Friday, April 17, 2015

Paul McGuire Mass Awakening Full Version 2015 Prophetic Message for U.S. & World

Paul McGuire's urgent prophetic message "Mass Awakening!" Paul shares this powerful message from Malibu, California.  Time is quickly running out for America!  God has given us one last opportunity.  Paul need's your help so please spread far & wide!  more info

Paul McGuire's new book MASS AWAKENING prophetically shares how an evil MASS AWAKENING is coming to America and the world, or a good MASS AWAKENING based on history and a study of the Bible.  It is critical that God's people or the Remnant "Stand in the Gap," repent, pray and preach the Gospel.  Join Paul in spreading this Word far and wide!  Time is running out and the hour is far later than the Laodecian Church is aware of!  Pray for Paul, support Paul and join him and others who are acting as FAITHFUL WATCHMAN ON THE WALL!

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