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When I was first in the ministry, God opened the doors for me to host and produce, contemporary Christian music concerts at the Lamb’s Club,” a “born-again” night club on Broadway, in the Times Square Theatre District.  I was part of a ministry which turned a former Broadway Theater, into a theater, concert, television, dinner club and ministry right on Times Square.   It seemed as long as I stayed “prayed up” and “in the Word,” many people came to the Lord.  One evening, I remember talking with the famous singer-actor, Barry McGuire (no relation) over dinner with my wife Kris, at a restaurant.   Barry McGuire was probably most famous for his hit song, “The Eve of Destruction,” which sold millions of copies.  Now decades later, we are more on the “Eve of Destruction,” than we have ever been, but the church and many of the ministers are sleeping!


Those were different times back then.  First of all, the teaching and preaching was based on the Bible and people really expected Jesus Christ to return soon!  I remember when Keith Green, whose ministry was just starting to take off, pulled up in a giant motor home on 44th Street and Broadway.  He banged on the doors trying to get in the Lamb’s Club, which was closed that night, because he thought he was booked to perform for a concert that evening.  I invited him in and we got to know one another.  At that time I had never hear his music and I booked him because of his reputation, which was word of mouth. Anyway both of us realized God was in total control because that very night when I was standing out side on Broadway, I saw the massive Broadway Theater lights go dark and the entire area in Manhattan as far as you could see went “black.”  Tourists were terrified and formed long lines holding hands to keep from getting mugged and it turned into a dangerous situation,

Anyway, I made arrangements for Keith Green to play at the church, where he literally blew all of us away with his amazing talent, pure love for the Lord and the anointing he had on him.  I was really into music back then and Keith had a musical gift as great as the “Beatles,” but he was completely on fire for the Lord.  When Keith preached the Word as he sang, he communicated with power, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the need to repent from sin and turn your life over to God!   The Lord allowed Keith to be taken home to heaven in an airplane crash less about a decade later.  But, like many of the musicians who came to play at the Lamb’s Supper Club, like The Second Chapter of Acts, Love Song, Randy Stonehill and many others they were “on fire for the Lord by the power of the Holy Spirit, they preached the Word of God and talked about repentance from sin, the blood of Jesus Christ, God’s love and the fact that this was a temporary world and Jesus Christ was returning soon!

All of these ministries, along with the ministry I was involved in at the Lamb’s Supper Club were built on God using ordinary people with a strong emphasis on the teaching of the Word of God, the soon return of Jesus Christ, surrendering your life to God, repentance from sin, the blood of the Lamb and calling people to turn from their sins and accept by faith Jesus Christ’s message of salvation!  These are the very things our ministry at Paul McGuire Ministries and Paradise Mountain Church are built on! 

As I am writing in my very soon-to-be-released book, A Prophecy of the Future of America, America as we know it, along with other nations around the world are on the verge of World War III via Syria and regional thermonuclear war.  This time as Barry McGuire sang, we truly are on “the Eve of Destruction!”  But, as I look around much of the church is spiritually dead, especially in America, where the church has become the Laodecian Church, neither hot nor cold, but lukewarm spiritually.  Jesus Christ warned that church that he would vomit it out of His mouth for being lukewarm.

For some reason Keith Green and Barry McGuire came to my mind as I was getting ready to send you the article below which is prophetic warning about waking up spiritually and the great danger that can happen when we as individuals, communities, churches and nations ignore God’s massive prophetic warnings!  Keith Green, had a musical talent that exceeded the Beatles, yet he was on fire for God when some of those around him became lukewarm.


As I was reading the last few pages of my book, “A Prophecy of the Future of America,” which will be sent to those of you who pre-ordered in about 30-60 days (hopefully less!), before it is available to the general public. I was reading the accounts of the Father of the First Great Awakening Jonathan Edwards and his grandsons who became the founders of Yale and Harvard, when they were still “Christian universities.”  All of these “learned men of God,” were completely aware of the factual and historical realities of the danger of the Illuminati infiltrating and taking control of America through a Central Banking system, which eventually happened through the creation of the Federal Reserve System in 1913.  The Father of the Second Great Awakening, the prominent attorney, Charles Finney wrote a book announcing why he left the Illuminati and warned of its dangers!  The Second Great Awakening which shook America and eventually freed the slaves through President Abraham Lincoln was ignited by a spiritual confrontation over the spiritual deception of the Illuminati! 

