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By Paul McGuire

What is not happening is Syria should have every single Christian around the world on “Spiritual High Alert” and each of us must begin to seek God as if our very lives depend on it, because they do!  This is a time for the Remnant to hear the blaring of the Shofar!  For it is blowing louder than I can ever remember it blowing in my lifetime!

I believe the Lord allowed a powerful prophetic sign to given to the entire world, when Google Earth released a photo of a giant Satanic Pentagram.  A photo taken from Google Earth of a giant Satanic Pentagram in northern Kazakhstan went viral several weeks ago.  As the whole world witnessed this Satanic sign taken from a satellite, I wondered why?  Now on the verge of a Syrian invasion, it appears that the Satanic Pentagram may have been a warning to the America and the world.  (READ COMPLETE STORY BELOW)

What is happening in Syria will not only affect the America, Russia, Great Britain, China, Syria, Iran and Israel.  It will affect the entire world because it is a critical position in the global oil economy.  It is possible for oil to easily soar to over $150 a barrel and that would send a tsunami across the global economy.   I exhort you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, to pray “for all those who are in authority over you” as the Bible commands” and to begin holding immediate and around the clock prayer and fasting meetings in your churches.

The Shofar has been blown for God’s people and if you are in fellowship with people who cannot hear the sound of the Shofar, than you are in fellowship with people who cannot recognize or hear the voice of God.  In love, I must warn you that it is a very dangerous place to be, because you cannot dwell “Under the Secret Place of the Most High” unless you know where that it is!  Obviously, there is a risk in being so bold because if things cool down, which they may well do, then people will think you alerted them for nothing.  But, my responsibility as a Watchman is to blow the trumpet as the Lord commands me to and if, even a remnant respond through prayer and fasting, and disaster is averting, I would rather suffer the reproach o man, than the chastisement of God.

 My friend Steve Quayle just published this article with input from an economist friend of his:

V - The Guerrilla Economist Updates

“Now unto Syria. The latest drumbeats are an imminent strike by Thursday, there are massive fears in the market and oil prices are surging. There have been reports put out by Big Banks like SocGen and Goldman Sachs that oil can bloom to $150 a barrel if the Syrian conflict goes hot with involvement from Russia and China. The news that I have gotten from my sources run inverse to what many are saying. Take this with a grain of salt but the imminent strike on Syria if it goes through tomorrow will be limited with less than 40 targets. From what I have heard is that this administration has leaked on purpose the sites targeted for strike. They have made it a point to tell Bashar that he is not in any danger and that this is a show of force based on the ruse of a chemical weapons discharge that requires an "international" response. In essence America is playing cop and have to slap the wrist of the evildoer.
President Obama, who must remain in our prayers, will be meeting with Putin next week to broker a deal to include Russia a place at the table. In other words the banksters are NOT yet ready to pull the trigger NOW in August. But come October all bets will be off. 

What that simply means is this. Russia will not respond to the limited action against Syria so long as Russian assets are not harmed.  Bashar will move his assets/weapons and this will be a simple show. A show for what? A market reaction test to see how high the fear will build and a needed distraction that will allow more assets to be stolen and more draconian legislation to be passed. Look for the UN small arms treaty, as well as various tests and drills around the country as DHS will be working over time. Again take it for what it's worth, World War 3 does not kick off tomorrow but by October all bets are off. I sense any deal brokered by Barry will be reneged and Putin will feel the sting of the American back stab. At that point it was a pleasure to know some of you and it was an honor serving all of you through the internet and radio. The implosion has started but not yet.”

Remember God is His grace may decide to delay the implosion, but on a global level many nations, especially in the Asian region are leaving the dollar in order to trade in their own currencies.  That is a sign of the decline of the dollar, which will have global impact, because there is no currency strong or stable enough to replace it.  Like it or not, if the dollar fails, it will send an economic disaster to the entire world.  This could explode into regional and global wars, or riots in the streets.  “Awake sleeper and raise from the dead…”

The Illuminati Capital ASTANA Kazakhstan – The Sign of a Giant Pentagram From Google Earth

A photo taken from Google Earth of a giant Satanic Pentagram in northern Kazakhstan went viral several weeks ago as the whole world witnessed this Satanic sign taken from a satellite and wondered why?  Now on the verge of a Syrian invasion, it appears that the Satanic Pentagram may have been a warning to the America and the world.

At first, it seemed to just be part of what is now called the Illuminati Capital in Astana, Kazakhstan, which is a completely  Satanic city recently built from seemingly nowhere by the head of the nation who is a super-oil billionaire deeply involved in the occult.  But, when you take a closer look you see how Astana plays a mysterious and key role in the global oil system and it is the world’s largest producer of uranium, which is the key ingredient in making nuclear weapons.

Astana is the first capital being built in the 21st century and it perfectly represents where the world is headed in terms of Bible prophecy. It is one man’s “antichrist” vision.  Nursultan Nazarbayev, the president of Kazakhstan backed by billions of petrodollars, the city Astana is being built from nothing in a remote and deserted area of the former Soviet Union.  It is a futuristic occult capital, embracing the New World Order, the worship of the Sun god whose name is Ra and a revival of ancient Babylon.   All the buildings and architecture have deep Satanic symbols.

Remember, everything you have comes from God.  Let us never take whatever we have for granted.  Let us pray to the Lord during this Holiday, even for five minutes.  But, let us go the Lord together!  Spread far and wide!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013



When I was first in the ministry, God opened the doors for me to host and produce, contemporary Christian music concerts at the Lamb’s Club,” a “born-again” night club on Broadway, in the Times Square Theatre District.  I was part of a ministry which turned a former Broadway Theater, into a theater, concert, television, dinner club and ministry right on Times Square.   It seemed as long as I stayed “prayed up” and “in the Word,” many people came to the Lord.  One evening, I remember talking with the famous singer-actor, Barry McGuire (no relation) over dinner with my wife Kris, at a restaurant.   Barry McGuire was probably most famous for his hit song, “The Eve of Destruction,” which sold millions of copies.  Now decades later, we are more on the “Eve of Destruction,” than we have ever been, but the church and many of the ministers are sleeping!


