Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Turn to the Word Paul McGuire

Paul McGuire Thursday Feb 20th at Beth Ariel for a Prophecy Meeting where we
will study the Word, seek the Lord and come into His Presence.  Expect to
be supernaturally refreshed and to be equipped to learn how to be victorious in
the Last Days!  Beth Ariel 22222 Saticoy Canoga Park (rear chapel)
 Bring friends and spread the Word.  God has given you the power to
choose where your life is going!  If you choose death by worshiping where
the Presence of the Lord has departed and faithfulness to preaching the entire
Word of God is not happening, you are under a curse.  Conversely, if you
worship where the Presence of the Lord is dwelling and there is faithfulness to
preaching the entire Word of God you will be blessed!  Heavy things are
coming, but you can be victorious.  ARE YOU READY?  See you this
Thursday at Beth Ariel – Paul

Paul McGuire Prophecy Meeting Beth Ariel Thursday February 20th 7 PM 22222
Saticoy Canoga Park (rear chapel) Paul will analyze important prophetic events,
teach from the Word and minister.  Come
be refreshed by the power of the Holy Spirit and the teaching of the inspired
and inerrant Word of God!  One Word from
the Lord can change your life forever. 
We praise God that many people have had their lives transformed by Jesus
Christ at Paul's prophecy meetings. 
Bring friends!  Discounts will be
available on all books, etc. Paul will sign copies of A Prophecy of the Future
of America.  Many very heavy things are
about come down soon!  Those that are
walking supernaturally with Jesus and renewing their minds with the Word will
overcome!  NO FEAR!  Those that are on auto-pilot and playing
church are gong to be in for a rude awakening. 
But, God loves you and there is still time to dwell in the Secret Place
of the Most High.  Basically you have to
make a can continue to play church and cherry pick a few Bible
verses, worship somewhere where the Presence of God has long departed and there
is no true anointing on the teaching or repent of being Lukewarm and God will
set you on fire with His Spirit and the promises of God will explode in your
heart and you will be filled with love, joy and true peace.  Jesus is knocking on the door of your heart
and you can open that door any time you choose.

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