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                                                         By Paul McGuire

A certain percentage of the media acts surprised that they have allegedly been spied on and that their personal cell phones, email, social media and internet use have been closely monitored. The National Security Agency (NSA) PRISM program supposedly monitors all internet and cell phone activity in the US and stores the data in massive complexes like the one in Utah. The Thought Police seem to have discovered they have a master and his name is Big Brother. However, Big Brother is more complex than most people imagine. Big Brother is bipolar, has multiple personality disorder, and runs the various entities of the American Orwellian state through these different personalities.

Despite the fact that the current Big Brother spying campaign went into action in the late 1940s and initially was called ECHELON, certain segments of the media claim they just uncovered it through a NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden. One can only assume from the collective statements of the media that they were unaware of massive electronic surveillance programs prior to a couple of weeks ago. This claim of innocent ignorance by the media is especially difficult to swallow in light of the fact that much of this has been public knowledge since the 1940s and the large “alphabet soup” intelligence agencies have openly talked about it in interviews, pictures and videos. The precise details and names involved in these operations were secret, but the global power of a Big Brother surveillance state was in many respects an open secret. That is why H.G. Wells, a science fiction writer and former head of British intelligence, wrote such books as The Open Conspiracy, precisely because it was open!

Government surveillance using satellites, computers, and electronic communications was deliberately revealed to the American public for decades. In fact, the NSA allowed countless thousands of pictures and articles to be distributed through the media about their giant glassy-black building complex in Utah. The NSA openly discussed that it was for surveillance and even revealed the amount of electricity it needed to run the countless computers in air conditioned rooms and maintain billions of computer files. So why are the American public, politicians, and media so outraged?

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Al Gore and countless other politicians who are Democrats, Conservatives, and independents are really Big Brother. They masquerade as crusaders of good and champion various causes for freedom and human rights. But Al Gore revealed himself as Big Brother when he said “the Constitution is an evolving document,” which means that whenever the power elite don’t like something they arbitrarily change it by Presidential or judicial decree. For example, the First Amendment clearly states:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

They “evolve” beyond the original meaning of the Constitution and change it through a Presidential Order. This is not something that can be blamed on Obama; this has been done through numerous Republican and Democratic administration and is now as American as apple pie. Presidential Orders have been used by numerous presidents like Reagan, George Bush, Sr., Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama.

Multi billionaire George Soros openly told President Obama in the mass media to ignore Congress and rule by Executive Order. The media, who are now outraged, said absolutely nothing about what Soros said. But a media with integrity, which the dominate media in our nation do not have, would have vigorously challenged the statement by Soros and defended our Constitutional rights. However, for the most part our media is just another personality for Big Brother who has a multiple personality disorder. The media are Big Brother! Even as the media supposedly investigates the Prism program, they are doing so not as true journalists, but as the “thought police” of Big Brother.

I am not saying that our government, the military, and intelligence agencies should not be allowed to have the tools to fight an enemy. Terrorism and warfare are real and millions of lives are at stake. Like most Americans, if given a choice between violating a legitimate terrorist’s or terrorist group’s rights or seeing multiple nukes going off in U.S. cities, I believe the intelligence agencies and the military need the power to stop those attacks before they happen. In addition, I am not against the use of things like waterboarding and other enhanced interrogation techniques if they force a terrorist to reveal his plans for destruction and allow our government to stop it.

However, this is an extremely dicey issue because the potential for abuse is astronomical! There must be some process and enforceable legal accountability to protect the Constitutional and civil rights of law abiding American citizens, because without a very strong system of Constitutional protections we will become a police state, and, in many respects, we already are. In addition, Constitutional rights do not apply to clearly identified military enemies and people who are not American citizens.

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights provide checks and balances and those rights cannot be overturned for the personal political agendas of any party or group!

The Fourth Amendment says:

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

The Fourth Amendment means nothing anymore, because beginning with the Patriot Act put in place by a Republican President, George W. Bush, none of the above matters if any individual or group is merely suspected of being a terrorist. Since the Constitution has “evolved,” the mere suspicion by law enforcement that something could be wrong is all the legal justification needed for black-uniformed soldiers or police with Nazi-style helmets to search you wherever you are, stop and search your car, or smash down your front door in the middle of the night…and you could completely disappear. No explanation is required!

This is not the America our Founding Fathers envisioned; this is America as an Orwellian state.

Nazi Germany used a whole range of terrorism laws to establish its police state. In an interview in the U.K. Guardian Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower, said the “US Government is not going to be able to cover this up by jailing or murdering me. [The] Truth is coming, and it cannot be stopped.” However noble those words may sound, we really do not know who Snowden is or if he is working for somebody else, such as Big Brother. There is always a game within the game.
Fear is the fundamental nature of all psychological operations, or “psyops.” In the novel 1984 Big Brother ruled primarily by fear.

 If we step back for a moment and observe the tsunami of news reporting on Americans being spied on by their government, what is the take away? An overwhelming sense of powerlessness and the narrative planted in our consciousness that “tiny me” can do nothing about this monster called Big Brother. That narrative is psyops at its best. The fear of Big Brother has spread like a contagion in certain segments of our society. However, at the same time sales of iPhone, iPad, Windows 8, Android, and Cloud computing continue to skyrocket. Soon Google will release Google Glass, which is a wearable computer that looks like a pair of futuristic sun glasses. The distribution of all these technologies and new ones to come makes the average person a powerful participant in a mass surveillance program.

One of the terrifying themes in the novel 1984 which George Orwell wrote in 1948 was that a Big Brother totalitarian government could spy on its citizens with all kinds of technology, including watching you through your television set. What most people do not know is that this technology has been in use for quite some time now, an idea which most people are programmed to reject as paranoia despite the fact that numerous recent news stories have reported on cameras imbedded in your cable box and on top of your television. The whole Skype concept uses a camera on top of your computer monitor or built into your computer which allows you to communicate with people around the world visually. In addition, for many years cell phones have had the ability to capture and transmit video.

