Saturday, December 6, 2014

Prophetic Warning 2015 Paul McGuire Meeting Dec. 11th FREE

PROPHETIC WARNING 2015: Paul McGuire issues one of the strongest prophetic warnings of his ministry for 2015.  Join Paul Dec.11, 2014 for a FREE prophecy meeting sponsored by Paradise Mountain Church at the Sportsmen's Lodge in Studio City prompt at 6:30! You must register!
Paul will speak and ministry on America and the world in prophecy.  The convergence and acceleration of crisis events like economic collapse, ISIS terror attacks in the U.S. and EU, regional thermonuclear war, Ebola-type pandemics, Artificial Intelligence, Hive Mind and the World Brain social media revolution, a coming "Mass Event" detailed in Paul's new book, "Mass Event," how to walk in the supernatural power of God, Standing in the Gap, God's supernatural deliverance and igniting a Biblical revival along with  a Third Great Biblical Awakening  Registration, direction and info at:

Spread far & wide! CONDITION URGENT!  Come, bring friends, hear the prophetic truth from God's Word from a respected Watchman and allow the Lord to minister to you in the power of the Holy Spirit and be Biblically filled with power from on high!  The Presence of the Lord will be there...will you be there to join in with what the Lord is doing?

Listen to this Prophetic Warning 2015 message from Paul McGuire and pass it on!

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