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Global Economic Collapse & How You Can Prosper in the Chaos

Global Economic Collapse & How You Can Prosper in the Chaos

By Paul McGuire

The plan by an elite group of bankers and some of the world’s most powerful people is to create a global economic collapse in the U.S. and around the world. One of the key components of this strategy is to force governments around the world to accept IMF bailouts and then have the people pay off the debt through layoffs, reduced pension funds, reductions in government benefits and other austerity programs. Riots are breaking out in Ireland, Spain, Greece, France, Portugal and the U.K. These riots will soon come to the U.S. as the food prices start to rise and American’s are faced with the prospect of economic collapse.

Ireland is wrestling right now whether or not to accept the bailouts. Finland did not accept the bailouts, but there economy became stronger and they retained their freedom.

In Italy the riots were caused by European governments reducing benefits or increasing fees and taxes on the population. The Federal Reserve has chosen to monetize the debt through “quantitative easing,” which means they are going to print money from nothing and loan it to the government to stimulate the economy. In the short term, this will reduce the values of your dollar by 20% and it will continue to reduce it in the future. America is looking at a future that will look like a scene in the Mel Gibson movie “Road Warrior.”

In addition, very powerful leftist think tanks are urging that the President of the United States rule without going through Congress, like a Roman Caesar. Through Executive Order, whoever the President of the United States is they will rule with almost absolute power, which will eventually include Martial Law.

Through the extensive research I did when writing my books “The Day The Dollar Died” and “Are You Ready for the Microchip?” I believe that there are powerful global elites who plan to transform the U.S. and the world into a global dictatorship through a catastrophic crisis. However, I believe there are things you can do spiritually and economically to protect yourself and your family. As an immediate first step, I believe that God has taught us through His Word that the Church must now engage in a much higher level of spiritual warfare. At the present moment, the majority of Christians operate at almost a kindergarten level of spiritual warfare. Much of the chaos and destruction that is headed our way could be restrained if the people of God knew how to use their spiritual weapons “which are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.”

One of the primary purposes of this ministry is to educate, equip and mobilize believers to engage the spiritual enemy at this level of spiritual warfare. Also, there are basic economic principles that can be employed to keep the people of God protected before the Lord returns. Understanding what is going on and how you can prepare economically is absolutely essential.

I have a number of books that explain this like “Are You Ready for the Microchip/” and “The Day The Dollar Died” which will prepare you. Also, my MP3 series “How to Prosper In Chaos,” “America 3 Futures” and the MP3 “Microchip Series.”

Listen to Paul’s powerful MP3 message entitled:

American Dictatorship Are You Ready for the Microchip? MP3 Download

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Find out about what is really happening by ordering the two book special discount for “Are You Ready for the Microchip?”and “The Day The Dollar Died.”

Find out more about what is really happening by ordering the three book special discount for “Are You Ready for the Microchip?”, “Are You Ready?” and “The Day The Dollar Died.”

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It is possible that a general announcement from the major governments of the world stating that we are being attacked by aliens, or that aliens are already here demanding we surrender our nuclear weapons and join a World Communist Government, could be in the near the near future. The aliens could be real, as in the case of Fallen Angels coming in from another dimension, the Nephilim, or brainwashing the masses into believing there are aliens. Either case would produce the same results. For years we have been indoctrinated by movies like Independence Day, Deep Impact, The Day After Tomorrow, 2012 and Hell Boy 3, which deal with themes of the world uniting to fight a common enemy. This enemy could be global cataclysm, global warming, aliens, asteroids and Nephilim-like creatures. We are being brainwashed to accept world government as the answer. That is why in Europe Obama called himself, a citizen of the world and that is what most students have been indoctrinated to believe.

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The Power to Get Wealth Part 6 – The 3 Futures of America

In this prophetic analysis, I share what I believe are the 3 possible scenarios for future of America. The third scenario is the future I believe is the one God desires for His people, which would give you and your children a hope for the future before the return of the Lord.

On every level, America and many nations in the world are following in the footsteps of Nazi, Germany which had a financial crisis, hyperinflation and social chaos. The Christians did not follow or trust in God. They looked for government to be their answer. A demon possessed leader named Hitler came on the scene and the people did not seek the Lord. Satan’s leader held them in their grip and then the nightmare began. This is what the Church is doing in America. They are not entering spiritual warfare and they will be deceived. The Jews said, “It can’t happen here.” But, that is what most Evangelical Christians are saying in America today.
The spiritual armies of God must respond to the call of the Holy Spirit now and begin to enter into spiritual warfare, contending for the nation and nations and crying out to God for revival! The Remnant must immediately launch a counter offensive in the invisible realm and “stop playing Church.” God is giving us one last brief window of opportunity.

