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Based on Sound Doctrine!

By Paul McGuire

Due to outsourcing, sending our manufacturing jobs overseas, massive government debt, extravagant spending, the planned devaluation of the dollar and other economic forces, the wealth of the average person in the Middle Class went down 40-60%. This is happening all over the world. But, people are unaware that the financial elite have openly proclaimed that it is their goal to transfer the wealth of the Middle Class, to Third World nations. One of the problem’s with this idea is that it is called stealing and those monies end up in the hand of dictators.

To compound this problem you are being told it is you fault! You need to be trained for the new technological jobs. What new technological jobs? One of the biggest computer moguls said that America desperately needs better trained people for the computer industry. But, software engineers and others, even when they get this training, are hiring people from India, because they can pay them less. This is happening in many nations and people are being told it is their fault they are unemployed?

The history of the Bible teaches us that this scenario has happened, a number of times to God’s people. In ancient Egypt, the Pharaoh demanded that the Hebrew slaves had to make more bricks with less stubble and hay. In other words, they had to work twice as hard, or more, to make the same amount of money! Does that situation sound familiar?

God was about to deliver them from being slaves in Egypt and take them to the Promised Land. In the same way, we are in the last days and God is getting ready to deliver us, before the Tribulation and take us to heaven. But, in the meantime we can no longer look to the world system to supply our needs, we have to learn to look to God as our source and learn the principles to supernaturally and miraculously release His divine supply, resources, provision, wisdom and guidance.

No matter who wins the election, you and your family are going to be faced with the challenge for generating and income and creating wealth in difficult times. Some people falsely believe that God does not care about money, income, jobs, debt, wealth, cash flow, investments, houses, investments and retirement. The fact of the matter is that He does!

“My God, shall meet all your need, according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”

Notice that is say, “all of your need,” instead of needs. The reason for that is that God wants to meet all of you need, which is an all inclusive statement, involving every area of your life. Please understand that I am not teaching a “Health and Wealth Gospel,” “name of claim it,” or “Prosperity Gospel.” The MP3 teaching, “The Power to Get Wealth in Difficult Times,” is Biblically based and is built on sound doctrine!

In the teaching I share powerful principles from God’s Word, on how to use the principles from the Word of God, the supernatural power of God and the miracles of God to create financial and other kinds of breakthrough in your. Many Christians today, are very reluctant to use like, the supernatural power of God and miracles for two reasons. First, they have subtly bought into the mindset that money, wealth and personal economic growth is purely based on a materialistic mindset, where income is only generated through work, labor, budgets, reducing debt and investments. All of those things are, if not necessary, but they do not incorporate the power Biblical principle that money is spiritual and that is God who gives you the power to get wealth! In addition, things like the blessing of God, miracles and the supernatural power of God can add to and increase you wealth!

In the MP3 teaching, “The Power to Get Wealth in Difficult Times,” I talk about the secrets of God’s economic plan for success. God’s original blueprint for man was revealed in the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve were rulers over Paradise and they had all their needs met in abundance. However, when they disobeyed God’s Word they unleashed a curse, or the law of sin and death. One of the consequences of this was that Adam would have to toil and sweat in hard labor to earn an income. Poverty, lack, crop failure, recession, depression, inflation and economic crisis came into being through the world’s system of economics. The world’s system of economics is based on debt! When you are in debt, you are a slave to the group or individual who loaned you the money!

In Deuteronomy 28, we read about how we get the blessings or curses of God total economic program, which begins in verse one. If we diligently obey the voice of the Lord, or His Word, supernatural blessings are unleashed. If we disobey God’s Word, supernatural curses are released.

God is a good God and it is His desire for you to have enough, so that you can pay your bills, meet all your needs and fulfill the call to ministry He has given you or the dream He has given you. God has not promised to make everyone super wealthy! He does bless some people that way, and the more you are in “synch,” with His plan, the greater the likelihood that will happen.

But there are powerful principles that you can use from God’s Word that will unlock God’s supernatural wisdom, guidance and supply! In addition, God has the ability to provide for you miraculously. I am not talking about magic, where you sit in bed, waiting to the stork to drop a bag of cash into your life. You still have to work and do your part.

But, God uses the miraculous to supply people’s needs. Jesus multiplied the fishes and the loaves. Throughout the Bible God miraculously provides for His people in supernatural ways. The story of Joseph, David, the Apostles and many, many other accounts in the Bible, reveal the Principle of Supernatural Supply.

