Saturday, February 28, 2009

Enhanced Drivers License With RFID Chip Department Homeland Security Time To Reach The World!

It was a great time at the Southern California Prophecy Conference at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills. Thousands came out and they had to put people in an overflow room. I spoke and then David Hocking spoke and many people came to the Lord. We sold out of the entire first printing of "The Day The Dollar Died" and people were buying up over a thousand copies of Are You Ready? and The Warning.

The Department of Homeland Security has announced plans to utlilize what is called an Enhanced Drivers License which is already being used in Washington State and parts of Canada. The Enhanced Dirvers License contains personal information about you and transmits the information via an RFID Chip. If you were walking into church and there was a car outside or someone down the street they could electronically capture the name and personal information of everyone entering the church. If a car drives by you or you go anywhere the Enhanced Drivers License is constantly transmitting your name and personal information. For all practical purposes you are being tracked!

My new book "The Day The Dollar Died" is exploding in sales and has been called "The Late Great Planet Earth of our generation." It explains how the financial crisis is bringing us into a one world economic system, a cashless society and a one world government. There must be electronic tracking of people in order for this to work. I am deeply grieved over the naivete of many Christian's, who do not study Bible prophecy and are unaware of where we are on the prophetic timeline. The goal is the planned destruction of the United States and other nations. That is what they economic crisis is all about it was planned and I detail this in "The Day The Dollar Died."

The goal is a merger of Canada, Mexico and the United States into a North American Union and then a merger of the U.S. with Britain and Europe. If you don't believe that then you must be hiding in a cave somewhere. The Prime Minister of Canada has openly talked about it on radio and television and the former President of Mexico, Vincente Fox talked about it on "The Larry King Show." In addition, there are many source documents available ( I refer to them in "The Day The Dollar Died" and "Are You Ready?" I interviewed former White House Press Secretary Tony Snow and asked him about the North American Union and the coming merger. He replied to me on the air that it was not true. Really? Then why did the Prime Minister of Canada and the former President of Mexico say that it was true in the national media?

On March 17 Mike Huckabee will be speaking in the morning at the Hyatt Irvine and I will be speaking in the evening at the Hyatt Irvine. I am continuing to hold "McGuire Prophecy Meeting's" across Southern California ( sign up for the E Mail newsletter and check the website ). We have been having them in Costa Mesa and Woodland Hills. But, we want to expand them to San Diego and across the nation and different countries.

We plan on holding "McGuire Prophecy Meeting's" in different states and when we are invited I will speak at other prophecy conferences. We just received the first part of our 501C 3 status approval. There is more paper work to fill out before donations are tax deductible. You can still donate, but you do it for the Lord and not a tax deduction...which should be your motive anyway.

Hundreds of people are coming to the Lord! People are starving for up to date prophetic information and current events. Many people listen or come for that reason or are invited by someone else and they end up accepting the Lord. I met a young mother at the prophecy conference with her husband. She was an atheist and no one was witnessing to her. She woke up in the middle of the night sobbing and crying out the name "Jesus" over and over again. The Lord led her to hear me on the radio. She prayed the prayer of salvation and grew in Christ listening to me on the radio.

We have thousands of reports like that. Thousands of people who came to the Lord, returned to the Lord or began walking with the Lord after hearing me on the air. Jesus said you judge a tree by its fruit. That is the fruit of this ministry. We are reaching thousands of people who are turned off by religion and church. These are the people Christ wants to save.

There are doors open for us to broadcast on radio and television. Including coming on in your area. I need your help to build a radio and television broadcast facility. We are not talking about a building, simply a studio with satellite links. I believe we are moving quickly to the time of Christ's return.

God had given us a unique way to reach the lost and we are reaching people who are not being reached through other ways. I need you to give what the Lord tells you to give. You may be able to give $25 or $100 or $10,000. or $100,000 or $ 1 million or more. This will enable us to win people to Christ around the world that are not being reached in any other way.

I have been praying for 3 things:

1. Wisdom and guidance for my family.

2. Wisdom and guidance for God's people so that I can equip them for the times ahead.

3. A prophetic message to the world that will win people to Jesus Christ.

I have asked God to give me an "excellent spirit" like Daniel and to give me wisdom to minister to the people He puts before me. I can only do this through your prayers and help. We are in a spritual battle in these last days! Jesus said, "the harvest is great but the laborers are few." I am here to act as a Watchman and labor in the endtime harvest of souls.

Your co-laborer in Christ.

Paul McGuire

Paul McGuire Ministries
P.O. Box 220567
Newhall, CA 91322-0567

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