Unlike today’s Evangelical Christian leaders who through their ignorance and lack of knowledge regarding the history of our nation, the world and the historical realities of the Illuminati and what Sir Francis Bacon called the “secret plan for America” to make it the head of a new world order” and the “New Atlantis, previous generations of Christian leaders understood history and the very real dangers of the Illuminati!  Today, you hear uneducated Christian leaders call the historical truths of the Illuminati “conspiracy theories” and “extremist ideas” and they are proud of their ignorance!

To be blunt, unlike the spiritual fathers of the First Great Awakening  and the Second Great Awakening, many of today’s Christian leaders are not only Biblically illiterate because they have chosen to preach a false Gospel of humanistic-psychological motivation, rather than the true Gospel which the Apostle Paul said,

 Some of you have become arrogant, as if I were not coming to you. But I will come to you very soon, if the Lord is willing, and then I will find out not only how these arrogant people are talking, but what power they have. For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power.  What do you prefer? Shall I come to you with a rod of discipline, or shall I come in love and with a gentle spirit?

                                                                 I Corinthians 4:18-21

As a true Apostle of Jesus Christ called by God, Paul warned this “Seeker Friendly,” “Emergent,” and “Evangelical Church” that they had become arrogant  (proud) concerning their false wisdom!  Paul reminded them that the true church of God is not built on the power and talk of men, but on the power of God and the wisdom of God which comes from His Word.  Like a true shepherd of God, he was coming to them with a “rod of discipline.”  That means Paul love them enough to confront them concerning their spiritual deception.  Like the powerless Evangelical Church all around us, they had been deceived by false prophets and false teaching.

America and many of the nations in the world are on the verge of sliding into Big Brother totalitarian states where, just like in China religious freedom and freedom of speech is being outlawed.  The only thing that can stop this is a genuine Biblical spiritual revival, on the level of a First Great Awakening and Second Great Awakening.  This can happen, but there must first be repentance!  As individual Christians and the church, we must repent for allowing false teachers to infiltrate our churches and sin.  We must cry out to God in genuine repentance of this sin!  We must begin to stay on the Word of God and teach the Word of God!  We must cultivate a responsible expectation of the soon return of Jesus Christ and we must stop censoring Bible prophecy from our churches.

When we preach salvation from sin and the return of the Lord Jesus Christ, we will see the power of God poured out in our churches and youth groups again and with the power of God, we will see genuine revival!  Not counterfeit revival!  This genuine revival from God can save out nations.  If we do not heed God’s urgent and final prophetic warning, America and other nations will soon become dictatorships!  That is the evidence of historical precedent and historical fact!  This is not something we can brush off lightly.  The stake are very high, if you have ever seen what a true totalitarian state looks like, you would be motivated to do everything you could to prevent it!

This is the purpose of our ministry. To preach salvation in the power of God and issue a legitimate prophetic warning.  We are able to do this with partners like you, who share this burden from the Lord.  Please read the article below!

Your brother,

Paul McGuire


                                         By Paul McGuire

In the movie Pulp Fiction, a syringe is plunged into the character Jacko’s chest, giving him an injection of adrenaline. When a patient’s heart stops they are often injected with a shot of adrenaline to revive them. In those moments, it is as if the dead come alive. On January 17, 1994, I was in a state of semi-consciousness, as I vaguely heard what I thought was my wife arranging boxes in the garage in the dark. A second later, it was if someone injected me in the heart with a shot of adrenaline and I awoke to the loudest deafening roar I have ever heard in my life, the roar of massive tectonic plates moving beneath the earth during the Northridge earthquake.

It was 4:31 AM PST and my thoughts, which were confused and dream-like, went into a primal rush of super clarity as what sounded like a nuclear bomb going off triggered a massive rush of adrenaline. We live on top of one of the dual epicenters of that massive 6.7 earthquake. The house was shaking so violently that I thought it was in the process of collapsing. Although there was no apparent warning, my wife subconsciously sensed the danger, as she decided to get up for no apparent reason…at the time we had three tiny kids in diapers. However, I want to get back to the warnings in my wife’s subconscious and the fact that our cat and other animals were aware of something before it hit.

