Thursday, July 23, 2009


By Paul McGuire

There are many problems in life that can only be overcome by coming boldly to the throne of grace. The Word of God teaches us that because of the blood of Jesus Christ we can come boldly to the throne of grace and fight help in our time of need.

Books and teachings that reduce prayer to some kind of magic formula are not Biblical! What God wants from us is relationship which is the very thing that Adam and Eve lost in the Garden due to their sin. But the good news is that Jesus Christ has taken away your sin by His blood and you can come to Him for help. But, you must choose to come to him. It is amazing that as believers in Jesus Christ we often pray to God as a last resort.

There are many things that God wants to do in your life, our nation and world that can only happen through prayer. It is true God is sovereign and that means He may not always answer our prayers the way we want them to be answered or in our timing. In addition, there is nothing you can pray that is going to overturn Bible prophecy. God is the Sovereign King of the Universe and He will accomplish His will.

The Bible also teaches that each of us is involved in spiritual warfare and that our “fight is not against flesh and blood, but principalities, powers and the unseen powers of darkness.” In other words, in some cases we are battling demonic forces that can only be defeated by using spiritual weapons.

Perhaps one of the greatest deceptions against the individual Christian and the Church is the lie that our prayers won’t work. When we falsely believe that our prayers will not work we slide into the pits of despair, depression, hopelessness and defeat.

Again, there is no magical formula to prayer. However, I would suggest that we begin our prayers by honoring God for who He is our Master and Savior. If there is sin in our lives, even besetting sin we ask God for forgiveness and the power to overcome those sins. Than we simply come to God! We come boldly to the throne of grace because our sins have been forgiven. We ask God for what we need, what others needs and the things that God has placed on your heart regarding your nation, city, family, church and world.

We do not go by feelings, but we expect God to move. We expect Him to answer our prayers. Coming boldly to the throne of grace is not a one time event, but a lifestyle! We will come to God over and over again. Jesus Christ said that we are to pray constantly. But, the point is that we pray!

If we are honest before God the root problem in not coming boldly to the throne of grace is that we have cultivated unbelief in our hearts or we have grown weary in praying. Sometimes we have not seen God answer prayer in the way we would like and in our timing. There are times we have prayed and it seems from our earthly perspective that the exact opposite has happened and we become bitter.

The Good News is that you can begin to see God move powerfully in your life, the lives of others and in your world when you begin to pray again. Allow the Spirit of God to search your heart. If there is bitterness or unbelief as Him to cleanse you of this sin by His blood. Then begin coming boldly to the throne of grace again and find help from God in your time of need. Dare to cultivate an attitude of supreme confidence and expectation that your prayers will be answered! Expect to see your prayers answered and walk in that confidence. We walk by faith and not by sight. Do not allow your present circumstances to dictate to you what your life is about. Cry out to the Lord! Remember, “As long as they sought the Lord they continued to prosper!”

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