Wednesday, December 17, 2008


It was great meeting all of you at all the Paul McGuire Prophecy Meeting's at all the Hilton Hotel's. We have a number of major prophecy conferences coming up which we will announce on the website or be sure to sign up for the McGuire Prophecy Report E Mail Newsletter on the website. Also, GOD TV is airing a series of interviews with me that begins on December 11th and continues on into 2009. Others who have on their prophecy series are Chuck Missler, Mike Evan's, Grant Jeffrey and others.

2009 is going to bring continued geopolitcal change. You can hear about it on my financial meltdown series on the website and my prophetic novel "The Warning" describes what is going to happen in America and the world. There will continued financial upheaval and the move into a global currency, one world economic system and one world government. We are heading there faster than most people want to believe. There is also the strong possibility of a major or crises. This could bring about a temporary state of martial law and a freeze on the free media. I discuss this "The Warning." We are quickly moving towards the Great Tribulation Period and the Fourth Beast that Daniel warned about or the Revived Revived Roman Empire. This will include a Transatlantic Union between Great Britain and the U.S. Many churches in the United States which have intentionally decided not to teach from the Book of Revelation are going to find themselves living in prophetic times and their people are going to need answers. Israel could strike Iran at any moment. Russian ships with nukes are in the Panama Canal and the Pentagon is watching the situtation closely.

In the middle of all this, God is going to continue to lead and provide for His people. But, it will not be business as usual. The people of God are going to have to learn to listen to His voice and receive divine guidance. Remember our Founding Fathers relied on God as their source for everything. They worked hard, but trusted God as their Provider. God will provide for you and your family if you seek His face. In addition, God has called you for such a time as this! Even in this difficult period God will fulfill His plan for your life. Businesses will be built, ministries will be birthed, great evangelistic outreaches, be married and giving in marriage until the Lord returns. This is not a time for despair, but a time for joy, strength from the Holy Spirit and moving forward! Be sure to check the website and sign up for the E Mail newsletter. We have a great new series on the Book of Revelation, Prophecy, Current Events, Israel & The One World Economic System available at

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