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By Paul McGuire

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By Paul McGuire

I recently gave a spiritual and prophetic message to Tea Party leaders in Orange County, the night before the election. I told them, “You are more powerful than you realize!” But, I warned them that they are being infiltrated, used and manipulated by both the the Democrats and the Republicans along with the media. I reminded them that both political parties and the media are controlled by an invisible government that will do anything to create a World Communist Dictatorship. Ultimately, their strength is in the power of God and that we need to ignite the fires of revival and a Great Awakening in order to save the U.S. and other nations in the world. I recorded a powerful MP3 entitled “American Dictatorship Are You Ready for the Microchip? You must download that MP3 and circulate it to as many people as you can along with this blog! By God’s grace we may have one more year to preserve our freedoms. Also, I deal with this in my books, “Are You Ready for the Microchip?” and “The Day The Dollar Died.”

The second phase of the operation of the Invisible Government will be to create a crisis and then declare Martial Law. If this happens you lose all of your Constitutional freedoms and America becomes a Third World Police State. Do not make the mistake of saying, “It can’t happen here.” It is happening here and there is plenty of credible evidence to prove it. Just watch the YouTube created by my friend General Boykin, the man who freed the hostages in Iran, helped create Delta Force and was the General who came in at the end of Black Hawk Down to save our troops. I have talked to him personally and our analysis is the same. You must watch his YouTube.

Also, download my MP3 “American Dictatorship Are You Ready for the Microchip?

The same international bankers who illegally took over our money system in 1914 with the Federal Reserve Act in1914 after meeting on Jekyll Island are meeting again on Jekyll Island to destroy the dollar, create a world currency and a world government. According to a report in the Economic Policy Journal, Just days after the Federal Reserve will announce it has launched QE2, the Fed will hold a major conference at Jekyll Island, celebrating the secret meeting held 100 years ago that resulted in the creation of the Fed. The Federal Reserve Act took our money supply and put it under the total control of the International Bankers, Rothschild and the Illuminati. The private resort island is off the coast of the U.S.state of Georgia.

In November 1910, Senator Nelson W. Aldrich and Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Department and international bankers arrived at the Jekyll Island Club to create the Federal Reserve. These banking families who are creating the current global financial crisis are the same banking families that created the Federal Reserve. I go into this in my books “The Day The Dollar Died” and “Are You Ready for the Microchip?”

All across Europe there are riots in the streets as governments cannot afford to pay their workers the pension benefits they earned. These riots will soon come to the United States. England, Europe, the US and Canada have become socialist welfare states where the people are dependent on government for everything.

In Europe the average tax rate is 70% which is where we are quickly headed to in the U.S. This makes it very difficult for the Middle Class to acquire wealth and build their own businesses as they did in decades past. As our nation becomes more Communistic, the children of the Middle Class will be forced to live with and become more reliant on their parents and grandparents to survive.

The Fabian Socialist plan for a World Communist Government is now surfacing. Based on Keynesian economics you “spend your way to prosperity.” This creates debt and the Bible says the debtor is slave to the lender. Since 1913 the basis for growth in America has been creation of debt out of thin air, a product of the privately owned Federal Reserve. Our government and “we the people” are the slaves of the Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve uses the fractional banking system, debt and inflation to steal the wealth of dollar owners by deliberately reducing the value of the dollars they own. By simply inflating the currency you can rob people of their retirement, savings, pensions, homes values, etc. With an inflated dollar or by weakening the dollar you can steal 75% or more of a person’s net worth. This money leads to slavery because people are forced to give up what they own and their rights in order to be taken care of by a Socialist government. When the people finally realize what is happening it leads to revolution, war and totalitarian government.

Although the recent election was positive in many respects, the same elite still controls our nation and they are moving quickly to take over the Tea Party through stealth means. “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. On a side note, in the past before starting this ministry I have worked with the Republican Party in California. They are essentially the same as the Democratic Party and that is why they continue to offer us Rockefeller Republicans with no vision and who cannot energize the people. They are under the control of the elite. Meg Whitman was simply Governor Arnold Part II and they despise conservative Christians. I know this because I have been in high level meetings with their leaders and have observed the utter disdain for conservative Christians. During the Schwarzenegger campaign I was in regular cell phone contact with his campaign directors. Once he won the election he slammed the door on Christians.

