fast!

Paul McGuire

The book that predicted the future:

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Paul McGuire

Clearly a major victory for the Obama Administration, Osama Bin Laden was killed by Navy Seals in a “special ops” attack that lasted 40 minutes. President Obama and his military advisors watched the entire operation live through multiple HD cameras via satellite.

Now the question is what will the response from Al-Qaida and other militant Islamic organizations. There are unconfirmed reports that Bin Laden left instructions to detonate a nuclear weapon in Europe if he was killed. The other question is, “Are there sleeper cells in the U.S. with nuclear weapons?”

America is on high alert regarding a terrorist attack and instead of waiting for the other shoe to drop, I believe it is prudent for God’s people to fast and pray for the protection of our nation and other nations around the world. Since Osama Bin Laden was training his young sons to be suicide bombers and in his final moments he used one of his wives as a human body shield, it is evident that he was ruthless.
A Shofar, the blowing of a trumpet should alert God’s people to pray for Israel, our nation and the nations of the world.

We should claim II Chronicles 4:14 which says, “If My people who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and heal their land.

The “blowback from the Bin Laden kill is that Bin Laden set up a global terrorist organization with operations in Yemen, Somalia, parts of North Africa and in many nations. Inside Bin Laden’s compound there was sophisticated computer equipment and a multimedia studio where he could send out messages through video and audio.
The death of Osama bin Laden will bring a "new era of jihad," predicted British extremist cleric Anjem Choudary.