Monday, March 29, 2010

Violent Militia’s, Violent Rhetoric, Breaking the Law and Extremism Are a Danger to the Cause of Freedom

Violent Militia’s, Violent Rhetoric, Breaking the Law and Extremism Are a Greater Danger to the Cause of Freedom and Judeo Christian Belief than Any External Enemy Could Ever Be.

By Paul McGuire

We are in a spiritual and ideological battle for the heart and soul for America. There are powerful globalists, many with close ties to the occult who are seeking to destroy America and bring in a one world dictatorship. These are not my words; you could read my book “The Day the Dollar Died” and read actual quotes from these men and groups who have discussed openly their dreams for a New World Order.

This is not paranoia, there are plenty of YouTube video’s on the Internet with men like Kissinger, Rockefeller, Bush Sr., Biden and others calling for a New World Order. In addition, there are videos of some elite leaders openly participating in occult rituals such as the Bohemian Grove.

In my books and MP3’s I quote from occult leaders like Madame Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Annie Besant, David Spangler who have openly guided world leaders, the elite and the United Nations. There is nothing more that the forces of totalitarianism would like, then to see people who believe in the American way of life, capitalism, Judeo Christian values and the Constitution be seduced by violence, extremism and breaking the law. Violence and extremism invite the expansion of a Police State.

Legally engaging the forces of globalism and Marxism, and engaging in non-violent spiritual warfare is effective. Beware of Republic politicians who seduce the people with speeches filled with violent rhetoric. The speeches are designed to exploit the anger of the American people who see their nations and freedom being stolen before their very eyes.

As Christians, there are two errors we can make. The first error is to support and follow leaders who have sold out years ago. To deny reality and justify cowardice! The second error is to engage in fasting and praying without accompanying action, or to go into action without fasting and prayer. The answer is to understand the multi-dimensional nature of the conflict. The conflict is spiritual and it is political, cultural and economic. True spirituality understands that Jesus is Lord of all of life.
We have been called for such a time of this. To speak and act wisely at the end of the age. Neither escapism nor fanaticism will do.

Please join, pray and support us as we speak truth to the church and our culture. Your lives and the lives of your children depend upon it.

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