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Kristina McGuire Art


Kristina McGuire's Art

Kristina McGuire is the wife of Paul for over 35 years. Although, Kristina chooses to be behind thscenes, there would be no Paul McGuire Ministry without her. Kristina is the unsung hero of the ministry.

Paul met Kristina who was an actress in New York City. Kristina was auditioning for a part in a play called "Bright New Wings" at the Lamb's Club, where Paul hosted and produced contemporary Christian music concerts, theater, and television. Soon afterwards, they started dating. Kristina was going to Calvary Baptist Church which was across from the Russian Tea Room. Eventually, they moved to Hollywood where Kristina starred is some feature films and television shows, like "Shadow Riders," with Tom Selleck.


Kristina McGuire

Kristina has a deep love for children. Kristina McGuire is highly gifted when it comes to turning the lives of young children around. Kristina uses art, creativity, and theatre to open the minds of young children who are poor or who have other challenges. I was talking to one of the leading educational experts in the world, Jonathan Kozol, who acknowledged that Kristina McGuire’s love for children and her willingness to use creativity makes Kristina one of the most valued influences in the lives of children.

In a time when our whole society has become almost robotic and dehumanizing, Kristina’s gift of expressing agape love and creativity is so important. Kristina paints in order to help people open their minds and souls up to the Creator’s wonderful creation all around them.

Kristina has a very interesting story that includes a number of highly creative and recognized projects. But, her three most important projects are their three children who are now college age. Kristina does not have a superficial faith. Her faith began in her college days and has been forged in the fiery trials of life. It is there Kristina learned how to cry out to God for help. Kristina is the most wonderful gift God has given me in life. Kristina has gifts that I definitely do not have and together we make a team, as well as husband and wife. It is a great privilege to have Kris for a wife. But, she is far more than that. She is my partner, my best friend, beautiful, and loves the Lord!

Kristina has the soul of an artist. Creativity is in every fiber of her being. Her talents range from painting, sculpture, and as an actress in Hollywood and New York City. Kristina and I were praying to the Lord and reading Psalms 91 where it says, “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty." We talked about how to dwell under the shadow of the Almighty for quite some time. How do you actually do that? After praying and seeking the Lord, Kristina painted this picture. The painting is entitled, "The Secret Place of the Most High."

Kristina painted the picture as an act of simple worship to the Lord, as we were reading the Bible, praying and spending time together away from home. Kristina wanted to paint this picture and offer to it to someone who believes in the ministry we are doing together with you, in reaching the world for Christ and teaching His prophetic Word!

Kristina’s painting is in original and she will sign it. All proceeds from the painting will go directly into the ministry. The cost of the painting is $1,500.00 plus all shipping, insurance and packaging costs. You can buy it through the Donate now button or you can write a check out to Paradise Mountain Church International mail it to Paradise Mountain Church International 25876 the Old Road # 136 Stevenson Ranch, CA 91381.

If the Lord leads you to purchase the painting and help support this ministry then you should Email us at (We just set up this page so you have to use your Email account to Email us at this Email address since the link is not activated yet) when you give us your name, phone number and complete mailing address, we can give you an exact total for the painting, shipping, insurance and packaging. We cannot mail the painting to P.O. Boxes and unless there is someone home to sign for it, you will have to pick it up at local mailing store in your area. Also, if you have any questions you can Email us.

May the Lord Bless You,

Paul McGuire

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