Tuesday, September 23, 2008


In my special McGuire Report entitled “On The Road To Global Currency: The Federal Reserve, The Mortgage Bail Out, What Is Really Happening In The Financial Markets, What It Means For Your Family & What You Can Do About It.” I will give you a detailed MP3 Audio Report for you to download. Also, I will discuss how this interfaces with Israel, Iran, Russia and America- What On Earth Is Happening at the Hilton Hotel in Costa Mesa October 16th at 7pm admission is FREE. Please pass the word, bring friends, and send out E Mails to as many people as you can.
I am going to go into far more detail in the Audio MP3 which you can download, but here is an overview. First, I believe that the current economic crisis in the long term is engineered with the purpose of giving the Federal Reserve, or powerful international banking concerns more control of our financial system. In a sense, it is a coup d’├ętat by the Federal Reserve to control billions of dollars in assets globally. The passage of “The Treasury Blueprint for a Modernized Financial Regulatory System,” transfers to the Federal Reserve what little is left of our financial sovereignty: savings and loans; state chartered banks; thrifts and credit unions; the entire mortgage and insurance systems, as well as oversight of the Payment and Settlement System of Wall Street. The Federal Reserve now controls all of America’s financial markets and international markets as well. You can read “The Treasury Blueprint for a Modernized Financial Regulatory Structure”, visit:
In the MP3 I go into how this established the financial architecture for a global currency and one world economic system. This is no longer a future event it is a happening now and it will be mean profound changes for you, your family and your children. You must prepare yourself and understand what is happening. But, there are Kingdom Principles you can employ to prosper in the middle of the chaos. If you are not actively seeking after wisdom you are going to miss it.
During the Great Depression large numbers of people built thriving businesses, acquired wealth and built great ministries during this time.
Today, the Federal Reserve is printing billions of dollars into the American and global financial system. The net result will be a massive increase of interest on the debt that Americans owe to the Federal Reserve. (Remember the Federal Reserve has nothing to do with our government and is not Federal) Essentially what this means billions of dollars that Americans owe to private international banks who actually own and run our financial system. Depending upon how this debt is monetized, it will impact our purchasing power, The value of the dollar of the dollar will drop. This may be provide the motivation for millions of Americans to accept the proposed merger of our currency with Canada and Mexico in the very near future. Potentially it could create en environment where Americans will readily accept a complete merger of other nations in North and South America. CAFTA, NAFTA and the “amero” dollar. However, things could accelerate and instead of simply an “amero” dollar you would have the Special Drawing Rights-SDR which would create a new global currency consisting of the dollar, the euro, the British pound sterling and the Chinese yen. The SDR is the currency of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. A new global currency.
Ironically, the finance chiefs of five of the six-member, Gulf Corporation, which is rolling in oil money adopted a plan to create a single currency. The six Islamic states are Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Oman pulled out last year. These Middle Eastern nations who have hundreds of billions in oil wealth are targeted 2010 for the creation of their monetary union which will establish an Islamic single currency. This follows the trend of leaving national currencies in favor of “regional currencies.” The EU nations have abandoned their national currencies in favor of the “euro.” You can guess what’s next on the horizon? The U.S. adopting a common currency with Canada and Mexico or the “amero” dollar, or moving into an International currency consisting of the dollar, the Swiss Franc, the British pound sterling, the euro and the Chinese yen. Either regional a regional currency, or an International currency. A one world economic system incrementally, or in a bigger step. What does that mean for you, your family and children? It means major changes in the mortgage market in America. The banks and investment firms that will own your mortgage will be International. Maybe, British, Chinese or French? Like the European Commonwealth America will transition into a more feudalistic arrangement. The idea of o the American dream and owning your own home will be the exception. Now, like Europe, middle class Americans will lease or pay a monthly rent for their homes. The dream of owning your own home in America will be the exception because your standard of living is being adjusted and International banks will own your home.
I go into this in detail in the MP3. But, this has been the game plan all along. The Four Pillars of the U.N. Agenda. Environmental which means the implementation of Agenda 21,Sustainable Development,Biodiversity, and the President’s Commission on Sustainable Development. Bottom line- the whole Gore Agenda is about lowering the American standard of living to make it equal to Third World Nations. Then there is the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, WTO, and Global Security and Exchange Commission. I discuss it further in the MP3.
Harvard Economist Schumpeter called this “creative destruction” as a mechanism of saving capitalism. However, in this case capitalism is saved by a massive wealth transfer from the middle class to International banks and the Federal Reserve. The U.S. economy and the prosperity of the last few decades has been created by debt: mortgages, credit cards, home equity loans, lines of credit, auto loans, tuition loans, medical loans, Treasury bills, notes and bonds. However, although there may be a percentage lowering of the American standard of living in order to artificially bring in line with the standard of living of other nations. I believe that economic opportunities will continue to abound in the U.S. and for those who are diligent, educated, wise and prepared there still will remain tremendous economic opportunities. In others words, in the U.S. people can still make money, build businesses, become entrepreneurs, and opportunity will continue to exist. There are people today who are going to create the next Microsoft, Google, Starbucks, Ebay, biotech industries and so on. It would be a serious mistake to get into a doom and gloom mindset. Without question, there are going to be serious economic adjustments, the coming economic upheaval is going to affect many people adversely. This is going to being about economic disruption, but not economic collapse.
It is important to understand that because many businesses, industries, and ministries will be launched and created during this time. This means your children must continue to be educated at the highest levels possible, and adults must keep their eye on the bouncing ball. Dave Hunt made the remark that economic prosperity will continue until a world charismatic leaders arrives and the word enters a Tribulation period. This is not a time for a “bunker” mentality or you are going to miss incredibly opportunity. I will go into this further at the Hilton Hotel meeting in Costa Mesa on October 16th at 7PM and I am going to into this more in depth on the MP3 Download. Remember “as long as they sought the Lord they continue to prosper.” That does not mean to you will be immune or not affected by the economic storm. But, “I have never seen the righteous forsaken or his seed begging bread.”

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