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By Paul McGuire

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                                           By Paul McGuire

Most people today look at America’s and the world’s problems using a three dimensional perception. This perception, which is often known as “scientific materialism,” is the belief that the only reality there is is the one that we can see with our eyes. It is from there that we get the expression, “seeing is  believing.” The problem is that this belief system is not true and any attempt to manage what is called reality will simply fail without understanding and accessing what scientists now call the “Fourth Dimension.”

Let’s quickly review the major problems we are facing in America and around the world that are now at the critical state. One is the possibility of a global financial collapse, riots, anarchy, and some form of totalitarianism to manage the chaos. In addition, we have an enormous increase in hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, solar flares, food shortages, and plagues, and already a dangerous level of social chaos. Many people, not just in America, but around the world are concerned about a far lower standard of living and the loss of freedoms, including religious freedoms.

The question is how do we effectively deal with all of those problems?  Currently we have an extremely large percentage of non-effective ways of dealing with them. For example, during the last Presidential election between President Obama and Mitt Romney, Romney and the Republicans spent a lot of money, but ran an ineffective campaign. Collectively the so-called conservative movement, with some notable exceptions, is for all practical purposes an ineffective movement, with its primary strategies almost entirely built on a social paradigm from the Reagan era. 

The reason conservatives worship Reagan, and I happen to have liked the man, is because they are stuck and frozen in time. They have not allowed their consciousness, perception, and awareness to develop effective strategies to communicate with America as it is now and not as they remember it to be and want it to be. They are out of touch and disconnected, and their consciousness is frozen.

In contrast, no matter what you think of President Obama, he and his team understand the America we now live in and are able to effectively communicate with it. One example would be the use of Obama’s constant personal messages on Twitter.

Neurological scientists have created enormous breakthroughs in discovering how the human mind works in just the last five to ten years. Let’s look at the discovery regarding neuroplasticity, which allows the brain to continually reorganize itself and empowers neurons to adjust their activities to a new environment. Neurons or nerve cells carry information, thoughts, memories, perception etc. through the brain, which allows us to think. Neural plasticity is vital to letting the brain form new neural pathways in order to understand and process information.

If we allow our minds to be programmed through social engineering or mind control or due to our own failure to take the willful action to think new thoughts in response to new situations, the neural pathways cannot allow our minds to receive new information in a dynamic world. In short, our minds fall back on earlier or previous programming. Our brains become frozen and we cease to be effective in all that we do.

The Romney campaign and the current Republican Party illustrate this principle. Essentially, Mitt Romney was communicating a “Leave it to Beaver” message to the world of 2012. Obama was communicating effectively to 2012. When I first turned on the Republican National Convention on television I was stunned to see that almost everyone attending was White. As the late communications theorist Marshall McLuhan said, the “Medium is the Message.”  You can fight that all you want, but it is the way things are so you have to deal with it! The American voter is primarily swayed by image, facial expressions, and clever sound bites.

I happen to like Clint Eastwood as an actor, especially his earlier films, but the “Dirty Harry” image of an aging white actor communicates the ultimate negative message to many voters. In a tragic sense, it exemplifies the mentality of the Republican Party and many conservatives, which is that they are totally out of touch. On a neurological level, their brains do not have enough neuroplasticity and new neurological pathways are not being built. In short, they are stuck and frozen.

Unfortunately, this same neurological process is at work in many conservative radio talk show hosts, although there are many good ones.  These radio talk show hosts do realize that their message is stale and repetitive. Without realizing it they have become clichés of themselves. If they are not careful, they are going to lose their ability to educate and motivate the masses. I have essentially stopped watching what used to be called conservative television shows, because with the exception of a very tiny minority, they are brainless talking heads who don’t have a clue what they are talking about and that is why they have been given the job. But since they don’t think, they have not figured that out yet. But you can’t fool the audience; the audience knows exactly what is happening.

Personally I am very concerned about the state of America and the sobering reality is that unless things change this nation is going to go down and go down hard! Many of you understand what I am talking about, but many of your friends, like mine, are walking about like clueless zombies.