We now live in a world where are debt is $16 trillion and climbing, businesses are going bankrupt and people are losing their jobs and homes. Today 49.1 percent of American households are home to at least one person who gets government benefits. People are looking to the government or the world system to supply their needs. But, what happens when the government or world system runs out of money? As the intensity of the last day’s increases, God wants to increase the supernatural ability of His people to walk in divine guidance, supernatural supply and the miraculous. These things are not religious fairy tales, they are very real, but they are only available to those people who know how to access the miraculous! Remember the stories of the children of Israel and how God delivered them from Egypt. God miraculously supplied their food, clothing, military defense and their needs over and over again. God was their Source! We see that same principle in Genesis to Revelation. In America, God used to be our Source, but around the same time we began kicking God out of our schools and society, is the exact same time all the social and economic problems started coming!

In this teaching, I will share with you specific principles from God’s Word that can empower you to make God your Source and access His supernatural provision and supply! Just as Adam and Eve were rulers over the resources on earth, before the Fall of Man, God is restoring our ability and authority to rule, in Christ who broke the curse of the law of sin and death. Due to Jesus Christ, it is now possible live under a blessing. This does not mean we are going to be immune to the world economy all around us. But, God wants to give us His supernatural principles, so that we can overcome. In Revelation, our destiny is to become priests, kings and to rule with Him! We are supposed to being learning some of those principles now. This is why I recorded these MP3 messages entitled, “The Power to Get Wealth in Difficult Times.” I believe that the teachings in this series, which are based on “rightly dividing the Word of God,” will help take you out of financial bondage and set you free! I believe that by applying these Biblical principles, you can access the supernatural power, miracles and blessing of God that will allow you to overcome the world system! God does want to supply all of your need, according to His riches and glory in Christ Jesus!

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The U.S. dollar is being deliberately devalued to bring in a one world currency.  There is a global transfer of wealth from the Middle Class to Third World nations.  This money is not going to the poor, it is going to dictator's.  The tragedy is that the majority of people in America, Great Britain, Scandanavian countries, South America, Germany, Asian nations, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and other nations around the world, do not understand that this is all part of a master plan!  They believe that the geopolitical events are happening randomly.  But, what is more tragic is that countless millions of people who call themselves Christians have no clue, about what is about to happen.  They have not been taught Bible prophecy properly and they do not understand how it fully explains, everything that is happening around us!

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"Paul McGuire is a Watchman on the wall, one of the best!"

–General Shimon Erem

Are You Ready for the One World Government?

A global government predicted in Revelation is about to rise. This global government, such as the United Nations, would have its own law and government to replace the U.S. Constitution and government.

•Are mass food riots, social unrest and chaos being used to create a new world order?

•How are the Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations and Illuminati involved in this global government?

•Is it true that a United Nations military force is secretly based inside of America?

•What about the reports of Russian, Chinese and foreign military troops stationed in the U.S.?

•Have members of the National Guard and police picked up radio signals from foreign troops that use new radio frequencies that are technically banned from U.S. troops, police and the National Guard?

The Royal Society in England meets to discuss “Weather Control” technology. A special research report prepared for the Army in “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025” was discussed. Are Weather Weapons already being deployed?

There are numerous technologies that can produce Mass Brainwashing. Is it true that advertisers and government can read your brainwaves when you are watching television?

John Dewey is the father of modern education and social engineering through the school system. Is the real purpose of education to educate or indoctrinate?

•How close are we to the prophecy of Ezekiel 38, which involves Israel, the Middle East and World War III?

•Was there really a plan to destroy nationalism and patriotism through mass immigration policies that started 50 years ago?

•Are environmentalism and climate control wealth redistribution mechanisms?

•Have the elite really made public statements that their end game is to turn America into a totalitarian Marxist State like China?

•Are there laboratories around the world in which transhumanism and the interbreeding of animal, human and Nephilim DNA are being used to create cyborgs for warfare?

•Is there an attempt to censor the science of Earthquake forecasting? What does the science of Earthquake forecasting say about Japan, New Madrid and California?

•Do the elite plan to destroy over 7.5 billion lives through population control, eugenics, vaccines, food, weakening the immune system, wars, genocide and sterilization? If so, why?

•Every move, action and thought you make can be monitored through new technology. Are you ready? This DVD offers a personal action plan for you and your family. What steps can you take now to occupy until Jesus Christ comes?

Are You Ready for the Coming One World Economic System?

Are the international bankers controlling government, media, education, science, military and culture for their purposes?

Is it true the bankers plan to seize your property, keep its equity and then turn the nation into renters rather than owners?

This goal has two purposes: (1) Increase the wealth of the bankers by trillions of dollars. (2) In a Marxist Revolution it is essential to destroy belief in God, the family and home ownership. The destruction of home ownership creates the psychological destruction of the human personality as an individual created by God. It degrades men and women into falsely believing they have any value. There is no commitment in “marriage” and no belief in God. After this, people are willing to accept the mark of the beast.

•Why have you not read very much, except in the Wall Street Journal and sources like this, that George Soros has a Bretton Woods II Plan and the Institute for New Economic Thinking?