Those were different times back then.  First of all, the teaching and preaching was based on the Bible and people really expected Jesus Christ to return soon!  I remember when Keith Green, whose ministry was just starting to take off, pulled up in a giant motor home on 44th Street and Broadway.  He banged on the doors trying to get in the Lamb’s Club, which was closed that night, because he thought he was booked to perform for a concert that evening.  I invited him in and we got to know one another.  At that time I had never hear his music and I booked him because of his reputation, which was word of mouth. Anyway both of us realized God was in total control because that very night when I was standing out side on Broadway, I saw the massive Broadway Theater lights go dark and the entire area in Manhattan as far as you could see went “black.”  Tourists were terrified and formed long lines holding hands to keep from getting mugged and it turned into a dangerous situation,

Anyway, I made arrangements for Keith Green to play at the church, where he literally blew all of us away with his amazing talent, pure love for the Lord and the anointing he had on him.  I was really into music back then and Keith had a musical gift as great as the “Beatles,” but he was completely on fire for the Lord.  When Keith preached the Word as he sang, he communicated with power, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the need to repent from sin and turn your life over to God!   The Lord allowed Keith to be taken home to heaven in an airplane crash less about a decade later.  But, like many of the musicians who came to play at the Lamb’s Supper Club, like The Second Chapter of Acts, Love Song, Randy Stonehill and many others they were “on fire for the Lord by the power of the Holy Spirit, they preached the Word of God and talked about repentance from sin, the blood of Jesus Christ, God’s love and the fact that this was a temporary world and Jesus Christ was returning soon!

All of these ministries, along with the ministry I was involved in at the Lamb’s Supper Club were built on God using ordinary people with a strong emphasis on the teaching of the Word of God, the soon return of Jesus Christ, surrendering your life to God, repentance from sin, the blood of the Lamb and calling people to turn from their sins and accept by faith Jesus Christ’s message of salvation!  These are the very things our ministry at Paul McGuire Ministries and Paradise Mountain Church are built on! 

As I am writing in my very soon-to-be-released book, A Prophecy of the Future of America, America as we know it, along with other nations around the world are on the verge of World War III via Syria and regional thermonuclear war.  This time as Barry McGuire sang, we truly are on “the Eve of Destruction!”  But, as I look around much of the church is spiritually dead, especially in America, where the church has become the Laodecian Church, neither hot nor cold, but lukewarm spiritually.  Jesus Christ warned that church that he would vomit it out of His mouth for being lukewarm.

For some reason Keith Green and Barry McGuire came to my mind as I was getting ready to send you the article below which is prophetic warning about waking up spiritually and the great danger that can happen when we as individuals, communities, churches and nations ignore God’s massive prophetic warnings!  Keith Green, had a musical talent that exceeded the Beatles, yet he was on fire for God when some of those around him became lukewarm.


As I was reading the last few pages of my book, “A Prophecy of the Future of America,” which will be sent to those of you who pre-ordered in about 30-60 days (hopefully less!), before it is available to the general public. I was reading the accounts of the Father of the First Great Awakening Jonathan Edwards and his grandsons who became the founders of Yale and Harvard, when they were still “Christian universities.”  All of these “learned men of God,” were completely aware of the factual and historical realities of the danger of the Illuminati infiltrating and taking control of America through a Central Banking system, which eventually happened through the creation of the Federal Reserve System in 1913.  The Father of the Second Great Awakening, the prominent attorney, Charles Finney wrote a book announcing why he left the Illuminati and warned of its dangers!  The Second Great Awakening which shook America and eventually freed the slaves through President Abraham Lincoln was ignited by a spiritual confrontation over the spiritual deception of the Illuminati! 

Unlike today’s Evangelical Christian leaders who through their ignorance and lack of knowledge regarding the history of our nation, the world and the historical realities of the Illuminati and what Sir Francis Bacon called the “secret plan for America” to make it the head of a new world order” and the “New Atlantis, previous generations of Christian leaders understood history and the very real dangers of the Illuminati!  Today, you hear uneducated Christian leaders call the historical truths of the Illuminati “conspiracy theories” and “extremist ideas” and they are proud of their ignorance!

To be blunt, unlike the spiritual fathers of the First Great Awakening  and the Second Great Awakening, many of today’s Christian leaders are not only Biblically illiterate because they have chosen to preach a false Gospel of humanistic-psychological motivation, rather than the true Gospel which the Apostle Paul said,

 Some of you have become arrogant, as if I were not coming to you. But I will come to you very soon, if the Lord is willing, and then I will find out not only how these arrogant people are talking, but what power they have. For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power.  What do you prefer? Shall I come to you with a rod of discipline, or shall I come in love and with a gentle spirit?

                                                                 I Corinthians 4:18-21

As a true Apostle of Jesus Christ called by God, Paul warned this “Seeker Friendly,” “Emergent,” and “Evangelical Church” that they had become arrogant  (proud) concerning their false wisdom!  Paul reminded them that the true church of God is not built on the power and talk of men, but on the power of God and the wisdom of God which comes from His Word.  Like a true shepherd of God, he was coming to them with a “rod of discipline.”  That means Paul love them enough to confront them concerning their spiritual deception.  Like the powerless Evangelical Church all around us, they had been deceived by false prophets and false teaching.

America and many of the nations in the world are on the verge of sliding into Big Brother totalitarian states where, just like in China religious freedom and freedom of speech is being outlawed.  The only thing that can stop this is a genuine Biblical spiritual revival, on the level of a First Great Awakening and Second Great Awakening.  This can happen, but there must first be repentance!  As individual Christians and the church, we must repent for allowing false teachers to infiltrate our churches and sin.  We must cry out to God in genuine repentance of this sin!  We must begin to stay on the Word of God and teach the Word of God!  We must cultivate a responsible expectation of the soon return of Jesus Christ and we must stop censoring Bible prophecy from our churches.

