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Paul McGuire

The dollar is steadily declining and China is urging a new world currency! Why? The Chinese, Russia, the EU and many other nations have no confidence that our current economic programs will solve our financial crisis and they don’t want to go down with the ship. The corporate controlled media is soft pedaling how serious this problem is because they don’t want to create panic and a market crash. In that respect they are correct if people panic right now they will bring the market down. It is imperative that no matter what you hear than you do not give into fear and hysteria! Remember economics is spiritual, psychological, as well as physical.
We have a number of MP3 messages that can explain to you what is happening and what you can do in terms of preparedness in order to prosper and survive. “As long as they sought the Lord they continued to prosper.” We have moved as a nation and as the church from “In God We Trust” to “In Money or Government We Trust.” The road to economic recovery starts with “In God We Trust.” Download “How To Survive, Prosper and Overcome in Financial Chaos at Also, the brand new “McGuire Economic Report 10 – The Decline of the Dollar” gives you the latest intelligence on what is really happening behind the scenes with our economy.

The People’s Bank of China called for the International Monetary Fund (A U.N. globalist institution controlled by the international bankers) to set up a one world economic system. Sounds like Revelation 13 where the False Prophet or the Second Beast sets up a world economic system.

U.S. currency fell 0.9 percent against the euro and the 10-year U.S. Treasury as most investors bet that the Fed will keep interest rates close to zero. Economists are calling for a selling of the dollar. I believe this is planned and I explain why in my book “The Day The Dollar Died.” In addition the 3 three new downloads, “The McGuire Economic Report 10- The Decline of the Dollar”, “How to Prosper, Survive and Overcome in Financial and Social Chaos,” and the video “America in Prophecy.” You need to get all three of these to get insider analysis and solutions. If you are relying on the corporate controlled media to give you answers, than you are being foolish. All the major financial television network shows, the financial press, big investment firms and major banks had no idea what was coming and that is why you lost 40-60% on your 401 K’s and retirement. In addition, the big Christian financial gurus who hold the big seminars and have national radio and television shows were clueless about this crisis. So why would you trust them again? They do not understand the root of the problem. They have no idea how the Federal Reserve operates and the hidden agenda to move to global currency. Essentially they remain clueless!

Right now Brazil’s currency gained 2% over the dollar and the South African rand gained 1.4 % over the dollar. The euro is also gaining over the dollar. China actually rebuked the U.S. Federal Reserve for simply printing more money to solve the deficit and continuing to get in debt. The Chinese are the biggest holder of U.S. Treasuries and they have over $763.5 billion invested. They have no confidence in our current economic recovery programs and a lot of other nations are nervous. The Russians are speaking out of both side of their mouth. On one hand they say they have complete confidence in our economy and on the other they are calling for competing world currencies to replace the dollar.

If China and the world rejects the dollar as the world currency in an economic crisis of unprecedented proportions will hit the U.S. America has sustained its economy artificially by spending way beyond our means through debt because we were the world’s currency that relied on tens of billions of dollars each day being invested by foreign investors and nations. You really need to understand the convergence of economic, legal and military factors that are affecting our nation. First, we essentially have a Marxist-style President in Office. But, let us remember that the Republicans and George W. Bush were taking us down the same road.
The International Bankers and the Council on Foreign Relations own both political parties and the media.

An army of Americorps volunteers is being set up on a national basis. Either through a terrorist attack or economic chaos our government is preparing seriously for Martial Law. Remember the words of the great evangelical theologian and philosopher Dr. Francis Schaeffer, “As society breaks down a totalitarian regime either from the left or right will arise to manage the chaos.”

So how did we get in this mess? We rejected common sense economic principles for the economic madness of John Maynard Keynes who used the term, “spend your way to prosperity” and encouraged debt. Keynes was a Fabian socialist dedicated to global government and a one world economic system. When Nixon went off the gold standard, the U.S. dollar was backed by nothing. Prior to that you could go to a bank and redeem your dollars for gold. Now you dollar say’s Federal Reserve Note which is simply an IOU and is backed by absolutely nothing. In the style of Bernie Madhoff, the Federal Reserve simply prints money backed by nothing and in any amount they choose. Then they loan it to the U.S. government for interest. So you have the Federal Reserve printing trillions of dollars to bail out the economy, buy banks, finance wars and buy or loan to major corporations. Since they are printing trillions of dollars that are backed by nothing, the Chinese who are not stupid, have threatened to pull their money out of our system because they see it for what it is- a giant confidence game. When they say monetizing the debt, what are really saying is printing trillions of dollars, backed by nothing. Since you are flooding the market with dollars you reduce the value of the dollar. This process is called inflation and it is a sophisticated way of stealing. Governments like the Weimar Republic in Germany and many other governments have done the same thing.