However all of these camera type devices can be activated externally without you even realizing it. A local television channel here in Los Angeles just ran a story about the new cameras on top of digital television sets in your bedroom or living room which hackers can turn on, enabling them to run a live video feed onto the internet for millions of people to watch. Obviously if a hacker can do that Big Brother is already doing that and probably has been for years.

Most people have seen movies where a crime has been committed and the police are able to track every second of a suspect’s activity by activating pre-existing private surveillance cameras which are basically everywhere, from the mall parking lot, inside stores, and on street corners. Now just imagine having the ability to turn on hundreds of millions of devices that have video cameras in them like digital televisions, cell phones, computers, iPhone-type devices, laptops, satellites, car cameras, and many other technologies. With the help of computer technology you can turn on the most powerful surveillance technology the world has ever known, linking up millions of these devices at once. It is not simply Big Brother watching you; it is the hundreds of millions of users of this technology, who have suddenly become an army of Big Brothers because they can see and hear this information, which is being recorded, stored and analyzed.

The National Security Agency’s PRISM, the spy program, has the potential of monitoring all internet activity in the US and the world. This massive amount of data is stored in enormous buildings around the world. This kind of surveillance is being conducted by many nations. But the kind of data they are collecting is far beyond mere video, email, cell phone, internet, and social media information. Massive computers are now able to categorize, profile, and make accurate predictions about people and groups. This technology has the capacity to analyze the deep psychological components of people, including their belief systems, politics, religious views, and every component of the human personality.

Big Brother in the form of any totalitarian government, cult, or corporation can now manufacture an ideology, belief system, state of consciousness, or pattern of behavior through the synergy of computer technology and mind control technology. For example, the “Arab Spring” uprisings were generated via social media with sophisticated psychological messages. Movements like Occupy Wall Street, right wing groups, and other social movements are now manufactured by a hidden team of psychologists, advertising experts, and social media engineers. Ideas, religious beliefs, sexual habits, political persuasion, and mental states can go viral through Big Brother- driven internet technology.

Big Brother’s computer technology is part of the Singularity; it is a self-evolving technology which continually increases its powers of analysis, perception, prediction and planning. The reality is that as Big Brother has evolved, it has also multiplied. The term “total converts” is applied to those individuals who intellectually and socially morph with the belief system that Big Brother demands at any given moment, such as politically correct thinking, which is a clever term for mass mind control. Big Brother is both the entity that conducts surveillance and the “god” human beings made in their own image. Essentially, Big Brother is a dark god that demands perfect and total allegiance.

Big Brother can no longer be thought of as one entity, government, or nation. New technologies have computer-brain interfaces, chips imbedded into the brain and the ability to read minds through EMF waves. There are corporations that have the technology to monitor employees’ moods and productivity through their computers. Through the Singularity and trans- humanism, Big Brother is constantly evolving. Surveillance and enforcement, even with advanced technology, is still a primitive system of totalitarian control. The next step is total internal control, which goes far beyond brainwashing and mind control; it is the evolutionary jump Big Brother is aspiring to.

Through technology, DNA, reading brainwaves, controlling neurological pathways, erasing memories, implanting memories, cloning, selling GMO food, drugs, social engineering, scientific mind control, cyborg technology, interspecies breeding of human, animal and Nephilim DNA, scalar technology, biotechnology, and other sciences, Big Brother is now replicating himself through the creation and birth of hundreds of millions of people who will be Big Brother. It is a perverse twist on the Biblical concept of “Let Us make man in our image.”

Through cloning and genetic engineering there will be no need for external authoritarian controls; the entire population of planet Earth will become the offspring of Big Brother.

The quantum evolutionary jump of mankind evolving into a race of god men, which is the dream of secret occult societies, is now at hand. This evolutionary jump provokes the question, “Who created Big Brother?” The same question is asked in the world of Christian theology when people ask, “Who created God?” The answer is no one or thing created God, because God is eternal and has always been God. However, Big Brother is not eternal; the technology of Big Brother was created by men to create a new man and a new world or new world order.

The intelligence, inspiration and idea which birthed Big Brother came from another dimension because ultimately Big Brother is a multi-dimensional entity. The Fabian socialists, Nazis, and secret occult societies who all implemented the “Big Brother App” all had beliefs in the supernatural and inter-dimensional beings. The intelligence behind Big Brother was conceived by the most powerful angelic being in the universe, whose name was Lucifer, which means the “light bearer.” Lucifer wanted to be God and led a revolution of one third of the angels in order dethrone God and to become God. This is the age long struggle that began in the Garden of Eden, where the serpent promised Adam and Eve that they would be like gods.

It is not an accident that the prophecies in the Book of Revelation speak of the Beast system, which consists of two beasts. First there is the Antichrist, who is a charismatic global political leader who will rule the coming one world government. Then there is the False Prophet who controls the coming one world religion and a one world economic system that is characterized by the “mark of the beast” technology, where no one can buy or sell without a microchip, biochip or nano-chip implant. In other words, in order to receive this mark people must make a conscious choice to renounce all other Gods, including Jesus Christ, and worship the Antichrist as God.

This Beast-system is a cosmic Big Brother system. It is the evolution of the matrix that we are now living in. In light of the Singularity, Transhumansim, and the “New Aeon” or New Age, the Antichrist requires total control of your personality, which is what Big Brother requires. There are countless technological, scientific and occult references in the Book of Revelation. The False Prophet calls down fire from Heaven, which could be an actual energy force along with some kind of alien invasion. The False Prophet performs supernatural signs and wonders in order to convince people to worship the Antichrist as God. Also, people will worship the image of the First Beast. What is that image? Is it a holographic picture? A clone or replicate of the Antichrist, since he is killed?

