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Contact the key players involved in the effort to reinvent the nation’s health care system if you want to express your opinion.

Washington or Senate; 202-224-3841
· The White House (202)456-1111 or e-mail at
· House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. (202) 225-4965 or e-mail her at

· House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio (202)225-6205 or e-mail him at
· Askthe

· Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.: (202) 224-3542 or send an e-mail at

· Senator Minoirty Leader Mitch McConnell, R-y.: (202) 224-2541 or send an email at form.cfm

· Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which canceled its vote this week on health care legislation because there was not enough support : (202) 225-3976 or send an e-mail at
· Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas, raning member on the House Energy and Commerce Committee:

· Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., member of the Senate Health Education, Labor an Pensions Committee, which passed its health care bill lat wee: (202) 224-2823 or send an e-mail at q=node/3128

· Sen. Michael Enzi, ranking member on the Senate Health, Education, Labor andf Pensions Committee: (202) 224-3424 or send an e-mail at www.enzi.,

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Come on out and join Paul McGuire at his McGuire Prophecy Update Meeting at the Lighthouse Community Church 300 Magnolia Street on Costa Mesa at 7PM Thursday July 30th. (See address below) Paul will be giving a prophetic update on Israel, globalism, Bible prophecy and the coming one world economic system and encouragement
The meeting is free if you pre-register by E Mail. Don’t expect an answer, but your name will be recorded. Some people will be allowed in at the door. Many people bring their Christian friends who need to know what is going on, their unsaved friends and family and people who need to hear this message. We get regular reports of people who have come to Christ or re-dedicated their lives to Christ at these meeting.

Also, Paul will be speaking at Beth Ariel Church in Canoga Park at 7PM on August 6th. Beth Ariel is located on 22222 Saticoy Street and the messages are tied into prophecy and Israel. Again, bring people who do not know the Lord and people who need to know what is going on.
On the we have a more complete calendar of Paul’s speaking dates. On August 21st Paul will be speaking at the Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa Maranatha Prophecy Conference along with Lt. General Jerry Boykin, Walid Shoebat a former PLO terrorist and Israel-expert Amir Tsafarti.

Paul has spoken to over 24,000 people in person in the last 10 months. The conferences he speaks at average 4,000 people. The History Channel did a special interview with Paul and other guests entitled “Seven Signs of the Apocalypse” and he regularly appears on the Fox News Network and other television networks. Paul is a professor at the King’s College. However, Paul is committed to speaking at smaller meetings as well. Meet Paul in person at the McGuire Prophecy Update and bring friends. Keep Paul, his family and the meetings in prayer!

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By Paul McGuire

There are many problems in life that can only be overcome by coming boldly to the throne of grace. The Word of God teaches us that because of the blood of Jesus Christ we can come boldly to the throne of grace and fight help in our time of need.

Books and teachings that reduce prayer to some kind of magic formula are not Biblical! What God wants from us is relationship which is the very thing that Adam and Eve lost in the Garden due to their sin. But the good news is that Jesus Christ has taken away your sin by His blood and you can come to Him for help. But, you must choose to come to him. It is amazing that as believers in Jesus Christ we often pray to God as a last resort.

There are many things that God wants to do in your life, our nation and world that can only happen through prayer. It is true God is sovereign and that means He may not always answer our prayers the way we want them to be answered or in our timing. In addition, there is nothing you can pray that is going to overturn Bible prophecy. God is the Sovereign King of the Universe and He will accomplish His will.

The Bible also teaches that each of us is involved in spiritual warfare and that our “fight is not against flesh and blood, but principalities, powers and the unseen powers of darkness.” In other words, in some cases we are battling demonic forces that can only be defeated by using spiritual weapons.

Perhaps one of the greatest deceptions against the individual Christian and the Church is the lie that our prayers won’t work. When we falsely believe that our prayers will not work we slide into the pits of despair, depression, hopelessness and defeat.

Again, there is no magical formula to prayer. However, I would suggest that we begin our prayers by honoring God for who He is our Master and Savior. If there is sin in our lives, even besetting sin we ask God for forgiveness and the power to overcome those sins. Than we simply come to God! We come boldly to the throne of grace because our sins have been forgiven. We ask God for what we need, what others needs and the things that God has placed on your heart regarding your nation, city, family, church and world.

We do not go by feelings, but we expect God to move. We expect Him to answer our prayers. Coming boldly to the throne of grace is not a one time event, but a lifestyle! We will come to God over and over again. Jesus Christ said that we are to pray constantly. But, the point is that we pray!

If we are honest before God the root problem in not coming boldly to the throne of grace is that we have cultivated unbelief in our hearts or we have grown weary in praying. Sometimes we have not seen God answer prayer in the way we would like and in our timing. There are times we have prayed and it seems from our earthly perspective that the exact opposite has happened and we become bitter.

The Good News is that you can begin to see God move powerfully in your life, the lives of others and in your world when you begin to pray again. Allow the Spirit of God to search your heart. If there is bitterness or unbelief as Him to cleanse you of this sin by His blood. Then begin coming boldly to the throne of grace again and find help from God in your time of need. Dare to cultivate an attitude of supreme confidence and expectation that your prayers will be answered! Expect to see your prayers answered and walk in that confidence. We walk by faith and not by sight. Do not allow your present circumstances to dictate to you what your life is about. Cry out to the Lord! Remember, “As long as they sought the Lord they continued to prosper!”