Your financial blessings, your children’s future, retirement, Social Security and the government plan to take over our 401 K’s and pensions, along with inflation is going to hurt us unless we seek the face of God. Their plan of a Word Communist State that was started 100 years ago is starting to materialize before our eyes. They are going to use environmentalism to transfer the wealth to Third World nations and destroy the Middle Class in America, so there is just the elite and Third World nation. This is happening now. It is aggressive and well planned! The Church is asleep and is time now to wake up, peacefully and legally in the power of the Lord!
I believe the Holy Spirit is blowing the shofar.

The Remnant of true believers are being called into spiritual battle as never before. I do not believe God wants the cataclysmic tragedy and evil that is at the door! I hear the summons of the Spirit and the call of on our lives. He is asking Him to seek Him with all our heart, repent and cry out to God for a Biblical revival and a last day’s soul harvest. America was perishing in its founding days and faithful ministers like Jonathan Edwards and George Whitfield were used by God to ignite the torches and revival that would allow a Great Awakening. The purpose of God in prospering His people is so that they can have the resources to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and win souls throughout the world.

America through all the “social technology” is uniquely positioned to do this. However, the reality is that when God blessed America in the past, the Church began to worship the gods of Personal, Peace and Prosperity. We became more interested in acquiring things and materialism than we were about the things of God. Any prosperity which excludes the going into all the world and preaching the Gospel and obeying the Word of God is an idolatrous prosperity! Our hearts must be right when we ask God to supply our needs. Let us never forget that when times were good, many Christians did not prioritize the things of God.

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The Power to Get Wealth in Chaos Part 5

The world monetary system is being shaken on purpose. The goal is global government and a one world economic system. We are in a “manufactured crisis,” but the pain and suffering is real. Remember God is your source! “As long as they sought the Lord they prospered.” That does not mean you will not go through trials and tribulations! God will give you the strength to go through them. Jesus Christ was obedient unto to death and many Christians maybe martyred. But, God will meet your need by giving you the power to transcend persecution and death.

God does not want you to be caught up with fear as the economic storm rages. Things are going to change and until the Lord returns we are going to live in a different world. God wants to provide for you financially, physically and in other areas of your life. God may do that for you simply because of His grace. But, most often you have to obey Biblical principles if you want supernatural provision. In America and in many places in the world we have had natural provision. But, now we are going to have to grow spiritually and learn to receive supernatural provision. You see we have been given the promises of God’s World.

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The Power to Get Wealth in Chaos Part 4

This year the Social Security will pay out more benefits than it receives in payroll taxes. In addition, Social Security recipients will not receive the cost-of-living benefits. This is the first time the automatic adjustments since 1975. Around 78 million baby boomers have invested heavily and have paid large numbers in entitlements and have picking up the tab for current retirements.

This is what happens when man worships Government rather than God The reality is that for several generations men and women in the U.S. have looked to their investment portfolios, 401K’s, real estate, our military power and our investment technology and modern medicine to save us. But, we find ourselves humbled and needing a real Savior again. God will provide for our needs when we begin to seek His face again and learn how to walk with Him intimately.

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The Power to Get Wealth in Chaos Part 3

God’s promises to Israel and to the Church to offer hope to the nations and hope for you and your family. Prior to the Rapture, God promises to supernaturally protect and take care of His people. That includes God’s promises to meet your financial needs as well. David said, “I have never seen the righteous forsaken and His seed begging bread.” Throughout the Psalms we read how God has promised to protect the righteous and deliver them!

It is God’s will for you to prosper in order to meet your needs, the needs of your family and in order for you to give substantially to ministries and organizations that are truly obedient to what God is doing. In order for you to do your part to save your nation or the nations of the world. In order to prosper you must be aware, that you are involved in a multidimensional or spiritual warfare that not only involves your fate, but the fate of your family, church and nation. The darkness has so accelerated in America and other nations in the world, hat you only have a very brief window of opportunity to save your nations or watch them slide into the greatest tyranny and dictatorship the world has ever known.

