Tuesday, September 2, 2008


We are looking to hold two meetings, one in Orange County, and the other in Los Angeles County in the ext couple of weeks. Every day there is news about Israel, Iran, U.S. and Russia in the news. There is a great prophetic significance to this, and we want to share that, and minister to the people as well. I have a great burden to get this message out. because God promises that those who bless Israel, He will bless. Will you help me bless Israel?

Also, I find that people everywhere are interested by this, and this presents a unique opportunity to share the Good News!

Look at these two recent articles in the news. There are discussions that this attack on Iran could possibly happen before the U.S. election. If it does, or if it happens in the future after the election what will happen to Israel, America, and our world? I just mailed out a special MP3 Report to our partners. If you would like to be a partner the address is below:
McGuire Intelligence Briefing on MP3 sent to partners.

Also, I have begun a Expositional Study of the Book of Genesis. You can hear the first study by downloading the MP3 below:

Paul McGuire's Expostional Study of the Book of Genesis - This is Genesis Chapter 1-3 Study Genesis like you have never understood it before. In this first part of the series Paul deals with Creation, quantum physics, Superstrings, Laws of Thermodynamics, quarks, black holes, white holes, and what God's plan was for Adam & Eve in Paradise. This study in Genesis will minister to you, and help you to discover what God's plan is for you, and the human race. It will link Genesis to the Book of Revelation, and how Superstrings resonate in 10 dimensions which may imply that the entire Universe is held together by the worship of God.

Evolutionists promote the "Big Bang" theory as the beginning. There was supposedly a time before time existed when the entire universe was compressed into an unbelievably dense and hot singularity - super black hole. This singularity blew up 8 to 15 billion years ago and released all the matter it contained which was wholly hydrogen and helium. This hydrogen and helium formed stars, which went novae and through that created all the heavier elements, which was distributed through the universe by the novae and supernovae explosions. Some 4 to 8 billion years the solar system formed and the earth was in a molten state for 2 to 4 billion years. Evolutionists believe that over billions of years natural selection produced what we see today.

But physics is teaching us that the universe is multi-dimensional, perhaps having 10 dimensions which is a concept that the Old Testament Jewish teachers subscribed to.

Physicists theorize that Space-time is curved. Ancient Euclidian Geometry, and a two dimensional triangle where the sum of the angles is 180. In Space-time the sum of the angles can equal 2700. According to String Theory Space is curved - T.O.E. - Theory of Everything, and Q.C.D. which is Quantum Chromo Dynamics where General Relativity=Superstrings.

They can vibrate self consistently only in 10 and 26 dimensions. Heterotic strings: clockwise vibrations live in a 10-dimension space. Counter clockwise in a 26-dimension space. They are 100 billion billion times smaller than a proton. Particle is not a point at all, but a mode of a vibrating string. Matter is nothing but the harmonies (resonances) created by this vibrating string. (DNA coiled double helix)

Read Revelation 4:11 where the created beings are worship the Lord. In Revelation 4:1.

As the we see them worship around the throne room of God it says, "For you created all things. and by Your will they exist and where created. That not only means the created Universe, and Planet Earth, but it means you, and the people you know. Understand, that as a redeemed child of God you have been created to rule, and reign with Christ. It's not as complicated as it sounds, and you will be edified by this.

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