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By Paul McGuire

The release of a world currency by the G8, governments toppled in South America and riots in the streets of Iran pale in comparison to what is about to happen between Israel and Iran. Nuclear armed subs have been sent by Israel into the Red Sea and Russia is arming Iran with very sophisticated missile technology. Meanwhile President Obama’s “sensitivity workshop” foreign policy between Russia, Iran and Israel will unleash catastrophic forces, major terrorist attacks and a regional thermonuclear war.

The recent disarmament deal between the United States and Russia which allows Russia to continue to sell nuclear technology to Iran is lighting the fuse for an Armageddon-style conflict. However, I believe that political analysts and media pundits are missing a dark strategy that masquerades as “Obama’s naiveté in Middle Eastern affairs.” Personally, I do not believe that President Obama and his top advisors are naïve or ignorant in relationship to the Middle East, Israel, Iran, EU and the United States. I believe we are seeing a fundamental shift in America’s relationship with Israel. America for over a century has been the friend and protector of Israel. However, we have a new administration which appears to be turning its back on Israel in favor of the Islamic world.

This places America in great danger! The Abraham Covenant clearly states, “I will bless those that bless thee and curse those that curse thee.” To whatever degree the United States enjoyed the blessing and protection of God, because it chose to bless Israel. But, now America is rejecting or “cursing” Israel in relationships with Russia, Iran, the EU and the Islamic world. Superficially these relationships appear to be built on the basis of pragmatism to be beneficial economically and militarily to the U.S. But, this is an analysis based on a one dimensional perception of reality. True reality encompasses the fact of a spiritual world. The Personal Living God of the Universe is the “King of Israel” and the Abraham Covenant is still in effect. All the laws of God are very much in effect and transcend economic and military pragmatism.

If America continues to reject Israel and abandons it to military aggression from Iran, we will have stepped over a cosmic line and unleashed a curse against our nation. One can only speculate as to what the effects of that curse might be. It could mean America will continue to dwindle as an economic power. It may mean that God in His Sovereignty will allow the dollar to die as the de facto world currency and be replaced by a new world currency which could push America into a Weimar Republic-style hyper-inflation, recession or inflation. America would lose its freedom’s and slide into a Marxist-style government. However, the Abraham Covenant could release a more instantaneous curse in the form of multiple nuclear attacks on U.S. cities, as al Qaeda and our enemies have threatened. Catastrophic weather, economic collapse or a swine flu epidemic could be evidences of the curse. Modern secular journalists have noted that many of the things happening to our nation are of “Biblical proportions.”

The point is that “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” and that a curse on a nation that curses Israel is not an “old wives tale,” but a very real supernatural reality to be reckoned with.

What we as American Christians must do is stand for Israel in this hour! That means pressuring our elected representatives to protect Israel from Iran, stop forcing Israel into a “two-state solution,” and internationalizing Jerusalem. We must hold rallies and conventions in support of Israel and we must publicly confront the false prophets and theological error in our time which falsely teaches, “God is through with Israel and the Church has replaced Israel.” We must vigorously speak out against the false prophets in the Emerging Church who are telling the Church to boycott Israel and support the Palestinians. In recent days, I publicly challenged a major Christian leader who spoke at the largest Islamic meeting in North America. In Christian love, I confronted what I perceive to be false teaching by this leader which will lead to a new holocaust and energize militant Islam to attempt to destroy Israel through military action and terrorism.

This is not a time to play it safe! As watchman on the walls of Jerusalem, we must blow the trumpet in warning. In love and truth, we must confront false teaching which prepares the slaughter of God’s chosen people. The God of the Bible is the King of Israel. The Church must not commit the same sin it did in Hitler’s time. God is calling us to stand for Israel. Will we obey the Lord?

# # #
Paul McGuire is a conference speaker and author of 16 books. Paul can be reached at


This article ran on Moriel Ministries. Paul will be speaking at the Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa Israel Prophecy Conference AugJULY 7TH, 2009 This entry posted by MORIELCAROL

A Letter to Rick Warren on Your Statements on Islam

By Paul McGuire

Rick Warren was a regular listener to my nationally syndicated radio show which broadcasted from Southern California for over 10 years. The words I write are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the company which syndicated the show I hosted. As a listener, Rick Warren called in to the show live and we have talked on the air. In addition, I had his wife on the program and some of Saddleback Church’s pastors.

However, in the spirit of Christian love, I would like to challenge some of the things Rick has said at the Islamic Society of North America.

First, I know personally people who have accepted Christ through Rick Warren’s ministry and books. But, in love as a brother in Christ I must challenge some of Rick’s statements. The reason I am doing this in public is because his statements have been made in public.

I have no problem with Rick Warren’s desire to reach out to the Muslim world with the message of Jesus Christ. However, respectfully, I do have a problem with the methodology and what I perceive is the lack of a solid Biblical basis for his actions. At any time I would be glad to talk to him about it privately or in the media. Secondly, I see an extremely dangerous theological error in the foundation of his approach. From the Old Testament to Revelation, the Lord God is the “King of Israel.” God made an everlasting covenant to the physical descendants of Abraham to give them the physical land of Israel. It is true God blessed the descendants of Ishmael, but not with the physical land. Also, the Church has not replaced Israel.

As far as I know Rick Warren’s church and other “Seeker Friendly” churches do not spend much time teaching on the Book of Revelation. In a spirit of humility and love, I would like to offer my services to teach Bible prophecy at Saddleback in a way that is Biblical but non-confrontational. I think Rick would agree that you cannot understand the Bible without understanding Revelation and the fact that Jesus Christ returns to Jerusalem in fulfillment of the Abrahamic Covenant, I do not believe that Christians can have any serious discussions with Islam as long as they continue to make public statements denying the Holocaust and calling for the complete destruction of Jews and Israel. To ignore those statements, is like Chamberlain ignoring Adolph Hitler’s statements before he killed 6 million Jews.

