Friday, October 24, 2008

PROPHECY MEETINGS NOV 11th Woodland Hills NOV 13th Costa Mesa

I am right in the middle of the three day Israel, Iran, Globalism and America Prophecy Class at the Kings College in Van Nuys. Then I fly to Washington D.C. to tape a Bible Prophecy special along with an interview on the financial crisis.

Tuesday November 11th at 7PM at the Woodland Hills Hilton Hotel you are invited to a free America In Prophecy Meeting if you pre-register by E Mail. Stay connected to the website we may change the hotel location in Woodland Hills. It will be the same area, but we may change hotels. We will let you know in the next few days.

Thursday November 13th at 7Pm at the Costa Mesa Hilton Hotel we will have our second America In Prophecy Meeting. The event is free if you pre-register by E Mail. At both events you will have to pay for self parking because they events are at hotels. Prayerfully bring people who will be built up by this message and bring them with you or meet them there.

Also, you can forward our McGuire Report E Mail blasts to people who would like to hear this message and with their permission sign them up for our free McGuire Report E Mail. But, only sign up those people who want to have this information. Sending the E Mails to people who are not interested or antagonisitic is counter productive and we just have to take their names off anyway.

You can help us get the word out by sending the McGuire Report E Mails to interested friends and church member and sign those people who are interested up to our McGuire Report E Mail. Bring people who are interested to the events and most of all pray for us as we launch out if faith. Your prayers are so important!!

The next few months are going to be very important prophetically. In addition, to a new syndicated radio program we want to purchase air time for Bible prophecy teaching shows and a number of evangelistic outreaches in the U.S. and other nations. Our thanks to those of you are standing with us by praying, volunteering and supporting our work. Truly the fields are white with harvest.

I keep meeting peopel and getting E Mails from people who said they started hearing me speak and reading my books because of the information on the merger of Canada, Mexico and the U.S. and the other prophetic information. Than they accepted Christ, and their family members accepted Christ through this ministry. We just launched out into the ministry and already people are telling us that they are receiving Christ, coming back to Christ, being healed and delivered. We have an open door before us that will reach a lot of people. It is a big jump of faith for us and we need partners who will stand with us and help us to fulfill the Great Commission. We are fishers of men!

Paul McGuire

Paul McGuire Ministries
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