Many Christian Bible teachers have tried to teach a non-Biblical form of prosperity that involves the use of magical incantations, but places no emphasis on the destructive power of Communism, globalism, the breakdown of the family and the plans of the United Nations to destroy the Middle Class by transferring trillions of dollars from the Middle Class into Third World Nations through environmentalism. These are economic realities that cannot be overcome by positive thinking or saying some magical words. God’s Word teaches that you have the power to get wealth and prosper financially when the world system is in chaos. The Lord will also give you supernatural ideas that will help you develop multiple streams of income, recover from financial setbacks, unemployment and financial downturns. However, although God wants to protect His people ii difficult times, He is not going to surround His people in a spiritual bubble.

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The Power to Get Wealth in Chaos Part 2

The root cause of the America’s and other nations financial collapse is not just the Federal Reserve bankers and elite who can create depressions, recessions and inflation scientifically, but the fundamental problem is the rejection of the Judeo-Christian God or the Personal Living God of the Universe from every sector of society. In short, we have rebelled from God and His Laws and we are under a curse that affects every dimension of life.

For example, God’s Word say’s that we are to have dominion over Planet Earth and to be fruitful and multiply. Instead of listening to God’s Word, even the Church has chosen to listen to atheistic philosophers like Malthus who in the late 1800’s claimed that the root of all of mankind’s problems is excessive population growth. Malthus and his modern day philosophers like Dr. Paul Erlich who wrote the book Zero Population Growth, promote the idea that reducing the earth’s population by billions of people will solve our problems. The elite, bankers and the scientific elite are using various techniques to reduce the population globally.

But the Creator and Master Engineer of planet earth explains the principles of prosperity and financial growth in Deuteronomy 28.

“1And it shall come to pass, if thou shalt hearken diligently unto the voice of the LORD thy God, to observe and to do all his commandments which I command thee this day, that the LORD thy God will set thee on high above all nations of the earth.”

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The Power to Get Wealth in Chaos Part 1

This series is not about unbalanced prosperity teaching or a health and wealth Gospel. Nor is it a psychological motivational message. The purpose of this MP3 series, “The Power to Get Wealth in Chaos,” is to minister to believers that God can provide their needs in financial chaos. Not for the purpose of materialism, but to be able to meet their needs so that they can fulfill God’s plan for their lives and preach the Gospel throughout the world. As you will hear in this series, part of the reason we got in this mess is many American Christians made money and materialism idols. You will hear a lot about God’s priorities and repentance in this series.

Is there a way for you to prosper financially and increase your wealth in this environment? The answer is yes! Remember the Bible teaches us that “It is God who gives us the power to get wealth!” Even in the middle of global financial chaos you can generate wealth and overcome these financial problems. But, the key is that you cannot continue to think like the people around you and that includes most Christians. Due to very real problems most people have slipped into what I call the “survival consciousness.” In that mode of thinking, you shut your mind down from developing ideas and action plans that produce prosperity and you think only in terms of survival. The Bible teaches us “as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”

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Saturday, November 27, 2010



By Paul McGuire

Anti-Semitism is sweeping Europe, the U.S., the Middle East and many regions of the world. Israel is in greater danger than at any time since the rise of the Third Reich in the 1930’s. Iran and Radical Islam threaten Israel’s very existence while the White House is aggressively making plans to divide Israel and create a Palestinian State. In addition, many so-called Christian Churches are embracing Replacement Theology. Replacement Theology teaches that the Church has replaced Israel. A wide spectrum of Protestant, Catholic and Emergent Church’s has embraced that spiritual error.

The United Nations and many nations of the world are increasingly turning against the Jews. For America this is especially dangerous because the U.S. has basically been a friend to Israel since before 1948. The Abrahamic Covenant plainly states, “Those that bless thee I will bless and those that curse thee I will curse.” America has been protected and blessed in part because it chose to bless Israel. Now American foreign policy has gone against Israel and America as a nation has chosen to curse Israel. In Genesis 12:3, God spells out in specific detail what happens to the nation that curses Israel and what happens to the nation that blesses Israel.

“And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.” Genesis 12:3

Economics and money are spiritual. No matter what negative circumstances a nation or individual may be in the supernatural blessing of God can create economic growth and prosperity. Obviously, the nation or individual who wants to be blessed by God may have to do some repenting and changing to get in line with God’s Word. But, economic blessing and every other kind of blessing comes from obeying and walking the ways of God. This was the source America’s economic prosperity.

However, the United States has allowed itself to be influenced by nations who want to curse or destroy Israel. This is removing God’s hand of protection and blessing from our nation. The result maybe a nuclear terrorist strike on the U.S., economic collapse and the destruction of God upon the dollar. In addition, by America forcing Israel to divide up its land, God could potentially divide up our land through a massive earthquake or social and political unrest which divide America into separate regions.