At the convention, Warren said,” Muslims and Christians should be partners in working to end what he calls “the five global giants” of war, poverty, corruption, disease, and illiteracy.” Superficially, Warren’s statements sound Christian. But, militant Islam is the primary force in the world today causing war, poverty and disease. Christians and Jews by the millions are being slaughtered around the globe by militant Islam and al Qaeda threatened to nuke the U.S. To date, I have heard know unified public apology from Islamic leaders for 911 and the mass genocide. Iran, the Palestinians, al Qaeda want to divide Israel for the purpose of “wiping Israel off the map.” PLO leaders like Yasser Arafat and many others like the President of Iran have gone on record with these statements. Militant Islamists in Pakistan, Iran and other nations are actively acquiring nuclear weapons for the purpose of jihad.

Warren who is a gifted communicator said, “it’s easier to be an extremist of any kind because then you only have one group of people mad at you,” he said. “But if you actually try to build relationships — like invite an evangelical pastor to your gathering — you’ll get criticized for it. So will me.” I take issue with Warren’s manipulation of those words. Is Jesus Christ an extremist because He said, “I AM THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE NO MAN COMES TO THE FATHER BUT THROUGH HIM?”

Building in relationships is noble, but not when they are relations built on compromise. A man can build a relationship with a prostitute, is that noble? Chamberlain built relationships with Hitler because he ignored the evil that Hitler was doing.

In his speech, Warren also urged Muslims and Christians to speak out against stereotyping of any group and to respect each other even while disagreeing. Addressing Muslims who “have been in America for many generations now,” he urged them to help “the newcomers learn what it means to be American.” I agree with Warren, I do not believe we should stereotype Muslims. For example, I know many American-Iranian Muslims who are not fanatics and make a real contribution to our nation.

Rick, as someone who has called my radio show and as someone whom I have met and heard preach a Gospel-centered message, I desire to build a bridge with you and reach out to you as a brother in Christ. I am not saying this to be self-righteous, but I pray for you because you have been given enormous responsibility. I am available to talk publicly or privately as brothers in Christ.

I will close by mentioning several concerns: I do not know to what extent you endorse the leaders of the Emerging Church. But, a number of Emerging Church leaders have made public statements that are not in a grey area. They are statements of Apostasy and since they have not taken back their statement, I can only assume they are the apostates the Apostle Paul warned us of. I cannot deal with this Apostasy with a weak hand. In my conscience before the Lord, I must confront it for what is and that is Apostasy.

One final concern, I have heard Rick Warren that your are either a member of the Council on Foreign Relations or work closely with them? The Council on Foreign Relations masquerades as merely a “think tank.” However, under the direction of Rockefeller their goal is a one world socialist government, world currency and the establishment of a New Age Religion. I can document that for you in my book “The Day The Dollar Died” and spend as many hours as you like providing exhaustive documentation of their goals which are in direct opposition to God’s World. Malthusian population control, indoctrination of youth into humanism beginning with Julian Huxley, the founder of UNESCO. The CFR established the U.N. for the purpose of a one world government.

Rick, I hope you receive this letter to in a spirit of true Christian love. Again, should you chose, I am available to meet with you. I thank God for the many good things you have done. But, as your brother in the Lord, I must speak to you the truth in love.

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by Paul McGuire

Prophetic, political and economic events are exploding all around us. However, most people are in the dark, including Christians, because they rely on the propaganda of the corporate controlled media. Fist, there is the problem with the North Korean ship, which intelligence experts believe is carrying nuclear weapons and is being trailed by the USS, McCain. Iran, Israel and Russia continued to be headed to a showdown over Iran’s nuclear program. Netanyahu has offered a two-state solution with guarantees of military inspection, but the Palestinians refused. Inviting terrorists into the land of Israel is like having a serial killer parked outside of your house in a motor home.

On the economic level, as I wrote about in my book “The Day The Dollar Died,” it appears the dollar is being deliberately devalued in order to bring in a world currency. Russia, Great Britain and China have been calling for competing world currencies to replace the dollar. If China pulled out its trillions of dollars in U.S. investments, America would collapse. I talk about this in a brand new video MP4 Download entitled “America and Prophecy” and “The Watchman II” a new MP3 Download. The Democrats rushed through a bill that gives the Federal Reserve (the international bankers) control over every major financial institution in the U.S.

Interestingly, you lost about 40-60% of your retirement investments. Yet, powerful insiders like the billionaire George Soros reportedly earned over a billion dollars in profit? A Secretary of the Treasury and former Federal Reserve Bank President made several billion in profit and another Federal Reserve banker made another couple of billion dollars. In fact, on newspaper reported that Senator Dick Durbin was told by the Federal Reserve to pull hundreds of thousands of dollars out of his investments and place them elsewhere because they knew in advance that the financial crisis was coming.

