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Paul McGuire speaking at the "End of the Age" conference.


Alan Greenspan, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve stated that we are in the worst financial crisis of the last 100 years. Yet, this crisis was predicted by a number or people before and there are some who speculate it is in some degree connected to our relationship with the nation of Israel. I have just finished a third MP3 in a series entitled “Economic Meltdown, Israel and What is to Come in America? I go into details and I invited you to our special meeting at the Hilton Hotel In Costa Mesa on October 16th which is free, but you must pre-register by E Mail.
First, let’s look at a brief overview of the global financial crisis. Easy money and credit has been pumped into the U.S. economy by the Fed, for over a decade. A housing bubble has exploded and the crisis is now global. Governments and economists are calling for the world to work together with a new international regulatory system and a global currency. However, just like in the time of Joseph, God knew this was coming and has made provision for His people. I will discuss this more in detail on the MP3. But, first let’s understand the dynamics of what is now happening in America and around the world.
The financial crisis is now global; that means across the world governments must work together in new a global economic system to survive. The financial Meltdown is spreading across the Atlantic into major banks all over Europe. The German government just spent $51 billion in loans borrowed from German banks and the German government to save Hypo Real Estate, the country’s second-biggest property lender. Hypo Real Estate was just one of five major banks in seven European countries bailed out in just three days. Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands rescued Fortis. England nationalized Bradford & Bingley. Belgium, France and Luxembourg saved Dexia. Iceland rescued Glitnir. Ireland took €400 billion of contingent liabilities onto the national balance sheet, when it stood behind the deposits and debts of its six large banks and building societies.
The “Bail Out Plan” consists of having the Treasury purchase approximately $800 billion of bad dept from both U.S. and foreign banks doing business in the United States. The Treasury would also be authorized to buy up securities backed by bad auto loans, student loans and credit card debts. Unless God’s people are prepared like they were in the days of famine in Joseph’s time, you are going to see the American Middle Class dissolve into Third World living conditions. This is the purpose of surfacing political candidates from both parties who espouse to varying degrees socialist economic policies. Obama clearly has ideological ties to the Marxism espoused by the Weatherman and his plan for America is socialistic in nature. But, the Republican Party essentially is offering a similar menu. Remember both parties share in responsibility for the Meltdown. This clearly means the loss of personal, religious and economic freedoms in America. Make no mistake about it. Without God’s intervention you and your children are going to live in a radically different kind of America. As I said in the title of my book, “Are You Ready?”

The “Bail Out” further globalizes America because we would then borrow from China, Japan and the Middle East. When they own controlling interests in U.S. corporations you can be sure their will be control of domestic policy, law, and most importantly the American media. For example, when Saudi Arabian or investors from Dubai own American media conglomerates they will control news reporting when it comes to Islam, Israel and the Middle East. In order to secure this debt on the balance sheets of the banks of China, Japan and the Middle East, the U.S. taxpayer will ultimately pay for the “Bail Out.” As suicidal as this sounds, the alternative is an economic collapse larger than the Great Depression. Financial panic could create market collapse, wiping out pensions, 401Ks, portfolios and benefit plans for millions of Middle American’s that would drive millions into bankruptcy and force millions to continue to work beyond their retirement years millions more to put off retirement and continue working until they drop dead.

This “Bail Out” has already cost you the American taxpayer: $29 billion to rescue Bear Stearns so J.P. Morgan would buy the investment bank; $85 billion for 80 percent of AIG to nationalize it; $150 billion in a stimulus package to flood the nation with cash; perhaps $300 billion to bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; and now $800 billion to begin taking the taking on the debts of major U.S. banks.
The question should be asked has God tried to warn His people before the crisis?
In June of 1998 David Wilkerson had a prophecy about an economic holocaust in America. Here a few excerpts from that prophecy:
“For some time I have prophesied that America is about to be stricken with an economic holocaust. Now, lately, I've become convinced that one of two scenarios could take place. Here is one scenario::
“On the other hand, the stock market or bond markets may dive overnight with no rebound at all. If so, we would see a daily retreat among investors - because everyone will recognize America has been hit with a full-blown market crash. At that point, total panic will set in. And we'll know our nation has entered a period of divine judgment - because we'll take a precipitous, sudden slide into chaos”
David Wilkerson also had a vision of an economic crisis:

“And we're going into six months of the worst hell America has ever seen---there's going to be chaos---not even the National Guard's going to be able to quiet it down---we're going to have to call out the whole U.S. Army.

