Tuesday, December 30, 2008


2009 will be a year of great changes both in the United States and around the world. It will be a year of great prophetic fulfillment. Unfortunately, much of the Church in America is asleep and cannot discern the signs of the times. Hopefully, we are starting to see some positive signs that the Church is waking up!

The conflict between Israel and Gaza could easily set the fuse for an Israeli strike on Iran. The globalists are no longer hiding their agenda. We are seeing a one world economic system put into place ( I deal with this in my brand new book which you can pre-order for a discount. It will be out in a couple of weeks). We are going to cashless sooner than you think and America is going to become part of a some kind of global government or regional global government in the form of a North American Union. I have written several books on this such as "The Warning" and "Are You Ready?"

Although, the documentation for this transition is readily available for anyone to see, the reality is that the "Evangelical Church" is completely asleep. Their focus is entertainment, keep it light, and keep it happy. There are few watchman on the wall. Let me shoot straight with you. You are no longer going to get by with the "keep it light and keep it happy messages." People are going to lose jobs by the millions. There is going to be both prosperity, opportunity and chaos. Our nation and this world is going to be shaken. It is time to become true disciples of Christ and live in His Word. If you are not going to a church where this is happening then you need to get out and find one that is and fast!

The History Channel did an interview with me for a special they are doing the End of the Age, Last Day's and the Book of Revelation. It will air around Jan. 9, 2008 - check their listings. Hundreds of people in the last few weeks have joined our McGuire Report E Mail News alert. You are encouraged to sign up friends ( those who want it ) for this report. They will get the latest prophetic news analysis.

A Russian intelligence expert warned that there was about a 50% possibility that the U.S. would start to divide into sections starting in 2010. In addition, there has bee a series of intelligence reports dealing about the turmoil that is going ot happen in the U.S. in the next few years. Again, I deal with this in my new book and the MP3 downloads.

We are going to continue to hold out prophecy meetings around Southern California and we may move from the hotels to a church if we can find some locations that will open up for us. It is very expensive to rent out facilities at the hotels. I am planning to go to India to preach the Gospel and teach the Bible there is a great need there. Also, we are building a new radio and television studio from which we can go into all the world and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

2009 is not a reason to be depressed! God still rules and He has a plan for your life and the Church. I believe there will be one last great revival and a massive soul harvest immediately before the rapture. Our goal is brilng in the Harvest and that is what are doing at Paul McGuire Ministries.

No matter what situation you are facing seek the Lord. God still guides His pepole and He provides. Stay in the Word of God, meditate on His promises and ask Him for what you need. He is the source of all you have. 2009 is goig to be a great year for those who are truly seeking the Lord.

At our meeting's we have sensed the presence of God come down and minister to the people. In 2009 we are going to expand those meetings. We are going to need larger facilities because more people are going to come. They are not coming because they want to be touched by God. People are driving as a far as 3 hours one way to come to the meetings.

Rivers of living water are being poured through the Prophecy Meetings and lives are being transformed. I believe with all more heart that God is pouring out His Spirit so that His people will have the supernatural power and strength to be overcomers in today's world.



Friday, December 19, 2008


We are currently getting a massive number of hits from around the world due to the interviews currently running on GOD TV all this week and next. We are about to release inside intelligence information from a prophetic standpoint exclusively to those who receive our McGUIRE PROPHECY REPORT E MAIL INTELLIGENCE NEWSLETTER. There are significant major changes about to happen in the U.S. and around the world economically, spiritually, socially and militarily.

You are not getting this information from the corporate controlled media. We are offering you this information so you can be informed and prepared ahead of time. God has promised to protect, deliver and guide His people. The earth is being shaken, but believers who are walking with the Lord are going to be placed under a covering of protection and guided supernaturally. Remember, Jesus Christ told us "that as the days of Noah were so it will be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man." Remember they were conducting business and getting married, but they were oblivious to the signs of the times. Much of the Church in America and around the world is the Laodecian Church. They are neither hot or cold. Jesus loves this "lukewarm" Church and desires to send revival to it. In addition, Jesus wants to supernaturally restore the vision of His people with eye salve of the Holy Spirit so that their eyes are opened and they can see what is really happening.