Is the Antichrist reborn through the activation of an accelerated DNA process? Revelation appears to indicate clearly that Mankind, the False Prophet, and the Antichrist are moving in synchronization with the Singularity, Transhumanism, computer technology, cloning and activated DNA. Thus the coming one world religion and the mark of the beast will be a cosmic synthesis of the interspecies breeding of human, animal and Nephilim DNA, which some believe is alien DNA. It appears that the coming one world religion will involve a new Genesis account where a global revelation sweeps the Earth causing millions to believe that the Earth was seeded by aliens in manner similar to the movie Prometheus.

Just as the Apostle Paul taught about the supernatural Body of Christ on Earth waiting for the Bridegroom to come and take the Bride to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, so the most powerful supernatural revelation that has ever occurred will happen during what is called the Great Deception. On one level Big Brother will be cloned and billions of people will embody his beliefs and energy.
On another level it will appear to many that the “New Aeon,” the moment of transcendence, has arrived, where billions of people will appear to realize suddenly that they are gods, which is what the serpent said in the Garden. This will be the most powerful spiritual seduction in the history of the human race. What we are seeing now with the Big Brother technology is the beginning of the Great Apostasy. It appears to be merely a discussion of civil liberties and authoritarian control in a so-called Utopian and Orwellian world. But what we are experiencing collectively is the human race’s arrival at the doorway into another dimension. This is the doorway that film director Stanley Kubrick alluded to in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.

It is the doorway of the “New Aeon,” a living doorway where the Personal Living God of the Universe speaks to us and says:

“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. John 14:6”

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Paul McGuire: radio talk show host, author, feature film producer and television commentator.

Paul McGuire is the author of 22 books, such as the best-selling, The Day the Dollar Died and Are You Ready for the Microchip? Paul is the host of the syndicated television show, The Paul McGuire Report. Paul McGuire hosted the nationally syndicated talk radio show, "The Paul McGuire Show" for 10 years. Paul McGuire is a television commentator and has been a frequent guest on the Fox News Network and CNN.

Paul is the producer of two science fiction films in Hollywood. The History Channel did a 2-hour special with Paul McGuire entitled Seven Signs of the Apocalypse. Paul has interviewed numerous world leaders, Presidents and Prime Ministers. Paul lives in Los Angeles, California.

At fifteen years old, Paul was demonstrating with radical activist Abbie Hoffman and made an honorary member of the Black Panther Party. However, while studying Altered States of Consciousness at the University of Missouri, Paul had a miraculous experience hitchhiking in a remote area similar to the movie Field of Dreams. Paul re-thought his socialist and humanist world view and rejected it as completely false. Paul has devoted his life to communicating truth to people.


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Paul McGuire researching new book "A Prophecy of the Future of America" from the Bohemian Grove.

"People always ask me how did I get into such and such a the Bohemian Grove, or how did I meet this person or that?  With the risk of sounding super spiritual this is what often happens.  Often God leads me into a particular area of research and keeps pushing me to go deeper and then deeper.  It is some what like a hunch, but it is far more powerful than that.  It is the leading of the Holy Spirit who gives me ideas, opens doors, gives me supernatural favor and other things which are both natural and supernatural.  I want to say right upfront, I am not lazy and I do an enormous amount of research.  I do my home work and read countless books, articles, etc. on a wide variety of subjects from neurological science, Quantum Physics. history, symbolism, symbolism, Old Testament, New Testament, biotechnology, economics, nano-technology, computer science, genetics, DNA , the Singularity, Transhumanism, the occult, secret societies, archeology, military science, art, literature, films, biographies, history, psychedelic drugs, pertinent novels, religious movements, theology, philosophy, politics, social engineering, energy, nutrition, sexuality, psychology, nuclear physics, globalism, Bible prophecy and many other subjects.  I don't dabble on this stuff, I devour entire books and in some areas I have a photographic memory.

I pray constantly, not in the boring religious sense, I simply walk with God talk to Him and listen to Him and I am careful to listen to Him speak through other people, but I am also discerning and know the difference when God is speaking and someone is speaking through their own bias, emotions or deception.  I walk in the power of the Holy Spirit and train myself to hear His voice.  I meditate in His Word.  Then God speaks to me, opens up doors, brings people into my life or arranges circumstances and supernaturally leads me time after time.  I was going up to San Francisco to do research- I was not planning to go to the Bohemian Grove.  I was literally hiking in a Redwood forest when I overheard a man say, "Bohemian Grove" - I knew it was God speaking.  I prayed and used my senses, God supernaturally led me to a pathway in the forest that led to the Bohemian Grove.  I could tell I was on the right pathway because of the the light and structure of the Redwoods.  There was a mountain blocking the Bohemian Grove, but the Lord spoke to me about the sunlight and showed me that there was a clearing ahead because there was not mountain and the sunlight filtered through towards the latter part of the day.  God implanted into my spirit that this was the path to the Bohemian Grove ... I just knew it supernaturally - there was no doubt and I simply walked into it!

By meditating in the Word of God and training my spirit, God gives me a kind of spiritual radar where I can sense and see things supernaturally sometimes in immediate proximity and sometimes from very long distances.  To whatever degree I am able to see into the future, not perfectly because my emotions get in the way.  But, I want to emphasize that doing your home work is the foundation for that kind of leading.  There a lot of people who claim to have prophetic gifts and want to be used by God, but they do not study the Bible, they do not study prophecy and they are not intensive readers and researchers.  As such, they severely limit what God can do through them!  There is not shortcut here.  Sometimes you have to spend 30 years researching all kinds of stuff, before you can distill complex information!

You see if God's people would simply begin to study and research a spectrum of fields that they may think are beyond them on a human level, God can supernaturally amplify their intelligence and understanding way beyond the power of their human intellect.  I do not mean to sound arrogant, but many of God's people are very shallow, they are not readers and they do not research the cutting edge fields.  For example, they know nothing of topics like the German Schools of Higher Criticism and how that has affected Evangelical theology.  They don't know who Francis Schaeffer is and have not read his books.  They don't understand science, culture, economics, etc.  Before God could use Daniel as a prophet, Daniel had to do intensive study in Babylonian culture, religion, history, etc.  God does not usually download complex prophetic information into ignorant people because God cannot trust them to communicate to the leaders.

