Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Paul McGuire on George Noory Beyond Belief Mark of the Beast & Prophecy

Mark of the Beast Technology: Paul McGuire was a guest on 2 shows with George Noory of Coast to Coast on Beyond Belief where Paul talked about mark of the beast technology and prophecy.  You can watch the shows for free by signing up for the 10 day free trial. You will only be able to see the show if they are a subscriber or by signing up for the FREE 10-day trial. (Make sure to promote the 10-day trial so that your audience will be able to watch your interview.)

Paul McGuire on George Noory Beyond Belief TV Show Blurb:
They are many who believe that we are in the last days, as prophesized by the bible. This belief is reinforced by emerging technology that erodes our sense of privacy and diminishes financial independence. We may soon find ourselves voluntarily embedded with nanochip implants that track and control our behavior. Paul McGuire draws a correlation between bible prophecy and the computer advancements which may just be the technological mark of the beast in this interview with George Noory originally webcast March 5, 2014.

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