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By Paul McGuire

It is your God-given responsibility to vote!  As a good steward you must vote.  Neither candidate is perfect.  Jesus Christ is not running for office.  Face the reality that the person you vote will be able to make incremental change.  But, a percentage of change in the right direction is essential to making larger changes.  In addition, you must make at least a minimal effort to understand what the candidates stand for and not be fooled by media manipulation.  One simple way to make a choice is to compare the candidates platform with the Bible and vote for the candidate who is closest to the Bible.  Many Christians refuse to do that and they will stand before God and be held accountable for their choices.
Also, it is essential that you pray and fast for this election!

No matter who wins the election, we are entering the season of the greatest changes, ever faced by America and the nations of the earth. The entire course of human history and the direction of America, along with other nations, are contingent upon the change in worldview. Long ago the elite and our leaders moved from a Judeo Christian worldview to a humanistic/socialist worldview. I use the word socialist, because humanists do not believe in God and must look to Big Government and the State to solve all or our problems.

That change in worldview is the single greatest threat to you, your family, your nation and the human race. Once the Personal Living God is removed from the equation, you place man and the government of man in the place of God. Not only is this a violation of a fundamental principle of the universe, “Thou shall have no other gods besides Me,” it opens wide the gates of dehumanization. Dehumanization is a hidden but violent evil force. When men and women are perceived as mere objects, whose value is determined by the State, we then live in the occult-based system, symbolized by the pyramid, all-seeing Eye of Lucifer and the words New World Order on the bottom of the pyramid. It should be burned into the minds of every Christian that this system is Satanic.

The pyramid reveals the command system of the New World Order, which we have now been living in for many decades. At the top of the pyramid is the elite, who are gods, or the Pharaoh. The all-Seeing Eye of Lucifer represents the fact that the elite are being ruled by actual demonic powers. This elite class of world rulers is entirely cruel and views the rest of mankind as their slaves, which they are free to exploit, destroy and kill, with no impunity. They are above the laws of God and man, and are not bound by a Constitution.

The bottom of the pyramid represents the billions of people who they rule as slaves in their world system. However, the vast majority of the slaves do not recognize that they are slaves. These slaves collectively boast, “we are free,” and we think independently!” The reality is based on credible and documented scientific research that the slaves of this New World Order, are under various forms of mind control, social engineering and technological manipulation. Their thinking, behavior, gods and behavior is totally controlled! We live in the scientific dictatorship, which Aldous Huxley, author of, “Brave New World,” warned about, when he explained the science of brainwashing, as bring people to a place where they love being slaves and love their servitude!

This has direct implications for you, your family, the church, and all the people you know. As what could be generally considered the Middle Class, they have reduced your net worth by 60-40% since 2008. The value of your dollar is worth 50% percent less, and everything you own, is being taken from you and redistributed by both the Republican and Democratic Parties! You will learn to love your far lower standard of living, the fact that the banks will now own your house and you are driving a car the size of an insect called the “Volt,” made in China. They have brainwashed you into thinking that you are making all these sacrifices for the environment. But, ecology, the environmental movement and going green is simply the programming they have put into your head to accept more control and have you willingly lower your standard of living. All around you are smiling people, fully brainwashed, dumbed down, and propelled by legal drugs and antidepressants.


They have more controls over you than George Orwell and Big Brother ever dreamed of! In fact, they have built the re-education camps right in front of your noses and you think it is to protect you. If you knew anything about history, you would know those are Concentration Camps.

God’s Word warned us that we were not to be slaves to the satanic world system and give our minds over to their control. God has been prophetically warning us through His Word, since the Garden of Eden. Then Jesus Christ, the Apostle Paul and the Apostle John, have clearly explained to us that we are in the last days and the “signs of the times,” are all around us. The question is, “How do we survive, prosper and protect ourselves until the time of Christ’s return?

Jesus Christ and the prophets gave us supernatural plan to teach us to be overcomer’s in the last days! In the natural, there is no way out. In the natural there is no escape! But, Christ taught us how to live in the supernatural power of God! When we walk in the supernatural power of God, which the Lord led me to teach about in the MP3 series, “Power to Great Wealth in Difficult Times,” “Life Force,” “God Can Make a Way Where There Is No Way – The Law of Miracles,” and “Zap! How the Power of Miracles Can Heal Your Mind Now!” These new MP3 teachings emphasize the supernatural power of God in everyday life and the reality of miraculous provision, protection, healing and guidance! The intense shaking we are now experiencing is going to increase and God is willing to deliver His people, if they learn how to walk in the miraculous!


In addition, unless you understand exactly where we are in Bible prophecy and how prophecy reveals things to us about the one world economic system, one world government and the one world religion. Being clueless makes you a victim! I have developed comprehensive teaching in my DVD’s, “Are You Ready for the Coming One World Government, One World Economic System and One World Religion?” Also, my new DVD, “Moon into Blood.” These resources along with the MP3’s, the free articles and YouTube video’s, and books like, “The Day the Dollar Died,” and “Are You Ready for the Microchip?” explain how use God’s power to overcome what is coming no matter who wins the election!

We are days before the election and whoever wins, we are entering spiritual warfare on a level that I call “Prophetic Thunder - The Shaking of the Earth Realm,” is in quantum escalation. The “signs of the times, “are increasing and opening new battlefields. These new battlefields, such as Hurricane Sandy and the on-going economic crisis, are essentially attacks on God’s people. But, God through His supernatural power has given you the power to be victorious until His return. We are told to, “Occupy Until I Come,” not be victims until I come! God has given us the power of His Word, and the MIRACULOUS. I emphasize that because so many of God’s people are actually ashamed of His supernatural power, prophecy and the miraculous. That is a trick of the evil one, in these last days!

I invite you to join me, in walking through the Red Sea and see the power of God in your life!

Your brother in Christ,

Paul McGuire

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