The primary battlefield is the battlefield of the mind and we would not be facing the challenges we are facing now if we had not already lost that battle. The Fabian Socialists like H.G. Wells, Bertrand Russell, and Aldous Huxley, and the KGB, the CIA, and scientists like B.F. Skinnner completely understand this. They get it!

Other groups of people who are dancing in a collective trance state with their neurological pathways psycho-surgically amputated are the majority of Evangelical Christians. You would think with all the Biblical teaching on the renewing of the mind, the mind of Christ, and the verse, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind” that they would think clearly and act courageously.  But I can tell you from personal observation that the larger percentage of Evangelical Christians do not have a sound mind because that would imply they were actually thinking.  The reality is that they practically have no mind at all and therefore they have become useless in the greatest spiritual battle of all time!

How did this happen? The Evangelical Christians began to embrace the same theology that destroyed the church in Nazi Germany and caused the Evangelical Christians to vote for Hitler by 98%. This happened because they allowed their minds to be conquered by the philosophy of the German Schools of Theological Higher Criticism, which taught that the Bible was not written by God and that there was no resurrection, no miracles, and Jesus Christ did not rise from the dead. In addition, they taught there is no Heaven or Hell.

The German Evangelical church had become dumbed down and lacked any spiritual discernment, so they viewed Adolph Hitler as kind of a Messiah. Why? Because he told them what they wanted to hear and promised them peace, prosperity, and universal health care. The dumbing down process was not accidental; it was highly strategic and scientific social engineering. Adolph Hitler and the secret occult societies that put him in power, like the Vril Society and the Thule Society, merged the demonic teachings of the occult with the science of mind control and won the battlefield of the mind.

Today all of the things I have mentioned in this article are accelerating to a high speed in America. The first strike in the battlefield of the mind is to convince your enemy that they are powerless against you and there is no possible way for them to win, except to surrender. This is the focal point of psychological warfare. Just like in Hitler’s time there are highly advanced scientific and technological weapons of warfare being employed. But to the person who is brainwashed this is just tin foil hat and conspiracy theory stuff. That stream of thought which is promoted by the media, politicians, and other leaders is the core component of the brainwashing process. It shuts down the neurological pathways by erecting a terrifying psychological monster which says to you that if you think independently you are crazy and you will be rejected by your peers.

After World War II the OSS, which became the CIA, smuggled into the U.S. over four thousand Nazi scientists under Operation Paperclip. These were either rocket scientists or mind control scientists, or both. The Nazi rocket scientists launched the U.S. space program and took us to the Moon. But the mind control scientists were just as much on the cutting edge as the rocket scientists, and even today people have no concept of how sophisticated and advanced mind control technology is.

However, the Nazi scientists were also members of secret occult societies which were able to contact demons and gain highly advanced scientific information. While the leaders of the educational system and the scientists were pretending to be atheists they were using very powerful and occult forces.

In the Bible the Apostle Paul writes, “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”  Ephesians 6:12

Most Evangelical Christians in America do not take that verse literally and they cannot engage in this spiritual warfare because they do not understand it exists. Among those who think it does not exist would be the majority of Republicans. Behind every single problem in America right now there exists a raging battle in the invisible realm or fourth dimension, between angels and demons. Despite the fact that the Bible calls us to be “spiritual warriors” most Republicans, Christians, and conservatives are AWOL from the primary battlefield. The result of this failure to engage in what God commanded is the primary cause of the chaos we are seeing.

There are a growing number of scientists in the fields of Transhumanism, physics, neurological sciences and other fields that now understand that our world is far more than just three dimensions. String Theory in physics states that there are thirteen dimensions composed of vibrating strings.  Many physicists acknowledge the reality of the Fourth Dimension and Scalar technology, which theorizes that everything that happens in the physical world first was designed, created and birthed in the Fourth Dimension. Christians have referred to the Fourth Dimension as the spiritual world and the invisible realm.

