Friday, October 31, 2008


This election will determine the direction America will go on in for decades to come, should the Lord tarry. Unfortunately, there will be no turning back and the consequences very severe. It is the responsibility of every Christian to vote. There may not be enormous differences between the candidates or the parties, But, there are enough significant differences to make your vote important. Remember there are forces in the media, politics and even in the religious establishment who want to discourage you by telling you your vote does not matter. That is a lie! Your vote does matter.

If the President is Democrat or Republican they are going to face some of the most monumental challenges in our lifetime. A global financial crisis that will bring America into a recession, a recovery or in a worse case scenario another Great Depression. The unprecedented move towards Global Government, Global Currency and a Global Court. In other words, a one world economic system with a one world government and a new North American Union Constitution. Most people in America are completely clueless to what is happening and it is our responsibility to educate them and use the opportunity to fulfill the Great Commission.

In addition, we have the impending crisis with the nation of Israel. Israel must destroy Iran's nuclear facilities. What will the response from Russia, militant Islam and the United States be? Prophecy is being fulfilled before our very eyes.

We are going to go into further detail about the events described above and "What The New President Means To Bible Prophecy." Join me at out two meetings. Tuesday November 11th 7PM at the Hilton Hotel in Woodland Hills and Thursday November 13th at the Hilton Hotel in Costa Mesa at 7PM. These are private meetings and they are FREE if you pre-register by simply E Mailing me via The hotels do charge for parking so be prepared.

America and the world are on the verge of some massive changes. Join me at these very important meetings!

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