•Why are we not being told about the hidden agenda to create a one world economic system where the international bankers control everything?

•It is hard to believe that a brutal global dictatorship will be brought into power through a new world financial order and global taxes?

•If accomplished, this economic plan will plunge the human race into a new Dark Age or Tribulation Period, where a small group of elite seize control of the human race who become worthless slaves. Why would anyone want to do this? Why would anyone want to do what Adolph Hitler did?

•Does the Bible really predict a coming cashless society and the mark of the beast?

•Did Lord Jacob Rothschild's 1971 Inter-Alpha Group (whose family line included both banking and the Illuminati) create much of the financial chaos in order to move forward their agenda?

•Will the current global financial policies lead us into the Tribulation Period?

•Did Lord Bertrand Russell, atheist and Fabian Socialist, call for nuclear wars and Black-death like plagues to kill millions?

•Why was Adolph Hitler promoted by Britain and American interests to enforce eugenic policies to kill over 6 million people in the concentration camps? There are powerful global interests carrying out those same policies today!

•Did Hitler and Russell advocate genocide and euthanasia and the “green movement?”

•Some of the world’s most powerful billionaires have deliberately undercut the world’s food production. What action plan can you take to survive the Planned World Food Crisis and hyper-inflation?

Are You Ready for the Coming One World Religion?

A highly secretive and occult religious movement is organizing all the religions in the world into one. This coming one world religion, which is happening before our very eyes, will provide the spiritual glue to unite the world’s religions into one so that a one world government and a one world economic system can be implemented. The elite understand that money is a spiritual force and that is why we have the all-seeing eye of Lucifer and the words “New World Order” on the back of the dollar bills.

Millions of children are being indoctrinated into witchcraft and paganism.

The Illuminati, founded in 1776, used the Freemasons to spread their power globally. The Illuminati were behind the French Revolution which produced anarchy and revolution. The Illuminati unleashed the spirit of antichrist, where the people held orgies in churches and paraded a topless woman on a horse, who they called the Goddess of Reason. This was a forerunner of the Communist Revolution. Karl Marx was a Satanist and the Illuminati manuscript provided the principles for the Communist Manifesto. The Italian Communist leader, Antonio Gramsci, had close ties to the Masonic leader, Albert Pike, in America, who predicted three major world wars. The third world war was to happen in the Middle East.

The Third Reich and Adolph Hitler were deeply involved in Satanism and the occult. When the U.S. government brought thousands of Nazi rocketry and mind control scientists to America after World War II, many of these men and women were in the occult or practicing Satanists.

Aleister Crowley, who was called the Beast, was a British agent before World War II who had occult-connections all over Europe. Crowley, whose face is on the cover of the Beatle’s album "Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band," remains a powerful influence today. Members of the occult and Satanism have entered the very highest levels of government, religion and military intelligence around the world.

Finally, the Evangelical Movement has been infiltrated by leaders who promote apostasy, spiritual deception and the doctrines of demons. Entire church movements, popular in Evangelical churches today, are based on occult teachings and Marxist theory!

This DVD answers the question how you and your family can learn to use spiritual discernment to protect yourself from being deceived?


In this 3-DVD set Paul is a Watchman warning the people what is about to come and what they can do about it, in practical terms! Paul exposes the master plan behind the creation of a one world government, a one world economic system and a one world religion. Our nation and world are about to experience a cosmic convergence predicted by the ancient prophets. The Bible tells us "My people perish for lack of knowledge." Most people do not have any idea about what is about to happen. There are very few Watchmen to warn them.

Read more on "Moon into Blood," which is available now!

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Paul McGuire

The only way you can live in total freedom, victory and breakthrough, is to learn how to walk supernaturally in the last days!  The world system is falling and cannot meet your needs!  You must look to God as your Source!  He alone is your true Source!  When you learn that truth and walk in it, then you will have victory!

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(article below "Zap! How the Power of Miracles Can Instantly Heal You In Your Mind and Emotions")
By Paul McGuire

It matters who you vote for. Voting is not a choice for the Christian; it is a mandate from God. If we are truly in submission to our government in America, then we must vote, because our government requires that we are to be good citizens and good citizens vote. True Christian love is expressed by the commandment, “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as themselves.” True Christians understand that by voting for the candidate, who is most Biblical in their positions, your vote can empower government to help people and that is love in action. In addition, a Christian who is walking under the Lordship of Christ takes the time to study the issues, examine the candidates and make the right choice. If you are the kind of Christian who gives your mind over to a secular media, to do your thinking for you, you probably should not vote, because that is not being a good steward. How can a media or politicians, who do not have the Spirit of God in them, be able to discern what the will of the Lord is?

