Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Paul McGuire Meeting "America's Future" Sponsored by Paradise Mountain Church

Paul McGuire teaching from the Word of God on spiritual warfare, Bible prophecy and the Future of America at his last Paradise Mountain Church "Prophecy and Intercessory Prayer Meeting."  This is the first 17 minutes of the message given  and then Paul leads in a time of intercessory prayer, repentance and "Standing in the Gap" and revival later on in this meeting along with intense teaching and where the supernatural power of God moves among His People. The rest of this meeting will be available on DVD and downloads. Please spread far and wide! America is in great spiritual danger, but God is willing to send His supernatural power to deliver if His people will seek Him. Please pray for and join Paul McGuire as Paradise Mountain Church continues to hold these meetings! 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

THE BABYLON CODE: Paul McGuire Meeting Future of America 1


About a week after the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks in Paris, Paul McGuire flew to Paris to speak on Bible prophecy, current events and the secret societies that formed the basis for the French Revolution to over 12,000 at the Charisma Church in Paris.  During the message, McGuire, an internationally recognized prophecy expert who has appeared on two of the History Channel’s most successful television specials, such as “Countdown to the Apocalypse, “ spoke on the ancient secret societies such as the Illuminati, which were behind both the French and American Revolutions, Bible prophecy and the international bankers involved in the Greek debt crisis which are all revealed in the brand new book, THE BABYLON CODE,” written by Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson, a Pulitzer Prize nominated journalist.

While Paul McGuire was in Europe,  the people were talking everywhere about how the Greek debt could explode and cause a financial crisis, which would spread through the EU and come to America.  Since the French, British and other European nations rely on the euro dollar, they were scrambling for real answers and not the kind of answers they were getting from the mainstream press.  Even the President of France, shocked the world and made a public statement about how the Illuminati were playing a part in this crisis.  Without fully realizing it, Paul McGuire returned to the United States in continue writing THE BABYLON CODE with veteran journalist Troy Anderson,  but now the things they were writing about were beginning to eirrly  come to life in geopolitical events and the code that they had discovered going back to ancient Babylon, seemed to hold a key for real answers to the intense global changes that were happening in America, Europe and the rest of the world.

Shortly after he returning to Los Angeles, California where McGuire,  a former Hollywood feature film producer who produced two science fiction films, lives, a major French television network flew to Hollywood to do an upcoming documentary with Paul McGuire on Bible prophecy and the themes of THE BABYLON CODE.  This French documentary will be viewed, by millions of people across Europe.  In addition, the Christian television network, GOD TV recently began airing a new television series produced and hosted by Paul McGuire called “Apocalypse and the End Times with Paul McGuire,” which airs several times weekly to a large in audience in America, Europe and globally on GOD TV.  Wendy Alec, the Founder of GOD TV, believes the time was right to begin airing a prophecy TV series with Paul McGuire which deals with things like the Illuminati, secret societies and other topics that Christian television networks were once afraid to air.

THE BABYLON CODE written by Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson, who is also the Editor of Charisma Magazine and other Strang Communications media publications, is the first Bible prophecy genre book released by a major publisher, FaithWords/Hachette Publishing Group, is the first Bible prophecy book to break entirely new ground and connect the dots on subjects, which were in once considered “conspiracy theories,” but are now becoming serious topics of interest, that a large and rapidly growing  global audience that wants answers to.  THE BABYLON CODE is a breakthrough book that is being taken very seriously by a “Who’s Who List of major Christian leaders” and prominent secular intellectuals like Professor Noam Chomsky and those in the Hollywood entertainment industry.

A number of prominent Hollywood film producers are lining up to discuss plans for producing a mass audience feature film on THE BABYLON CODE.  At the Movie Guide Awards in Hollywood, Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson, met with entertainer Pat Boone, who has been an avid promoter of their work and sent out a personal E Mail on an end times story that Troy Anderson had wrote which featured Billy Graham, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and Paul McGuire.  When Pat Boone sent out the E Mail, it soon went viral in Hollywood and then to millions of people. Across the nation.   After reading THE BABYLON CODE, Pat Boone wrote,  “Would you listen to a Bible prophecy if he wrote you today?  Well, Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson are legitimately and “Isaiah and Jeremiah” for today!  They know God, they hear His voice and they red the signs all around us.  We’re absolute fools not to pay heed.”   Obviously, Pat Boone is not saying that Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson have the same spiritual stature as the Old Testament prophets, nor do McGuire and Anderson claim such spiritual stature.  But, the super-star singer, Pat Boone was pointing to the fact that the message contained in THE BABYLON CODE authored by McGuire and Anderson has a powerful prophetic message and the God is using the authors as a kind of modern day “Isaiah and Jeremiah,” that should not be ignored.

