Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Paul McGuire Prophetic Alert:Great Danger Coming Mass Prayer Movement Rising


By Paul McGuire

There are very intense changes coming on the horizon for America and the nations of the world. Much of the church is asleep, except for the Remnant Church which understands what is about to happen. Many people who are not Christians, sense there is something about to happen and they are correct. But, God wants His people to know what is coming and how to defeat it in the Spirit! Do not give into the temptation to sunder to the spirit of fear, or surrender to a doom and gloom mentality. There is HOPE FOR YOUR FUTURE, AMERICA and the NATIONS. Hear what the Spirit is saying to the church. A MASS PRAYER MOVEMENT IS RISING!

Change can bring destruction and chaos, but change also brings enormous new opportunities and the potential for blessing upon the lives of those people who seek the face of God! My exhortation to you, as your brother in the Lord, is to seek the face God like never before. God spoke through Moses saying:

“As long as they sought the Lord they continued to prosper.” If you read the blessings and the curses in Deuteronomy 28, the blessings to Israel were contingent upon, “And it shall come to pass, if thou shall hearken diligently unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to observe all and do all his commandments which I command thee this day, that the Lord thy God will set thee high above all the nations of the earth.” Deut. 28:1

If your nation is being brought down economically and in other ways, the primary and reason is spiritual. Judgment begins in the house of the Lord. You must face the reality that primary source of your nations problems is that the people of God are worshipping idols and serving other gods, like materialism, personal peace, sex and non-Biblical teachings, which have robbed the church of its power. There are very powerful forces at work that are specifically destroying your nation in order to bring in a one world economic system and one world government. The primary mechanism of this radical transformation is manufactured crisis. Unless you thoroughly understand those dynamics, which I explain in my DVD’s and books, you will remain a powerless victim and you will be crushed. This is not want God wants for His people! The spiritual forces of evil have been released through the disobedience of the church and Christians.

The Apostle Paul teaches us:

“Our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities and powers, the dark unseen forces of wickedness in heavenly places.”

When the church violates God’s Word, as it did in Nazi, Germany, a gateway or portal opens in the invisible realm for demonic powers to be released upon a nation. The only way there can be change, is through specific repentance starting with the church. There must be repenting of the specific violations against God and His law. Secondly, there must be fasting and prayer on the level of a mass prayer movement. In America and other nations, if there is no immediate repentance, fasting and prayer on the level of a mass prayer movement, there is high probability that America as will could go into a downward spiral. This holds true for other nations.

However, if the people of God respond to the trumpet blast of the spirit, stop playing church and immediately repent, the Spirit of the Lord will raise up a mass prayer movement, God may well intervene and grant us a reprieve so that we may have more time to preach the Gospel and fulfill His mission for us on the earth. That means that we will actually follow through on evangelism, making disciples, feeding the power in the name of Christ and practically standing for righteousness though legal avenues such as voting, other civic duties and things like freeing the child and adult victims of the sex trafficking industry.

Most Christians have not been taught of educated about reality of supernatural warfare. They erroneously think that a particular political party or political leader is the enemy. The reality is that most often, the political party and politicians are being controlled great powers behind the throne, powers that transcend international finance and exists in the spiritual world.

I have been doing some of the most intensive research in my life, while doing the last minute edits for the “Moon in Blood” DVD. I have been studying what happened at the Tower of Babel and the god-like civilizations of the pre-Flood era and the involvement of the sons of God, or the B‘nai-Elohim. Understanding this is mandatory in order for you to pray, fast, evangelize and understand the multi-dimensional nature of the spiritual battle we are in. As I go into detail in the 3- DVD series, “Are You Ready?” and “Moon into Blood, “ The account of Nimrod and the Tower of Babel has direct applications to what is going in our world now. The Tower of Babel was the world’s first global government and one world religion. This is why Babylon is a major theme in the Book of Revelation. The people worshipped Nimrod as his wide Semiramis as gods. The Tower of Babel was an occult and astrological worship tower, so they could worship the host of heaven. God judged Babylon because He knew that under Nimrod’s leadership they were attempting to start a revolution to overthrow the throne of God. Nimrod, like the coming Antichrist, was indwelt or energized by Satan. History is about to repeat itself, Bible prophecy teaches us that in the last days a world charismatic leader will arise, who is the Antichrist predicted by the prophet Daniel and he will rule a one world government and one world economic system. The Antichrist is also known as the First Beast and head of the predicted Revived Roman Empire. The Second Beast is the False Prophet and he will lead the coming one world religion, control the one world economic system with the mark of the beast, or the microchip implant. (See “Are You Ready for the Microchip?’ Paul McGuire).

Babylon is Rising Again Look at the Painting of Babylon and a Tower of Babylon along with many occult symbols being sent out at the Olympic Ceremony!

What many people do not fully grasp is that throughout human history, individuals, cultures and nations knew how to release actual supernatural or occult power. Occult power is not a mythology! Very real forces of evil power can be released into this world through spiritual laws which some scientists are beginning to understand are based on scientific principles. Nimrod, the creators of the Great Pyramid, the monolithic Mayan and Incan ruins and numerous other civilizations understood that certain things like satanic ceremonies, rituals, and the use of psychedelic drugs, child and human sacrifice can release occult spiritual power. The technology behind the Tower of Babel, the pyramids and Stonehenge, along with advanced mathematical formulas released actual forces upon the earth.

During World War II the Nazi scientists, were so highly technologically advanced that the U.S. brought thousands of Nazi scientists into our rocket program (they started NASA). Nazi scientists mind control technologies, became a part of the most classified government projects and research at the most prestigious universities in the nation. Hitler’s Nazi Party was created by powerful and secret occult societies in Germany such as the Vril Society whose emblem was the Black Sun and whose symbols and teachings can be found in ancient Babylon and Assyria. They believed Vril was an actual scientific force that could be harnessed. Another German occult society was Thule.

Vril Society Black Sun
In Greek mythology, Pythagoras was taught sacred geometry by Apollo, a god who lived in the legendary world of Hyperborea, somewhat like Atlantis. The Nazi scientists were the most advanced in the world, when it came to genetics, rocketry, energy, mind control and technology. They understood that occult teachings could actually release power from another dimensions and the world’s most advanced scientists took their discoveries very seriously. The point is that spiritual power is real and the most advanced science in the world is beginning to recognize it.

In the same way there are mechanisms for releasing occult or evil forces into a culture, there are mechanisms and laws for releasing God’s power into our individual lives and the life of our nation. When we move collectively in adherence to these laws of releasing the power of God, the miraculous power of God can work major transformation. We are now at the CRISIS POINT. Specific repentance opens and praying for communicating to God opens the primary spiritual gateway for God’s power to be released. This coupled with fasting and prayer on a mass prayer movement level can produce sudden and spiritually revolutionary change that can in measurable terms, transform the economy, give us political leaders who are servants and not self-serving and who will be given the wisdom and courage to make decisions that will protect our freedoms, restrain the forces of evil, produce a level of prosperity that will give people real hope for the future.

Economic, scientific, cultural, political and spiritual transformation is the result of releasing the power of God upon your nation. This produces revival and can lead to a Great Awakening! Please understand this is not be confused with a counterfeit revival. In addition, nothing above conflicts with God’s prophetic program. God is sovereign and His end time prophecies will come to pass. However, we have been given the privilege of prayer and prayer changes things!

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