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Based on Sound Doctrine!

By Paul McGuire

Due to outsourcing, sending our manufacturing jobs overseas, massive government debt, extravagant spending, the planned devaluation of the dollar and other economic forces, the wealth of the average person in the Middle Class went down 40-60%. This is happening all over the world. But, people are unaware that the financial elite have openly proclaimed that it is their goal to transfer the wealth of the Middle Class, to Third World nations. One of the problem’s with this idea is that it is called stealing and those monies end up in the hand of dictators.

To compound this problem you are being told it is you fault! You need to be trained for the new technological jobs. What new technological jobs? One of the biggest computer moguls said that America desperately needs better trained people for the computer industry. But, software engineers and others, even when they get this training, are hiring people from India, because they can pay them less. This is happening in many nations and people are being told it is their fault they are unemployed?

The history of the Bible teaches us that this scenario has happened, a number of times to God’s people. In ancient Egypt, the Pharaoh demanded that the Hebrew slaves had to make more bricks with less stubble and hay. In other words, they had to work twice as hard, or more, to make the same amount of money! Does that situation sound familiar?

God was about to deliver them from being slaves in Egypt and take them to the Promised Land. In the same way, we are in the last days and God is getting ready to deliver us, before the Tribulation and take us to heaven. But, in the meantime we can no longer look to the world system to supply our needs, we have to learn to look to God as our source and learn the principles to supernaturally and miraculously release His divine supply, resources, provision, wisdom and guidance.

No matter who wins the election, you and your family are going to be faced with the challenge for generating and income and creating wealth in difficult times. Some people falsely believe that God does not care about money, income, jobs, debt, wealth, cash flow, investments, houses, investments and retirement. The fact of the matter is that He does!

“My God, shall meet all your need, according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”

Notice that is say, “all of your need,” instead of needs. The reason for that is that God wants to meet all of you need, which is an all inclusive statement, involving every area of your life. Please understand that I am not teaching a “Health and Wealth Gospel,” “name of claim it,” or “Prosperity Gospel.” The MP3 teaching, “The Power to Get Wealth in Difficult Times,” is Biblically based and is built on sound doctrine!

In the teaching I share powerful principles from God’s Word, on how to use the principles from the Word of God, the supernatural power of God and the miracles of God to create financial and other kinds of breakthrough in your. Many Christians today, are very reluctant to use like, the supernatural power of God and miracles for two reasons. First, they have subtly bought into the mindset that money, wealth and personal economic growth is purely based on a materialistic mindset, where income is only generated through work, labor, budgets, reducing debt and investments. All of those things are, if not necessary, but they do not incorporate the power Biblical principle that money is spiritual and that is God who gives you the power to get wealth! In addition, things like the blessing of God, miracles and the supernatural power of God can add to and increase you wealth!

In the MP3 teaching, “The Power to Get Wealth in Difficult Times,” I talk about the secrets of God’s economic plan for success. God’s original blueprint for man was revealed in the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve were rulers over Paradise and they had all their needs met in abundance. However, when they disobeyed God’s Word they unleashed a curse, or the law of sin and death. One of the consequences of this was that Adam would have to toil and sweat in hard labor to earn an income. Poverty, lack, crop failure, recession, depression, inflation and economic crisis came into being through the world’s system of economics. The world’s system of economics is based on debt! When you are in debt, you are a slave to the group or individual who loaned you the money!

In Deuteronomy 28, we read about how we get the blessings or curses of God total economic program, which begins in verse one. If we diligently obey the voice of the Lord, or His Word, supernatural blessings are unleashed. If we disobey God’s Word, supernatural curses are released.

God is a good God and it is His desire for you to have enough, so that you can pay your bills, meet all your needs and fulfill the call to ministry He has given you or the dream He has given you. God has not promised to make everyone super wealthy! He does bless some people that way, and the more you are in “synch,” with His plan, the greater the likelihood that will happen.

But there are powerful principles that you can use from God’s Word that will unlock God’s supernatural wisdom, guidance and supply! In addition, God has the ability to provide for you miraculously. I am not talking about magic, where you sit in bed, waiting to the stork to drop a bag of cash into your life. You still have to work and do your part.

But, God uses the miraculous to supply people’s needs. Jesus multiplied the fishes and the loaves. Throughout the Bible God miraculously provides for His people in supernatural ways. The story of Joseph, David, the Apostles and many, many other accounts in the Bible, reveal the Principle of Supernatural Supply.

We now live in a world where are debt is $16 trillion and climbing, businesses are going bankrupt and people are losing their jobs and homes. Today 49.1 percent of American households are home to at least one person who gets government benefits. People are looking to the government or the world system to supply their needs. But, what happens when the government or world system runs out of money? As the intensity of the last day’s increases, God wants to increase the supernatural ability of His people to walk in divine guidance, supernatural supply and the miraculous. These things are not religious fairy tales, they are very real, but they are only available to those people who know how to access the miraculous! Remember the stories of the children of Israel and how God delivered them from Egypt. God miraculously supplied their food, clothing, military defense and their needs over and over again. God was their Source! We see that same principle in Genesis to Revelation. In America, God used to be our Source, but around the same time we began kicking God out of our schools and society, is the exact same time all the social and economic problems started coming!

In this teaching, I will share with you specific principles from God’s Word that can empower you to make God your Source and access His supernatural provision and supply! Just as Adam and Eve were rulers over the resources on earth, before the Fall of Man, God is restoring our ability and authority to rule, in Christ who broke the curse of the law of sin and death. Due to Jesus Christ, it is now possible live under a blessing. This does not mean we are going to be immune to the world economy all around us. But, God wants to give us His supernatural principles, so that we can overcome. In Revelation, our destiny is to become priests, kings and to rule with Him! We are supposed to being learning some of those principles now. This is why I recorded these MP3 messages entitled, “The Power to Get Wealth in Difficult Times.” I believe that the teachings in this series, which are based on “rightly dividing the Word of God,” will help take you out of financial bondage and set you free! I believe that by applying these Biblical principles, you can access the supernatural power, miracles and blessing of God that will allow you to overcome the world system! God does want to supply all of your need, according to His riches and glory in Christ Jesus!

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