When we preach salvation from sin and the return of the Lord Jesus Christ, we will see the power of God poured out in our churches and youth groups again and with the power of God, we will see genuine revival!  Not counterfeit revival!  This genuine revival from God can save out nations.  If we do not heed God’s urgent and final prophetic warning, America and other nations will soon become dictatorships!  That is the evidence of historical precedent and historical fact!  This is not something we can brush off lightly.  The stake are very high, if you have ever seen what a true totalitarian state looks like, you would be motivated to do everything you could to prevent it!

This is the purpose of our ministry. To preach salvation in the power of God and issue a legitimate prophetic warning.  We are able to do this with partners like you, who share this burden from the Lord.  Please read the article below!

Your brother,

Paul McGuire


                                         By Paul McGuire

In the movie Pulp Fiction, a syringe is plunged into the character Jacko’s chest, giving him an injection of adrenaline. When a patient’s heart stops they are often injected with a shot of adrenaline to revive them. In those moments, it is as if the dead come alive. On January 17, 1994, I was in a state of semi-consciousness, as I vaguely heard what I thought was my wife arranging boxes in the garage in the dark. A second later, it was if someone injected me in the heart with a shot of adrenaline and I awoke to the loudest deafening roar I have ever heard in my life, the roar of massive tectonic plates moving beneath the earth during the Northridge earthquake.

It was 4:31 AM PST and my thoughts, which were confused and dream-like, went into a primal rush of super clarity as what sounded like a nuclear bomb going off triggered a massive rush of adrenaline. We live on top of one of the dual epicenters of that massive 6.7 earthquake. The house was shaking so violently that I thought it was in the process of collapsing. Although there was no apparent warning, my wife subconsciously sensed the danger, as she decided to get up for no apparent reason…at the time we had three tiny kids in diapers. However, I want to get back to the warnings in my wife’s subconscious and the fact that our cat and other animals were aware of something before it hit.

By God’s grace there was minimal property damage and no one was hurt, although I had neighbors a couple of houses down whose floors ripped in two, through the foundations.

Although we had lived through many California earthquakes I had never experienced the deafening roar that sounded like a freight train had smashed through our living room or a nuke had gone off. That was something no one we talked to had experienced before. However, the point I want to bring up is the inner warning system we all have built inside of us that is far deeper than our physical senses. It is a spiritual knowledge that connects us to a kind of network, an early warning system of the soul.

Right now we have in America what I call “white noise.” I use “white noise” to help me go to sleep and mute other kinds of noises that may be keeping me awake. There is a danger in “white noise” because it hides noise we should hear, like a smoke detector or some other sound of warning like a dog barking. For the most part the media in America, with few exceptions, functions as “white noise,” for it gives no real information; it simply provides a barrage of sound and images designed to keep you distracted, or entertained. Its primary function is to lull people to sleep and sell products through the constant emission of alpha waves.
In a nation where people’s minds are awake through real education, thinking, reasoning, analysis, and historical review, there is what could be called an intellectual sensory field which allows us to anticipate all kinds of things through rational thought and minds which are awake and in a state of awareness.

In America today most minds are in a kind of sleep state…even though they appear to be awake, they are not. Education (as opposed to indoctrination) along with a knowledge of history allows the awake mind to constantly process information.

Then there are the intuitive and spiritual levels of human consciousness where people can subconsciously receive information. These sources of information are often dismissed as being illusory or based on fantasy by those who have developed the rational side of their brains, or the left brains, to the neglect of the right brains where the intuitive and creative functions are found. The mind and soul are always analyzing and processing information. The right brain is able to analyze patterns, trends, visual information, voice patterns, and the entire massive spectrum of sensory information far more quickly than the left brain. It produces a deep inner sense of knowing that is not based on mysticism, but millions of neurological pathways processing vast amounts of data very quickly. It can see things that are hidden from the so-called rational mind.

Finally, there is what is called “the spirit of your mind,” which is something most people do not understand. On one level this involves your human spirit, the consciousness or energy field that drives our biological computers we mistakenly call our minds. But at a higher level this is plugged into a kind of cosmic matrix of information. This is a concept which is difficult for some people to grasp because it brings us into the theological or spiritual level of existence. For example, Jesus Christ talked about the “Father” giving what was called the “Helper,” “Counselor,” “Holy Spirit” and “Comforter.” When you bring this up in many churches many times people have no idea about what you are talking about and they assume you are speaking about some kind of deep emotional experience. But that is not what this is about at all.

Many people rely on emotions and especially deep emotions to give them what they believe is a more transcendent form of information. The problem is that emotions are produced by the human soul, which is the part of the human biological computer where memories, experiences, thoughts and feelings are stored. If those sources of information are out of balance for whatever reason, such as an intense desire for something to be something it is not, this deep emotional system provides flawed feedback. 

This is the area where successful con men operate because they know how to manipulate those deep pools of emotion.

This is not the same thing as the “Counselor” or the “Holy Spirit.” What Jesus Christ is talking about is the Third Person of the Trinity, and that is something many people reject, often because they don’t understand it. In a nutshell, if God is the Triune Being He claims to be, then by being plugged into or receiving the “Helper” or “Counselor,” you are plugged into the matrix of the Godhead. As such, you are receiving a continual download from what is called “the spirit of truth,” which is distinct from “the spirit of your mind.”

 You are receiving all kinds of information that people who have not downloaded this “app” cannot receive.

So if you train yourself or renew your mind you can develop the capacity to receive accurate information about future events and other information, to a limited degree. The problem here is that most people who claim to have downloaded this “app” and say they know how to use it are often allowing an intense download of incorrect information to move through them because they have not developed the ability to discern the difference between their own emotions, fantasies, ideas, personal belief system and truth. Personal bias and personal emotional confusion corrupts the information flow. But the point is you don’t have to be injected in the heart with a shot of adrenaline to be awake. If you are willing to admit that you are vulnerable to false data and willing to discipline your mind, you can get a far deeper understanding of the truth and even see a little bit into the future.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013



                                         By Paul McGuire

Often when I speak at conferences, I will say to the audience that our science and technology is about 100-200 years further into the future than the average person realizes. The audiences who attend these conferences are more in tune with the advances in science and technology than most people. They have a basic understanding of Transhumanism, the Singularity, computer/brain interfaces, synthetic telepathy, scalar technology, remote viewing, experiments in interspecies breeding, and various methods of cognitive and physical enhancement…technologies that most people in America don’t even know exist.
The success of a movie like the Bourne Identity seems to indicate that many people have an intuitive understanding that governments around the world have been programming assassins and other kinds of mind controlled slaves for at least as far back as the 1950s, when Allen Dulles brought in over 10,000 Nazi rocket and mind control scientists in what was called “Operation Paperclip” in order to compete with the Russians who were buying up every Nazi scientist they could find.