Finally, you have to be true to the Word, but your heart must be filled with the love of God.  You would be surprised how many people want to be used by God, but they have not allowed the love of God to be shed abroad in their hearts.  They are filled with envy, coveteousness, jealousy, bitterness, strife and the desire to be important.  All of us fight those temptations in the power of the Spirit by faith, but many people who seek to be used by God deceive themselves.  God does not use small minded people with small hearts!!

In order to be used by God, you must learn to have a big heart overflowing with the love of God, which means you love other people and want the best for them.  You then begin to act supernaturally and think supernaturally and God will do amazing things through you.  But, one of the greatest hindrances to being used by God is having a small heart that is not overflowing with the love of God!  I cannot tell you how many people I meet, that God has gifted and wants to use, but they are not filled with the love of God.  They have a religious spirit and they are critical, judgmental and assume the worst of others!  Love believes the best of others!  If you want to see the power of God move through your life, you have to stop short circuited it.  A lot of people think they have the ministry of criticism and there is no such ministry...we speak the truth in love.

Finally, God does not use men and women who are cowards!  Being a cowards is a sin!  If you are self-righteous, legalistic and a coward (these usually go to together) God is not going to use you!  If you dare to walk on the water, God will use you!  But, if you are trying to be raised up by playing. politics in a church or denomination, you may get that position from a human perspective, but God did not give you that position and you will have no anointing.

God wants to use many of you starting today in ways you could never dream of!  I really mean that, I sense the Spirit of God moving very powerfully right now and He is touching with His power, which feels like warmth, joy and electricity!  As you read these words you are sighing a deep breath of relief because the Holy Spirit is ministering to you.  A heavy load of bondage is being taken off your shoulders because the anointing breaks the yoke.  Right now, you and I are experiencing a divine connection in the Spirit.  The power and life of God is flowing through these words, through grace and He is ministering to you at this very moment.  Literally, you are being touched by the power and Presence of God.  He is filling your heart with hope and promises for your future!  Areas of anxiety that you have been carrying are being dissolved by the deep assurance that is He going to take of those problems and help you.

Open your heart and mind right now to the Spirit of the Lord and He will birth fresh vision in you!  I assume, that at this moment, both of us are surprised by what God is doing!  He is pouring out His anointing oil on you and bondages, fear, anxiety, depression and captivity are being broken.

Now here is where it gets real interesting!  The supernatural power of God is touching you at his moment.  You are being deeply ministered to by Jesus.  He is setting you free!  But, more than that He is downloading into your heart and spirit His living promises, vision and care for your life.  You are literally taking up wings as are walking and not fainting.  I am writing these words from Los Angeles and the Spirit of God is coming all over you and me at the same time,  I sense very powerfully what I can only describe as magnificent brithday present from God to you.  It may not even be your brithday, but God has decided to whatever degree that it is YOUR NEW BIRTHDAY!.  Not necessarily a celebration of the exact day you were born-again.  But, God out of His love for you has presented you with a brithday cake and candles to celebrate the new birth that is happening in your life at this moment.

God is birthing in you a brand new you, by the power of His Spirit.  God is restoring your supernaturally by the power of His Spirit.  You may feel that you have sinned, failed, blown it wasted time and in your own human mind you are angry at yourself deep inside for all the time you have wasted.   The Holy Spirit is coming into your life right now supernaturally and unlocking the strongholds buried in your mind that you have been keeping you a prisoner!

The enemy, your fallen human nature and other people have embedded a lie deep within you, that you missed your time.  This is a lie from hell and God is surfacing this stronghold right now into your consciousness so it can be exposed to the light and broken!  Along with that lie, is a root of bitterness in your life which is in your heart and is blocking the full release of the rivers of living water from flowing out of your inmost being.   What is allowing the root of bitterness to stay lodged in your heart is that you have been hating yourself and despising yourself for the mistakes you have made.

Listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and consider His Word.  God is commanding you right now (He is not asking you!)  God is commanding you right now, to forgive yourself with an act of your will for not forgiving yourself of these past mistakes and believing the lie  that it is over.  As your brother in Christ, I am asking you to get on your knees or however you want to do it, but do it in such a way that you will remember this encounter with God...right is down in your calendar after your are finished, be sure when you are finished to write it down!  You are building an altar to the Lord at the place where He is meeting you!

Simply pray something like this, "Lord I ask you to forgive me for not forgiving myself and not releasing myself.  Through faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ, I accept your forgiveness right now for not forgiving myself!  I ask you Jesus to cleanse me of this and any other sin by your blood.  Lord I ask you right now by faith to remove all the roots of bitterness to take up root in my heart and Lord I ask you to pull out each and everyone of these roots of bitterness from my heart!

Thank you Jesus! I praise you for doing this!  And I praise you now, as I sense the incredible reality of of feeling the full release of the rivers of living water flowing out of my heart.  Lord, I worship you as the rivers of living water flow out from within me, replenishing and healing my inner being.  God I praise you for the pure joy and delight I feel and the renewed sense of power!

Now, God as I worship you, I choose to possess the land which you have given me!  With an act of my will, I choose to forgive all those (Be specific if the Lord is leading you) that I have chosen to have root of bitterness towards because I have secretly not forgiven them!  Lord I acknowledge and confess that my unforgiveness of myself, opened a portal in the invisible realm for the tormentors (demonic spirits) to torment me in many ways.  Lord,  because I allowed these tormentors access to my life through my lack of forgivnes towards myself, I chose to sin by not forgiving others!

Lord, I come to you by faith Lord and with an act of my will I choose to forgive and release all those who I have not forgiven and have held bitterness towards.  Forgive me Lord for violating your Word and opening the door to tormentors both  in my life and in the world of my relationships.  I release them and myself Lord, choosing to be cleansed by your blood.