If America or the EU stands idly by and allows Russia to equip Israel’s enemies like Iran, it is “cursing " Israel by doing nothing. Ezekiel 38 outlines the War of Magog where Russia, Iran and an alliance of Middle Easter nations attack Israel. It is not the IDF or Israel which defeats these nations. It is God supernaturally defending Israel in order to magnify Himself among the nations. Since these nations have chosen to curse Israel, God supernaturally curses them.

Ezekiel 38 talks about the War of Gog and Magog when Russia, Turkey, Iran, Libya and other nations are going to attack Israel. Nations like Dedan and Sheba, which could represent the modern Arab nations are going to sit out the war.

Where will the United States be when this war breaks out? The merchants of Tarshish are also referred to. Some scholars believe that Tarshish was the ancient name of Britain, because the name has its roots in the manufacturing of tin. Great Britain was known for around the ancient world for producing tin. Tarshish and her villages or young lions could refer to Canada, Australia and the U.S. which came from Great Britain. These nations or merchants maybe one of the reasons for the War of Gog and Magog. It is the desire of these merchant nations like America to plunder Israel. This would place these nations and America under the direct judgment of God.

Our Department of Defense, State Department, White House and military needs to study very carefully the words of the true God and stop relying on the occult powers in “remote viewing” and interspecies interbreeding which could produce a transhuman race with the DNA of man, animal, computer generated DNA and possibly the recover DNA of the Nephilim. These are the sins that Adam and Eve committed in the Garden of Eden and they are the sins referred to in Genesis 6.

As the word of God continues to outline the War of Gog and Magog in Ezekiel 39, verse six shows that after the invading armies are destroyed, that God will send fire on the nations that invaded as well as on the nations who feel they dwell in safety on the coastlands, which could be the U.S. Thus America is judged for it indifference to Israel’s plight as nuclear missiles hit the U.S. and detonate in U.S. cities. Will fire be poured on America for “cursing Israel?”

Listen to Paul’s powerful prophetic message about America and Israel which he gave to the Hebrew Christian Witness. Paul’s discusses the supernatural power behind the Abrahamic Covenant and the great danger America is placing itself in by “cursing” Israel. Paul shows the possible consequences of what could happen to America if it insists on pressuring Israel to divide up the land and create a Palestinian State. Paul show how if the Church in America would chose to stand for Israel, that God is waiting to pour out revival on America and protect it once again. Paul challenges the listener to pray for and stand with the nation of Israel. Download this prophetic message on MP3 now.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Paul McGuire is launching an international radio show and television show. Follow the blog and website for release dates.



By Paul McGuire

The Bible teaches us that one of the most important spiritual principles we can practice is having a heart of thanksgiving to God. In America we are celebrating Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving has been turned into “Turkey Day. ” Yet, the reality is that America was founded by Bible believing Christians such as the Pilgrims and Puritans who celebrated God’s goodness by holding a holy celebration called Thanksgiving.

The Pilgrims and Puritan’s understood that food, weather, peace and economic prosperity all came from God and that there was a direct relationship between living holy lives and the blessings of God.

America and many of the nations of the world are on the verge of economic and social collapse. We have chosen, even in the so-called Christian Church, to worship the gods of Egypt and have become slaves to the world’s system. In ancient Egypt the pyramid was an occult structure dedicated to the worship of Lucifer. Pharaoh, who is a type of the Antichrist, refused to let God’s people go. Moses, who is the type of the Deliverer or Jesus Christ, was given the supernatural power to judge the gods of Egypt. Many of these judgments will be repeated during the Tribulation Period.

In Exodus we read how in the First Plague God turned the Nile into blood. The Nile River was worshipped as a god by the Egyptians. In Revelation 16:3 we see how an angel turns the seas and rivers into blood during the last 3 years of the Tribulation Period.

In the Second Plague God judged the frogs which were worshipped as gods by the Egyptians.

In the Fourth plague lice made it impossible for the Egyptian priests to enter their temple and worship their gods. Most likely, many of these flies were scarab beetles. The Egyptian god Amon-Ra, the creator of the gods had the head of a beetle. The Egyptians pictured Ra as scarab pushing the sun across the sky.

(Revelation 6:8): "And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth." This passage indicates that one-fourth of the world's population will die in judgments that were similar to what happened in Egypt.

In the fifth plague, God sent disease on the livestock. The god Hither was represented as a woman with the head of a cow.