 The creation of Manchurian Candidates was a by-product of the CIA’s MK ULTRA program, where the psychedelic LSD was used to program people. But when I tell people there was a real Dr. Bourne, they seem shocked, especially when I tell them that some people allege that Jimmy Carter was allowed to become President of the United States only after he went through some mind control process under Dr. Bourne, the psychologist they named the Bourne Identity film series after.

The Nazi scientists were far more advanced than the American and Soviet scientists in science and technology. They were designing and experimenting with UFO-type flying machines. Skunk Works is an official alias for Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Development Programs (ADP), formerly called Lockheed Advanced Development Projects. Skunk Works is responsible for a number of famous aircraft designs, including the U-2, the SR-71 Blackbird, the F-117 Nighthawk, and the F-22 Raptor. Many of these futuristic flying machines looked more like UFOs than like traditional jets.

Werner von Braun, who pioneered many Nazi rocketry and mind control programs at the secret research facility located on the island of Peenemunde, invented the wheel-like orbital space station seen in Arthur C. Clarke’s movie,2001: A Space Odyssey. When Werner von Braun was bought into the U.S. through Operation Paperclip he basically brought the faltering U.S. space program into the “space age” and started NASA. But, unlike American rocket scientists who were plodding along with the U.S. space program, the Nazis found a way to transcend so-called “normal” and “in the box” scientific research and development. Their scientists had found a way to transcend the typical linear, logical and Western-based scientific methods, which kept the U.S. space program “Lost in Space” and stuck in the 1950s. The Nazi scientists were deeply involved in the occult sciences and were able to access incredible scientific knowledge that came from a “fourth dimension,” what Americans would perceive as supernatural power.

For example, the Nazi scientists believed in the Vril force, for which the Vril Society was named. This was a powerful psychic force that communicated supernatural information to their scientists and supposedly led Hitler in his political campaigns. The Vril Society relied on the Vril-ya maidens, who were beautiful female clairvoyants who received telepathic information on how to build UFO-type space craft with technology that did not yet exist. The Vril-ya maidens were not trained in science, technology, and engineering; they simply received supernatural downloads of information which they drew on diagrams and wrote down. The interesting thing was that this technology actually worked! Nazi scientists developed particle beam weapons, UFO-type flying machines, new rocket fuels, mind control weapons based on EMF waves, anti-gravity engines, and even experimented with time travel. It is difficult to know what progress the Nazis had made, even when they came to America, because their work was highly classified.

Werner von Braun, whose good looks and charismatic personality allowed him regular access to American television, called a non-college educated man in Pasadena, Jack Parsons, the actual father of the U.S. space program. Jack Parsons had connections to Werner von Braun and the Nazi scientists because he was a member of Aleister Crowley’s occult society, the OTO. Although he had no formal scientific training, Parsons claimed to have supernaturally received guidance on how to build a unique rocket fuel that allowed the U.S. space program to become the most effective on Earth. Jack Parsons was a key disciple of the Great Satanist Aleister Crowley, the Beast 666, and started a branch of Crowley’s Satanic Church in his large mansion in Pasadena, where he conducted regular Satanic rituals and had large orgies and regularly used various drugs. Although the Jet Propulsion Laboratory essentially disowns him, Werner von Braun credited him with founding JPL, which is running the Curiosity and other Mars orbiter and lander programs. NASA named a crater on the Moon after Jack Parsons.

Jack Parsons was involved in some very dark satanic rituals, including one called “Babalon Working.” In 1941 Jack Parsons joined the California-based Agape lodge of Aleister Crowley's “Ordo Templi Orientis,” or OTO. Parsons became a devotee of sex magic called Thelema, the religion Crowley had channeled from beyond, using spirit guides. In 1918, while he lived in Manhattan, an entity appeared to Crowley called “LAM,” which looked like a “grey alien.” Crowley, like the Nazi scientists and Vril-ya maidens, performed ceremonial sexual and magick (his way of spelling “magic”) rituals that invoked intelligences and entities into physical manifestation. Many occult-based religions go back to the time of the Tower of Babel, and “Babalon” is similar to the name “Babylon,” which means the “gates of God.” Babylon was a stargate, where the occult worship ceremonies led by Nimrod opened a portal for interdimensional beings to come to Earth.

Parsons invited many Hollywood celebrities and famous science fiction writers like L. Ron Hubbard, Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Ray Bradbury and others to his mansion. It is difficult to say to what degree these men participated in the ceremonies, if any, but Parsons attracted scientists, science fiction writers, and the movers and shakers of Hollywood to his wild parties.

As one legend goes, L. Ron Hubbard was one of Parsons' best friends in the OTO. Supposedly L. Ron Hubbard was interested in the “Babalon Working” projects and in Jack Parsons’ mistress, Marjorie Cameron. The “Babalon Working” ritual was allegedly some kind of attempt in interspecies breeding, like when the fallen angels mated with human women and produced the Nephilim. According to the rumors, Marjorie Cameron acted as an “elemental mate” in a ritualistic sex ceremony that was to shatter the boundaries of four-dimensional space time. There were similarities to this ritual and the ritual performed in the movie Rosemary’s Baby.

What is interested about all this is that the Crowley’s occult teachings of OTO or “Ordo Templi Orientis” supposedly integrate the Freemasonic, Illuminati, and Rosicrucian teachings. Scientific discoveries, geopolitical strategies, economic solutions, military planning, medical advances and educational solutions can enter the human consciousness through a variety of means. Study, learning, research, historical models, logical rationalism, and other left-brain thinking activities are one way of successfully navigating through reality. Another way of overcoming the challenges of reality is through what is called ‘right-brain” thinking which is most often creative and intuitive. Both left-brain and right-brain thinking are an integral part of the whole.