Now as you continue to worship the Lord and praise Him out loud, allow the power of the Lord to flow out of your inmost being, to cover your life with His glory and to make all things new.  Know that you act of obedience before the Lord has released the new birthday gift in your life!  Your inner man and woman is being filled with joy and you are being healed.  The Lord is supernaturally releasing and renewing His dream in you!

But, take it all the way!  The Lord at this moment is filling you with His power in the deepest and most wonderous sense.  You are being sanctified and being filled with the power of God like you have never known before.  You are being touched very deeply and tenderly by the power of God as He restores you this day!  Take up wings as eagles!  Run and do not become weary! Today the Lord has done one of the most profound miracles in your life.  Do not allow the enemy or strange voices to steal it from you.

The power of God has come into your life for a reason!  He has a call upon you and He has restored you!  Hear His still small voice and He will tell you what to do!

God has spoken to me this year about taking this message of life and the other truths, He has given this ministry to set people free all around the world!  God has given me a very specific plan that involves the internet, video, film, television, social media, blogs to be used in a way that has never been done before and that will reach millions of people.  He has supernaturally given me a call and a vision!  At Paul McGuire Ministries we have already begun!

As your brother in Christ, I am asking you personally to stand with me in prayer, spiritual warfare and through your financial gifts to reach people in a way that they have never been reached before!  Please understand, that if you have been ministered to by the Spirit of God, by the message the Lord had me share with you above, that is yours to receive completely free and with no obligation!  You do not have to give anything, simply be blessed and walk in what God has given you!

However, if the Lord is speaking to you about standing with me as a partner in prayer and by giving a financial gift or becoming a regular partner, I want to make that opportunity available to you and you can donate below or write me and share with me how the Lord has ministered to you or that you are praying for me.

Please forgive me and our ministry for any mistakes we have made!  I am just one man and I am working about 80 hours per week on this ministry because the Lord had opened up some incredible doors.  Although, we hold regular church services through Paradise Mountain Church, Bible studies and literally reach millions of people around the world every week, we are numerically a small ministry.  We don't have a paid staff and I do not not take a salary for my work, I donate my time and all book royalties, etc.  I do not take for myself, I turn all of it over to the ministry.

Many people think because of my relative fame, books, conferences, television appearances, CNN, Fox News Network, History Channel and feature film appearances that I am personally wealthy.  I get E Mails about my expensive home in Malibu?  First of all I do not have a home in Malibu, we simply use it as shooting location and I drive 2 hoiurs round trip to shoot in Malibu.

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Paul McGuire Bohemian Grove Today



By Paul McGuire

The human race is now in the biggest battle for its survival since the dawn of time.  Yet, most people in America walk around in the delusion that they are autonomous, independent and self-educated.  In reality they have been cybernetically programmed from birth.  In short, Big Brother is more than an external threat.  In the American and global matrix, Big Brother has invaded your neurological pathways, thoughts, memories, dreams, desires and deeply held beliefs.

Your politics, religious views and all your belief systems are a product of social engineering.  This social engineering took off in the 1960’s when the entire counter culture was manufactured by the Tailstock Institute of Great Britain, M16 and the CIA. Before that count culture revolution, America more or less, held to a Judeo-Christian philosophy and moral code.  The counter culture was an MK ULTRA mind control operation that used rock music played on technologies like radio, records and television.  In addition, the strategic distribution of MK ULTRA drugs like LSD threw America down the rabbit’s hole and the new pre-planned globalist,  post-Christian,  sexual revolution, socialist world government was birthed.

Ironically, Bible prophecy predicted this revolution over four thousand years ago, beginning at Babylon, “the gate of the gods,” where entities traveled through portals in what was the worlds first global government, economic system and religion.  The Bible predicted things like Transhumanism, the Singularity, world government, Big Brother, the multi-dimensional matrix, MK ULTRA, cybernetics and everything that I taking place around us.   I am up here at the Bohemian Grove and Haight Ashbury doing research on this for my new book, “A Prophecy of the Future of America,” which is available for pre-sale and will be out soon.

The coming one world religion, which will be a synthesis of Transhumanism, cyborgs, computer implants, social media, the Singularity, DNA, scientific mind control, technology and scientific mind control, is about to become the most powerful and transformational force on earth!

This is predicted in the Biblical accounts of the Nephilim, Nimrod, Babylon, the False Prophet, false teachers, the nano-chip implant, inter-dimensional entities and interspecies breeding of animal, human and Nephilim.  What my new book will expose is the advanced science of mind control and that is why I have been going into the Bohemian Grove, Haight Ashbury and the Presidio, here in San Francisco.   The Stanford Research Institute which turned on Ken Kesey, the Grateful Dead and the “hippie generation” also created synthetic mind control movements which expressed themselves in EST, the human potential movement, Aquarian Conspiracy, Course in Miracles, NLP, the counter culture, Weather Underground, Patty Hearst and many others, is the same mind control technology that created many movements within the Evangelical Movement.  There are a number of celebrity pastors on television and leaders of Christian movements, which are the direct products of the science of mind control.  On particular pastor of a large mega-church,  who is known for his big smile, “positive message” and watered down message, demonstrates all of the characteristics of someone who has been heavily programmed though scientific mind control.  People who have studied scientific mind control can spot this a mile away.  This celebrity pastor has what is known as a synthetic personality and is under mind control.  His message which reaches millions, causes millions of people to enter a subtle hypnotic trance and his audience is under mind control.

The tragedy is that many American Christians are under various degrees of mind control and do no even realize.  It is highly possible that the celebrity pastor is not aware that he is under mind control, because that part of his memory has been erased!  There are a growing number of celebrity pastors who are also under mind control and the symptoms are very obvious to anyone who is aware!