Across the United States, Republicans thundered into the majority in the House of Representatives making historic gains by a proportion not seen in more than 70 years.

The Republican Party so far has won more than 60 seats, with about 65 net gains projected by the time all ballots are counted -- far more than the party needed to seize the majority. Democrats, with the help of a victory by Majority Leader Harry Reid, held the Senate by a narrow margin but suffered several big losses in an election that just about put Republicans on equal footing with the president's party. There are many questions regarding the counting of votes in Nevada and other areas of the nation.

Do not assume that the Republican Party and Democratic Party cannot control and rig voting machines to produce any results they want!

The Tea Party movement is a rising power in national politics, but they must be on vigilant guard against infiltration in the highest levels of leadership and being used or destroyed by the elite. The leaders along with the rank and file members of the Tea Party must be prepared for a bitter struggle for power that will last decades should the Lord tarry. They must be very cautious about leaders that arise in their movement that the media gives celebrity status to. Even now, I see national leaders connected with Tea Party that appear to be infiltrators sent in by the elite. They are going to need very smart leaders who are truly committed to the cause and love the Lord.

Every attempt will be made to smear Tea Party leaders personal and public lives with lies from the media which is under total control by the elite. Ultimately, this is not just a political battle. This is a spiritual confrontation between the armies of the light and the armies of a great spiritual darkness. It transcends political parties and nations. It is the titanic struggle as we approach the end of the age. It is a call to the Church to preach the Gospel and “Occupy until I come.”

The American Church which has been given so much by God is in a spiritual trance of apathy and denial. They are like sheep fattened for the slaughter and that slaughter is surely coming. History repeats itself! Truth cries out from the streets. Over 250 million people were killed, imprisoned and tortured under Communist Russia, Nazi, Germany, Communist China, North Korea, North Viet Nam, etc. There are photographs of massive piles of dead bodies, human skulls and the dead everywhere. But, even as the sound of the boots comes closer, the American Church worships at the altar of Denial and sings the hymn, “It can’t happen here.”

However, there is a Remnant Church that is passionately pursuing the face of God and crying out for revival. Their hearts are on fire with the flame of the Holy Spirit and their love for God. They are in every nation across the world and in America. They can discern the signs of the times. They know Israel is God’s prophetic time clock and they are growing in number. They have not surrendered their minds to the satanic brainwashing. They have renewed their minds with the Word of God. They are the people who are truly seeking God and they are faithfully following His orders. This Remnant Church is actively positioning itself to stand for righteousness and advance the Kingdom. They are not attempting to bring in God’s kingdom with human strategies. They are engaged in spiritual warfare, intercession, evangelism and spiritually confronting the forces of antichrist by preserving freedom. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. If you remove the Spirit of the Lord from a nation, the Restrainer is removed and satanic forces are free to operate. This happened in Nazi, Germany and in Communist Russia. Karl Marx was a member of a Satanist Church and Adolph Hitler was deeply involved in the occult.

God has been warning America with increasing frequency and He speaks through individuals and circumstances. The head of the National Association of Evangelicals was doing meth and visiting a male homosexual prostitute, scandals continue to arise among religious leaders, economic crisis, the continued warnings of martial law and the message behind the bankruptcy of the Crystal Cathedral. I have met many people who love the Lord who attended the Chrystal Cathedral. But, the message of the Chrystal Cathedral was one of humanism. “If it’s going to be it’s up to me.” Humanistic positive thinking is a man-centered message and that is different than trusting the Lord. America is perishing because it attempted in its pride to prosper through its economy, technology and positive thinking. But, it is not in a right relationship with the Lord and thus judgment comes.

Dr. Larry Bates and I will be giving “A NATION IN CRISIS: THE MELTDOWN OF MONEY, GOVERNMENT AND RELIGION” conferences starting this week Saturday, November 6th 9:00AM-1:00PM at the Orange County Airport Hilton in Orange County, California. Tuesday November 9th in Visalia, California at the Holiday Inn 6:00PM-9:00PM. Saturday November 13th at the Marriott in San Diego 9:00AM-1:00PM. Saturday November 20th in Golden, Colorado 9:00Am-1:00PM at the Denver Marriott West. You must call and pre-register for these conferences! To register by phone, please call:
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