What this means to you, the hard working taxpayer is that let’s say you earn $50,000 per year. Well when they print more dollars and “monetize the debt,” there are now significantly more dollars in circulation which reduces the value of your dollar. At some point your $50,000, not counting taxes, is now only worth $25,000. On paper you are still earning $50,000, but even after a raise the actual value of your money is cut in half or more. So now you are really making $25,000 and your lifestyle has gone down considerably and went the Government pays back its debts, they are now paying them back in dollars which are worth 50% less and that is why China is angry.

But, there are other reasons these nations have no confidence in us. The Congress just passed “Cap and Trade” global warming legislation. First, the problem is that there are a steadily growing number of scientists who believe we have entered a global cooling period. The ice caps are freezing over and they are no longer melting. In addition, weather across the planet is getting colder and not hotter. John Coleman, the father of the Weather Channel, called global warming, “the greatest scam in history.” The Czech Republic leader Vaclav Claus, who is also the president of the European Union, does not believe in global warming. He is educating millions of people in the EU and in some countries only 11% of the public believes in man-made global warming. Contrast that with the Orwellian media in the U.S. where millions of brain-washed Americans actually believe in global warming. Yet, due to the Internet and other sources of information the tide of public opinion is turning. The United Nations can see the hand writing on the wall, so they invented the International Climate Control Treaty which covers their bet both ways. The UN is still in business whether the world gets hotter or colder. But, the real purpose of the International Climate Control Treaty is to transfer trillions of dollars in wealth out of the U.S. and other developed nations. Again, the goal is global government and in order to do that you have to artificially bring down the economies of the U.S., Great Britain, the EU, Australia and other nations in order to equalize the playing field.

But Obama and the House just passed the “Cap and Trade” bill to fight the non-existent problem of global warming. This will significantly raise taxes on Americans and create huge regulations that will further stifle our economy. The Congressional Budget Office projects that this legislation will raise an additional $845.6 billion in taxes over nine year period. That’s $4,000 of additional taxes per American household. Yet in true George Orwell/Big Brother style the proponents of this bill call it a jobs bill. In fact, Obama said, “it will make possible the creation of millions of new jobs. Now, make no mistake – this is a jobs bill.”

We have Universal Health Care coming up. This will cost trillions of dollars and additional taxes. So how a government that is is broke going to be able to afford it? In the fine print of the health bill is a plan to ration health care. Based on the Canadian model where people often have to wait 6-8 months to see their doctor for a condition, Universal Health Care in America will be a second rate health care system. Committee’s will decide if a person’s treatment is cost effective. So when it comes to the elderly man who needs multiple by-pass operations or someone with Alzheimer’s, they may be simply allowed to die. People with highly expensive lifelong conditions requiring very expensive treatment may no longer receive that treatment. If a child in the womb has defects or the prospect of expensive care they will simply be aborted. So what happens to children with autism, schizophrenia, blindness, paralysis or a huge numbers of other conditions? Will they be allowed to live? Read the fine print on the contract. The American economy and the California economy, for example could roar again. Simply encourage business and reduce excessive taxes and regulations. The economies would take off like a rocket. It makes a great political statement to say you are going to tax the rich and big corporations. But when you do that you simply force the rich and the big corporations to relocate in more tax and business friendly nations. The true result is loss of jobs as corporations flee the U.S.

But, here is the big nasty secret. Immediately after the 2010 elections, they intend to pass an amnesty bill that would legalize over 30 million illegal immigrants and millions more. They are waiting until after the election because they understand they would never get elected if the people knew what they were up to. Immediately, all of the 30 million immigrants now get Universal Health Care. Who pays for it? You do in the form of increased taxes. But, there is another stealth strategy here. When you systematically flood the nation with people who are dependent on Big Government, you have essentially destroyed the voting process. Your vote and no matter how organized you are cannot overcome the sheer numbers of people who are going to vote in favor of socialist programs.

We have a very brief window of opportunity to change the direction of our nation in a peaceful and legal manner. First, we must educate as many people as possible so that they are aware of what is going on. You can do that many ways such as signing up people who might be interested to this E Mail newsletter. Many people are giving people copies of my book “The Day The Dollar Died” because they find people are interested in it.

We need a critical mass to wake up and then we can change things. They are counting on your ignorance in order to accomplish their goals. Also, it is vitally important to get people to stop listening to false prophets who act like everything is just going to be fine. The prophets of Ezekiel’s day were doing the same thing and the Lord was against them because they were lying to the people by prophesying out of their own spirits and saying peace and prosperity is just ahead. No offense, but that is what the Antichrist is going to say. Do not surrender to fatalism or fear. Do not be lulled to sleep by false prophets and a corporate controlled media. “With God all things are possible.” If we seek the Lord and then actually act upon what He tells us, He can help us turn this nation around! You are either part of the problem or part of the solution. Seek the Lord!

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