The sorcery spoken of in Revelation, encompasses mind control.  We cannot have revival and soul harvest when so much of the Body of Christ and these celebrity pastors are under mind control, because mind control is Luciferian.  You can say all the right words and quote all the right Bible verses and be under mind control!  Ask yourself this one simple question, “Why is it that with all these celebrity pastors, church movements and television, that America is becoming increasingly more under the control of demonic powers?”

The answer is scientific mind control over key leaders which is based on occult power!  It is my prayer and hope, that with your help we can see a “Great Awakening” within God’s prophetic plan and soul harvest!  Notice the term, “Awakening.”   This implies that God’s people are asleep or in a trance.  My new book, “ A Prophecy of the Future of America,” will reveal the truth that is being suppressed about what is really going on.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013




Everyone is all upset, especially the,"Though Police," that Big Brother is spying on them.  Here is a reality check, Big Brother had been spying on you since the 1940's with the global expansion of ECHELON which evolved into a computer-spy program with the U.S., Britain, Australia and other nations linking an ECHELON spy-satellite system that monitored millions of phone calls, faxes, radio, TV and then cell phones, the Internet and social media.  ECHELON gathered "meta-data," through computer sifting and keying in on patterns and key words by monitoring millions of communication media simultaneously.  Again, this was open knowledge and was not hidden by the intelligence agencies!

The CIA, FBI, NSA, NATO, M16 and other intelligence agencies have been openly telling you what they have been doing for over 65 years!  This has hardly been a secret as the Orwell's media is pretending.  For example, the NSA has published countless photo's of the NSA complex in Utah with explanations.  Who is hiding anything?

Every one's early cell phone's proudly announced the words "GPS," or Global Positioning Satellite, anyone with a molecule of a brain knew that the cell phone sent a signal of where you were to a satellite.  Your upset that your cell phone was bugged?  Detox off the Prozac, they were bugging phones in the Godfather movie.  Mobsters were busted in the last decade by the FBI turning on their cell phones, while they were off and the New York Times did a huge story on it.

Your actually surprised that all your social media is bugged and that their computer profiles on you?  What do you think you got all those spam and E Mail's sent to you about products and services, "that nobody knew about but you?"  The problem is that the journalists at the Daily Planet and their readers are unconscious.  Here is a hint, Aldous Huxley, head of British Intelligence in World War I and science fiction author, mapped all of this out starting in 1901.  Guess what?  You can Google Search and read his actual writing for documentation on that.

There's more!  I have been writing about this for decades.  I am going to run a couple of things by you.  I don't expect you to believe me.  So if you think this is just to way out there for you to believe, I challenge you to actually do some homework and check the documentation.   Again, just hit Google Search and all of the scientific reports, original source documents are available for you to read for yourself, assuming you will actually read it?

Number one, this is not about Big Brother spying on you!  That is all George Orwell knew when he wrote 1984 on a farm in England in 1947.  Due to Cybernetics, MK ULTRA, the invention of LSD in 1947, neurological programming, chimp implants, EMF waves, the science of mind control, computer technology and the discovery of Quantum physics, especially Scalar Technology, you have become Big Brother, but you don't know that yet, do you?

I will give you the documentation and science you want right here on the Blog, at NewswithViews and my new book, "A Prophecy of the Future of America."  Also, all the free info at the and websites, social media, etc.

I am in San Francisco this week doing research for the new book and video.  I was at the Bohemian Grove yesterday which links directly to this.  Also, I was in Haight Ashbury where during the sixties counter culture "they" gave out millions of doses of LSD, which rewired the consciousness of America.  I was walking by the house of the Grateful Dead where Ken Kesey, who was given LSD as a volunteer for MKULTRA at Stanford Research Institute, was the "guru" for Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead.  Some of you may remember the sixties in San Francisco where Kesey, the Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Starship and others were tripping on acid in Haight Ashbury and holding massive concerts near the Golden Gate Bridge.  You know, the Golden Gate Bridge where Werner Erhard, founder of EST,  "got it?"

Right next door the giant military facility called the Presidio, where mind control experiments were going for global government with Russia's Gorbachev?  

So since then, science as discovered hyper-dimensional space, Transhumanism, cyborgs, inter-species breeding with DNA, computer-brain interfaces, brain enhancement through neurological pathways, smart drugs, erasing memories, Project Blue Beam and fourth dimensional technologies.

You can't understand Big Brother until you understand that YOU ARE BIG BROTHER!

Sunday, June 16, 2013



By Paul McGuire

Everyone is fixated on the various intelligence angencies spying on us and jounralists are calling them Big Brother.

Intelligencie agencies like the NSA, CIA. FBI, INTERPOL, M16 and so on are not Big Brother!

It is true that may carry out Big Brother functions, that many lawyers believe violates the Constitution.  But, Big Brother as some kind of individual leader or collegtion of intelligence agancies is not the Big Brother in the 21st Century.  George Orwell wrote Big Brother on a farm in 1947 in England.  Big Brother was not written as a warning, it was written as an outline of what the future would bring.

Orwell's,"Big Brother," ALdous Huxley's, "Brave New World." and HG. Wells's science fiction novels were written to prepare us for what was to come and now it has come!  All of this is part of a sophisticatd mind control process called, "Predictive Programming."

The reality is that each of us has become Big Brother!  Big Brother is the spying agencies, Big Brother is all the journalists who function as the "Thought Police" and most of all, "Big Brother" is every single individual on Planet Earth who chooses to get on the dance floor in one way or another and dance with Big Brother.  Big Brother would cease to exists if he did not have partners to dance with!

Right now I wam talking to two kinds of people, those that are dancing with Big Brother and those who have transcended Big Brother!  If you are perceiving the world in black and white and cannot see the full spectrum of colars, you are dancing with Big Brother.  If you can only think as you have been programmed to think, despite your vigorous protests to the contrary, you are "getting down with Big Brother."  If your perception of reality is confined to the three dimensions of the senses,  you are Big Brother!  In other words, you aer living in a lower level of consciousness, thinking programed thoughts and seeing reality only in black and white, you are Bib Brother and you are part of the problem.  It's time to stop getting angry about what" they."  are doing to you, look in the mirror and admit that you have chosen to be Big Brother, until you decide to change that.