Despite what you have been told, moral and social sins in America, cost our nation countless billions of dollars a year and destroy people’s lives!

This is the most important election in the history of America, because our very future is at stake. We are being presented with two very different worldviews, which will take us in two different directions.

Neither candidate or party is perfect, that will not happen until the Second Coming. But, one party is leading us down the path towards godless socialism, Third World poverty and a totalitarian government which is destroying the family, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom to worship publicly and freedom in general. This party is destroying what our Founding Fathers gave us in the Declaration of Independence, which is “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” The Founding Fathers made it very clear that these were inalienable rights granted to everyman by their Creator, or God. The party which seeks to destroy freedom, states that all freedoms come from Government and not God. The majority of the people who support that party, including Christians act as if Government is God! They look to Government and God to be our final source. This party is actively working to destroy America as we know it, and make it part of a United Nations-style global government, where all of our Constitutional rights will be destroyed and replaced by a set of humanistic and New Age rights, that emphatically do not protect our freedoms!

The reality is that both the first party and second party are controlled by the same invisible elite. Yet, there are enough significant choices between them, so that it is our duty to vote. You do not become President of the United States, without selling part of your soul to the devil or this global elite! But, the one party, there is an opportunity to protect some of our rights, preserve freedom, especially freedom of religion and rebuild our economy, so that we can fulfill our role as a light to the nations! If America falls, there will be great darkness upon the earth. America is not perfect, but to one degree or another it is a light upon a hill.

However, this second party is part of the secretive elite system and they will move us further towards this godless New World Order, just at a slower speed. In addition, at the present moment, this second party will not categorize Bible believing Christians as terrorists and make plans to imprison them in camps.

President Obama is not the problem! Although, I thought the movie “2016 Obama’s America,” was very interesting, it conspicuously left out the substantial facts that Obama was put into the White House to carry out the plans, he is now carrying out, by a powerful global elite, which has openly stated that they want to destroy America and its economy. These elite, run by people like George Soros are the people who control Obama, for their purposes. Soros and other members of the elite, have openly stated and written that their goal is to transfer the wealth of the American Middle Class to Third World nations, in order to bring down America, equalize the playing field and establish their one world government, one world economic system and one world religion. This can be seen in mainstream interviews, published interviews in the international mainstream press and the published reports from the elite think tanks like Rand, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Club of Rome, United Nations and Agenda 21. Obama did not just walk into the White House, with the help of a few radicals; he was placed there to accomplish the mission of the elite. Let us remember, that President Obama has not failed. President Obama has succeeded in achieving the goals he was placed in office for!

America and the world are in crisis! Our debt was created by both parties. First, Bush and then Obama. We are on the verge of economic collapse. However, the root of our problem is that, as a nation we no longer trust in God or obey His laws. But, the bigger problem is that the church does have a truly Biblical worldview, where they are able to apply a Biblical worldview to economics, society, politics, culture, sexuality, science and government. Our Founding Fathers, who were set on fire by the First Great Awakening and the created our system of government, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. In contrast, many of the Christians would intellectually and spiritually incapable of creating America.

It is true that there was no consensus among our Founding Fathers, and that men like Sir Francis Bacon, planned for America to become the “New Atlantis,” and the head of a new world order, based on occult principles. The plans of today’s elite were put in place centuries ago. Yet, at the same time there were truly Biblical Christians, like the Father of the First Awakening, Jonathan Edwards, who were intellectually brilliant and who in the supernatural power of God. Jonathan Edwards, his fellow ministers and his descendants who became the heads of Princeton, Harvard and Yale, were fully aware of the existence and danger of the Illuminati. Unlike many of today’s ministers, who have about 10% of the intellectual capacity of these Founding Fathers and actually snicker in disbelief of the very mention of the word Illuminati, the intellectual giants who founded our nation, knew full well the dangers of the Illuminati. In fact, during the Second Great Awakening, Charles Finney who was a member of the Illuminati had to openly repent of it!

Listen to Paul's powerful message Judgment Day - The Third Great Awakening!

Whoever wins, we are going to have pray constantly for the President and our nation. But, we also need the supernatural wisdom, guidance and knowledge of God. God can make a way, when there is now way! But, God only gives His divine guidance and blessing to a nation and people who are right with Him. This is the job of the church! We must repent before God and pray. God alone is our Source and our Solution!

Find out about Israel & Iran - The Prophetic Showdown!

Before Jesus Christ returns, which Bible prophecy seems to indicate, that we are getting closer every day, especially with the events in Israel and the Middle East. Jesus Christ told us to, “Occupy until I come.” The Founding Fathers of the First Great Awakening had no problem understanding what that meant and the ministers in the Second Great Awakening understood its meaning.

