Thursday, August 21, 2008

Paul McGuire The New Adventure Begins!

I am embarking on a brand new adventure! As you know, I have done extensive reseach into the coming merger of Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. The coming North American Union. Also, the plans of Russa with their recent attack against Georgia, and how this plays out for the nation of Israel. I had the recent privilege of speaking at two conferences one with Chuck Missler, Tim LaHaye, Joel Rosenberg, General Shimon Erem, Ray Comfort, Bob Cornuke, and Joeseph Farah of WorldNetDaily. The other conference with David Hocking, Walid Shoebat, Jacob Prasch, Jack Hibbs.

At these conferences I spoke on globalism, the growing infliltration of secular humanistic philosophy in the church, the resurgence of the German Schools of Higher Criticism, and how this paved the way for Adolph Hitler's rise ot power. The parallels between that movement, and what is happening in the world today, especially with the global rise of Anti-Semitism, and how that endangers the nation of Israel.

A couple of months ago I had the privilege of sitting down with David Hocking, and Chuck Smith, and talking about this. The situation is grave because there is a sweeping movement which denies the importance of teaching Eschatology, and negates the importance of Israel.

In addition, we have been delighted, and are deeply thankful to fulfill the Great Commission, and see many people make a decision both on the radio, and in conferences. It is our opinion that America is like the Laodecians, and we want to blow the trumpet, and call people to awake!

I am launching out to do that, and would appreciate both your prayers, and support. You can contact us at the address below, and keep updated by visiting As you know, I am a commentator on the Fox News Network, and CNN. Doors are opening to present news from the perspective of a different world view.

In October, I will be teaching a series of classes at the King's College. One will be on Israel, Iran, Armageddon, and the Middle East. In addition we are looking for a location to meet in. If you know of such a location please E Mail us, and let us know.

Paul McGuire

P.O. Box 220567

Newhall, CA 91322-0567

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sperolumina said...

Paul, God is definitely with you my friend! Keep it up.