Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Those of you who receive the E Mail "McGuire Report" have already received my update on two intelligence reports released this week. On from the CIA and the other through a prominent private intelligence company that provides information for CEO's, heads of state and the military. If you didn't get that you can sign up for the free E Mail "McGuire Report" on the front page of the website. You can enter in friends names only if you think they want it. If they don't then please don't sign them up, but you can help spread the word by signing people up who want and need this information.

The two intelligence reports predicted some very serious changes for America between 2012 and 2025. First of all, it is a matter of time before the world goes off the U.S. dollar standard. When we move into an international currency or a competing currencies there is going to be an enormous impact on our nation monetarily. I must tell you that I deeply disturbed by the "don't worry just be happy preaching" that seems to dominate much of the Christian culture. To be blunt, it is dishonest and false prophecy. The CIA compiled an exhaustive intelligence report predicting America's future and a private company offered their analysis. America is in for some serious changes and you need to be prepared and informed. We wil survive the economic crisis and come out of it. But, there is going to be pain. Obama talked about the potential loss of millions of jobs and that is not fear mongering. That is a reality check. I have a series of MP3's on the website that will help you understand what is going on and two new prophecy meetings coming up Tuesday December 9th at the Woodland Hills Hilton Hotel and Thursday December 11th at the Costa Mesa Hilton Hotel. I have some highly important intelligence information that I want to share with you as well as a prophetic perspective and what the Lord has placed on my heart.

Analysts are predicting riots among what they term the "underclass" in America's inner cities, a "revolution with a metroric rise of a third political party that will establish a bloodless coup" in our government. They anticipate job marches, massive social unrest and a convergence of events in the Middle East. These are some pretty serious predictions from two of the most respected intelligence agencies in the world. It is true God is going to protect His people. But, I cannot stress how important it is for you to understand the facts and to be prepared. Again, I am not talking about being a survivalist and heading for the Mojave Desert in a camoflage outfit. I am talking about dealing with economic, employment, educationa, ministry, business, professional, family, relationships and spriitual realities.

We are moving forward to equip people with the information they need for the days ahead. Doors are opening for us to fulfill the Great Commission through this effort and your prayer and support are greatly appreciated. There are two mistakes people can make right now. First, is to go into a state of fear, panic and anxiety. At our meetings we are sharing how to listen to the voice of the Lord and walk in the power of the Spirit. God is going to lead His people who seek Him through this and at some point in the future we can expect the Rapture of the Church. But, we do not know when that is going to happen so we must be prepared. Second, the other mistake is to pretend nothing is happening and to live in the land of make-believe and denial. The reason God has given us the prophetic scriptures is to be a guiding light for us in a dark world. Although, it is politcally incorrect in many Christian circles to mention it. But, we can expect the soon coming return of the King. Israel is the key. Israel is the prophetic clock. 1948 is the day God's prophetic "atomic clock" started the countdown. The question is Are You Ready?

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