Monday, April 29, 2013

Paul McGuire Malibu Prophecy Korea Global Currency Changing a Nation


By Paul McGuire

Paul McGuire - Things are happening so fast prophetically.  We have very great challenges and opportunities coming soon.  I am going into more detail in my new book "A Prophecy of the Future of America" which I am finishing up now.  I am praying that the Lord would say what He wants said and I have surrendered its contents to Him.  Please pray that I would write what the Lord wants written in the way that He wants it written.  You know it’s a strange thing when the fiery trials start to come and I am talking about anyone who is aware of what is happening... the Lord starts to purify you!  However imperfectly I am running the race and I have the most intense divine call of urgency I have ever had in my life.  Please pray 24 / 7 by yourself, in groups and hopefully at your church.  Pray also that the veil is lifted off the eyes of the church in America.  Although there is a large faithful remnant, the majority are in a deep sleep.  I do not write those words with any unkindness and I really wish I did not have to write them at all.  But, as a Watchman I must blow the Shofar, as other Watchmen are doing.  I want you to know that what motivates me is a deep agape love for you, your children, your family and even those who would attack this message. I have more info at and  Spread far and wide!  With God's help we can change hearts and minds!      Always remember, "Our fight is not against flesh and blood (people) but against the principalities, powers and dark unseen forces of wickedness in heavenly places."  The key truth here is that it is the church and not the unbelieving world, not the different groups and people that the church loves to blame for the "judgment of God" coming upon our nation or your nation.  The Bible says that, "Judgment begins in the house of the Lord!"  The root problem in America is that each of us to one degree or another and the church has turned to worshiping idols.  Not little statues, but we are worshiping the false gods whose names are "Personal Peace" and "Prosperity."  There is nothing wrong with those things in their proper place.  But we collectively have made that our bottom line and that is not a small thing with God because it leads to all kinds of things. So in essence we in the church are worshiping Baal and making the same sacrifices to Baal, using slightly different methods that ancient Israel did when it was in rebellion from God.  We have and are worshiping idols and we have aggressively violated the Word of God.  Violating the Word of God always starts with not believing the Word of God or twisting its meaning.  This is what happened in the Garden of Eden.  The powers of darkness, economic chaos and loss of freedoms may have human involvement.  But, none of this would be happening if we were faithful to God! We are in the same cycle repeated over and over again throughout Biblical history.  In Biblical history the worship of false gods and the violation of God's Word ALWAYS brought judgment.  God would send prophets to warn the people, which the people would ignore and despise.  They wanted teachers and prophets who would lie to them.  This is exactly what is happening in America!  The next phase is captivity; the people would lose their freedoms and go into captivity.  The final phase is destruction and more.  People ask me, what about the Rapture Paul?  I believe in the Rapture and I have written about it and spoken about it intensively.  However, I am talking about the time frame before the Rapture!  American Christians have deceived themselves into thinking the Rapture is an American Rapture, where the minute things get bad in America, God is going to Rapture His church.  People watching this in other nations know what I am talking about.  There is great spiritual deception here.  However, if we truly seek the face of God and truly repent, God will move.  That is not a violation of God's prophetic program (I have taught on this at length and you can go the website for resources).  The reason we have seen so little response to our fasting and prayer in America, is that we are doing "playing church repentance" and "playing church seeking the Lord."  It is superficial repentance and there is no acknowledgement of the real sins!  I support all sincere efforts at fasting and prayer, and I will join them!  But, what usually happens is that celebrity Christians and celebrity politicians, etc. are invited and there is repentance.  But, the repentance is not at the level that is acceptable to God!  The main issues are not brought up.  It is somewhat superficial repentance, which is better than no repentance, but it will not do the job.  Repentance which ignores the elephant in the living room is not the repentance which sets a nation on fire by the power of God.  I am not trying to be judgmental or critical, please understand me.  But, there is a MASSIVE ONGOING DENIAL OF WHAT IS GOING ON AND THE PART THAT WE PLAY IN IT.  There is no other word for it, but DENIAL.  Denial is a lie; we are lying to ourselves and to God.  What is happening now has been coming at us visibly since the 1920's it has never been a secret, but the church ignores it.  There is an unspoken rule in much of the American church, which is you are not allowed to bring up certain realities, because we have chosen to collectively deny that they exist.  I'm sorry but that is participating in the lie.  It is a group think where the price of speaking the truth is rejection, exclusion and demonization.  I mean this with no malice and I say it with great sadness, there is a lie which must be acknowledged before God, if repentance is to be real.  You may not like me for what I have just said, but what I have said is the truth and I am not the only one who is saying it.  One of my spiritual mentors, Dr. Francis Schaeffer wrote and spoke about this extensively. In his books like, "The Great Evangelical Disaster,” Schaeffer said that, "The great sin of the Evangelical Church and its leaders is accommodation."  Dr. Schaeffer warned over 30 years ago that authoritarianism either from the right or left would rise to manage the chaos and then He explained all that would happen.  The point is that this accommodation and retreat from the Word of God has accelerated since Schaeffer spoke those words over 30 years ago.  Giant churches, celebrity Christian leaders and authors have built their careers on leading God’s people to ignore reality and surrender the truth.  This is our primary sin before God.  Yet, it is never spoken of in detail at the great prayer and fasting events.  Yet, it is the central sin!  Truth is screaming at us from all the statistics on economics. politics, culture, geopolitics, etc.  However, continue to pretend that we have no sin.  Again, I am not saying this with an ounce of superiority over anyone else.  But, our nation is in deep trouble and we continue to play this charade of seeking God's face and repenting.  We will not touch heaven until we get real and repent of the main thing that offends God and stop pretending that we are not doing it.  We have accommodated His Word on every level and lift up as heroes those that lead us to continue on this path...

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