But, in addition to information generated by our neurological pathways and DNA, we have access to information, data, solutions and downloads from what is often called the “fourth dimension,” also called the spiritual world. Our Western culture and religions have displayed bias against the existence of other dimensional knowledge. This bias has cut us off from an essential part of our reality, even though left-brain thinking scientists dealing with Quantum Physics and String Theory believe in the existence of at least 11 dimensions.

We appear to be reaching the end of this age and of our civilization; we have come to what Jesus Christ called, “the end of days.” The New Age and Human Potential Movement leader, Terence McKenna, has developed what is called the Novelty Theory, which hypothesizes that the universe has a teleological attractor at the end of time that increases interconnectedness. McKenna predicted that a singularity of infinite complexity would start in 2012 at which point anything and everything imaginable would occur simultaneously. He referred to this as the Eschaton. He conceived this idea over several years in the early to mid-1970s while using psilocybin mushrooms and DMT.

McKenna viewed the universe as emanating matter waves, spiraling down the gradient of their synergetic (energetically favorable) constructive interference. He saw the universe as being "pulled from the future toward a goal that is as inevitable as a marble reaching the bottom of a bowl when you release it up near the comes to rest at the lowest energy state, which is the bottom of the bowl. That’s precisely my model of human history."

McKenna’s Novelty Theory is essentially built on a kind of religious faith, just like any other religion. In a nutshell, it is an upper-story leap of mysticism designed to solve the problem of the end of the world. What we are dealing with is a precise understanding of the nature of our multi-dimensional universe. This brings up age-old concepts such as the nature of God, time, eternity, death, and the afterlife, a New Heaven and a New Earth and Man’s eternal destiny.
Since the days of the Garden of Eden, the Tower of Babel, the time of Atlantis, and the descending of the Watchers from Mount Hermon, Mankind has received a constant download of infinite information. The reliability of this information and the source of this information can be quantified, categorized, and discerned. Those who are inspired by the download and communicate supernatural information claim to know the truth. The irony is that as the members of the Vril Society and others who claim to be prophets communicate, their “cosmic download” has to be properly discerned. Thus you have what are called False Prophets and True Prophets. The supernatural communication of these prophets must be discerned, because the consequences of acting on a download from a false prophet can be catastrophic.

But in our current time we face an interesting dilemma. According to Biblical thinking, God has a supernatural Body of His people on Earth, which He refers to as the Bride of Christ. In this analogy, God is the loving Bridegroom wooing his Bride in what could be described as a supernatural dance at the end of time. The purpose of the dance between the Bridegroom and the Bride is in preparation for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, which takes place in the Fourth Dimension above the Earth. Like after an earthly marriage supper, the Bridegroom and Bride leave the Marriage Supper to become one.

When that oneness occurs between the Bridegroom and the Bride there is an infinite burst of energy. The Bride is pulled out of the dimension of time and space by the Bridegroom, into eternity. It is like all of history has been one linear parade with a beginning and an end. But now the dimension of time folds in on itself and the Bride and Bridegroom celebrate their marriage in another dimension called eternity. Again, there is the intense release of energy as the two become one and like an earthly marriage union, the oneness produces intense pleasure. In fact, even on the earthly level, the pleasure is so intense that it drives the brain, soul, spirit and bodies of the Bridegroom and Bride into a state of utter bliss and peace.

This divine union between the Bridegroom and Bride happens in another dimension called eternity. A powerful transformation happens when the Bridegroom reaches out His hand and takes the Bride into eternity. In the blinking of an eye, the Bride is completely transformed. An ordinary wedding dress is an earthly model of the Bride in her most awesome and transcendent state. However, when this Bridegroom reaches out with tenderness and love towards His Beloved, the Bride is instantly transformed. Whatever her previous physical state was, young or old, dead or alive, the very body of the Bride is supernaturally transformed into its most perfect and beautiful state. The Bride now has a glorified and supernatural Body. It is at the perfect age, weight, height and beauty. The Body is now supernatural and glorified! The Bride is supernaturally radiant and the marriage ceremony and consummation are on a supernatural level.

In Old Testament times when a man had sexual relations with his bride, it was said he “knew” her. When the Bridegroom becomes one with the Bride, there will an instantaneous and glorious supernatural knowing of each other. In a burst of incredible but beautiful energy an intimacy will happen where there is a complete knowing. At that point, as the union happens in eternity, all the mysteries of life will disappear. There will be a complete unveiling of all mysteries and the glory of the universe will open up like a scroll. As that happens there will be no more pain, no more sorrow, no more anxiety, and an indescribable peace will fill every man and woman who has been brought to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. This will be the return to Paradise!

It will be as if the Garden of Eden has been reborn and Paradise is restored at a far deeper level. There will be the sound of rushing water and the golden and glorious glow of a living light that does not come from the Sun, for the Sun will be no more. There will be flowers, waterfalls, the glory of nature, and the return of the animals in all their glory, each with a distinct name. There is no way this author can convey the wonder that awaits the Bride! There will be entire spectrums of the most magnificent colors that our eyes cannot presently see on Earth. There will be tastes, sounds, sensations, and other characteristics of this new world that are beyond description.

But there is one final thought I would like to add. In visualizing what is to come an act of imagination is required to see what our eyes cannot yet see. But the Bridegroom has given a gift to the Bride… the promise of what is to come. It is a living gift. It is the gift of the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, Helper, and Counselor. This Helper lives inside of you now and it acts like a divine “app” that enables you to access the thousands of “apps” that are necessary for you to be equipped with everything you need to get from here to there!

Enjoy the ride!

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By Paul McGuire

Our society is moving at lightning speed into a very real future that most people have difficulty believing could exist. As I said at a recent conference, “We have developed science and technology that most people think will not be available until about 100-200 years into the future. Therefore the average personal cannot understand our world or where it is going because they do not understand that we are currently operating science and technology that they think only exists in the world of science fiction.” 