By God’s grace there was minimal property damage and no one was hurt, although I had neighbors a couple of houses down whose floors ripped in two, through the foundations.

Although we had lived through many California earthquakes I had never experienced the deafening roar that sounded like a freight train had smashed through our living room or a nuke had gone off. That was something no one we talked to had experienced before. However, the point I want to bring up is the inner warning system we all have built inside of us that is far deeper than our physical senses. It is a spiritual knowledge that connects us to a kind of network, an early warning system of the soul.

Right now we have in America what I call “white noise.” I use “white noise” to help me go to sleep and mute other kinds of noises that may be keeping me awake. There is a danger in “white noise” because it hides noise we should hear, like a smoke detector or some other sound of warning like a dog barking. For the most part the media in America, with few exceptions, functions as “white noise,” for it gives no real information; it simply provides a barrage of sound and images designed to keep you distracted, or entertained. Its primary function is to lull people to sleep and sell products through the constant emission of alpha waves.
In a nation where people’s minds are awake through real education, thinking, reasoning, analysis, and historical review, there is what could be called an intellectual sensory field which allows us to anticipate all kinds of things through rational thought and minds which are awake and in a state of awareness.

In America today most minds are in a kind of sleep state…even though they appear to be awake, they are not. Education (as opposed to indoctrination) along with a knowledge of history allows the awake mind to constantly process information.

Then there are the intuitive and spiritual levels of human consciousness where people can subconsciously receive information. These sources of information are often dismissed as being illusory or based on fantasy by those who have developed the rational side of their brains, or the left brains, to the neglect of the right brains where the intuitive and creative functions are found. The mind and soul are always analyzing and processing information. The right brain is able to analyze patterns, trends, visual information, voice patterns, and the entire massive spectrum of sensory information far more quickly than the left brain. It produces a deep inner sense of knowing that is not based on mysticism, but millions of neurological pathways processing vast amounts of data very quickly. It can see things that are hidden from the so-called rational mind.

Finally, there is what is called “the spirit of your mind,” which is something most people do not understand. On one level this involves your human spirit, the consciousness or energy field that drives our biological computers we mistakenly call our minds. But at a higher level this is plugged into a kind of cosmic matrix of information. This is a concept which is difficult for some people to grasp because it brings us into the theological or spiritual level of existence. For example, Jesus Christ talked about the “Father” giving what was called the “Helper,” “Counselor,” “Holy Spirit” and “Comforter.” When you bring this up in many churches many times people have no idea about what you are talking about and they assume you are speaking about some kind of deep emotional experience. But that is not what this is about at all.

Many people rely on emotions and especially deep emotions to give them what they believe is a more transcendent form of information. The problem is that emotions are produced by the human soul, which is the part of the human biological computer where memories, experiences, thoughts and feelings are stored. If those sources of information are out of balance for whatever reason, such as an intense desire for something to be something it is not, this deep emotional system provides flawed feedback. 

This is the area where successful con men operate because they know how to manipulate those deep pools of emotion.

This is not the same thing as the “Counselor” or the “Holy Spirit.” What Jesus Christ is talking about is the Third Person of the Trinity, and that is something many people reject, often because they don’t understand it. In a nutshell, if God is the Triune Being He claims to be, then by being plugged into or receiving the “Helper” or “Counselor,” you are plugged into the matrix of the Godhead. As such, you are receiving a continual download from what is called “the spirit of truth,” which is distinct from “the spirit of your mind.”

 You are receiving all kinds of information that people who have not downloaded this “app” cannot receive.

So if you train yourself or renew your mind you can develop the capacity to receive accurate information about future events and other information, to a limited degree. The problem here is that most people who claim to have downloaded this “app” and say they know how to use it are often allowing an intense download of incorrect information to move through them because they have not developed the ability to discern the difference between their own emotions, fantasies, ideas, personal belief system and truth. Personal bias and personal emotional confusion corrupts the information flow. But the point is you don’t have to be injected in the heart with a shot of adrenaline to be awake. If you are willing to admit that you are vulnerable to false data and willing to discipline your mind, you can get a far deeper understanding of the truth and even see a little bit into the future.

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