At this moment I am in San Francisco doing some intensive research near Haight Ashbury, the home of the "hippie movement" and not fare from the Presidio, where experiments in scientific mind control existed.  Alcatraz, the giant prison is out there in the water, looking ominous.  Yet, hundreds of millions of American and many who go to church are living in the Alcatraz of the mind!

Big Brother is a multi-dimensional mind control operation that has created the matrix, where most people live.  Like a lighning bolt out of the blue, your human consciousness must be hit with a power charge so intense that it will blow down the neurological pathways of the Alacatraz you have created that you call your mind.  When you live down the rabbit's hole of a particular program of neurological pathways you are in int DEMON PROGRAM and living life from the DEMON APP.  Your external world, so-called rational thoughts, political and religious views and the sum total of your thoughts is plugged into a matrix that has connectivity with 13 dimensions - notive the number 13!

The bottom line is that you think inside the box and freedom is outside the box!  However, you cannot hear the truth until you first know you are being lied to.  This multi-dimensional APP is part of the matrix you live in.  Then you add your DNA code with the number 46 and you have another part of the matrix.  Now add all the programming through media, EMF waves, music, film, TV, social media, drugs legal and illegal along with true religion and false religion and sooner or later you realize YOU ARE BIG BROTHER!  Big Brother does not exist outside of you, you are part of the matrix or the digital holograph that is Big Brother.

The politicians, intelligence agenies, media, social media, drugs legal and illegal, Internet, multi-dimensional input and DNA are part of the collective of Big Brother.  I am not disparaging ayone who is mentally challended.  But, Big Brother has multiple personality disorder, bi-polar, multi-dimensional, uses various social media simultaneously and he or she is a multiplicity of beings.

Big Brother is the collective of dark consciousness and neurological pathway implosion.  Big Brother is always morphing.  Big Brother is an evil illusion that has become real.  Big Brother is in syncronization with other dimensions and universes.  In the movie, Big Brother, was the giant upside down pyramids, that floated like massive cities for the elite, which strarvng humanity struggled to survive.  Big Brother is imbedded in the code of Atlantis, Babylon, Stonehenge and the end of the age.  Big Brother has many names such as the First Beast and the Second Beast.  Big Brother is planning to to force the chip on all mankind, just like Revelation 13 predicted.  Big Brother is like a computer virus in the Great Cloud which is the Universe and it intends to create a "world brain."  Big Brother has stolen our DNA and combined it with the Nephilim and Transhumanist technology.  Big Brother plans to live forever in the Singularity and rule over mankind.  Finally, Big Brother is going to atempt to be God.

I will continue on with this soon!  But, the first thing you must do in attempting to become free of Big Brother is to understand that as long as you are in the matrix, you are Big Brother.  When you finally come to terms with that, then you can walk through the doorway to freedom.  The universe loke any computer system runs on codes.  The door way out has a code, learn and use it!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Entire Population to be Microchipped ( Mark of the Beast ) ?? Paul McGuire


By Paul McGuire


By Paul McGuire



By Paul McGuire

Millions of Americans and people around the world are in information overload.  The news of the NSA spy program, PRISM and about how the intelligence agencies have been using companies like Verizon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft,  Apple, Facebook, You Tube, AOL, Skype. Yahoo to spy on hundreds of millions of Americans, according to an article leaked to the Guardian and published by many major media outlets.

This information comes right after the disclosure of Christian groups like the Billy Graham Association and conservative –Tea Party groups were being investigated by the IRS.  In addition, according to numerous reports ordinary Christians have been placed on the top of potential terrorist lists. All of this targeting and surveillance has been carried out by both Republican and Democratic administrations.

History shows us what can happen overnight when any nation begins to take its eyes off God.  In addition, our economy is continues to soar into trillions of dollars of more debt and the prospect of a major war in the Middle East involving Syria.

There are very few Watchmen in the Body of Christ who are accurately communicating the reality of the situation to God's people.  I am currently racing to complete my book, “A Prophecy of the Future of America,” where I deal with what is about to happen spiritually, economically and geopolitically.
There has never been a more critical time for America and the world.  What is needed more than ever is 24 / 7 prayer, repentance and fasting.  Joshua was told, “Do not be fearful or dismayed.” 

We need to set our faces before God, repent and intercede for this nation.  It is critical to understand that our current freedoms come from God.  There are powerful forces at work across the globe who seek to persecute Christians and force in a New World Order.  Jesus Christ said, “Occupy until I come.”  The Body of Christ is to occupy spiritually.


By Paul McGuire

For decades we have heard our concerns about Big Brother-style surveillance mocked as a “conspiracy theory” by the media.  But now we see it is the media who have been wearing tin foil hats all this time, not the conspiracy theorists!

The fact that various government agencies have been monitoring our cell phone calls, Emails, faxes, Facebook, Twitter, and a wide range of search engines like Google should not even be remotely surprising to any journalist, media commentator, politician or average American. Yet the television commentators, radio personalities, print journalists, and politicians act completely surprised that certain government agencies are monitoring all phone calls through companies like Verizon. Just last night, I watched some supposedly “bright” young reporter from a major network act as if he had actually uncovered something.

As far back as the 1950s with the creation of ECHELON various governments, including the U.S. have been spying on telephone calls, radio, satellite, microwave, shortwave, fiber-optic and other communications systems. This has been public knowledge and has openly been reported in a variety of sources. Any journalist or politician should be aware of this. Nothing was hidden; it has all been out in the open. That is why H.G. Wells, science fiction author and head of British intelligence during World War I referred to it as “an open conspiracy.” Note that H.G. Wells and the leading intellectuals of the Fabian Socialists used the term, “conspiracy.”

