Tuesday, March 19, 2013


                                 By Paul McGuire

* Paul will be speaking at Beth Ariel on the latest events in prophecy 22222 Saticoy Canoga Park (back in rear chapel ) at 7 PM


I just got back from speaking at the Red River Bible Prophecy Conference.  It was a great blessing and and  a prophetic message went out at the conference and live streaming on the Internet.  Despite the fact that severe snow storms prevented some from coming, we were able to reach a global audience on the Internet.  Also, below is a very important update on the Chaos Reaction film that a Hollywood producer and his team have invited me to be a part of.  Please read it and click on the bottom to go to the vital information.

As The Hebrew Prophets Foretold,
Thousands of Signs Declare  

Humanity Is Headed for Extinction!

We May Be The Last Generation. Help Us Warn The World & Proclaim A Message Of Hope! 

The daily news is downright scary. The world's gone crazy. Large swaths of our cities have been wiped off the map by freaky weather like nothing we've ever seen. Planet          Earth Basic ExtinctionAlmost everyday natural disasters slam into our planet — tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, plagues, and famines. And all over the world, sudden mass deaths of fish, birds and animals have begun happening in record numbers for no apparent reason.
Mysterious UFO sightings are alarming observers. Large meteors are falling and scientists are warning of extinction level events like an asteroid hitting the earth, radical climate change, and the likelihood of a global pandemic that kills billions. There has been a dramatic rise in satanism, the occult and atheism. Christians are being marginalized and persecuted everywhere.
The world's debt crisis threatens to bring the largest nations to their knees, collapsing the world economy. Many governments (including the U.S.) are now consistently abusing their power, trampling on human rights and moving towards a New World Order. Where will all this end?

Because these bizarre events are so troubling, people are desperate to know what's going to happen in the United States and around the world. Many others simply bury their heads in the sand hoping our problems will just go away. But I can promise you this — our problems will not go away.  Click here to read the rest of the article and get the important update!


                                                                                                        By Paul McGuire

The American and European illusion that reality is defined by what we can perceive in three dimensions is being shattered like the mirror reflection of Alice in Wonderland dancing on a black and white checkered tile floor. The social engineers of “group think,” who infected several generations with the ideological virus that reality is determined through consensus and the collective, will soon discover that their delusions of grandeur are about to end.

This “scientific elite” who have so pompously paraded before us serfs, whom they call “useless eaters,” are apparently not paying attention to their visual and auditory senses in their three dimensional parade. The crowds are pointing and laughing at them, viewing them as butt-naked… the Emperor has no clothes.

Scientists who actually hold themselves accountable to the scientific method and empirical evidence have a far more accurate view of reality that includes not only String Theory, but the reality of the Fourth Dimension. It is from this Fourth Dimension that physical reality is created.

Unlimited energy can be accessed from this dimension, along with the power to heal and create. Conversely, great evil and destructive forces can be transferred from the Fourth Dimension. Nicola Tesla attempted to offer this understanding to humanity in the late 1800s and early 1900s and was suppressed. The suppression of truth is an act of violence against the Supreme Being.

Going back to the highly advanced civilizations before the Flood, beings descended upon the Earth from the Fourth Dimension to have sexual relations with human women, which produced the hybrid race of the Nephilim. Human beings, who originally inhabited planet Earth as it was intended, were immortal and lived in Paradise. They were created from the substance of the Earth based on original-source programming which was imbedded in their DNA by the Infinite Personal Living God the Universe.

However, the first man and woman chose to shatter their perfect world. Then they allowed their DNA code to be deconstructed by Fourth Dimensional energies and began to experience a brand new reality… death. Additionally, they opened a portal into the Fourth Dimension which allowed the sons of God to enter the physical world. These sons of God, the B’nai Elohim, began mating with human women and producing a race of god men called the Nephilim. This interbreeding re-programmed the DNA code of Mankind and a kind of DNA War began.

The cosmic war between God and Lucifer that started in the Fourth Dimension was now being fought on Earth. The Flood of Noah was a pre-emptive strike by God to destroy the reprogrammed DNA code. But the sons of God returned to the Earth and the sexual relations with human women began again, bringing the return of the Nephilim, who currently walk among us, and the DNA war continues.
The Transhumanist movement is actively using human, Nephilim, and animal genes to produce a race of god men. This is what the Nazi scientists were doing in their laboratories as they combined genetic science with the intelligence and energy that they were transferring from the Fourth Dimension through the Vril force.

This “Great DNA War” is part of the greater war between Lucifer and God. Lucifer is attempting to create the New Man. God has created new men and women through the supernatural power of Christ. These men and women are regenerated, not by a Vril force, but the Spirit of God.

As these men and women are regenerated by the Spirit of God they are transformed into new creations. As such they will be resurrected from the dead and moved into the dimension where Heaven exists. In Heaven they will be given glorified and perfect bodies, along with a vast array of supernatural powers. They will not be passive creatures, because they will reign with Christ forever in the Kingdom of God.

Lucifer is pushing for an all-out confrontation with God on the Earthly battlefield called Armageddon. He is organizing a new world order which is a counterfeit of the Kingdom of God. We are about to see something far above a “Clash of Civilizations,” a term based on the childish and simplistic view of the nature of reality fed to the masses by the elites in the Council for Foreign Relations and other Illuminati front groups. We are about to experience a clash of spiritual kingdoms, a multi-dimensional warfare.