Yet, the average American who had their retirement funds with the major investment companies and banks did not have access to inside information and billions of dollars were lost in retirement investments. But, don’t worry Universal Health Care is on its way! But, how is it the government is going to be able to afford to give you health care when it is broke? The answer is that if you read the fine print in the Health Care Bill they intend to ration health care and deliver a lower level of health care than you already have. Using Canada as an example of Universal Health Care, you can expect 6-8 month waiting time to see your doctor. Expensive and costly operations will be denied by committee’s and the big savings will come with mass euthanasia of the elderly. So elderly people will not be given expensive operations, medical treatment or long term treatment for things like Alzheimer’s! They will be allowed to die, by the millions. Read the fine print! Remember Terry Schiavo, well multiple that by millions of people!

Than right after the 2010 election, because they don’t dare pass it before the election, 30 million illegal immigrants will be given amnesty and then millions more. Once they have been given amnesty they automatically get to vote and they get Universal Health Care. Guess who pays for all that health care? You do through higher taxes. But, what is the real purpose of this? Flood the nation with new voters who are dependent on Big Government. That way your vote means nothing, because no matter how hard you organize, you cannot overcome the sheer numbers of 30 million plus new voters who are going to vote for Big Government programs and higher taxes. Goodbye America as we know it!

The more the people become absolutely dependent on government, the more they will give away their Constitutional rights like freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of the press. I talk about this in my book “The Day The Dollar Died,” my new downloads “American in Prophecy.” The Watchman I and II,” and “The Coming Persecution of Christians.” The root of all this is not political, it is spiritual. American Christians have been lulled to sleep by false prophets. These false prophets, like in the days of Ezekiel, “prophesy out of their own spirit” and tell the people that peace and prosperity is coming. A well known prophet and I am not judging him or attempting to speak negatively about him. But, he had a prophecy that Obama was going to get saved and revival would spread through America. I hope he is right! However, I remember very clearly when the Prophet Paul Cain had a prophecy that Bill Clinton was going to get radically saved and revival would break out through him, during his second term in office. Many charismatics and evangelical’s stopped speaking out for what was right and the church was paralyzed because they expected Bill Clinton to be saved. Are we going to make the same mistake twice?

Than we have Emerging Church leader Brian McLaren telling the church to desert Israel, in Israel’s greatest hour of need. The EU and the Obama Administration are force Israel into a two-state solution. This will allow the terrorists to go into the heart of Israel with suicide bombers and WMD’s. They want Jerusalem, the City of David to be given to the Palestinians! There is a coming regional thermonuclear war in the Middle East. But, that nuclear war could spread to Great Britain and the U.S. A North Korean ship, that maybe carrying nuclear weapons is heading our way. Both North Korea and al Qaeda have threatened to nuke us. The Word of God say’s regarding Israel, “I will bless those that bless thee and curse those who curse thee.”
I warn about this in my books “The Warning” and “Are You Ready?” If we force Israel to give up the land we could open our nation up to the curse of God. Economic collapse or multiple nukes going off simultaneously in U.S. cities. When that happens we go under Martial Law. A friend of mine, Constitutional Attorney John Whitehead say’s that under Martial Law you have no rights. You now live under a military dictatorship. Yet the American Church sleeps, exactly as the Evangelical Church slept in Nazi, Germany.

I have just recorded a new MP3 which you can download at entitled, “How to Survive, Prosper and Overcome in Financial and Social Chaos.” It is the first in a “preparedness” series that I am doing with practical suggestions on how you can prosper. Many Christians have a Y2K mentality and they think they are going to head for the hills or Petra and wait things out. That is not going to happen! We either seek God’s guidance now and act strategically and intelligently, or we are going to face some very unpleasant days before Jesus returns. If you and your friends are simply getting your information from the corporate media, which had no clue whatsoever about the current financial meltdown, than you are going down with the ship. You have not only seek the Lord, but you have to think outside of the box. You can be deceived by the corporate media, ultra-weird conspiracy websites and the false prophets who are prophesying out of their own spirit. You need to soberly understand that leading economists around the world are warning that the U.S. could face the same hyper-inflation as the Weimar Republic in pre-Nazi, Germany.

In the next few months and years, you are going to have to make some bold decisions to save yourself and family. I have done extensive research and I am going to provide you with a steady stream of credible and balanced information beginning with the first in a MP3 series entitled, “How to Survive, Prosper and Overcome in Financial and Social Chaos.” The Word of God teaches us that, “As long as they sought the Lord they continued to prosper” and it is God who gives us the power to get wealth.” The Lord is not limited to just “good economic times.” But, many Christians twist this truth into “all I have to do is just trust the Lord.” That is not what the Bible teaches and it is precisely one of the reasons that we find ourselves in the place we are in. But, there is a way out! Remember the story of David as he faced Goliath!



Paul McGuire

The dollar is steadily declining and China is urging a new world currency! Why? The Chinese, Russia, the EU and many other nations have no confidence that our current economic programs will solve our financial crisis and they don’t want to go down with the ship. The corporate controlled media is soft pedaling how serious this problem is because they don’t want to create panic and a market crash. In that respect they are correct if people panic right now they will bring the market down. It is imperative that no matter what you hear than you do not give into fear and hysteria! Remember economics is spiritual, psychological, as well as physical.
We have a number of MP3 messages that can explain to you what is happening and what you can do in terms of preparedness in order to prosper and survive. “As long as they sought the Lord they continued to prosper.” We have moved as a nation and as the church from “In God We Trust” to “In Money or Government We Trust.” The road to economic recovery starts with “In God We Trust.” Download “How To Survive, Prosper and Overcome in Financial Chaos at Also, the brand new “McGuire Economic Report 10 – The Decline of the Dollar” gives you the latest intelligence on what is really happening behind the scenes with our economy.

