Thursday, January 7, 2010


By Paul McGuire

The question burning in all of our hearts is, “what can I do for my family and my nation?” It seems as if the whole world is falling apart. Freak weather, America turning looking more and more like a Communist nation, economic chaos, apostasy, wars and rumors of wars, Israel and immorality not seen since the time of Sodom and the days of Noah.
Here at Paul McGuire Ministries God has given us a mandate to reach this nation and the world with the message of Christ. Not a tidy little “religious” message that impacts no one, but the kind of message that the Apostle Paul gave which turned the world upside down. The Bible says, “When the enemy comes in, like a flood the Spirit of the Lord will raise up a standard against him!” That standard is a move of God in the hearts and minds of God’s people.

Jesus said, “That men’s hearts will fail them for what is about to come upon the earth.” Sadly to say there are many people in the church who are terrified and includes religious leaders who falsely teach their people, “If we leave them alone they will leave us alone.” Has that EVER happened in history anywhere? It certainly did not happen in Nazi, Germany where Christians and Jews were arrested and killed. It did not happen in Communist Russia, Communist China and it will not happen here in America! Do you understand what I just said? The enemy will not be satisfied until you are sent to a camp and killed. Why? Because the Bible teaches that we do not fight against flesh and blood, but demonic powers who hate God’s people.

Did you know that at the very highest levels of banking, finance, media and government there are many people who are deeply involved in the occult. This is exactly what happened in Germany where the Nazi Party was an occult party first and a political party second and Adolph Hitler was demon possessed. But, the churches followed him.

However, the good news is that there is an answer from heaven and that answer begins in 2010. I believe the King of the Universe has said, “Enough!” as He did in the time of Noah and the time of Lot. The King is rising in preparation for His return and He is about to shake the nations through the nation of Israel, just as the ancient prophets predicted.

At Paul McGuire Ministries we are racing through television, books, radio and conferences to communicate the message that Jesus Christ is returning and that God’s people must get ready. Are You Ready?
Great evil has invaded America and the world. But, we are here to communicate the message God has given us. An explosion of revival fire is about to sweep America rising from the remnant church. In many ways it will be similar to the First Great Awakening because it will impact government, art, media, culture, business and culture.

This revival will be anchored in the Word of God and confront apostasy and Satanic ideologies. It will be a revival which will be carried by the youth culture and they will be fearless in the proclamation of a message which is not politically correct. There is a present generation of Christian leaders who compromised the truth in order to be friends with the world. In their hearts they have desired more to be accepted by the world than to please God.
Our mission is to communicate Bible prophecy and current events to a whole word that is hungry for answers. But, also to ignite the fires of revival wherever we go! The time of the last days harvest has come and there are many souls to be brought into the kingdom.

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