We are now seeing the fulfillment of numerous Bible prophecies, especially after the predicted rebirth of the nation of Israel in 1948. But, we as Christians and the church as a whole have mandate from God to fulfill a mission before the Return of Jesus Christ. First, we are to evangelize the lost, by going into all the world and preaching the Gospel. Evangelizing the lost, means effectively communicating the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, so that people will genuinely receive Christ! There is a vast difference between simply communicating and effectively communicating. Effective communication actually connects with the other person.

Over the years, we have made effective communication the goal of this ministry. You can be reaching millions of people with a message, but if you are not effectively communicating, than you are not actually reaching them. You can maintain the illusion that you are preaching the Gospel, but in actuality you are not.

The reason I personally go on so many secular television and radio talk shows and write the books in a non-religious style, am because I want to effectively reach the people who need to be reached. This is why I am working with a couple of Hollywood producers in making the film, “Chaos Reaction – Human Extinction.” The film is not designed to effectively communicate to a mass secular audience and especially your people. Young people like your sons, daughter and people of all ages that you know, that are not interested in “religion.” Can you blame them? I believe these very same people are starving for truth, but they want intelligent answers and they are not interested in religion! Respected poles tell us that 9 out of 10 Evangelical teenagers reject their faith, by the time they enter college. It is even worse in the EU, where the church has become irrelevant. This is not effective communication! Aren’t you tired of seeing your sons and daughters and other people you know completely walk away from their faith? I am, and that is why I am doing something about it with the “Chaos Reaction –Human Extinction,” film. There are people reading these words that could fund this film with one check, or make a significant contribution to the budget. If you E Mail me, and you are seriously consider doing it, I will be happy to answer your questions. Unfortunately, as much as I would like to, I simply cannot take every call, from everyone who calls me, or that is all I would be doing. But, I believe it is imperative that we get this film out now, for many reasons.

Secondly, we are to make disciples of all nations.

18 And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.

19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.” Matthew 20:18-20

In addition, God has commanded us to “Occupy until I come,” Luke 19:13. This means do business until I come. This is an area the church has not understood and has failed in the mission to “Occupy until I come,” or Christ returns! In the story of David and Goliath, the giant Goliath was occupying the land, or controlling it, until David who was anointing by the Holy Spirit came. Notice that David said to Goliath, “How dare you defy the armies of the living God!” Then David took the land by killing Goliath and occupied the land.

This principle of “Occupy until I come,” is further developed later in Luke 19:12-27, when a nobleman went into a far country, telling his servants to, “Occupy until I come.” Each servant was given a certain amount of money and they were expected to multiply that money through various kinds of investment. The wicked servant was afraid so he hid his master’s money and was severely rebuked. The Lord is telling Christians and the church here that, “Occupying until I come,” represents growth and multiplication of the assets the Lord has given you to occupy! In military terms, things are categorized as assets and the good soldier or commander, knows how to get maximum use from those assets.

In the same way the church in America, especially, has been given numerous assets in order to “Occupy until I come.” In some cases those assets are being used and multiplied and in other cases individual Christians and the church have hid those assets out of fear. To put it bluntly, people are going to hell, lives are being destroyed, divorce, addiction, child sex trafficking and numerous other atrocities are going on, because a large percentage of the church in America is focused on Goliath out of fear, “Instead of occupying until I come,” like David!

I have been teaching this principle for many years now, in order to help set God’s people free! Many people come up to me and say, “Paul, God does not seem to answer our prayers and money is very tight right now and so on.” My reply is the same, I attempt to explain to them, that when you have purposed in your heart to obey the Lord and “Occupy until I come.” When you are investing and giving your assets to the true work of the Kingdom of God, you will discover that God will anoint you supernaturally, He will give you supernatural wisdom and He will supernaturally supply your financial needs, bring in money, give you favor, provide jobs and you will walk under the supernatural blessing of the Lord!

Why? Because you are obeying God and “Occupying until I come!” This also works in the areas of prayer, Bible study and soul winning. Your anointing and spiritual authority grows and you invest your time in the things of God!

However, many Christians in America have self preservation as their primary goal. What happens is that the words of Jesus Christ become operative in their lives. “He who seeks to save his own life will lose it and he who seeks to lose his life for My sake will gain it!”

I continually see those whose primary goal is holding on to, protecting and not releasing their assets. Then over the years, I see many of them lose businesses, health, homes, marriages and everything they worked so hard for! They cannot understand why they seem to be under a curse and why their lives are so hard? It is because they began to harden their hearts, stopped listening to the Lord and made their goal protecting themselves!

Conversely, I have seen countless times, those Christians who are truly seeking the Lord, and are giving their assets in order to, Occupy until I come.” These people experience blessing on their business, health, receive divine guidance, fresh anointing, save their marriages, see their children saved and across the board I see the Lord multiplying their material and spiritual resources!