We are not going into a world of computer brain interfaces, nano-chip implants, interdimensional travel and synthetic telepathy… we are already there! As my friend, Carl Teachrib wrote in his recent article “The Rise of Techno-Gods: The Merging of Transhumanism and Spirituality” published by the Raiders News Network, when covering the Mormon Transhumanist Association:

“…visions of a neohuman future will evolve as time goes on. As imagined now, possible neohuman traits, all involving technological enhancements to current human capacities, include:

- highly advanced intellectual capabilities, greater than ours in magnitude as ours are greater than those of other animals
- physical bodies that are immune to disease and aging
- the ability to communicate complex thoughts and emotions instantaneously without visual aids or speech
- expanded sensory inputs that enable higher awareness of even distant environs
- superhuman strength and agility
- perfect control of individual desires, moods, or mental states
- increased capacity to experience joy, love, pleasure, and other emotions.”

Teichrib writes: “Superhuman strength! Longevity and disease-free living! Mind-to-mind communications… Does this sound like science fiction, or science-magic?”
Although less magical sounding, the following examples are no less mind-blowing. They represent a portion of this author’s research, and are considered to be paths moving us beyond humanity.

Although we have not yet arrived at the final endgame of these developments, we are already long underway on all of them! Carl Teichrib wrote the article as a defense of best-selling author Tom Horn, with the alternative title "How To Continue Attacking Tom Horn At Every Transhumanist Conference In The World In Hopes Conservatives Will Never Awaken To The Posthuman Nightmare He Warns Of.” I know Tom Horn and recently did some film interviews with him at the Pikes Peak Prophecy Summit we both spoke at, sponsored by Prophecy in the News. Horn understands far better than most conservatives that we are already in the future!

I have a chapter in my new book,  “A Prophecy of the Future of America” that is now in the process of final editing, entitled “Your Children Will Live to See Your Children Become Human Cyborgs.” I write that “The science of Tranhumanism is attempting to create artificial immortality through ‘Human Enhancement’” and I cite the latest scientific developments from the National Citizen’s Technology Forum: “Human Enhancement, Identity and Biology,” held at the Center for Nanotechnology at Arizona State University in March 2008. Scientists and scholars are now referring to what they term “NBIC” technologies, the initials referring to four areas of scientific and technological change: Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information technologies, and Cognitive sciences (including artificial intelligence.)

When I was being interviewed by Tom Horn in Boulder, Colorado for his film he asked me questions like “Do you believe human clones will have a soul?” and he asked me whether or not I believed that there are laboratories around the world that are using interspecies breeding of animal, human and possibly Nephilim DNA to breed a new race of human beings? My answer was “Yes!” Like in H.G. Wells’ novel The Island of Doctor Moreau I believe bizarre genetic experimentation is going on, especially in nations where there are no laws or moral constraints.

People are all upset about super star athletes like Lance Armstrong who were caught “doping.” But the reality is that there exists an entire range of technologies that can turn ordinary athletes, soldiers, business people, and ordinary men and women into supermen and superwomen that cannot so easily be traced. These technologies use sound waves, injection of stem cells, nutraceuticals, and non-detectable drugs to release the regenerative power of DNA.


There is an entire new generation of Nootropics, which is a term for smart drugs, memory enhancers, neuro-enhancers, cognitive enhancers, and intelligence enhancers. These come in the form of drugs, supplements, nutraceuticals, foods, herbs, and vitamins that that improve mental functions such as cognition, memory, intelligence, motivation, attention, and concentration, along with physical performance and anti-aging properties.

In addition to Nootropics there are computer-brain interfaces, nano-chip and microchip implants, biotechnology, and developments in robotics that will eventually produce human-like Androids and robots. Scientists are anticipating the day when actual human consciousness along with memories and emotions can be downloaded from a dying human body into an Android robot or human clone. There is a secretive elite class of very wealthy and powerful people who are receiving all kinds of secret treatments and medical procedures that are keeping them young and preventing diseases along with age-related mental and physical degradation. Some of these people are preparing to have their consciousness and memories downloaded from their dying human body into a cloned body created from their own DNA.

There is a vast two-tiered health care system already in existence around the world. One tier is for the masses, where necessary but expensive procedures are rationed, with planned euthanasia for older people. Then there is a secretive first class health care system which specializes in anti-aging procedures, Nootropics, expensive operations, and treatments which are both cosmetic and anti-aging in nature. This upper class is beginning to reveal in public none of the signs of “normal” aging, but maintain their youthful physical appearance, mental alertness, and physical performance. In other words, the fact that they are not dying at anywhere near the rate of the rest of the population is being concealed from the middle class, upper middle class, and lower class. And this is just the beginning; they are in the early phases of creating genetic supermen and superwomen…a master race.

The science of Transhumanism is moving us quickly into the future. The US National Science Foundation has also been looking at that future, including its ethical development, and in 2003 produced a report on technologies that will enhance human abilities; the report was titled “Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance: Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information Technology and Cognitive Science.” The military has been funding many of these new technologies. DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), which is within the US Department of Defense, has been working on programs that are Transhumanist in nature, such as the Physical Intelligence project. According to Michael Anissimov, the Media Director for the Singularity Institute, DARPA has been funding “dozens of human augmentation projects around the world.”

There are many scientific breakthroughs which will be able to enhance and extend the overall quality of life. But will these breakthroughs be available to the average person? The lower, middle, and upper middle classes are being brainwashed into accepting socialism and universal health care, through movies like Elysium which heavily promotes socialism as the answer to the “inequitable” wealth of the elite “one percent.” But the problem is that the powerful elite or “one percent” are the ones promoting the socialist myth. The powerful and secretive elite have never had any intention of sharing their wealth and becoming part of the 99%. They will simply continue to control the media, academia, and health care and will live in secure places where the true extent of their vast wealth is carefully hidden.

In the same way, it is now possible to reverse the aging process and enhance cognitive and physical performance through all kind of new technologies. There is a global and well-organized effort to shorten the average life span for us commoners to 66 years. Through the ingestion of GMO foods and chemicals in the food, water and air, human bodies and minds are being genetically rewired to accelerate the aging process, produce all kinds of diseases, and shut down the human brain through Alzheimers and other biotechnological mechanisms. GMO foods are really powerful drugs, genetic modification and neurological rewiring biotechnologies disguised as food. GMO foods act synergistically with vaccines, EMF waves, brainwave entrainment, and an entire range of technologies that the average person does not know exist. The new health care plan appears to be built on rationing and euthanasia.

