Wednesday, June 9, 2010


By Paul McGuire

There is a convergence of prophetic events that will start this summer and profoundly impact the U.S. and the world. First, there is going to be some kind of confrontation with Iran either through the U.S. or Israel. At the recent Bilderberg Group meeting in Spain, the green light was given to the U.S. to strike Iran.

America’s debt will hit $13.6 trillion this year and $19.6 trillion by 2015. The total U.S. debt includes obligations to the Social Security retirement program and other government trust funds. The amount of debt held by investors, which include China and other countries, as well as individuals and pension funds, will rise to an estimated $9.1 trillion this year from $7.5 trillion last year. With the debt now exceeding the GNP, we are looking to a continued loss of jobs and massive cuts in benefits. America could in five years face the economic collapse that Greece experience with riots in the street and Martial Law.

But, thats not all! We are in a radical transformation of America that is now being called the "Sovietization" of America. Look for government to seize your individual 401 K's, retirement plans, pensions and investments. They intend to sieze your retirment and than share the wealth equally with everyone. If do don't believe that is going to happen, than listen to what an FBI agent said who had attended meetings with radicals like Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers. The radicals said that is will neccessary for 20-30 million people to die in re-education camps in this American revolution.

Meanwhile, our Constitutional liberties are being seized from us on almost a daily basis. The Health Care Bill contains legal language, that although vague, causes some Constitutional legal analysts to believe it opens the door for a microchip implant and every child born in America starting in 2013 will receive a microchip.

Despite all the bad news there is something we can still do about it and it is still not to late to change course, but only a full-on Great Awakening-style revival can save us. Paul McGuire Ministries which is part of Paradise Mountain Church International is moving aggressively forward to educate, awaken and light the fires of a last days Harvest and revival that is the only hope for America.

We have just produced three television specials to educate and light the fires of revival. The first television program is entitled, “A Prophetic Warning to America.” It tells the hard truth about what is really happening, which most of the ministries in America are not doing. Tragically, there are a lot of false prophets today who are promising peace and prosperity and tickling the people’s ears. God has called me to be a “Watchman on the Wall” and this is not an easy or popular task.

We must engage in spiritual warfare, but before we can pray, fast and evangelize affectively, we must understand the nature of the enemy and his plan for America and the world. We are confronting very powerful individuals and groups with ties to occult and satanic forces. What is now happening in the U.S. and around the world has been planned by them for over 100 years. But, most the world and sadly to say the church, has no idea of how detailed their plan is and how it fits into Bible prophecy and Israel.
I believe God has given us a brief window of opportunity, if we act spiritually and strategically now.

First we must get our message out to millions via television. Secondly, we must distribute over one million copies of “Are You Ready for the Microchip?” worldwide. Due to the nature of the title and how we present the message large numbers of unbelievers will read this book.

Third, we must air a weekly television program (we just produced the first three) and broadcast worldwide over the Internet. All of this must be done now, in order to change the course (we are not talking about attempting to change Bible prophecy). Therefore our first goal is to raise $1 million dollars to put these plans into action.
It is amazing to me how many believers still do not have their priorities right. They are acting as if nothing is wrong and yet they are in danger of losing everything and should the Lord tarry, giving their children over to a nightmare Big Brother government where they will toil as slaves. This is not agape love! If you truly loved God and His people you would make tremendous sacrifices for the sake of your children. I rarely talk about it, but I receive no salary or remuneration from this ministry at this time. In addition, although not wealthy, since I donate all book revenues, etc. to the ministry, I personally give all those monies to the ministry.

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Remember, be thankful in all things. God is still on the throne. The Messiah is returning and God answers prayer. You have been chosen for such a time as this!

Your friend in Christ,
Paul McGuire
Paul McGuire

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