A word of warning! Beware of the counterfeit! Some Christians put on a show of being good stewards, but their motive for giving, committing and other things is self-promotion, acquiring power and respect at their church and certain ministries and advancing their own kingdom, at the expense of God’s kingdom! The irony is that if they would truly obey the Holy Spirit and obey His direction, God would bless them supernaturally, give them divine favor and raise them up!

Enough said, we are at the most critical time in our nation’s history and now is the time to “Occupy until I come!” A prophetic word of warning: There are some Christians, churches and denominations, whose every move is based on political calculation. They are not seeking God and listening to the Holy Spirit. They are operating from a carnal mind and like King Saul; they are using human cleverness to lead them. The Lord has given them much! God is slow to anger and He has been very patient and loving. He has warned these groups over and over again for years and sometimes decades. But, the time will come and probably soon, where the Lord’s patience will run out. These groups will suddenly fall and experience dramatic losses on all levels! God will take from them and transfer the people and resources to those who are being truly faithful!

Although, these groups have not some mighty things for God in the past, they have allowed businessmen, ministers, counselors and so-called prophets in their midst, that have not been seeking the Lord. They are giving human, carnal and man-centered pragmatic advice. This is causing the collapse of our nation and it will be the sudden downfall of Christian movements and institutions! It is not the desire of the Lord, for this to happen. Although, time is running out, there is still time to change, repent and put things right. If that is done, the Lord will restore these groups to their former glory and use them in the New Season!

After much prayer and seeking the Lord, I believe that before the Lord returns and not in contradiction to Bible prophecy, there can be a mighty and Biblical revival, along with a last day’s soul harvest. This Biblical revival could lead to the intensity of a Third Great Awakening! I want to emphasize that simultaneously, we will continue to see a Great Apostasy, false prophets, false teachers and false doctrine. But, that does not preclude a truly Biblically based Third Great Awakening. Not one that is going to usher a New Golden Age, as the New Age teaches, there will be a Biblical golden age, that will begin at the literal 1,000 year Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ, after the Second Coming, when He rules Planet Earth from Jerusalem.

This Third Great Awakening, should the Lord grant it, will be temporal reprieve and extension of time before the Return of the Lord and the beginning of the Tribulation Period. How many years that will last, I do not know. But, I believe the Satan, the Kosmokratos, and the Prince of Persia, are trying to prematurely bring the nations into Armageddon, in an attempt to block Israel from being restored and in an attempt to thwart, a massive last days soul harvest.
"ZAP! How the Power of Miracles Can Heal Your Mind & Emotions" by Paul McGuire

Life Force Power On High to Heal You Mind & Emotions by Paul McGuire

"God Can Make A Way Where There Is No Way - The Law of Miracles by Paul McGuire



Paul McGuire

The reason I use the word, “ZAP!” in the context of the power of miracles that can heal your mind and emotions is because I want to focus in on the fact, that during Jesus Christ’s ministry on earth, that He most often healed people both supernaturally and instantly! The contemporary church has lost that truth and has become reluctant to radically embrace the miraculous power of God.

The reason for that are the numerous abuses by people who have used that as an area of psychological manipulation and the influence of so-called scientific materialism. But, the reality is that Jesus Christ healed people instantly both mentally and physically. That same miraculous power is available to us today, if we are open to it and can set us free!

There is a way you can find instant transformation and breakthrough in the areas of your mind and emotions. You no longer have to be a prisoner of your past and emotional / sexual abuse. Very often our minds are programmed like a computer. As young children and our family, or lack of family can program us to be afraid, anxious, and negative. In addition, if you have experienced emotional abuse, sexual abuse, being victimized, rejected and many other negative experiences, like or not, our mind and emotions have been programmed to seek out those experiences again. This is why so many people model their parent’s negative behavior, even though they swore they would not. The Apostle Paul identified these things as strongholds.

Many times a boy or girl, who was abused emotionally or sexually, will abuse others and subconsciously seek out that abuse. There are other mindsets that can develop, like a poverty, failure and “loser,” consciousness. Scientists have now discovered that our DNA, which we get from our parents, carries huge amounts of information about the experiences of our ancestors. Alcoholism, addiction, occult activities, sexual promiscuity, failure, success and Godliness can be passed through the DNA. Relatively recently, many people accused those of teaching about generational curses, as being not Biblical. The reality is that genetic science has now proven that all these experiences from one generation to another are passed down, through memory banks in our DNA.