The Director of the science fiction film Elysium, Neill Blomkamp said, "I tend to think a lot about the topic of wealth discrepancy…I think the further we go down the path that we are on, the more the world will represent the one in Elysium... In Mexico City, in Johannesburg, in Rio, you have pockets of great wealth, gated communities, amidst a sea of poverty. And I think that's where the cities of the US are going to end up, too."
Unfortunately, like many in the media who sincerely believe socialism is the answer to poverty and social injustice.

 Blomkamp grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa, in an upscale neighborhood a few miles from some of the most extreme poverty on the planet. Blomkamp is seduced by the mythology of socialism and not the reality. His film depicts what Los Angeles might look like a century and a half from now. The Director deliberately used one of the most poverty-stricken parts of Mexico City as his model.

But science fiction socialism is not a pragmatic solution to the painful problem of poverty. Given the present socio-economic trends in America, what has happened in Detroit and other cities in America is going to happen to Los Angeles and spread across the nation, not a century and a half from now, but in a few short years! I remember as if was yesterday Newt Gingrich, the champion of “conservatives,” selling NAFTA, GATT and the WTO to America as our solution to the future. The same super-globalists who were behind Gingrich, NAFTA, and the illusory Third Wave socio-economic theory promoted by Alvin and Heidi Toffler are behind the fairy tale of Elysium. A couple of years ago, Newt Gingrich was speaking at mega-church pastor John Hagee’s church in San Antonio.

I guess John Hagee and his staff did not actually read what New Gingrich was promoting, or confused Plato’s Republic and Karl Marx’s mad theories for the Kingdom of God. The utopian society that non-thinking people everywhere are embracing is a Transhumanist, eugenic and master race society. As Aldous Huxley wrote in his novel Brave New World, it is a scientific dictatorship where people will be bred to be either an elite or Alpha class, or be genetically dumbed down to be part of the slave class. The true meaning of Transhumanism and the Nootropic Revolution all around us is that some people will get access to enhancement and others will deliberately be deprived of enhancement and will be scientifically degraded. We must remember that the scientific revolutions all around us are Darwinian and that mean the fittest survive.

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At fifteen years old, Paul was demonstrating with radical activist Abbie Hoffman and made an honorary member of the Black Panther Party. However, while studying Altered States of Consciousness at the University of Missouri, Paul had a miraculous experience hitchhiking in a remote area similar to the movie Field of Dreams. Paul re-thought his socialist and humanist world view and rejected it as completely false. Paul has devoted his life to communicating truth to people.

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                                                          By Paul McGuire


When the priests and prophets are clothed with power from on high, there is a direct transference of power to the warriors. The essence of that power is built on goodness and love. When the warrior class receives that transference of a very real power, they are able to operate at levels of cognitive and physical enhancement that are normally beyond their reach. 

                                                                                      Paul McGuire

(Read the note at the bottom of the page on how this spiritual principle applies to your life!)

I grew up in a time in America when kids would often say to bullies “My big brother is bigger than your big brother” as a means of reminding them that if they were attacked somebody far stronger than themselves would come and punish the bully for any aggression. Our military and intelligence and their role today in America and around the world are analogous to a big brother.

Despite all the Utopian idealism about world peace the world is a tough and brutal playground with lots of bullies living in the global neighborhood. When I was a kid growing up in the streets of Jackson Heights, Queens there were lots of neighborhood bullies who for any reason whatever would physically assault you whether you were male or female.

 It was a Social Darwinism beginning in the sandbox. Often times when threatened with an attack from bullies little boys and girls would invoke the name of their big brother who would defend them and come back to get the bully if he attacked. Bullies would often back off if they thought that someone’s big brother was bigger and tougher than they were. Sometimes they would say that their big brother would defend them and the potential victim would say “My big brother is bigger than your big brother.” If the bully believed it, he would often back off. But make no mistake; it was only the threat of sheer force that provided protection and security.

This was in the 1950s in New York City where gangs gathered together to “rumble” and called themselves names like the Jets and the Sharks. By nature I was basically a nice kid and did not believe in picking on people. But I was physically strong and by playing around with my buddies I learned how to fight at a young age. There was no zero tolerance back then and often you could be provoked into a fight where you would be punched and kicked and your face spat upon if you did not defend yourself physically. Being just a nice guy was an invitation to get beaten up by the bullies on a regular basis. So after being beaten up a couple of times I learned that I had to defend myself and kick a**. I became a formidable street fighter and learned the law of the jungle in Jackson Heights, Queens. My three younger sisters were safe and protected because if they said, “I am going to tell my big brother,” there would be hell to pay from their big brother!

Later as I began to understand the world of geopolitics, the Cold War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, World War II, and other conflicts, the lessons I learned about the law of the jungle influenced my political worldview. Although I was a radical in the counter culture and demonstrated in “peace protests” I never became some starry eyed idealist. When I saw the romantic picture of a female peace demonstrator putting a flower in the barrel of a gun I said to myself, if she was in the Soviet Union, Cuba, China or Nazi Germany they would have blown her head off with that gun!

As I write this article I fully understand that some will misperceive me as a naïve apologist for the NSA, CIA, FBI, and what is called the military industrial complex. I can assure you, I am not some “Manchurian Candidate” conservative media personality under the control of some intelligence agency or bowing to some international corporation. I am a firm believer in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. I do not believe the Constitution is an evolving document like the Manchurian Candidate poster boy Al Gore has said. Al Gore did not grow up in a tough neighborhood on the streets of a city like New York. Like so many of our political leaders he was a member of the privileged class and he is soft and weak.