Physicists who understand the Fourth Dimension tell us that it is possible to transfer unlimited energy with very little cost from the Fourth Dimension into our three dimensions. These scientists claim that energy forces that can cure any disease, information beyond our understanding, and also destructive energy can be pulled out of the Fourth Dimension using Scalar Technology. It appears the inventor Tesla stumbled onto this over a century ago. In Ayn Rand’s novel, “Atlas Shrugged,” she makes mysterious references to this other dimension. The Nazis called it the Vril force and Sir Francis Bacon, the Freemasons, and the Illuminati have accessed it. One of the aspects of this Fourth Dimension is that it allows for time travel, which was written about by Tesla before the information was suppressed.

So here is how understanding the reality of the Fourth Dimension enables us to access infinite information that is applicable to the problems we face and to the battlefield of the mind. If you read the words of Jesus Christ very carefully and discard your religious bias against the supernatural, Jesus Christ actually gives us enormous supernatural power. In Eden before Adam and Eve fell they were given the authority to be rulers of planet Earth. That rulership was removed from the consciousness and DNA of Man when Adam and Eve listened to the voice of the serpent, which represents Lucifer.

However, when Jesus Christ died and resurrected from the dead, among other things He restored spiritual authority and rulership to those who believe in Him. This restoration is not complete yet. The full supernatural authority and rulership will be fully restored in Heaven when those who are the elect will rule and reign with Christ and as co-rulers they will sit on thrones with Christ.
But through failure to truly understand and obey God’s Word most of the church is completely unaware of the power Christians have been given as they are led like lambs to the slaughter. 

On a scientific level, when neuroplasticity is restored and the neural pathways are allowed to develop to their fullest potential, the consciousness of man will be vastly expanded.  There is a divine synergy between the scientific, the biological, and the spiritual. Jesus Christ said “You have the mind of Christ,” but the human brain will have to be vastly expanded to carry what is called the “mind of Christ.” Thus there must be a corresponding amplification in neuroplasticity and neurological pathways.

Jesus Christ taught a very precise method of accessing this supernatural power and releasing what are called miracles from the Fourth Dimension, or the spiritual world. We see hints of this through the Bible, such as Elisha’s servant seeing a massive army protecting them, an Army that appeared as chariots of fire. He was able to see out of our three dimensions and into another dimension.

Tesla’s inventions and recent scientific discoveries about the Fourth Dimension tell us that time travel is possible and that it is possible to step out of time and space. The Infinite Personal Living God of the Universe resides outside of time and space.

From that scientific truth which supports the greater Biblical truth we can accept scientifically and by faith what God means when He said to us “For I knew you before the beginning of time and you were called for such a time as this.” It is critical in the outcome of the current battle that you clearly comprehend that God specifically designed you and fully equipped you to live right now in the here and now. Furthermore, you have a series of assignments that pertain to the great battle, which is your duty to fulfill.

It is not an accident that you were called to be here now, wherever you are located throughout the world. It is also not an accident that you are reading these words I have written at this very moment. This is not accidental… it is planned!  As you read these words you are aware and responsible for the battlefield of the mind that is going on. If you are normal, and I assume you are, you cannot stand idly by because your conscience is torturing you, but you do not know what to do. This is why you have encountered this article on this website right now. Again this is not an accident.

From my studies in the prophetic Scriptures, studying science and listening to that still small voice within me, I am presenting you with the truth you need now. I am not the author or originator of this truth; it comes from another dimension sent from an Infinite Personal God who knows you personally.
The important thing to know is that if you have met the conditions outlined in this article you have been given supernatural authority and a power so great we call it the miraculous.  In addition, you have been given rulership that will culminate when you leave this dimension for the invisible realm.

The process is simple. You simply look into your heart and pick a number of areas which are of critical concern. Some may apply to your personal life or a loved one; all the rest must apply to what is happening collectively all around us. Then, by exercising faith, you are going to specifically engage one task at a time on the battlefield of the mind. When you do this you are going to release the same energy that keeps the planets in orbit and generates life. You are going to direct this energy in the form of a prayer to the Supreme Being and you are going to ask Him to do specifically what you believe needs to be done, no matter how impossible it may seem.