The People’s Bank of China called for the International Monetary Fund (A U.N. globalist institution controlled by the international bankers) to set up a one world economic system. Sounds like Revelation 13 where the False Prophet or the Second Beast sets up a world economic system.

U.S. currency fell 0.9 percent against the euro and the 10-year U.S. Treasury as most investors bet that the Fed will keep interest rates close to zero. Economists are calling for a selling of the dollar. I believe this is planned and I explain why in my book “The Day The Dollar Died.” In addition the 3 three new downloads, “The McGuire Economic Report 10- The Decline of the Dollar”, “How to Prosper, Survive and Overcome in Financial and Social Chaos,” and the video “America in Prophecy.” You need to get all three of these to get insider analysis and solutions. If you are relying on the corporate controlled media to give you answers, than you are being foolish. All the major financial television network shows, the financial press, big investment firms and major banks had no idea what was coming and that is why you lost 40-60% on your 401 K’s and retirement. In addition, the big Christian financial gurus who hold the big seminars and have national radio and television shows were clueless about this crisis. So why would you trust them again? They do not understand the root of the problem. They have no idea how the Federal Reserve operates and the hidden agenda to move to global currency. Essentially they remain clueless!

Right now Brazil’s currency gained 2% over the dollar and the South African rand gained 1.4 % over the dollar. The euro is also gaining over the dollar. China actually rebuked the U.S. Federal Reserve for simply printing more money to solve the deficit and continuing to get in debt. The Chinese are the biggest holder of U.S. Treasuries and they have over $763.5 billion invested. They have no confidence in our current economic recovery programs and a lot of other nations are nervous. The Russians are speaking out of both side of their mouth. On one hand they say they have complete confidence in our economy and on the other they are calling for competing world currencies to replace the dollar.

If China and the world rejects the dollar as the world currency in an economic crisis of unprecedented proportions will hit the U.S. America has sustained its economy artificially by spending way beyond our means through debt because we were the world’s currency that relied on tens of billions of dollars each day being invested by foreign investors and nations. You really need to understand the convergence of economic, legal and military factors that are affecting our nation. First, we essentially have a Marxist-style President in Office. But, let us remember that the Republicans and George W. Bush were taking us down the same road.
The International Bankers and the Council on Foreign Relations own both political parties and the media.

An army of Americorps volunteers is being set up on a national basis. Either through a terrorist attack or economic chaos our government is preparing seriously for Martial Law. Remember the words of the great evangelical theologian and philosopher Dr. Francis Schaeffer, “As society breaks down a totalitarian regime either from the left or right will arise to manage the chaos.”

So how did we get in this mess? We rejected common sense economic principles for the economic madness of John Maynard Keynes who used the term, “spend your way to prosperity” and encouraged debt. Keynes was a Fabian socialist dedicated to global government and a one world economic system. When Nixon went off the gold standard, the U.S. dollar was backed by nothing. Prior to that you could go to a bank and redeem your dollars for gold. Now you dollar say’s Federal Reserve Note which is simply an IOU and is backed by absolutely nothing. In the style of Bernie Madhoff, the Federal Reserve simply prints money backed by nothing and in any amount they choose. Then they loan it to the U.S. government for interest. So you have the Federal Reserve printing trillions of dollars to bail out the economy, buy banks, finance wars and buy or loan to major corporations. Since they are printing trillions of dollars that are backed by nothing, the Chinese who are not stupid, have threatened to pull their money out of our system because they see it for what it is- a giant confidence game. When they say monetizing the debt, what are really saying is printing trillions of dollars, backed by nothing. Since you are flooding the market with dollars you reduce the value of the dollar. This process is called inflation and it is a sophisticated way of stealing. Governments like the Weimar Republic in Germany and many other governments have done the same thing.

What this means to you, the hard working taxpayer is that let’s say you earn $50,000 per year. Well when they print more dollars and “monetize the debt,” there are now significantly more dollars in circulation which reduces the value of your dollar. At some point your $50,000, not counting taxes, is now only worth $25,000. On paper you are still earning $50,000, but even after a raise the actual value of your money is cut in half or more. So now you are really making $25,000 and your lifestyle has gone down considerably and went the Government pays back its debts, they are now paying them back in dollars which are worth 50% less and that is why China is angry.

But, there are other reasons these nations have no confidence in us. The Congress just passed “Cap and Trade” global warming legislation. First, the problem is that there are a steadily growing number of scientists who believe we have entered a global cooling period. The ice caps are freezing over and they are no longer melting. In addition, weather across the planet is getting colder and not hotter. John Coleman, the father of the Weather Channel, called global warming, “the greatest scam in history.” The Czech Republic leader Vaclav Claus, who is also the president of the European Union, does not believe in global warming. He is educating millions of people in the EU and in some countries only 11% of the public believes in man-made global warming. Contrast that with the Orwellian media in the U.S. where millions of brain-washed Americans actually believe in global warming. Yet, due to the Internet and other sources of information the tide of public opinion is turning. The United Nations can see the hand writing on the wall, so they invented the International Climate Control Treaty which covers their bet both ways. The UN is still in business whether the world gets hotter or colder. But, the real purpose of the International Climate Control Treaty is to transfer trillions of dollars in wealth out of the U.S. and other developed nations. Again, the goal is global government and in order to do that you have to artificially bring down the economies of the U.S., Great Britain, the EU, Australia and other nations in order to equalize the playing field.

