Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I was in Washington D.C. yesterday. The financial crisis and the election was in the very atmosphere. At our upcoming Prophecy Meeting's Tuesday November 11 at the Woodland Hills Hilton Hotel and 7PM and on Thursday November 13 at the Costa Mesa Hilton at 7PM. The meetings are free but be prepared to pay a self-parking charge. Also, you must pre-register by E Mailing me at

We are on the verge of a seismic shift in our nation and world. The North American Union moves full speed ahead and America along with the world are going to experience a great shaking. You need to discern the "Signs of the Times!"

The major world leaders are calling for a Global Regulatory Agency with more power than the IMF and the World Bank. They want a new financial world order and a one world economic system. The new President is going to have to deal with the greatest financial crisis recent times and will be "tested" by terrorists within the first six months of his term. The U.S. just hit Syria and is signaling to the world that we are prepared to fight another war. Afghanistan? The cover of a major U.S. magazine had the cover story "Afghanistan The Right War?" The American people are being prepared for another war.

Israel could strike Iran's nuclear facilities at any moment, but will probably strike after the election. Russia continues to arm Cuba and Venezuela. But, Russia has been hit hard in the last few weeks by the global financial crisis. Will this push them over the edge in seize 40% of the worlds oil coming through Georgia or join Iran on an attack on Israel? How will the new President affect prophetic events? Without question the next President will find himself in the Middle of prophecy. What will happen to America if we turn our backs on Israel? "I will bless them that bless thee and curse them that curseth them that curse thee."

Is there a relationship between our dividing the land of Israel and the economic crisis, freak weather and impending terrorist attack? We will give you the up to date facts at our Prophecy Meeting's. Although the two meeting's will contain similar information, there will be enough different information that it will make it worth your while to attend both meetins.

Also, the Lord has impressed on my heart a powerful message of hope for God's people and some guidance about what to do in the economic storm.

Please pray for us and the events! You can help by bringing people who could be helped by this information. Also, by signing up people on our McGuire Report E Mail list. But, please only put down those people who want this kind of information...otherwise people just get upset and we have to take them off the list.

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