Thursday, December 4, 2008


It all depends on what media your connected to, if you know what's happening or in the dark. The FBI has had serious terror threats for the East Coast. Penn Station in New York City, the trains in Boston and other transportation are being patrolled with soldiers and police with M16's. Israel is gearing up to strike Iran...soon! Apart from sort of major diplomatic intervention. The Russian Navy is traveling through the Panama Canal ( that Jimmy Carter gave to the Chinese with the help of Robert Pastor, father of the North American Union ) armed with nukes! The Russian Bear is flexing its muscle.

The nationalization of our economy is continuing to grow ( we are going to get into all this stuff at our two prophecy meetings Tuesday Dec. 9th and the Hilton Hotel in Woodland Hills and Thursday December 11th at the Costa Mesa Hilton Hotel - both at 7PM. Admission is FREE if you pre-register and the hotel will charge for parking.

As for Obama the candidate for "change?" The same international bankers who put Bush in power just put Obama in power. His cabinet has the former President of the Federal Reserve and Council On Foreign Relations people everywhere. What was that song by the "Who" "Meet the new boss same as the old boss ...I pray we won't get fooled again!"

The financial crisis is being engineered to bring in a one world economic system, a global currency, a one world government and a microchip implant. The Fourth Beast of Daniel 9 is rising right before your very eyes. But, of course we hve the Emergent Church to get our answers from. The theology of weaponized hallucinogenic drugs!"

God is Soveriegn and He knew this was coming. Read Daniel or Revelation 13. We are in the last days. God has a calling on your life. Businesses, ministries, education, marriages and other activities will continue until the Return. Be faithful! Find out what your calling is. Join me at these meetings. I have been asking the Lord for a Word for His people. I believe the Lord is going to pour out His Spirit in a unique way. If you have your eyes upon the Lord this should not be a time of fear, but of divine expectation! Join me on Tuesday or Thursday! Maranatha!

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