Tragically, much of the Church is in a trance and they are asleep spiritually. This would include many of the leaders who are not teaching the Bible or are acting as if they were "entertainers" and strutting about as if nothing was happening. These are the false teachers that the Apostle Paul warned us about and the great apostasy which swept into the once Bible believing church. When President Bush recently made the public announcement that he does not take much of the Bible literally, this is just the tip of the iceberg. It also reveals why the U.S. and other nations are pressuring Israel to divide the land. President Bush's "evangelical" advisors do not take the Bible literally either and some of these men have very high positions in the church. They have chosen to ignore that God made an "everlasting covenant" with Abraham and his physical descendants to give them the physical land of Israel. The threats of the U.S., the EU, the United Nations, Russia and Iran will come to nothing. God will put a hook in their jaw and bring them to down to Israel in a great military invasion where the God of the Bible will supernaturally destroy the nations that come against Israel.

In addition the plans for a one world government and a one world economic system are man's attempt to build Utopia apart from God. I go into this in great detail in my new book, "The Day The Dollar Died." This is a counterfeit of the new heaven and new earth that is coming.

You need to sign up on the front page of for the free McGUIRE PROPHECY REPORT NEWSLETTER. Also, you should sign up as many people who need and want this information. ( Don't sign people up who don't want it ) When you receive the free McGUIRE PROPHECY REPORT NEWSLETTER you are going to get inside prophetic intelligence information and Biblical insights about what is going on all around the world. Did you know the head of the International Monetary Fund talked about the possibility of martial law in the United States and other nations? Do you realize that they are very close to distributing a microchip implant? I have a new book coming out on that entitled "THE CASHLESS CONSPIRACY." Also, we have MP3 Downloads for you to be informed and given prophetic information. If this is the first time you have been to this website we have been providing cutting-edge prophetic information for years. I was the first syndicated radio talk show host to announce the coming merger of Canada. Mexico and the U.S. which is in my book "Are You Ready? When I asked Tony Snow, the former White House Press Secretary about the North American Union, he laughed it off. Several months later the Prime Minister of Canada came on national television and said there was a merger and the President of Mexico came on Larry King and talked about it. There are many things happening that you are not going to find out about through the media. God's people perish for lack of knowledge. You need to know what is happening before it happens! 2009 is going to be year of prophetic fulfillment. Israel may strike Iran at any moment. I held a private interview with the Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Olmert and asked him about this. Sign up for the free McGuire Report Prophet E Mail Newsletter and sign up some friends!

This is a time of great hope for God's people who are walking with Him and seeking His face. God is shaking everything that can be shaken but He is going to protect His people. There will be one final great rebellion against God, but it will be short lived. The Creator of the Universe is going fulfill the promises He made at the very beginning of time in the Garden of Eden. Eden was not as Joseph Campbell would say, a myth. God is not a myth. God is not the invention of primitive man who was scared as they looked up at the night sky in fear. God is not a fairy tale invented by ignorant men. Every nation and every individual has the knowledge of God and the law of god written upon their heart. It is in their very genetic code. I talk about this in my novel, "The Warning" and "Are You Ready?" Up to date information will be given in "The Day the Dollar Died" coming out in a few weeks.

When Christ returns to Earth, He is returning as "King of Kings and Lord of Lord's." This is not as a Council On Foreign Relations writer would call "the clash of fundamentalism's." Judeo-Christian truth is not a mindless fundamentalism. The current world system is looking for a human Messiah and a global government to save them. But, like the French Revolution and the Communist Revolution this man and government will not save them, but enslave them. They cannot see it because they are about come under a great delusion. The German people could not see that the occultic Adolph Hitler was a evil. The people who have rejected Christ are ready to receive the Antichrist and his mark, so that they can buy and sell. You must make a choice. There is no middle ground . Receive Christ and who is the Victor and inherit His eternal kingdom outside of space and time. This kingdom exists in a dimension beyond space and time because it is eternal. Just look at the research that physics has done with "string theory." The alternative is to reject Christ and His Kingdom and serve the coming world ruler who is about to deceive the world. We will much more for you when you sign up for the McGuire Prophecy Report E Mail Newsletter! God Bless You ! Paul McGuire

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


It was great meeting all of you at all the Paul McGuire Prophecy Meeting's at all the Hilton Hotel's. We have a number of major prophecy conferences coming up which we will announce on the website or be sure to sign up for the McGuire Prophecy Report E Mail Newsletter on the website. Also, GOD TV is airing a series of interviews with me that begins on December 11th and continues on into 2009. Others who have on their prophecy series are Chuck Missler, Mike Evan's, Grant Jeffrey and others.