What you think is possible cannot be allowed to limit your consciousness; you must move beyond the realm of the possible into the realm of understanding that anything may be possible. When you do this, believing like a child that this will happen, you are going to release what would be the equivalent of a cosmic shockwave, which will disintegrate any stronghold or wall that would attempt to block the power of your prayer. You must understand that you were called here for such a time as this to use it. 

Therefore you cannot fail to use it.

You are about learn how to release the most powerful force in the universe.  There is nothing that can stop it. You must have the courage to walk away from all forms of trivial and non-Biblical religion. When the Apostle Paul said “For the Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk, but of power” he was clearly explaining this principle.  It is your job to release the power of the Kingdom of God on Earth. This does not change God’s prophetic program, but it does change absolutely everything we can change, and that is a lot!

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 By Paul McGuire

Paul McGuire on Maui doing research for a book on the New Age Movement.

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 My spiritual pilgrimage began at a very young age when the questions, “Who am I? What is my purpose in life?” and “What am I doing here?” haunted me and burned in my mind night and day. While other children were content to play, I was driven to ask questions about the meaning of life. Raised in New York City, I came from a liberal, educated family. Both my parents were teachers, and neither believed in God. As a young boy, I thought science could give me the answers to my questions about life. 

Reading every book I could get my hands on about science and the lives of the great scientists, I often devoured ten books a week. I read about men like Albert Einstein, Nicola Tesla, Thomas Edison, Enrico Fermi, Louis Pasteur, and John Oppenheimer. Building a huge laboratory in my bedroom, I undertook amateur experiments on cryogenics and nuclear physics. Soon, however, I realized that these brilliant men did not have the answers I was looking for. Thus, at an early age I discovered the bankruptcy of scientific materialism. After exhausting science as a means of finding the meaning of life, I next investigated the occult and Eastern religions. Biblical Christianity was not even an option for me. I had never once met a Bible-believing Christian or seen an evangelist on television, and the churches in my neighborhood were steeped in liberal theology or dead orthodoxy.

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The only religion we had at home was secular humanism – the belief that there is no God and man is the center of the universe. As a result, I was raised to believe that there was no absolute right or wrong. Around the dinner table, my parents taught me that human evil was due to ignorance and that the concept of a personal God was an archaic belief any educated person should transcend. In addition, they told me that Christians were intellectually pathetic people who were “anti-love,” “anti-joy,” and “anti-sex.” Instead of promoting anything good, Christians were responsible for the crusades and the Inquisition. One Thanksgiving evening my grandmother asked my father to pray. Instead, he launched into a thunderous tirade about how there was no reason to thank God – everything we had came from man’s hard work.

In the atheistic environment of my home, the spiritual void within me grew deeper, and I plunged headlong into the New Age philosophy and radical politics. Soon after I reached puberty, my parents divorced, ripping my world apart. My spiritual pilgrimage merged with a growing hatred of all authority and society. I was ripe to be seduced by the counterculture and the psychedelic philosophy of the ’60s which has now become the New Age Movement. Although my mother held a secular humanist worldview, she was always full of loving concern and discipline. 

She spent thousands of hours reading me books and taking me to museums and libraries. Genuinely concerned about her rebellious son, my mother sent me to a psychotherapist whom she hoped would solve my problems. I told my therapist that I wanted to know why I was alive, who I was, and what purpose there was for my life. He could not help me and only provided a listening board. In the vain hope of finding answers, I began reading Sigmund Freud, Carl Rogers, and Carl Jung. But all the leading psychological theorists seemed to contradict each other, and I was left more confused than ever. Then the “hippie” movement with its drugs and “free love” exploded across the nation.