But Obama and the House just passed the “Cap and Trade” bill to fight the non-existent problem of global warming. This will significantly raise taxes on Americans and create huge regulations that will further stifle our economy. The Congressional Budget Office projects that this legislation will raise an additional $845.6 billion in taxes over nine year period. That’s $4,000 of additional taxes per American household. Yet in true George Orwell/Big Brother style the proponents of this bill call it a jobs bill. In fact, Obama said, “it will make possible the creation of millions of new jobs. Now, make no mistake – this is a jobs bill.”

We have Universal Health Care coming up. This will cost trillions of dollars and additional taxes. So how a government that is is broke going to be able to afford it? In the fine print of the health bill is a plan to ration health care. Based on the Canadian model where people often have to wait 6-8 months to see their doctor for a condition, Universal Health Care in America will be a second rate health care system. Committee’s will decide if a person’s treatment is cost effective. So when it comes to the elderly man who needs multiple by-pass operations or someone with Alzheimer’s, they may be simply allowed to die. People with highly expensive lifelong conditions requiring very expensive treatment may no longer receive that treatment. If a child in the womb has defects or the prospect of expensive care they will simply be aborted. So what happens to children with autism, schizophrenia, blindness, paralysis or a huge numbers of other conditions? Will they be allowed to live? Read the fine print on the contract. The American economy and the California economy, for example could roar again. Simply encourage business and reduce excessive taxes and regulations. The economies would take off like a rocket. It makes a great political statement to say you are going to tax the rich and big corporations. But when you do that you simply force the rich and the big corporations to relocate in more tax and business friendly nations. The true result is loss of jobs as corporations flee the U.S.

But, here is the big nasty secret. Immediately after the 2010 elections, they intend to pass an amnesty bill that would legalize over 30 million illegal immigrants and millions more. They are waiting until after the election because they understand they would never get elected if the people knew what they were up to. Immediately, all of the 30 million immigrants now get Universal Health Care. Who pays for it? You do in the form of increased taxes. But, there is another stealth strategy here. When you systematically flood the nation with people who are dependent on Big Government, you have essentially destroyed the voting process. Your vote and no matter how organized you are cannot overcome the sheer numbers of people who are going to vote in favor of socialist programs.

We have a very brief window of opportunity to change the direction of our nation in a peaceful and legal manner. First, we must educate as many people as possible so that they are aware of what is going on. You can do that many ways such as signing up people who might be interested to this E Mail newsletter. Many people are giving people copies of my book “The Day The Dollar Died” because they find people are interested in it.

We need a critical mass to wake up and then we can change things. They are counting on your ignorance in order to accomplish their goals. Also, it is vitally important to get people to stop listening to false prophets who act like everything is just going to be fine. The prophets of Ezekiel’s day were doing the same thing and the Lord was against them because they were lying to the people by prophesying out of their own spirits and saying peace and prosperity is just ahead. No offense, but that is what the Antichrist is going to say. Do not surrender to fatalism or fear. Do not be lulled to sleep by false prophets and a corporate controlled media. “With God all things are possible.” If we seek the Lord and then actually act upon what He tells us, He can help us turn this nation around! You are either part of the problem or part of the solution. Seek the Lord!


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The Coming Persecution Of Christians Part 3

by Paul McGuire
As I wrote in earlier articles, there is coming an onslaught of persecution against Christians specifically in Western nations like the U.S., Great Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Australia and many other nations that the church and its leadership are completely unprepared for. The level and intensity of persecution against true Bible believing Christians will be exceed the level of Christians in Communist China and most Christians in America and Europe do not yet comprehend what is coming.

According to a Washington Times report, Pastor David Jones and his wife were holding small Bible studies in their home in Bonita, California. Only about 15 people attended these Bible studies and they were doing this for five years. On Good Friday morning, a San Diego County Code Enforcement officer went to the Jones residence and began taking photographs. The officer rudely asked Mrs. Jones, “Did they sing at their meetings? Did they say amen and “praise the Lord”? When Mrs. Jones said, “Yes,” the officer declared that these were illegal religious gatherings which must stop immediately! The Joneses received a citation warning them to “cease/stop religious assembly on parcel or obtain a major use permit.” Getting a permit could cost tens of thousands of dollars, and failure to do so would result in fines starting at $100 and escalating to $1,000. Than the county official reportedly had warned, “it will get ugly.”
Due to the national outcry, the County of San Diego temporarily backed down.

But, for Christians in America there is much more to come. Leaders in the Christian pro-family movement are warning about “Hate Crime Legislation” that has been called “The Pedophile Protection Act” which was passed by the House of Representatives and is waiting to be signed by President Obama. The bill protects 547 different kinds of sexual orientations and criminalizes Christianity. Europe and Canada have already passed similar legislation and it means that if pastors or Christians truly speak from the Bible they can be fined, arrested and imprisoned.
For many Evangelical Churches in America who have moved into the “Emerging Church” or “Seeker Friendly” model this will not present a problem, because they will become the State approved churches like the ones that exist in China and existed in Nazi Germany. These churches present no challenge to the State, or world system, because they are preaching the same humanistic message as the State with a few “Jesus words” thrown in for good measure.
What many Christians in America, Europe, Australia and other nations do not understand, because they no longer teach Bible prophecy, is that the world is shifting very quickly into a global government. The plans for this global government were laid out years ago by such groups as the Fabian Socialists in England. The Fabian Socialists consisted of British intellectuals like the science fiction writer H.G. Wells, the philosopher Bertrand Russell and others who believed all of mankind’s problems could be solved with the establishment of a world socialist government. The United Nations and the Council on Foreign Relations were created to achieve the goal of global government. When you read the actual writing’s of the men who planned and financed one world government, it is obvious that they intend to employ totalitarianism and police state measures to accomplish their goal. Since they believe that men and women are simply evolved animal’s they are actively implementing global social, economic and political policies in what t can only be described as ‘Social Darwinism.”

