Saturday, May 28, 2016


Paul McGuire warns from prophecy of a U.S. and global monetary crisis based on the occult-based monetary system where ninety nine percent of the world's population work as feudal slaves on the new world order plantation of the one percent global elite who employ the Pharaoh god king system and the Scientific Dictatorship as a total control mechanism by perpetuating illusions like the Myth of Scarcity.  There is no scarcity of anything including energy, it is all a total lie.  The Luciferian elite control the global matrix through their total control of major media through just six corporations.  The truth that there is an Infinite Personal Living God of the Universe who is the Source of everything including all provision.  Money is a magical system going back to Babylon which is based on Alchemical magic and has enslaved the masses through debt-based slavery of nation and people.  The solution is a Third Great Awakening that is both spiritual and intellectual, which includes understanding economics.  The current Evangelical culture with the exception of the Remnant has become an agent fighting against truth because it is part of the one world governmental, one world economic and one world religious system.  That is why the majority of Evangelical leaders don't not understand that Trade Treaties will do more to destroy Christianity, the family and remove religious freedoms more than any other force.  The majority of Evangelical leaders are tragically uneducated and fixated on superficial symbols of morality like the religious leaders who crucified Jesus Christ.  In Bible prophecy God predicted the return of the Babylonian system and God has made available His end times supernatural supply of everything we need when we understand that He is the Source.  A Third Great Awakening is needed to both spiritually awaken and intellectually awaken a church and matrix Christian religion that is asleep.  Paul McGuire presents powerfully a prophetic message of warning and hope based on his new book A Prophecy of the Future of America 2016 -2017.

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