In addition, authors and researchers such as I have been talking about this for over 35 years and no one censored us. In fact, those of us who were doing our homework were very aggressively trying to alert people to what was happening. I wrote about this in my books and articles and spoke about it in major conferences that received extensive and international television coverage. The same journalists, politicians, academics, and certain segments of the general public who have hysterically screamed “conspiracy theory” anytime this subject was even hinted at have now suddenly discovered it after sixty years of its existence!

“Skeptics,” who are the real true believers (in the status quo and the official line) hysterically scream “conspiracy theory” every time anything is brought up that is a threat to their appalling ignorance. Yet now they are beginning to realize that government surveillance of citizens is real…the things we conspiracy “theorists” have been trying to tell them for the last fifty years are true. But all along the majority of the key players in media, politics, entertainment, and religion secretly knew it was true and were part of a conspiracy to conceal it from the American public. The proof for that statement is a quote from David Rockefeller, speaking at the June, 1991 Bilderberger meeting in Baden, Germany (a meeting also attended by then-Governor Bill Clinton and by Dan Quayle):

"We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years."

He went on to explain:

"It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries."

Again, the intelligence and other government agencies who are conducting this massive surveillance on the American people never hid or concealed what they planned to do, are doing, and will do in the future! None of this should even be a remote surprise to anyone… the intelligence agencies never concealed their intentions! In countless public documents, legislations, reports, announcements, books, media reports, and technology reports they explained in detail the extent and comprehensive nature of their Big Brother surveillance. Whatever your opinion of the ethics, legality and Constitutionality of their activities, they were completely open about their operations!

In addition, authors and researchers such as myself have been talking about this for over 35 years and no one censored us. In fact, those of us who were doing our homework were very aggressively trying to alert people to what was happening. I wrote about this in my books and articles and spoke about it in major conferences that received extensive television coverage. 

Big Brother and the Orwellian state envisioned by men like George Orwell, H.G. Wells, Aldous Huxley, Thomas Pynchon, and many others is all too real. The problem is that average Americans are so overwhelmed and drained from trying to make a living that they don’t have the time or energy to process the rapid download of information that is coming at them.

Every day books, news reports, articles, and statements come out regarding the new technologies of the Big Brother state. When a CIA spokesperson recently said “we can spy on you through your washing machine” most people thought he was joking. But he was not joking!  Every single electronic device has the capacity to be used for surveillance.  Former CIA Director David Petraeus commented that web-connected gadgets will “transform the art of spying.”  Petraeus was referring to the fact that new technologies make it possible for appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, remote controls, television sets, thermostats, smart meters, alarm clocks, lights, and countless other things to be used as electronic spying devices. One of the biggest chip companies ARM, has invented a new processor that can add the internet to almost any kind of appliance.

In 2003, during the trial of an alleged mobster John Ardito the FBI sent a signal to his cell phone while it was off that turned his mic on. Without making a call the FBI could monitor voices and sound around the cell phone. Obviously, the camera in your cell phone, laptop, computer, television and any number of devices can be turned on to watch you even when it is turned off. Since the very first cell phones came out, they contained a GPS transmitter that can track where you go via satellite, even when that cell phone is off!
However, this does not even scratch the surface of the global Orwellian-matrix.

Almost all of the technologies I am going to mention have been made public in numerous media sources, including, for example, computer-brain interfaces, computers that read your mind, computers that can predict your behavior before you know what you are going to do, and nano-technology which allows microscopic chips to be injected in the human blood stream. Brainwave technologies which go back to the early 1800s have been perfected so that they can control your mood, thoughts, health, and behavior. These alpha, beta, theta, gamma and other sound waves are often undetectable by the human ear.

They can cause you to hear specific voices and commands and they can project images into your mind. They can make an individual or even an entire population angry, violent, aggressive, insane, sexually aroused, stupid, compliant, or passive… and this is old technology.

When people watch television alpha waves are being emitted which cause them to become dazed, even hypnotized. The brain can learn and receive information faster with alpha waves. The problem is that there is no filter; you simply receive whatever messages are spoon fed into your mind.

When politicians, leaders, and media personalities speak many of them have been trained in delivering hypnotic messages. They do that by the pacing and rhythm of words, particular physical gestures and expressions, and carefully crafted short catch phrases that are designed to program your consciousness. None of this should surprise you; Adolph Hitler was trained by occult masters to mesmerize the masses in the great stadiums of Germany.

Techniques like Neurolinguistic Programming, which is just one of many, accomplishes the same thing. During the broadcast or production the producers can show powerful symbolic imagery and project subliminal visuals and sounds. Then they can add specific brainwaves that the audience can’t hear which can create an altered state of consciousness, allowing selected thoughts to go into the minds of the viewers, without their being aware of it.
Are these conspiracy theories? 

Absolutely not; they all can be documented and they are right there in the open. There is a lot more, much of it being revealed in science fiction movies, which most people think are about technologies of the future. Science fiction is not about the future! We are 50-100 years further ahead in our technology than most people think we are. The public and the media have been dumbed down so that they have no idea that a lot of the technology in science fiction movies already exists.

In the 1940s science fiction writers like Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, L. Ron Hubbard, and L. Sprague de Camp would meet at Heinlein’s apartment in Philadelphia. Heinlein was connected to Naval Intelligence. These men gathered together to bounce around ideas about futuristic weapons that could be developed. Robert Heinlein had to assemble “the wildest brains” he could find, men who knew science and could think outside of the box. These men, along with trained scientists in the 1940s began to conceive and invent technology that is operational today. But if the average person, especially any media personality, was told about its existence they would not be able to believe it.

In the mid to late 1940s strange technologies and events began to emerge. The first atomic bomb was detonated in New Mexico in 1945; a UFO crashed near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947; and the mind-altering drug LSD was invented, which launched the MKULTRA mind control program. In 1947 George Orwell wrote about Big Brother in his novel, 1984.

So here we are in 2013 and the words Orwell penned have come true:

War is Peace

Freedom is Slavery