I remember the first time I saw Timothy Leary. Wearing a white outfit and grinning like the “Cheshire Cat” from Alice In Wonderland, he said on national television “Tune in, turn on, and drop out.” This psychedelic prophet of LSD was in distinct contrast to the people involved in organized religion. Then the Beatles recorded “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” and the psychedelic invasion of drugs, Eastern religion, and promiscuous sex spread. At the age of fifteen, I was wearing long hair and boots and demonstrating with Abbie Hoffman in New York City.

I organized demonstrations and was even made an honorary member of the Black Panther Party for protesting outside a prison against the arrest of Panther leaders. Simultaneously, I deepened my activities in Eastern mysticism and was introduced to drugs by an “honor student” in my high school. I read a book by Aldous Huxley titled Heaven and Hell and the Doors of Perception, which describes Huxley’s experimentation with hashish and mescaline as a means to enter a higher state of consciousness.

This fellow student, whose father was a doctor, “turned me on” to hashish and mescaline as part of a serious scientific experiment. Together, we passed through the “doors of perception” and entered a higher realm of consciousness. Fueled by drugs like LSD and mescaline, it was the psychedelic ’60s that ushered in the current New Age Movement. Powerful mind altering drugs like LSD blasted people into the spiritual realm and forced them to acknowledge the presence of a spiritual reality.

This opened the door to the occult and the myriad practices of Eastern mysticism that gave birth to the New Age Movement. In my own life, the use of powerful psychedelic drugs like LSD intensified my plunge into the New Age philosophy and Eastern Mysticism. Thus began an electric pilgrimage into Hinduism, Buddhism, the teachings of Don Juan, yoga, mental telepathy, altered states of consciousness, hypnotherapy, astral projection, reincarnation, the occult, devil’s weed, spirit guides, and a smorgasbord of mystical experiences.

I was greatly influenced by men like Baba Ram Dass, Ken Kesey, Timothy Leary, and Stephen Gaskin. In fact, my major at the University of Missouri was called “Altered States of Consciousness,” a brand-new accredited field within the Department of Psychology. We studied different means of entering higher states of consciousness and engaged in exercises based on Eastern mystical teaching and experiences by men like Carlos Castaneda. It was during this time of intense New Age activity that I developed spiritual powers and “cosmic consciousness.”

My professor at the University of Missouri was a practicing mystic and taught a number of courses on mental illness. He believed, as did popular psychologists like R.D. Laing, that mental illness or madness could be a means of entering higher consciousness. In this theory, insane people are considered spiritual pilgrims caught between two realities. My professor invited gurus to teach and perform supernatural feats of levitation. Once while my professor was lecturing, I heard a distinct voice within me shout, “Surrender to the dark forces within!”

At this point in my life I noticed a growing intensity in the manifestation of strong paranormal experiences. Yet at the same time, I had a growing feeling that things were getting out of control. The more bizarre things became, however, the more I believed I was moving toward “enlightenment.” I became convinced that everything happening was due to my excess “karma” burning off. As is often the case with people involved in drugs and the occult, I experienced mixed feelings of great elation and depression. I became a kind of mystical “wildman,” hiking into the woods while on psychedelic drugs and communing with what I thought was God.

But I was like a comet crashing into the atmosphere, burning more brightly as I moved through the heavens and consuming myself in flames. One evening I broke into my psychology professor’s office and wrote him an anonymous note warning him of the dangers of “the journey.”

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Paul at Beth Ariel Thurs. Feb 21st 7PM / FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE

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By Paul McGuire

Friday February 15, 2013 a meteor ripped through the sky in central Russia sending fireballs crashing to earth.  Fragments of the meteor smashed into the Chelyabinsk region, in the Ural Mountains injuring over 1,000 people.  Later that same night, San Francisco Bay stargazers in America saw the blue flash of a meteor which caused a loud sonic boom as it fell, breaking apart and spreading meteorites in the North Bay. In many ways this disaster resembled a nuclear attack…a possibility for which Russia is better prepared than we are.
Friday February 15, 2013 two Russian nuclear-armed bombers circled the Western Pacific Island of Guam, equipped with nuclear-tipped missiles.