Now I've had visions recently, for I've been in New York City and I was in Macy's in a vision, and I saw people walking around stunned because they couldn't get their money out of the bank.

Now I'm going to give you a word of advice, the first country goes bankrupt---I've documented this and I've got it sealed in an envelope, and I'm going to call all my friends and I'm telling you---this is the first time I've said it in a public meeting like this---but the first country that bellies up, you go get every dime you have---church get your money out of the bank--because there's going to be a 'bank holiday' and you won't be able to get a dime for six months. Now, of course, there's going to be -restored, but the nation will never be like it is again.

There's going to be fear like we've never known---judgment at the door. When I was at Macy's Dept. store in a vision and I watched people walking around stunned, they didn't know what to do, they didn't know what was happening; then a bunch of people walked into Macy's and suddenly went wild and began to steal and within an hour everybody---I saw the spirit of everybody in the store---they were robbing and stealing---they raped Macy's and destroyed five floors---Macy's was raped and ruined in a period of an hour or two.

That's just the beginning. Folks it's all in this book (the bible) ---we've been warned and warned and warned---you can't tell me God hasn't warned us. You can't tell me God isn't saying something awesome here tonight in this church...we better get our prayer life straightened up, our lives straightened up, get rid of the idols, as Paul writes, and seeking the face of God in holiness or you're not going to be ready for what's coming. God's warning, get ready and you'll not fear these things that come onto you and you'll start rejoicing, you'll not be afraid because your hands will be clean. You've been praying and God's building a wall of fire around you to keep you."

We'd like to teach you a song about God's protection. It goes like this.: "There's a wall of fire around me...There's a wall of fire between my soul and the enemy. There's a wall of fire that you can't see...Between my soul and the enemy. There's a wall of fire around me. May it be so with us all..."
Wilkerson recently gave a sermon where he talked about the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and revival as people come to Christ when the financial institutions are shaken Psalm 93:3 “The floods have lifted up, O Lord, the flood have lifted up their voice. The floods lift up their waves. The Lord on High is mightier than the noise of many waters, than the mighty waves of the sea.”
There appears to be a direct relationship between America’s treatment of Israel and our current financial crisis. The stock market collapse on September 29, 2008, happened on the eve of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. Condoleezza Rice has been flying continually to Israel to pressure Israel to give up land. President George W. Bush president is calling for a Palestinian state, and for Israel to give up land.

In the Old Testament God warns that nations who try to divide Israel in the last days will be judged. In Joel 3:2 the Lord says that He will "enter into judgment" against those nations that "have divided up My land.”
In terms of Bible prophecy, there appears to be an effort to use the financial crisis to create a global currency and a global economic system. In 1961 the nation of New Zealand experienced its private corporations, government and economy being taken over by foreign investors as sort of an experiment in globalization. The Bank for International Settlements.The World Bank, and The International Monetary Fund began lending large sums of money to New Zealand for the purpose of experimenting with a transition from nationalism to globalism.
It is important to remember that the primary purpose and objective of the United Nations created in 1945 is bring about world government. Under the Bretton Woods Monetary Conference of 1944, the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, International Trade Organization and Global Security Exchange Commission ( G-7 Ministers ) have been established for the ultimate purpose of a one world economic system and global government. See Revelation Chapter 13. “Economic Melt Down, Israel and What is to Come in America? Hear “Economic Meltdown, Israel and What is to Come in America? Part 3 MP3
Despite the economic chaos, God is still on the throne. You and I have been chosen for such a time as this. God will provide for His people and He will provide for you. There will be tremendous opportunities in the days ahead for God’s people. God does not want His people to develop a “bunker mentality” or “hide out in the hills.” Clearly, a shaking is coming. But, God desires to open doors for His people on many levels. These will be challenging times. But, these are times to draw closer to the Lord. Seek the face of God. He will lead you and guide you. Seek the face of God for your children. He will lead them and guide them. Do not stop education, prudent investment, building ministries or starting businesses. “The diligent shall bear rule the slothful shall be under tribute.” This is not a time for retreat, but for advance!



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