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Paul McGuire

You cannot understand abortion, the breakdown of the family and Universal Health Care, unless you understand the Eugenics Movement and Hitler's T 4 Program. Abortion, genocide, war, diseases, contraception, the environmental movement have been used by the Eugenics Movement to reduce the population of Planet Earth by billions of people. Remember the so-called "scientific elite" which rule our world have embraced the Malthusian concept that all of mankind's problems can be solved by reducing population growth.

However, the plot is far more sinister than that. The Eugenics Movement which was embraced by Margaret Sanger, the Founder of Planned Parenthood and Adolph deliberately targeted specific races for extinction. Hitler openly called for an Aryan Master Race which he hoped to produce through selective breeding and mass killing.

Although, I am not accusing President Obama of embracing the ideas of the Eugenics Movement, there are powerful people behind the throne, who have a hidden agenda. I have read figures from radical environmentalists that they hope to reduce the population of the Planet from around 6 billion to 500,000. "This is our moment," President Obama announced this weekend, shortly after the House passed H.R. 3962, a 1,990-page version of the health care reform that has become the president's chief policy goal. A document that has been read by very few of our "elected" representatives. Why do President Obama, Billionaire George Soros and the Democratic Party want desperately the pass Universal Health Care?

First of all, it is a key part of the strategy of turning America into a Marxist totalitarian state. It gives the government the ability to seize control of over a third of America's industries, labor and budget. It makes the people totally dependent upon government and it is all about "wealth redistribution."

America is a long way down the road of being totally transformed into a Marxist totalitarian state, which will soon become part of a World Communist Dictatorship under the guise of a Climate Control treaty that maybe signed in Copenhagen. As I said in my book, "The Day The Dollar Died," a world currency will soon replace the dollar and then comes World Government.

The fact, that we are in the middle of a Marxist take over with the goal of surrendering U.S. sovereignty to a Global Government should be obvious to anyone with critical thinking skills, a knowledge of history and most of all the Christian church.

Yet, in America, the Christian Church has become the Laodecian Church and it has become blind to the obvious. Most American Christians and their pastors do not understand what is really happening in our nation. The Christian Church in America is in the exact same place the Evangelical Church in Nazi, Germany was right before Hitler took over.

The Universal Health Care Plan is based on the Eugenics Movement and Adolph Hitler's Universal Health Care Program called T4. Remember, the basis for Hitler's T4 program was producing a master race which meant killing millions of people. Adolph Hitler turned health care into a profit making industry by reducing the sacred value of each human life to a dollar value. This U.S. medical industry began sliding into a T4 model, under a Republican, Richard Nixon who was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. It was called "managed health care."

Under this system, money determines life or death, and the quality of care. Hitler called these people, "lives not worthy to be lived." Under Obama's Universal Health Care, computer guidelines and bureaucrats will determine who lives and who dies.

Out of curiosity, let us say hypothetically there are two elderly women in their late seventies with the same costly disease. Let us say one woman is a lesbian activist and one woman is a grandmother and Bible believing Christian. Who lives and who dies?

In 1939, Adolph Hitler wrote a secret order in his own handwriting entitled, "The Destruction of Lives Unworthy of Life." The order was given to Dr. Brandt (you can see his video trial at Nuremberg where he was convicted of war crimes - specifically Euthanasia) An ever expanding list of patients who needed "mercy death" was compiled and they were killed. This saved billions of dollars in costs to the government. Hundreds of thousand with psychiatric problems, serious diseases and the elderly were now denied treatment and sent to killing centers. Their families were given fake dearth certificates. After this Hitler sent 6 million Jews and 4 million non-Jews to the ovens and gas chambers for death.

Do you think for a moment that a generation that killed over 50 million babies in abortion will not accept mass euthanasia? Using Orwellian words they will not call it death or Euthanasia, but they will give it a pleasant word like "pro-choice." If the Lord tarries, you will live to see the day when 60-70 million elderly and infirmed are euthanized. Many of those people may be you! Will the American Church speak out?

The churches that have remained silent during the abortion holocaust will continue to remain silent during mass euthanasia. For those of us who know Christ, there is nothing to fear. To be absent from the body is to be present in the Lord. Before we close our eyes we will be in heaven and there is a the very real possibility that the Lord will return. Either way we win! The Lord is and will pour out His Spirit supernaturally upon His people. There is strengthening and infilling by the Spirit of God that is preparing His remnant for what is ahead.

This should not be a time of fear for those who are walking with the Lord! Israel is God's prophetic time clock. We are approaching the return of the Lord and the Tribulation. But, I believe that there is going to be a massive soul harvest before the return of Christ. God is going to use men and women to bring in the harvest. He will supply the resources and guidance that His people need. God has not abandoned you in this hour. He has called you for such a time as this. You have a purpose and destiny to fulfill."

Darkness will spread across the Earth, but the light in God's people will grow brighter. The Lord of Hosts will open doors for His people to proclaim His Gospel throughout the earth. Do not give into a spirit of fear! Do not fear for your children! Do not retreat, but advance! Do not turn back, but go forward! Do not run from Goliath, but move towards him in the faith of David and shout, "How dare you defy the armies of the living God!"

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