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By Paul McGuire


( MP3) Download. 148 minute up to the minute report - FUTURE OF AMERICA A PROPHETIC REPORT YOU CAN DOWNLOAD ON TOP FRONT PAGE OF - The first report is part 1 and there is more accurate intellifence coming!  You must know what is now happening and how it fits into prophecy!  I write this to you because I love you!  I would want my kids and family to know and you are my family and I want you to know!

The U.S. election is over and to a limited degree each candidate represented a different world view. One wants to deconstruct America and created a Marxist State. The other candidate wanted to restore Capitalistic principles and preserve our Constitutional freedoms. It was important to vote, because each candidate did represent change. But the reality is, as I will explain in, “PAUL McGUIRE ON “THE FUTURE OF AMERICA - A PROPHETIC REPORT,” MP3 Download, both candidates were controlled by the same powerful elite that has been controlling both political parties for the last two hundred years of our nation.

However, before I continue, I want to briefly share some powerful principles from God’s Word about overcoming the world system in the last days spiritually, economically and in terms of breakthrough for yourself, family an church in the last days. Jesus Christ referred to numerous time periods in Biblical history as being similar to the last days and His return. For example, “As it was in the day of Noah so it will be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man.” God delivered Noah and is family in an Ark, before the Flood. God destroyed the world due to wickedness, violence and the interspecies breeding that happened between the fallen angels or B’nai Elohim and human women. The genetic hybrid produced the Nephilim, which was a super race born from the DNA of fallen angels or human women. These were the “mighty men of old, as they were physically giants and capable of super human intelligence. This was the majority view of the ancient Rabbinic scholars and the early church, before Constantine. It was only after Constantine that the church rejected this account in favor of the “sons of god,” simply being goats or men that could not be the sheep of the Lord.

However, the entire story of Noah, the Ark and the Flood is a genetic / DNA story. In the last 50 years modern science has rediscovered these truths through cloning, DNA, genetic breeding and the planned attempt to create a new race of superhumans through Transhumanism or genetic manipulation. It has been said, that certain governments around the world have access to Nephilim DNA and are using it. This will cause a biotechnological boom. It also fits into the words of Jesus Christ, “As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be in the days of the Son of Man.” I go into detail about this, in the “Moon into Blood DVD.”

As I go into detail, in my, “Future of America Report,” the U.S., UK, EU and most of the other key nations of the world are controlled by a Shadow Government or invisible elite. Their primary method of control is international finance. They are the banks in the City of London, which exists inside London, which is a secret enclave for the financial elite. It is kind of like Vatican City in Rome. The financial elite in the City of London work closely with the financial elite in the U.S. and its Federal Reserve System. Both banking families control the finances of America, Great Britain and the world. In addition, they are an occult-based group and are controlled by the Illuminati.

The occult pyramid on the back of the U.S. dollar, with a tiny pyramid on top, represents the Illuminati elite, who have been illumined by the All-Seeing Eye of Lucifer. In the middle of the pyramid is the All-Seeing Eye of Lucifer, a symbol of the Illuminati, which was formed by Adam Weishaupt in 1776, the same year America was formed. America has always had a secret destiny. Sir Francis Bacon, a Rosicrucian, which was a forerunner of the Illuminati. Bacon planned for America to be the “New Atlantis” and the headquarters of the New World Order. At the birth of America, there was an intense spiritual battle between the Illuminati and the Founding Fathers, who were set on fire by the First Great Awakening.

It is no accident that at the bottom of the U.S. dollar is says, “Novus Ordo Seclorum,” or New Order of the Ages, which means, New World Order. Watch the free You Tube below which gives you a short message about what is in the 148 minute MP3 entitled, “Paul McGuire the Future of America – Prophetic Report.”

Where is America in Bible prophecy I explain that in the full, “Future of America Prophetic Report.” A lot prophetic events are heading towards us quickly. Russia and China have been warning of a World War III threat, Several Russian nuclear submarine have been traveling on the U.S. coastlines, carrying enough nukes to destroy America. Obviously, they are sending us a signal and the media hides this from the American people. A regional thermonuclear war in the Middle East could become a global thermonuclear war. It is time to cry out to God as never before!

The church in America must repent, fast and pray! This last election was the judgment of God released upon our nation, but most of the church is so spiritually deceived they cannot see it.