God’s Word contains countless powerful and supernatural principles for overcoming these barriers and limitations in our mind. A growing number of Christians have become embarrassed about using words like supernatural, supernatural power, the Holy Spirit and miracles. They do that for two reasons; first, they have subtly bought into the so-called scientific materialist mindset, which says these don’t exist. However, the irony is that in the most advanced areas of neurological science, a growing number of scientists have discovered evidence that there is a scientific basis for supernatural power and miracles. The most cutting edge scientists in physics, biology, psychology, psychiatry and neurological sciences, have begun to measure and experiment, with things that, lower level scientists do not believe exist. An example would be in the area of biophotons. When our bodies and minds are healthy, biophoton’s actually light up and give an aura to the body. I am not talking about the New Age term of reading auras. They have found that after people are prayed for and are filled with the supernatural power of God that they can photograph the biophotons, as they light up light up. Brain imaging photographs reveal similar things. When a Christian is in prayer, they have observed the human brain move from Delta to Alpha brainwaves and so on. This is where the brain and emotions are operating at an almost superhuman state of consciousness.

Obviously, God has been trying to teach us these truths since the Garden of Eden. We are told to continually meditate on the Word of God. The Apostle Paul exhorts us to have the mind of Christ and to renew our minds with the Word of God. Paul also teaches us that we can become prisoners in our own mind and emotions and that these can be caused by strongholds, which are satanically energized thought patterns and programming. God has given us spiritual weapons to remove and dismantle the negative programming and strongholds that keep us prisoners to addiction, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, sexual immorality, confusion, despair and hopelessness.

In the series “ZAP! -How the Power of Miracles Can Instantly Heal You in Your Mind and Emotions.” I teach the principle, based on the ministry of Jesus Christ, that many times substantial mental and emotional healing can happen instantaneously. When people came to Jesus and asked to be healed of both mental and emotional problems, Jesus healed them supernaturally, through His divine virtue of energy. In each case, if the person requesting told Jesus that they had faith for this miracle, ZAP! In less than a minute they were supernaturally healed.

As I teach in the ZAP! MP3 series, this supernatural power is available to you, to heal you the minute the power of God floods into your being. The reason that this happens, is because it happens through a miracle and when God performs a miracle, the normal laws of healing and other earthly principles are suspended. In response to faith, God interrupts normal reality and performs a miracle. The problem is that we are biased against that from happening. In other words we don’t believe it is possible. Thus, the words of Jesus Christ become true, when He says, “According to your faith be it unto you.”

In the MP3 series, ZAP! How the Power of Miracles Can Instantly Heal You in Your Mind and Emotions, I share powerful principles from the Bible that can help you open the door of your mind to experience miraculous healing in the area of your mind and emotions!

More often than not, people can be miraculously healed instantly, in their mind and emotions. The problem is that we are biased against that and we have been taught that, it is impossible. That simply is not true. However, it is true that in certain cases healing can take years and can be a life long struggle. The reason for this is that these areas of mental and emotional healing are connected to life issues that are healed by growing in Christ and walking with Christ. Many times people struggle and have to fight spiritually to realize healing. These same principles work, but they must be applied consistently to a long term process. In addition, in the Fallen world, we often experience what Dr. Francis Schaeffer called, “substantial healing.” This means that we can experience “substantial healing,” but in some areas we will not discover complete healing until God takes us to heaven. There are many parts of life, our minds and emotions, that will not be fully healed until we reach heaven and there are areas where we have to walk in the grace of God, where the Bible says, “His grace is sufficient,” and through the power of the Holy Spirit we have to endure to varying degrees some problems until we enter heaven.

This truth must be taught honestly and in balance. But, in many of these areas the church is out of balance. When you study God’s Word and the model of Jesus Christ’s ministry to supernaturally heal, instantly through miracles. We must come to the recognition that we have cut ourselves off from the supernatural and miraculous power of God to heal, instantly.

It is my prayer and hope, that in these cases, that after listening to the “ZAP! How the Power of Miracles Can Heal You in Your Mind and Emotions,” MP3 series, that you will be able to raise the level of your expectation, as to what God can do in your life!

Download the “ZAP1” MP3 series now and allow God to renew your mind and miraculously heal your mind and emotions.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012



By Paul McGuire


By Paul McGuire

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We have now reached one of the most critical points in the history of mankind and it revolves around Israel, Iran and the Middle East. This crisis point was predicted over 2,500 years ago, by the ancient Biblical prophets. In addition, the general nature and date of this crisis was predicted by the Mayan Calendar, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and the Fatima prophecies. Although, 2012 is the general time period predicted by some of these prophets, 2012 is basically is a convergence point for many apocalyptic events.

Some people are quick to say that the world thought the apocalypse was at hand during the Black Plague, World War I and World War II. That may be true, but there are a number of reasons why this crisis is different than any other crisis in human history. The primary reason is advanced technology. For example, the crisis between Israel and Iran, could involve nuclear weapons, which could be used in a conflict that would set off a regional thermonuclear war. Strategic military analysis tells us that a regional thermonuclear war can become a global thermonuclear war in about one hour and a half. At this point, you are talking about the potential loss of hundreds of millions of lives. Using today’s technology, one single U.S. Or Russian nuclear submarine has the nuclear fire power to destroy the entire world!

