Monday, May 28, 2012

Seeing the Future 1 Paul McGuire


By Paul McGuire

Is it possible to predict the future? I believe through scientific intelligence analysis and the serious study of Bible prophecy, we can to a finite degree make projections concerning the future. Obviously, this is an imperfect method, but it allows us to understand what is coming on the horizon.

The foundation of this understanding is the study of Bible prophecy. Beginning in Genesis God gives us a roadmap into the future. It is not a “religious” roadmap, but a digital and holographic roadmap. For example, when we read the story of the Tower of Babel, read about a superhuman ruler called Nimrod. Nimrod appears to be the genetic offspring of a fallen angels or human women that the Bible calls the Nephilim. The Tower of Babel was a Stargate, where entities or demons could enter the physical universe. Nimrod who is a type of the Antichrist established the first one world government and one world religion. All occult religions have their origin at the Tower of Babel.

In our generation, we are seeing the ancient Babylon begin to rise as the Bible predicted. America plays a key role in these ancient prophecies. That is the reason why in Washington D.C. we occult architecture such as the Washington Monument and the Capitol Building. The Washington Monument is an occult phallic symbol and the dome of the capitol building represents a womb. Parts of Washington D.C. mirror the Vatican. Ancient history tells us that Nimrod’s wife, was a Semiramis. Although, the ancient records are somewhat confusing, Semiramis claimed to be Nimrod’s mother as well. Some scholars believe that Nimrod met Semiramis in a brothel and took her as his wife. In order to hide from the people her background, Nimrod claimed Semiramis was a god. In a power struggle Semiramis had Nimrod killed and chopped into pieces. However, she apparently was carrying on an illicit relationship because after Nirmod’s death Semiramis gave birth to a male child named Tammuz. Without getting into the specifics, Semiramis told the people she became supernaturally pregnant by using a phallic symbol representing Nimrod. Thus, the phallic symbol represents Nimrod and the gods like Osiris and Apollo.

Occult rituals involving drugs, sexual immorality and the worship of demons originated with Nimrod and Semiramis in ancient Babylon. In the Book of Revelation, Babylon emerges as a one world government, one world economic system and one world religion. The Bible is telling us the future before it happens!

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