Most contemporary Christian leaders are incapable of grasping the full implications of exactly what that means to Christians in the 21st Century, because their theology is not Biblically based. It is a non-Biblical theology concocted in hot-tubs at the Esalen Institute
In Nazi Germany, many of the Jews kept saying it can’t happen here and yet it happened. They were telling each other as they were in line at the Concentration Camps, that they were going to get a shower. History tells us that they were gassed to death. Christians are saying the exact same thing in the U.S. and Europe while a totalitarian state rises all around them. In 1946, Julian Huxley, the founder of UNESCO created a global plan to destroy Christianity, the family and the nation state and they have been actively doing that for years. Since their world socialist government excludes God and specifically Jesus Christ, it is antichrist in nature and we should not be surprised at the global frontal assault on both Christianity and Judaism.

This global government cannot tolerate any resistance to its dictums. In Germany today when speaking of German homeschoolers, the German government state they cannot tolerate they existence of “parallel societies” which means they cannot tolerate the teaching of Christianity whatsoever in their schools. But, these same edicts exist in the U.S., Great Britain and other nations using different words. The intolerance of true Christianity is immersed in the International Law of the United Nations, of which American Supreme Court Justices now look for legal precedent and it is written into things like UNESCO, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and will soon become the law of the land in the US. United Nations law is now extending its authority over independent nation states like Great Britain. In Britain, under the U.N. Convention of the Rights of the Child, local authorities may soon have the legal right of access to the home and the right to speak to the children of a family alone, in order to make certain that homeschooling families are teaching what the U.N. wants. Under the U.N. Convention of the Rights of the Child, the U.N. becomes the parent of the child. Parents no longer have the legal right to teach a particular religion or restrict any kind of sexual activity a child may choose to participate including watching pornography.

According to a Moriel article on June 16th entitled, “Video: Police Attempt To Silence Street Preacher” from the Christian Institute, “Police officers told an open-air preacher in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, it is a criminal offence to identify homosexuality as a “sin”. They said this to Andy Robertson, an evangelist with the Open Air Mission, even though he had never mentioned homosexuality in his preaching.” This is not just happening in Great Britain, it is happening across the U.S. with increasing frequency.

According to a WorldNetDaily article entitled, “U.S. military teaches ‘protesters’ are ‘low-level terrorists’ by Bob Unruh on July 1, 2009, the ALCU sent a letter to the Pentagon which included this statement; “”Peaceful protest is not terrorist activity, it is protected by the First Amendment and is one of the cornerstones of our democratic society,” the ACLU said. “The fact that the views espoused may be unpopular or may be critical of the government is hardly a reason to treat engaging in dissent as a suspect activity.”

The Department of Homeland Security is profiling people who “protest” peacefully as “low level terrorists.” This means that if you exercise your Constitutional rights such as “freedom of religion,” “freedom of speech,” freedom of assembly,” and “freedom of the press” you are classified as a low level terrorist. If Christians peacefully gather to demonstrate in support of Israel, conduct a pro-life march, protest Sacramento, California for attempting to legalize homosexual marriage after the vote of the people clearly defined marriage as an institution between a man and woman, gather as “Promise Keepers” in Washington D.C. or choose to pray in front of the Supreme Court, they are now classified as “low level terrorists” by the DHS. In fact, the street preacher I heard on Times Square telling the crowds to repent because the judgment of God was near, three weeks before the Twin Trade Towers collapsed would have been classified as a terrorist and possibly prosecuted under a Federal Hate Crime’s law because he told the people “that is only through Christ that you can be saved from your sins!”
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued a very peculiar document shortly after President Obama was elected. This document is called The report, titled “Right-wing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment,” dated April 7, states that “threats from white supremacist and violent anti-government groups during 2009 have been largely rhetorical and have not indicated plans to carry out violent acts. Now the DHS definition of “right-wing extremism” is an odd grab-bag of groups. The report from DHS’ Office of Intelligence and Analysis defines right-wing extremism in the U.S. as “divided into those groups, movements and adherents that are primarily hate-oriented (based on hatred of particular religious, racial or ethnic groups) and those that are mainly anti-government, rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority, or rejecting government authority entirely. It may include groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration.

The report also classifies people who believe in “‘End times’ prophecies” as right-wing extremists and terrorists. Another government report mysteriously surfaced about a week earlier from the Missouri State Highway Patrol or the Department of Public Safety.
Both of these government reports identify Christians who are “pro-life,” pro-traditional marriage” and who believe in teaching or preaching Bible prophecy, such as the return of Jesus Christ as being dangerous “right-wing” extremists. What is ironic is that many of President Barack Obama’s “friends, such as the former members of the violent and anti-government as Weather Underground or the inflammatory Rev. Wright were not even on the list?