There are economic realities which I discuss in “Future of America – Prophetic Report,” which you need to now, if you are to survive. I have included exhaustive information in my 3-DVD series, “Are You Ready for the Coming One World Government, One World Economic System and One World Religion?” Also, in the “Moon into Blood DVD,” series and the book “The Day the Dollar Died,” and the MP3 series, “The Plan to Rule the World.”

Paul McGuire after election Future of America Prophetic Report You must know what is about to happen very soon and how it fits into prophecy., and a Space War Is Coming Soon By Part 3 Paul McGuire, was arrested in a Berlin internet cafe for allegedly murdering his gay lover, Wall Street Demonstrations Van Jones, U.S. U.K. EU in prophecy young lions of Tarshish Great Britain Tarshish Ezekiel 38 collapse of global economy Super Congress Council of 13 Third Great Awakening Prophetic Events,

A lot of people challenged me on those DVD’s and books, some even called them “conspiracy theories.” But, those people are strangely silent, because EVERYTHING I WROTE IN THE BOOKS AND SAID IN THE DVD’S HAS ALREADY COME TRUE, OR IS COMING TRUE!

God’s mandate was to “Be Fruitful and Multiply!” Most of the church avoided teaching on the societal and economic implications of God’s Word. Instead the church rejected God’s Word and went along with “excessive population growth,” lie, which most Christians bought into. One of the primary economic problems we have around the world is that we have not produced enough children to pay into the taxes which support our retirement, pensions and medical care. In most Western nations, like America, people have 1, 2 or zero babies. As such, there is nobody to support our retirement system, which is causing economic collapse. Each older adult needs about 8 people to pay taxes into the system to support one person!

It was not fashionable in the Evangelical Church to teach God’s Word, to be fruitful and multiply. The result of this disobedience is that we are on the verge of economic collapse! We keep violating Deuteronomy 28:1, over and over again!

Between 1946-1964, 79 babies were born in America; let’s do the math, if 75 million baby boomers survive to age 66, this means through the year 2030, 4 million baby boomers each year. Since we did not become, “Fruitful and multiply,” we don’t have nearly enough babies produced to support a system were 11,000 boomers become eligible for health benefits each year. We are trillions of dollars in debt!

Don’t be deceived! The abortion generation is already primed to accept widespread euthanasia to solve the problem. But, that means that the baby boomers will have to kill themselves? God’s judgment has a strange way of coming back!

But, have we learned our lesson? No, we are still partying on the Titanic. Porn, promiscuity, abortion, Mommy-porn like “50 Shades of Grey,” drugs, booze and son on! Unwed mothers have more babies than any other segment of our society.

Things are just like Jesus Christ predicted in the last days, “earthquakes, wars, rumors of wars, the love of many will grow cold and lawlessness will increase, hurricanes, freak weather, false messiahs,” and more! Jesus Christ said, “As it was in the days of Lot, so it will be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man.” Widespread sexual immorality is everywhere.

In the “Future of America – Prophetic Report MP3,” which is about 14 minutes long, I describe Satan’s plan working through the Illuminati to bring in the planned one world government, one world economic system and one world religion. The secret occult elite are deliberately destroying the dollar and transferring trillions of dollars of the Middle Class to Third World dictators. The reason is that by killing the dollar, they can bring in their one world currency and cashless society. America and the world are being prepared to accept a new world currency very soon, along with a microchip implant!

In addition, America is being brainwashed to give up their Constitutional rights and join the coming Communist One World government. Since the Fabian socialists in the 1870’s, the plan has always been to create a World Communist government. Do realize what this will mean to you and your children in practical terms?

God’s major prophetic clock is the nation of Israel. Israel must destroy Iran in order to survive. America has always been America’s friend, until very recently. God’s Word says that, “I will bless thee (Israel who bless thee, I will curse those that curse thee (Israel).” By turning its back on Israel, America could become under a curse. There are many military analysts who believe Russia and China are preparing to strike us with nukes, when are at our weakest point.

Now, I know this was heavy! So I want to give you some good news! First, God is our Source and the Bank of Heaven is not broke. In any season, if we look to God as our Source, He can give us the power to get wealth supernaturally and meet our need! I have talked with so many Christians who are discouraged, that I recorded some new MP3’s to help them renew their minds! One new MP3 series is, “Power to Get Wealth in Difficult Times.” This is a Biblically based teaching, which will show you how you can receive your financial and other needs through God’s supernatural power! I have other brand new DVD’s that will supernaturally strengthen you. The ultimate secret of being an overcome in the last days is to LEARN HOW TO WALK IN THE SUPERNATURAL POWER OF GOD!

