Monday, July 23, 2018

Paul McGuire Trumpocalypse Jewish Voice

Paul McGuire Trumpocalypse on Jewish Voice. Paul McGuire is a strong supporter of Israel and was close friends with General Shimon Erem and privately interviewed Prime Ministers of Israel and President Jimmy Carter on the peace process.

Paul McGuire believes the land of Israel was given to the Jewish people as an "Everlasting Covenant," and Paul is a leading member of the Israel Christian Nexus in Los Angeles where some of the nations most influential Jewish and Christian leaders gather.  General Shimon Erem, one of Israel's most famous generals said of Paul McGuire, "Paul McGuire is a faithful Watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem, one of the best!"  General Shimon Erem explained to Paul that although, Paul is supported and known by many of the most powerful Jewish leaders in America.

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