Thursday, March 19, 2015

Paul McGuire - A Prophecy of the Future of America #2

Paul McGuire a prophetic warning to America on a second Jewish Voice TV interview.  Join Paul in repentance, fasting and crying out to God for America and the world.  "The time for playing church is long over.  Judgment has already begun to come upon America and it is going to intensify in 2015.  Most of the Christian church in America is blinded to what is happening because they have rejected God's Word and are in deep spiritual deception.  However, there is a "remnant" of true believers in Jesus Christ - the Messiah. Please join me and many others as we humble ourselves before God in repentance and intercessory prayer.  Find out more at

Also, the sequel to "A Prophecy of the Future of America" is Paul's brand new book, "Mass Event."  more info at

Paul McGuire hosts a new prophecy TV series called Apocalypse and the End Times that will air on GOD TV very soon!  Below is a picture of Paul McGuire interviewing Rabbi Jonathan Cahn of "The Harbinger," at the PITN Second Orlando Prophecy Summit.

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