After reading The BABYLON CODE,  best-selling author and Christian educator, Dr. Tim LaHaye wrote, “This would make a movie or TV series of great interest. Just remember an old “LaHaye-ism”: “The most powerful vehicle to the human mind is through film for it uses the eyes, ears, and senses that reach both the mind and heart.”  Behind the scenes, Dr. Tim LaHaye has inspired  Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson to produce both a feature film and television series on THE BABYLON CODE.

Tim LaHaye said of THE BABYLON CODE,

“Having read more than fifty books that expose the satanically inspired “hidden hand” of the Illuminati type secularists this book in my judgment is by far the best. The book reveals the truth about the ancient teachings, religious legends, pagan doctrines, and false religious myths that have plagued Christianity and the western world for centuries. THE BABYLON CODE is true to the prophetic scriptures, especially those that have to do with the end times; carefully researched and well written, it is an enjoyable read. I recommend it to anyone concerned about today’s worldwide chaos and the soon to come end of days that the Bible teaches us about.”

Troy Anderson believes that when he met Paul McGuire speaking at a large Bible prophecy conference over seven years ago, the two met by “the plan of God” and McGuire who is not easily given over to such feelings felt the same thing.  McGuire said that when Troy Anderson began to interview him after the conference, while Anderson was a top journalist with one of the largest newspapers in the nation, he was immediately impressed by Andersons grasp of Bible prophecy and the “integrity of heart” that he sensed in Anderson.  The two began to map out plans for THE BABYLON CODE.”  They have felt since the beginning of their research, which began when they first met, that the hand of God has been guiding the process step by step.  Their desire is to be faithful to the task that God has given them.  Both Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson will be at the ICRS book convention in Orlando where the FaithWords/Hachette Publishing Group will be hosting some media interviews and meetings with major publishers during the conference.

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If the TPA is finally passed in one form or another, then the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty could be passed without a senatorial vote!

The contents of the trade treaties are secret is because they reveal the plan to transfer manufacturing, jobs, and the wealth of the middle class to global entities and Third World nations. They give our politicians secret powers to give away our Constitutional rights such as Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, the right to privacy, and the right to bear arms. That means that trade treaties are a Trojan Horse that will allow the illegal rulership of the United States by multinational corporations, international banking cartels, and foreign governments who are...


Monday, June 15, 2015


What we are watching at Bilderberg is the Bride of Frankenstein’s Monster coming to life!

Like the Nazis they plan for a global Fourth Reich that will be a global Transhumanist dictatorship where each person will receive a microchip implant and be connected to a Hive Mind and a World Brain controlled by a Scientific Elite. Although Bilderberg is promising us Utopia, it will be a dark “paradise” created by Dr. Frankenstein. We have already entered this futuristic dictatorship and scientific feudal state with the genetically engineered and brainwashed masses serving as slaves to their masters. However, the great masses of humanity are unable to...


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

BILDERBERG & TRADE TREATIES: The Shadow Government That Rules The World

“Our job is to give the people NOT what they want, but what WE decide they ought to have.”

Julian Assange and Wikileaks exposed part of the secret behind Obama’s Trans Pacific Partnership, which leading Republicans signed. Senator Jeff Sessions, a Republican from Alabama, was one of the few senators who publicly challenged the secret Obama treaty that, according to the 17 documents released by Wikileaks, will cover over 80% of the U.S. economy and create what Sessions called “global governance,” establishing a global government without the...


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

THE BABYLON CODE: Key To Understanding The Coming One World Economic, Governmental, And Religious System

Our entire planet is convulsing from the massive changes coming to our economic, political, and religious systems!

As we look at all these crises a common theme seems to be emerging: the “solutions” being implemented and proposed all contain the elements of globalism and the creation of some kind of new global economic, political, and religious order. It is as if history is repeating itself because thousands of years ago Mankind attempted to deal with similar problems by creating the...