Thursday, July 2, 2009


by Paul McGuire

Prophetic, political and economic events are exploding all around us. However, most people are in the dark, including Christians, because they rely on the propaganda of the corporate controlled media. Fist, there is the problem with the North Korean ship, which intelligence experts believe is carrying nuclear weapons and is being trailed by the USS, McCain. Iran, Israel and Russia continued to be headed to a showdown over Iran’s nuclear program. Netanyahu has offered a two-state solution with guarantees of military inspection, but the Palestinians refused. Inviting terrorists into the land of Israel is like having a serial killer parked outside of your house in a motor home.

On the economic level, as I wrote about in my book “The Day The Dollar Died,” it appears the dollar is being deliberately devalued in order to bring in a world currency. Russia, Great Britain and China have been calling for competing world currencies to replace the dollar. If China pulled out its trillions of dollars in U.S. investments, America would collapse. I talk about this in a brand new video MP4 Download entitled “America and Prophecy” and “The Watchman II” a new MP3 Download. The Democrats rushed through a bill that gives the Federal Reserve (the international bankers) control over every major financial institution in the U.S.

Interestingly, you lost about 40-60% of your retirement investments. Yet, powerful insiders like the billionaire George Soros reportedly earned over a billion dollars in profit? A Secretary of the Treasury and former Federal Reserve Bank President made several billion in profit and another Federal Reserve banker made another couple of billion dollars. In fact, on newspaper reported that Senator Dick Durbin was told by the Federal Reserve to pull hundreds of thousands of dollars out of his investments and place them elsewhere because they knew in advance that the financial crisis was coming.

Yet, the average American who had their retirement funds with the major investment companies and banks did not have access to inside information and billions of dollars were lost in retirement investments. But, don’t worry Universal Health Care is on its way! But, how is it the government is going to be able to afford to give you health care when it is broke? The answer is that if you read the fine print in the Health Care Bill they intend to ration health care and deliver a lower level of health care than you already have. Using Canada as an example of Universal Health Care, you can expect 6-8 month waiting time to see your doctor. Expensive and costly operations will be denied by committee’s and the big savings will come with mass euthanasia of the elderly. So elderly people will not be given expensive operations, medical treatment or long term treatment for things like Alzheimer’s! They will be allowed to die, by the millions. Read the fine print! Remember Terry Schiavo, well multiple that by millions of people!

Than right after the 2010 election, because they don’t dare pass it before the election, 30 million illegal immigrants will be given amnesty and then millions more. Once they have been given amnesty they automatically get to vote and they get Universal Health Care. Guess who pays for all that health care? You do through higher taxes. But, what is the real purpose of this? Flood the nation with new voters who are dependent on Big Government. That way your vote means nothing, because no matter how hard you organize, you cannot overcome the sheer numbers of 30 million plus new voters who are going to vote for Big Government programs and higher taxes. Goodbye America as we know it!

The more the people become absolutely dependent on government, the more they will give away their Constitutional rights like freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of the press. I talk about this in my book “The Day The Dollar Died,” my new downloads “American in Prophecy.” The Watchman I and II,” and “The Coming Persecution of Christians.” The root of all this is not political, it is spiritual. American Christians have been lulled to sleep by false prophets. These false prophets, like in the days of Ezekiel, “prophesy out of their own spirit” and tell the people that peace and prosperity is coming. A well known prophet and I am not judging him or attempting to speak negatively about him. But, he had a prophecy that Obama was going to get saved and revival would spread through America. I hope he is right! However, I remember very clearly when the Prophet Paul Cain had a prophecy that Bill Clinton was going to get radically saved and revival would break out through him, during his second term in office. Many charismatics and evangelical’s stopped speaking out for what was right and the church was paralyzed because they expected Bill Clinton to be saved. Are we going to make the same mistake twice?

Than we have Emerging Church leader Brian McLaren telling the church to desert Israel, in Israel’s greatest hour of need. The EU and the Obama Administration are force Israel into a two-state solution. This will allow the terrorists to go into the heart of Israel with suicide bombers and WMD’s. They want Jerusalem, the City of David to be given to the Palestinians! There is a coming regional thermonuclear war in the Middle East. But, that nuclear war could spread to Great Britain and the U.S. A North Korean ship, that maybe carrying nuclear weapons is heading our way. Both North Korea and al Qaeda have threatened to nuke us. The Word of God say’s regarding Israel, “I will bless those that bless thee and curse those who curse thee.”
I warn about this in my books “The Warning” and “Are You Ready?” If we force Israel to give up the land we could open our nation up to the curse of God. Economic collapse or multiple nukes going off simultaneously in U.S. cities. When that happens we go under Martial Law. A friend of mine, Constitutional Attorney John Whitehead say’s that under Martial Law you have no rights. You now live under a military dictatorship. Yet the American Church sleeps, exactly as the Evangelical Church slept in Nazi, Germany.

I have just recorded a new MP3 which you can download at entitled, “How to Survive, Prosper and Overcome in Financial and Social Chaos.” It is the first in a “preparedness” series that I am doing with practical suggestions on how you can prosper. Many Christians have a Y2K mentality and they think they are going to head for the hills or Petra and wait things out. That is not going to happen! We either seek God’s guidance now and act strategically and intelligently, or we are going to face some very unpleasant days before Jesus returns. If you and your friends are simply getting your information from the corporate media, which had no clue whatsoever about the current financial meltdown, than you are going down with the ship. You have not only seek the Lord, but you have to think outside of the box. You can be deceived by the corporate media, ultra-weird conspiracy websites and the false prophets who are prophesying out of their own spirit. You need to soberly understand that leading economists around the world are warning that the U.S. could face the same hyper-inflation as the Weimar Republic in pre-Nazi, Germany.

In the next few months and years, you are going to have to make some bold decisions to save yourself and family. I have done extensive research and I am going to provide you with a steady stream of credible and balanced information beginning with the first in a MP3 series entitled, “How to Survive, Prosper and Overcome in Financial and Social Chaos.” The Word of God teaches us that, “As long as they sought the Lord they continued to prosper” and it is God who gives us the power to get wealth.” The Lord is not limited to just “good economic times.” But, many Christians twist this truth into “all I have to do is just trust the Lord.” That is not what the Bible teaches and it is precisely one of the reasons that we find ourselves in the place we are in. But, there is a way out! Remember the story of David as he faced Goliath!

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