The Report said, “Rightwing extremism in the United States can be broadly divided into those groups, movements, and adherents that are primarily hate-oriented (based on hatred of particular religious, racial or ethnic groups), and those that are mainly anti-government, rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority, or rejecting government authority entirely,” the DHS report reads

“It may include groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single issue, such as abortion. But, here is where it gets very tricky. Strangely, weeks or a month after these reports were issued we have two high profile media stories of madman who fit the DHS profile of an extremist. The Huffington Post of June 10, 2009 summed it up very nicely with an article entitled,”” DHS Report Warned Against Anti-Semitic Violence

In the article, the writer appeared to compliment the Department of Homeland Security for being so accurate in its warnings of “right-wing” extremists. It cited the “violent anti-Semitic activity that occurred at the Holocaust Memorial in Washington D.C. by a “white supremacist” James W. Von Brunn. The article in the Huffington Post said, “It’s been several months now since that DHS report was issued and, sadly, the study is proving increasingly prescient. In addition to the Von Brunn shootings, there has been the killing of abortion provider George Tiller, another type of ideologically-driven killing that Napolitano warned against.
“But, what the Huffington Post and the other media conveniently left out is that Von Brunn was more of a left-wing extremist than a “right-wing” extremist.” James von Brunn, the man who allegedly shot and killed a guard at the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. was a militant believer in Darwinian evolution and hated Christians and the Bible. Facts that were ignored by a media eager to portray him as a “Christian right-wing extremist.” James Von Brunn was a socialist politically.

First of all it is clear that there exists in both the U.S., Europe and Islamic nations individuals and groups that are violent and anti-Semitic. The rise of the neo-Nazi movement in Europe and across the world is alarming and these groups exist in the U.S. No one in their right mind would defend the insane and immoral actions of Von Brunn or the man who shot George Tiller. But, here is where we enter the slippery slope of totalitarian law which will lead to the persecution of Bible believing Christians. First, the largest group of Evangelical Christian supporters of the Jews and Israel are Bible believing Christians who believe and teach “End Time Prophecy” and who are l “pro-life.” Yet, the UN laws and the DHS make no important distinction between the “right wing extremist” and the peaceful and loving Christians who believe in Bible prophecy, who are pro-life and who are the greatest supporters of Israel in the United States.

According to the DHS they are all “terrorists” and “right wing extremists.” So the assumption has to be made that sooner or later all Christians will be treated as terrorists because that is what the law states
Secondly, the DHS Report is heavily one sided and that is on the side of the left. You can be a Weather Underground member, brag about blowing up buildings and killing police men and that is okay! The DHS has no problem with you and you can be best friends of the President of the United States. You can preach hatred and intolerance for over 20 years and if you are Rev. Jeremiah Wright (a friend of the President) that’s okay by the Department of Homeland Security. What we have here is a one ideological group in power essentially labeling anyone who disagrees with them as a dangerous extremist. Bible believing Christians are now profiled in the same category as terrorists.

Miss California was fired from her job because she dared to say that she believed marriage is between a man and a woman. She was publicly harassed and fired! All across America and Europe corporations and government agencies are giving their employee’s sensitivity training so that they do not commit a “hate crime” against anybody of any sexual orientation and that means not only homosexuals but transgender, pedophiles, people who are into S&M, necrophilia or of any other sexual orientation will now receive special legal status. That means that if a man in California simply perceives himself to be a woman, than he is legally allowed to enter the shower room or rest room with little girls present. If a mother got upset and slapped the man from looking at her young daughter, she would be arrested and prosecuted for a hate crime and he, under the law would have done nothing.

In addition, this persecution of Christians will coincide with persecution against Jews who are either Messianic or Orthodox or conservative in their faith. What are the forces that are going to be responsible for this persecution?

First and foremost, there is the spiritual dimension. As we get closer to the return of Jesus Christ persecution is going to increase against the true church. We are told, “All who live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution.” As a world and world system grows farther and farther from God, wickedness and lawlessness will increase. Jesus Christ told us, “As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man” and “As it was in the days of Lot, so it will be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man.” The characteristic of these days were a quantum increase in wickedness, violence and perversion on the earth. We are seeing that in our time.

Secondly, even the Bible believing church had difficulty grasping the concept of just how evil, evil is. Jesus Christ did not get crucified by the world system because the world system was good. The world system is and was in terrific rebellion against God. As people who call themselves believers in the Bible, we tend to diminish the reality of Satan’s existence and that we are in a world with a titanic spiritual struggle going on. A struggle which centers in on the souls of men and women. Although, Christians have suffered terrific persecution in Communist and Muslim countries, most Western nations have had relatively little persecution. All of that is about to change. As the world system prepares for the coming of Antichrist we see the spirit of antichrist moving aggressively in our world. There is an earthly and demonic organizational structure to the emerging one world economic system and one world government.

The European Union is a regional global government. Soon there will be a North American Union which will be a mirror of the EU and merger Canada, Mexico and the United States along with a new NAU Constitution minus “The Bill of Rights.” It is very important for ordinary Christians and specifically Christian leaders to understand that a global totalitarian state is now emerging before us. A new world currency is an essential step in this process. But, make no mistake about as Dr. Francis Schaeffer thundered thirty years ago, “As the Evangelical Church accommodates to the culture, totalitarianism either from the right or the left will rise to manage the chaos.” I believe that at some point this totalitarianism will become the “Fourth Beast” in Daniel Chapter 9. Israel is God’s prophetic time clock and the time of His return is almost at hand. But, until that time there is coming a firestorm of persecution against the church. Tragically, I have witnessed the “Evangelical Church” in my lifetime slide from accommodation to apostasy. The so-called prophets “prophesy out of their own spirit” as they did in Ezekiel’s time. Judgment is coming and judgment begins in the house of the Lord. I tremble as I write these words.

Paul McGuire is a conference speaker and the author of 16 books. He can be reached at
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