Secondly, unlike previous conflicts with nations like Nazi, Germany and the former Soviet Union, we are dealing with an apocalyptic sect known as the "Twelvers," a radical Shiite Muslim sect that believes an Islamic new world order will come with the return of their Messiah, the Mahdi. This Islamic new world order would be ushered in by the destruction of Israel and a global apocalypse ignited by Iran. Iranian analysts believe that, Ahmadinejab is building up its nuclear-weapon capabilities in order to attack Israel, which will be the key apocalyptic event that will cause the Mahdi to return. The key factor here is that Iran will soon have the nuclear weapons to cause an apocalypse.

Ahmadinejab is a "Twelver," and at his recent speech at the United Nations, on the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, Ahmadinejab gave a fiery apocalyptic speech in which he reiterated his total commitment to this apocalyptic belief system. Ahmadinejab believes he is on a mission from God to destroy Israel and start a global apocalypse that will bring in the Mahdi.

Also speaking at the United Nations General Assembly, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for a "clear red line" to be drawn on Iran’s development of nuclear weapons. Netanyahu, also explained that Iran’s belief in destroying Israel and starting an apocalypse was their ultimate game plan. This is an entirely different enemy than the former Soviet Union and Nazi, Germany, who at the end of the day wanted to live and enjoy their lives.

Never before in the history of mankind have we had the technology to destroy the population of Earth in a matter of hours or weeks with nuclear and biological weapons. In the U.S. Alone there could be nuclear strikes in many U.S. Cities which would include military installations and all areas of economic, political and military importance. The sophistication of computer guided nuclear missiles is so accurate, that our enemies have pre-programmed nuclear missiles capable of hitting specific highway intersections in major cities. This will block the citizen’s from exiting a targeted city. Just looking at Google Earth Search will give you a minor hint of how accurately a nuclear missile strike could be. In fact, a missile can be launched from outer space to detonate a specific house! Through biological warfare, the CDC is preparing for a "Zombie Apocalypse" which could involve a biological agent that attacks the central nervous system and turns people into flesh eating zombies, like in the movies, "I Am Legend," and "28 Days Later." This is not science fiction; this is cutting edge of biological warfare. This also fits in with the prediction of the, "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse," predicted in the book of Revelation.

The fact of the matter is that the human race has now entered the time that many prophets have predicted. It is not an accident that word Revelation, in the Book of Revelation, is from the Greek word, apokaplypsis, which is an unveiling or disclosing of reality that has not been previously perceived, especially events in the future.

Never before has mankind had to face the prospect of an Extinction Level Event with the push of a button. In addition to global thermonuclear and biological war, mankind must now face the potential of cataclysmic events like an asteroid, or comet hitting the earth. Many military experts speculate that one of the secondary reasons that the Mars rover, "Curiosity," is on Mars, is to be able to give us a better view of comets and asteroids that may be moving dangerously close to earth. Added to that, large numbers of people have heard strange groaning coming from under the earth and huge piles of dead fish are washing onto the shore in places like Finland.

I have had the privilege of being asked by several notable Hollywood producers, to be the writer and on-screen prophecy expert, for a cutting edge film called, "Chaos Reaction Basic Extinction." This film will be viewed by millions of people across the world and uncover information about coming prophetic events from a diverse spectrum of sources. After over 30 years of intensive research into this field, I believe the human race is entering a convergence point of predicted and apocalyptic events. However, the purpose of some of these ancient prophecies was to warn us so that we could make the changes necessary in order to give mankind hope for the future. Many people in America and the world are in great despair over the statistical facts regarding the U.S. debt of over $16 trillion dollars and a global economic system which is on the verge of collapse. Through our technology we have essentially created a cashless society that is global. As we uncover the hidden meaning of these prophecies that we will expose in the film, it is evident that there has been a secret plan since ancient Babylon to build a new world order. This plan was at work through Sir Francis Bacon, who planned for America to be the head of the new world order and the New Atlantis.

Many of the evidences for the fulfillment of these ancient prophecies are hidden out in the open with occult symbolism that goes back to Nimrod and his wife Semiramis at the Tower of Babel, which was the world’s first one world government, one world economic system and one world religion. While doing research on this film, I was able to uncover research that shows why U.S. troops are guarding ancient Babylon in Iraq and why there are secret plans to rebuild a high-tech Babylon. When you begin to put these cosmic puzzle pieces together, with the help of the latest scientific research, you begin to see a digital and holographic map of the future of mankind. But, what is the most amazing thing of all, is that this map of the future of mankind was predicted in precise detail over 3,500 years ago.