2009 is going to bring continued geopolitcal change. You can hear about it on my financial meltdown series on the website and my prophetic novel "The Warning" describes what is going to happen in America and the world. There will continued financial upheaval and the move into a global currency, one world economic system and one world government. We are heading there faster than most people want to believe. There is also the strong possibility of a major or crises. This could bring about a temporary state of martial law and a freeze on the free media. I discuss this "The Warning." We are quickly moving towards the Great Tribulation Period and the Fourth Beast that Daniel warned about or the Revived Revived Roman Empire. This will include a Transatlantic Union between Great Britain and the U.S. Many churches in the United States which have intentionally decided not to teach from the Book of Revelation are going to find themselves living in prophetic times and their people are going to need answers. Israel could strike Iran at any moment. Russian ships with nukes are in the Panama Canal and the Pentagon is watching the situtation closely.

In the middle of all this, God is going to continue to lead and provide for His people. But, it will not be business as usual. The people of God are going to have to learn to listen to His voice and receive divine guidance. Remember our Founding Fathers relied on God as their source for everything. They worked hard, but trusted God as their Provider. God will provide for you and your family if you seek His face. In addition, God has called you for such a time as this! Even in this difficult period God will fulfill His plan for your life. Businesses will be built, ministries will be birthed, great evangelistic outreaches, be married and giving in marriage until the Lord returns. This is not a time for despair, but a time for joy, strength from the Holy Spirit and moving forward! Be sure to check the website and sign up for the E Mail newsletter. We have a great new series on the Book of Revelation, Prophecy, Current Events, Israel & The One World Economic System available at

Thursday, December 4, 2008


It all depends on what media your connected to, if you know what's happening or in the dark. The FBI has had serious terror threats for the East Coast. Penn Station in New York City, the trains in Boston and other transportation are being patrolled with soldiers and police with M16's. Israel is gearing up to strike Iran...soon! Apart from sort of major diplomatic intervention. The Russian Navy is traveling through the Panama Canal ( that Jimmy Carter gave to the Chinese with the help of Robert Pastor, father of the North American Union ) armed with nukes! The Russian Bear is flexing its muscle.

The nationalization of our economy is continuing to grow ( we are going to get into all this stuff at our two prophecy meetings Tuesday Dec. 9th and the Hilton Hotel in Woodland Hills and Thursday December 11th at the Costa Mesa Hilton Hotel - both at 7PM. Admission is FREE if you pre-register and the hotel will charge for parking.

As for Obama the candidate for "change?" The same international bankers who put Bush in power just put Obama in power. His cabinet has the former President of the Federal Reserve and Council On Foreign Relations people everywhere. What was that song by the "Who" "Meet the new boss same as the old boss ...I pray we won't get fooled again!"

The financial crisis is being engineered to bring in a one world economic system, a global currency, a one world government and a microchip implant. The Fourth Beast of Daniel 9 is rising right before your very eyes. But, of course we hve the Emergent Church to get our answers from. The theology of weaponized hallucinogenic drugs!"

God is Soveriegn and He knew this was coming. Read Daniel or Revelation 13. We are in the last days. God has a calling on your life. Businesses, ministries, education, marriages and other activities will continue until the Return. Be faithful! Find out what your calling is. Join me at these meetings. I have been asking the Lord for a Word for His people. I believe the Lord is going to pour out His Spirit in a unique way. If you have your eyes upon the Lord this should not be a time of fear, but of divine expectation! Join me on Tuesday or Thursday! Maranatha!