As many of you know, I minister at regular church services at Paradise Mountain Church International and teach regular Bible studies. A number of years ago I began to realize that many of God’s people were struggling emotionally, spiritually and psychologically because the times we live in. As such the Lord instructed me to minister in the supernatural power of God, so that people would be ministered to by the Word of God and the power of the Spirit.

We have people in 122 nations who are being spiritually fed, but they can’t come to our meetings. Yet, if I had the technology, I could air these meetings on the Internet and people could watch them all over the world. Pray for us that God would open a door!

As you listen to this Free You Tube message, order the 148 minute DVD on “The Future of America in Prophecy,” along with our other resources and free articles, I want to strengthen you with a powerful Biblical truth that I believe will set you free.

We are moving towards the final end of the last days. However, the evil one has deceived the church into seeing themselves as helpless victims going to into camps and being eaten by lions. That mindset was programmed into the mind of Christian by Corrie Ten Boom, who survived the concentration camps. That movie greatly disturbed me as a new believer and for the wrong reasons. My wife and I went to see Corrie Ten Boom in Manhattan. She was a great woman of God. But, the message of the movie, I believe missed the mark of God and put millions of people into bondage!

First of all I knew personally the director and producers of the movie. Without divulging confidential details, some of their deaths seemed to indicate lifestyles in violation of God’s Word. Secondly, all of the key players in the production never lived to see the day when a new holocaust happened.

As such, the message of the movie was somewhat dishonest, in that it portrayed a romanticized version of persecution and did nothing to encourage Christians to stand for righteousness, but be led like lambs to the slaughter!

We must remember the painful spiritual lesson of Nazi, Germany! If the Christians were in revival, practically stood for righteousness and voted. Hitler would never have come to power and the tragedy occurred. In terms of the prophetic future of America. The message of the movie, “The Hiding Place,” taught a Biblically false passage and that is passivism, fatalism and going quietly to the slaughter is the will of God. Although this has happened in the past. This is not what the Bible teaches! It is a default position. God’s people are move in the power of the Holy Spirit, stand for righteousness, believe that with God all things are possible! They are to “Occupy until I come!” The Remnant Church which loves the Lord, is not going to be punished by the Lord! God already took the wrath of God upon Him, in Jesus on the Cross. We receive that by faith. Therefore God is not waiting to pour out His wrath upon us! “We are delivered from the wrath to come,” and “God has not appointed us to wrath, but salvation.” We are to “Occupy until He comes,” and the wrath of God will be restrained until after the removal of the church at the Rapture. The Holy Spirit in the lives of the church is the Restrainer! After the church is removed, God’s wrath will be poured out during the 7 year Tribulation period.

During the time of Corrie Ten Boom, the “New Evangelical Church,” and that was what it, it was called, or Positive Christianity, which was what Hitler called it, was an apostate church movement that had rejected the authority of God’s Word. This mass of “Evangelical Christian’s,” Protestants and Catholics, had rejected the authority of God’s Word and had rejected the miracles of the Bible, along with the doctrines of the early church. As such, this was a church that had rejected Jesus Christ and actively supported Hitler and the occult Third Reich, including the arresting and killing of Jews. It was this apostate church and not a faithful Remnant Church, that went through horrible Tribulation, oppression and the Holocaust. This was never God’s primary will for His Church in Nazi, Germany! This was the result of disobeying the Word of God and worshipping the false Messiah who was Hitler. The horror that followed was a consequence of disobedience!

So what we approach the time, we as the church, will choose our fate! Much of the church is ready to worship a False Messiah. But, a significant percentage or Remnant will stay true to God. I suggest to you, God will be faithful to His Remnant and supernaturally protect them. However, none of us are immune from the environment in which we live! To be blunt, we have many men, who claim to be leaders for God. But, who are in reality the false prophets of Baal, ready to follow Jezebel. They are all over the land and in high places. But, you are responsible for whom you follow and what covering you come under! If you are following the prophets of Baal, you are under a curse. However, if you follow the true prophets of God, you are under the covering and blessing of God!

Your brother,

Paul McGuire

P.S. We have regular church services in California and Bible studies where you can come and we are going to televise this across the world.  We are close.  If you can write out a check to help launch this, than write it out to Paradise Mountain Church International 25876 The Old Road # 136 Stevenson Ranch, CA USA 91381


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