Wednesday, June 19, 2013



By Paul McGuire

The human race is now in the biggest battle for its survival since the dawn of time.  Yet, most people in America walk around in the delusion that they are autonomous, independent and self-educated.  In reality they have been cybernetically programmed from birth.  In short, Big Brother is more than an external threat.  In the American and global matrix, Big Brother has invaded your neurological pathways, thoughts, memories, dreams, desires and deeply held beliefs.

Your politics, religious views and all your belief systems are a product of social engineering.  This social engineering took off in the 1960’s when the entire counter culture was manufactured by the Tailstock Institute of Great Britain, M16 and the CIA. Before that count culture revolution, America more or less, held to a Judeo-Christian philosophy and moral code.  The counter culture was an MK ULTRA mind control operation that used rock music played on technologies like radio, records and television.  In addition, the strategic distribution of MK ULTRA drugs like LSD threw America down the rabbit’s hole and the new pre-planned globalist,  post-Christian,  sexual revolution, socialist world government was birthed.

Ironically, Bible prophecy predicted this revolution over four thousand years ago, beginning at Babylon, “the gate of the gods,” where entities traveled through portals in what was the worlds first global government, economic system and religion.  The Bible predicted things like Transhumanism, the Singularity, world government, Big Brother, the multi-dimensional matrix, MK ULTRA, cybernetics and everything that I taking place around us.   I am up here at the Bohemian Grove and Haight Ashbury doing research on this for my new book, “A Prophecy of the Future of America,” which is available for pre-sale and will be out soon.

The coming one world religion, which will be a synthesis of Transhumanism, cyborgs, computer implants, social media, the Singularity, DNA, scientific mind control, technology and scientific mind control, is about to become the most powerful and transformational force on earth!

This is predicted in the Biblical accounts of the Nephilim, Nimrod, Babylon, the False Prophet, false teachers, the nano-chip implant, inter-dimensional entities and interspecies breeding of animal, human and Nephilim.  What my new book will expose is the advanced science of mind control and that is why I have been going into the Bohemian Grove, Haight Ashbury and the Presidio, here in San Francisco.   The Stanford Research Institute which turned on Ken Kesey, the Grateful Dead and the “hippie generation” also created synthetic mind control movements which expressed themselves in EST, the human potential movement, Aquarian Conspiracy, Course in Miracles, NLP, the counter culture, Weather Underground, Patty Hearst and many others, is the same mind control technology that created many movements within the Evangelical Movement.  There are a number of celebrity pastors on television and leaders of Christian movements, which are the direct products of the science of mind control.  On particular pastor of a large mega-church,  who is known for his big smile, “positive message” and watered down message, demonstrates all of the characteristics of someone who has been heavily programmed though scientific mind control.  People who have studied scientific mind control can spot this a mile away.  This celebrity pastor has what is known as a synthetic personality and is under mind control.  His message which reaches millions, causes millions of people to enter a subtle hypnotic trance and his audience is under mind control.

The tragedy is that many American Christians are under various degrees of mind control and do no even realize.  It is highly possible that the celebrity pastor is not aware that he is under mind control, because that part of his memory has been erased!  There are a growing number of celebrity pastors who are also under mind control and the symptoms are very obvious to anyone who is aware!

The sorcery spoken of in Revelation, encompasses mind control.  We cannot have revival and soul harvest when so much of the Body of Christ and these celebrity pastors are under mind control, because mind control is Luciferian.  You can say all the right words and quote all the right Bible verses and be under mind control!  Ask yourself this one simple question, “Why is it that with all these celebrity pastors, church movements and television, that America is becoming increasingly more under the control of demonic powers?”

The answer is scientific mind control over key leaders which is based on occult power!  It is my prayer and hope, that with your help we can see a “Great Awakening” within God’s prophetic plan and soul harvest!  Notice the term, “Awakening.”   This implies that God’s people are asleep or in a trance.  My new book, “ A Prophecy of the Future of America,” will reveal the truth that is being suppressed about what is really going on.

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