The Sixth plague was boils upon the Egyptians in which God was judging the god Imhotep, the god of medicine and Serapis the god of healing. The boils came from skin anthrax. Again, the nature of these plagues can be found in Revelation. The Sixth Trumpet Plague (Revelation: 9:18): "By these three was the third part of men killed, by the fire, and by the smoke, and by the brimstone, which issued out of their mouths." See also verse 15. This passage indicates that one-third of the world's population will die.

The Seventh plague was massive hail which was an attack on Nut the sky goddess.

The Eighth plague was locusts where God showed Pharaoh that the Egyptian gods were powerless to stop them. In the times of ancient Egypt the power that the locusts had staggers the human imagination. In the early 1930’s there was a plague of locusts in Africa that totally destroyed 500 million miles of land, which is an area about twice the size of the United States. In Revelation and in Joel we read about horrible demonic creatures that are used in warfare and attack mankind. Bible scholars speculate as to whether or not they represent human armies or demons. With the new transhuman technology, these beings could be the result of the world’s military genetically engineering Cyborgs. This development is already underway.

In laboratories around the world computer enhanced human DNA, animal DNA, artificial DNA produced by computer and Nephilim DNA is being used to breed a transhumant super race or super soldier. These beings will not be human, but transhumant. In addition, there is research to indicate that this interbreeding of species which occurred in Genesis 6 between fallen angels and human women that produced the Nephilim is happening again. Some believe that a select group of scientists have discovered the frozen bodies of dead Nephilim and have extracted the DNA and are interbreeding it with human, animal and computer generated DNA.

There is research which suggests the possibility of Luciferian forces and fallen angels are involved in bringing the process together so that Lucifer can create a race of men and women without souls.

The Ninth plague was turning the land completely dark. This was an attack on the sun god Ra.

The Tenth Plague was the death of the firstborn. The Israelites were told to protect themselves by putting the blood of the Lamb to the death angel would “pass over” their homes.

Finally, God supernaturally caused Pharaoh to let His people go and Moses led them through the Red Sea.

Global events are moving us quickly towards the Tribulation Period. I believe there is great hope for God’s people before the Return of the Lord. It is this truth that should give us a reason to be thankful even in difficult times. I go into this in my MP3 message entitled Confronting the Luciferian Pyramid Part II – Moses, Egypt, Israel, Prophecy and Deliverance.

In Revelation there are the Trumpet Judgments where in the last 3 years of the Tribulation Period there are a series of judgments. When God pours out His seven bowls of wrath upon the Earth, four of these judgments literally occurred in Egypt when God used Moses to deliver the people from Pharaoh. Sores, water and seas turning to blood, locusts and other judgment.

It is not an accident that the symbol on the back of the dollar bill is an Egyptian pyramid with the words “new world order” below it. Neither is it an accident that the Illuminati symbol – the all-seeing eye of Lucifer is near the top of the pyramid and that a tiny pyramid represents the elite which will rule this new world order.

Again God’s people have become slaves to the satanic world system and the ancient Babylonian occult religions which were birthed at the Tower of Babel. These occult Babylonian forces are behind the one world government. As I explain in my book Are You Ready for the Microchip? and The Day The Dollar Died? A Luciferian global government, one world economic system and mark of the beast are rising before our very eyes. God is going to fulfill His covenant with Israel. If America continues to finalize the division of Israel, we may see God allow America to be divided through political unrest or an earthquake. But, the warning in the Abrahamic Covenant is still true today, “Those that bless thee I will bless and those that curse thee I will curse.” We need the blessing of God on America like never before. We need to support Israel. However, if we curse Israel, which is what many Christian leaders are advocating that we do, the judgment of God will fall upon America.

There is still time for the Church to repent which I explain in Confronting the Luciferian Pyramid Part II and the America Three Futures Series. God has given America and certain nations around the world one last window of opportunity. For that we can be thankful. Download these MP3 Series to find out more about God’s prophetic program for America and other nations of the world in these last days. Download this MP3 now.


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Paul will be teaching "Israel & Bible Prophecy" at the Kings College Feb. 17-19th.

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>Listen to Paul’s powerful MP3 message entitled:

American Dictatorship Are You Ready for the Microchip? MP3 Download

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Find out about what is really happening by ordering the two book special discount for “Are You Ready for the Microchip?”and “The Day The Dollar Died.”

Find out more about what is really happening by ordering the three book special discount for “Are You Ready for the Microchip?”, “Are You Ready?” and “The Day The Dollar Died.”

Order one or more copies of “Are You Ready for the Microchip?”

Order 1 or Multiple Copies
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