The two Russian Tu-95 Bear-H strategic bombers were followed by U.S. jets that had scrambled from Andersen Air Force Base on Guam. The event occurred just hours before President Barack Obama’s state of the union address.

Military analysts said the bomber incident was highly unusual and believe Moscow was sending a strategic message to Washington. The bombers flew over a thousand miles from the Russian Far East and according to Defense officials they were likely equipped with six Kh-55 or Kh-55SM cruise missiles that can hit targets up to 1,800 miles away with either a high-explosive warhead or a 200-kiloton nuclear warhead.  In contrast, the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima was 13-kiloton.
Military analysts say that Guam plays a strategic role in the Pentagon’s defense strategy designed to counter China’s precision guided missiles, submarines and anti-satellite weapons designed to prevent the U.S. from defending its allies or keeping sea lanes open.  As such Guam is a key target for China and North Korea.
There are growing tensions between China and Japan and the U.S has committed to defending Japan.  The Russian bomber flight seems to be a signal of its intentions to support China in any conflict.  North Korea’s third underground nuclear weapons test also seems to be part of sending a coordinated signal to the U.S.
However, the U.S. appears to be ignoring the signal that Russia has been sending for decades. Vladimir Putin said “For Russia to feel secure and for our partners to listen carefully to what our country has to say, Moscow must spend about $775 billion by 2022 for new armaments and a more professional military.”  At the same time the United States is disarming its nuclear arsenal, as I said in my article of October 29, 2012 entitled “The Day Russia Attacks the United States.”
For decades Russia has been building up a vast network of underground bunkers and nuclear blast shelters. Some military experts believe that Russia is secretly preparing for World War III. Other intelligence experts are speculating that Russia may be planning a future attack on the United States. The Russians have been storing grain and other foodstuffs, gold, and oil and diesel fuel. Russian underground bunkers can store 326 million tons of grain, and their military can store up another 80 million tons of grain.
What if Russia does attack the United States with nuclear weapons and  mushroom clouds erupt over major U.S. cities? Are we ready? In addition to military analysis, the Prophet Ezekiel in Ezekiel 38 talks about the War of Gog and Magog which many students of Biblical prophecy believe refers to Russia leading a coalition of forces along with Iran in a military invasion of Israel. The invader, apparently Russia, is clearly identified in Ezekiel 38 as a military superpower.

However, although some scholars believe that the United States is referenced in Bible prophecy, if it is, it is not clear. There are some scholars who believe that America is Babylon. But most scholars do not see the United States mentioned clearly in Bible prophecy and the question is “why?”  As I have explained in my 3-DVD series “Are You Ready?”  America may simply merge into the coming one world government that seems to be approaching quickly. However, some scholars suggest, with ominous overtones, that America is not mentioned in the prophecy because it will no longer exist.

Russia has enough nuclear fire power to destroy the United States. Their nuclear submarines keep popping up in our coastal waters and their nuclear armed Navy has bases in both Cuba and Venezuela.  Simultaneously, the U.S. is disarming. What if America experiences a crisis, such as a terrorist attack, asteroid impact, EMP attack, or financial collapse?  Would Russia, knowing it has overwhelming nuclear power, attack the United States with nuclear weapons?

I don’t know about you, but I think it is time to stop living in denial and do a lot of soul searching. In ancient Israel they used to have watchmen who climbed into towers to keep a look out for the enemy. Today the watchmen appear to be our military analysts and intelligence experts. That is because America as a whole does not seem to believe in God anymore. But, although some would disagree with me, I don’t believe the Biblical role of the watchman is over. I think that a small number of watchmen have been faithfully blowing the trumpet. But the leaders of secular society and even many of the church leaders make every attempt to marginalize these watchmen.

What if suddenly a rainstorm of Russian nuclear missiles was fired into our cities and, from the West Coast to East Coast, America began to burn with a nuclear fire? Today “fire and brimstone” preachers are mocked by some of the mega-church celebrity preachers. But Russia doesn’t laugh and Moscow never sleeps. From Russia with love!

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