At the end of World War II, America ran its intelligence through the OSS (Office of Strategic Services), which was the predecessor of the CIA and NSA. Initial funding for the OSS came from the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations. The Dulles brothers were essential in putting together this intelligence network which President Eisenhower called the “military industrial complex.” Beginning with Operation Paperclip when the CIA brought in over 10,000 Nazi scientists to start programs like MKULTRA, there have been numerous questions about all kinds of “black ops” and “psyops” activities. The latest scandals involve Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Snowden, who apparently escaped with NSA files on PRISM and other programs, has now found asylum in Russia under Putin.

But the lesson I learned on the streets of New York when potential victims would say in an argument with a bully “My big brother is bigger than your big brother” looms in my consciousness as I evaluate the whole Snowden and NSA affair. Russia TV is deliciously seductive in their news programs covering Snowden and “exposing the NSA.” Vladimir Putin regularly appears on RT with an assortment of beautiful Russian female journalists. Putin comes off as sincere, caring, transparent, and a champion of freedom.

But the reality is Russia today has a highly sophisticated propaganda machine targeted towards disenfranchised Americans, and Vladimir Putin was KGB. The goal of Russia is to generate pressure from the American public to defund and restrict our intelligence agencies! That is the law of the jungle I learned on the streets of New York. Russia Today is one big brother in conflict with our big brother. Like it or not, having a tough big brother is essential to our survival in a world of global bullies. As for the global outreach of the American military complex, if it was not the American military industrial complex, then the Russian, Chinese or some other consortium of nations would use their military industrial complex, aka big brother to control essential geopolitical spheres of influence.
You might dismiss this argument as neocon dribble, except I am not a neocon! Does big brother represent a potential threat to our freedoms? Of course it does! But a Russian or Chinese big brother represents a guaranteed threat to our existence! This is where the rubber meets the road. We live in a global jungle and not a global village, a global jungle ruled by the law of the jungle, or Social Darwinism. Only God’s divine protection or raw force will act as a deterrent. Once upon a time I was a nice guy on the streets of New York, but in order to survive I had to become a street fighter in order to protect myself and my sisters. I had to become the bigger big brother.

Now in the process of becoming the bigger big brother I operated according to a higher code of ethics. I did not abuse my power; I constrained myself according to my code of ethics. We have the Bill of Rights and Constitution, but those are necessary external laws to enforce freedom. However, our big brother, the military industrial complex, should still adhere to a moral code. The Samurai warriors adhered to such a code of honor and this kind of code was built into our military institutions like West Point. The great science fiction writer, Robert Heinlein, who wrote Starship Troopers, widely read in the military, talked of a code of honor in the military of the future. Heinlein exerted enormous influence on the minds of the military with his depictions of a futuristic army that lived by its code of honor.

The armies of ancient Israel led by King David had a strict code of honor. While the pagan nations would rape and torture their captives freely, the armies of Israel had strict rules forbidding such behavior. Ultimately, as Robert Heinlein in Starship Troopers made clear, the military of the future could only achieve lasting full spectrum dominance by living up to a higher code of honor than their enemies. It was that code of honor that ultimately proved more powerful than any technology on the battlefield because it confronted the enemy on a universal, spiritual and moral level. It forced the enemy to bow to a superior moral force. Likewise, America cannot be a force for good in the world, nor win the battle against the terrorists unless our own military and intelligence agencies follow a strong moral code. And that, I fear, may in some cases, may require completely new leadership.

The French historian and political scientist, Alexis de Tocqueville (1805-1859) said, “America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.” In a world of WMD’s, space based weapons and Transhumansim, the military industrial complex is a necessary evil. A futuristic military and futuristic intelligence agency are essential in preserving America’s freedom from an outside force.

 Robert Heinlein wrote,

 The most expensive thing in the world is a second-best military establishment, good but not good enough to win.

 But, by their very nature a military industrial complex is capable of depriving freedom from the very people who created it. Every society rises and falls based on adherence to its moral code. America is much like ancient Rome and it did not fall from the barbarians at the gates, but from within. It is not the responsibility of the warrior class to develop a society’s code of honor. This is the responsibility of the priest and prophet class. True priests and prophets share a similarity with the warrior class; they are both involved in warfare, one physical and the other spiritual.

In ancient cultures like Israel, the Kings and generals would often seek the counsel of a prophet before going in to battle. When the priests and prophets became weak and lost their power, the warriors were forced to rely on brute force to survive and conquer. Many people in our society complain over the militarization of our society. But, ultimately that is not the fault of the military or intelligence agencies. When the priests and prophets are clothed with power from on high, there is a direct transference of power to the warriors. The essence of that power is built on goodness and love. When the warrior class receives that transference of a very real power, they are able to operate at levels of cognitive and physical enhancement that are normally beyond their reach. When the prophets and priests in a culture are no longer infused with this power from on high or the dunamis, there is a break down in the chain of command.

Rightfully or wrongfully the military is called upon to restore order. But, had the priest and prophets in a nation been faithful to obey their call, there would have been an interdimensional force released creating order, prosperity and raising up leadership equipped with the ability to lead. The misuse of power cannot be blamed on intelligence and the warrior class. It is not that they are not accountable, because they are.

 But, they cannot be held accountable for guidance and wisdom they have not received! Ultimately, the break down in authority occurred with the priest and prophet class, who have not followed their orders.

The restoration of the military and intelligence does not begin with Congressional hearings. It begins with the priest and warrior class faithfully following their orders. This re-activation of the chain of command releases a transcendent force upon a culture and nation, which opens the flood gates of a creative power that is able to bring that nation or culture in divine synchronization with the most powerful energies of the universe. The culture or society moves from the embryonic stages of societal development where the cosmic narrative of Big Brother ruling the chaos through fear and raw force moves through an apocalyptic period of Tribulation where a New Heaven, New Earth and New World are birthed. In short, Paradise is restored and mankind is given back its spiritual authority to rule and reign as kings and priests.

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When the priests and prophets are clothed with power from on high, there is a direct transference of power to the warriors. The essence of that power is built on goodness and love. When the warrior class receives that transference of a very real power, they are able to operate at levels of cognitive and physical enhancement that are normally beyond their reach.

(Read the note at the bottom of the page on how this spiritual principle applies to your life!)

                                                                                          Paul McGuire

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