Sunday, June 16, 2013



By Paul McGuire

Everyone is fixated on the various intelligence angencies spying on us and jounralists are calling them Big Brother.

Intelligencie agencies like the NSA, CIA. FBI, INTERPOL, M16 and so on are not Big Brother!

It is true that may carry out Big Brother functions, that many lawyers believe violates the Constitution.  But, Big Brother as some kind of individual leader or collegtion of intelligence agancies is not the Big Brother in the 21st Century.  George Orwell wrote Big Brother on a farm in 1947 in England.  Big Brother was not written as a warning, it was written as an outline of what the future would bring.

Orwell's,"Big Brother," ALdous Huxley's, "Brave New World." and HG. Wells's science fiction novels were written to prepare us for what was to come and now it has come!  All of this is part of a sophisticatd mind control process called, "Predictive Programming."

The reality is that each of us has become Big Brother!  Big Brother is the spying agencies, Big Brother is all the journalists who function as the "Thought Police" and most of all, "Big Brother" is every single individual on Planet Earth who chooses to get on the dance floor in one way or another and dance with Big Brother.  Big Brother would cease to exists if he did not have partners to dance with!

Right now I wam talking to two kinds of people, those that are dancing with Big Brother and those who have transcended Big Brother!  If you are perceiving the world in black and white and cannot see the full spectrum of colars, you are dancing with Big Brother.  If you can only think as you have been programmed to think, despite your vigorous protests to the contrary, you are "getting down with Big Brother."  If your perception of reality is confined to the three dimensions of the senses,  you are Big Brother!  In other words, you aer living in a lower level of consciousness, thinking programed thoughts and seeing reality only in black and white, you are Bib Brother and you are part of the problem.  It's time to stop getting angry about what" they."  are doing to you, look in the mirror and admit that you have chosen to be Big Brother, until you decide to change that.

At this moment I am in San Francisco doing some intensive research near Haight Ashbury, the home of the "hippie movement" and not fare from the Presidio, where experiments in scientific mind control existed.  Alcatraz, the giant prison is out there in the water, looking ominous.  Yet, hundreds of millions of American and many who go to church are living in the Alcatraz of the mind!

Big Brother is a multi-dimensional mind control operation that has created the matrix, where most people live.  Like a lighning bolt out of the blue, your human consciousness must be hit with a power charge so intense that it will blow down the neurological pathways of the Alacatraz you have created that you call your mind.  When you live down the rabbit's hole of a particular program of neurological pathways you are in int DEMON PROGRAM and living life from the DEMON APP.  Your external world, so-called rational thoughts, political and religious views and the sum total of your thoughts is plugged into a matrix that has connectivity with 13 dimensions - notive the number 13!

The bottom line is that you think inside the box and freedom is outside the box!  However, you cannot hear the truth until you first know you are being lied to.  This multi-dimensional APP is part of the matrix you live in.  Then you add your DNA code with the number 46 and you have another part of the matrix.  Now add all the programming through media, EMF waves, music, film, TV, social media, drugs legal and illegal along with true religion and false religion and sooner or later you realize YOU ARE BIG BROTHER!  Big Brother does not exist outside of you, you are part of the matrix or the digital holograph that is Big Brother.

The politicians, intelligence agenies, media, social media, drugs legal and illegal, Internet, multi-dimensional input and DNA are part of the collective of Big Brother.  I am not disparaging ayone who is mentally challended.  But, Big Brother has multiple personality disorder, bi-polar, multi-dimensional, uses various social media simultaneously and he or she is a multiplicity of beings.

Big Brother is the collective of dark consciousness and neurological pathway implosion.  Big Brother is always morphing.  Big Brother is an evil illusion that has become real.  Big Brother is in syncronization with other dimensions and universes.  In the movie, Big Brother, was the giant upside down pyramids, that floated like massive cities for the elite, which strarvng humanity struggled to survive.  Big Brother is imbedded in the code of Atlantis, Babylon, Stonehenge and the end of the age.  Big Brother has many names such as the First Beast and the Second Beast.  Big Brother is planning to to force the chip on all mankind, just like Revelation 13 predicted.  Big Brother is like a computer virus in the Great Cloud which is the Universe and it intends to create a "world brain."  Big Brother has stolen our DNA and combined it with the Nephilim and Transhumanist technology.  Big Brother plans to live forever in the Singularity and rule over mankind.  Finally, Big Brother is going to atempt to be God.

I will continue on with this soon!  But, the first thing you must do in attempting to become free of Big Brother is to understand that as long as you are in the matrix, you are Big Brother.  When you finally come to terms with that, then you can walk through the doorway to freedom.  The universe loke any computer system runs on codes.  The door way out has a code, learn and use it!

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