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By Paul McGuire

Before I begin, huge numbers of copies of "The Day The Dollar Died" have been mailed out all this week and this weekend. Pre-orders went out first and other orders have been mailed out. I apologize for the delay, even in the pre-order stage we have received a continuing tidal wave of people buying the book. Many people are ordering multiple copies and some pastors are ordering large orders of copies to get the message out! However, we now have it under control!

Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee spoke at the morning session at the Hyatt Regency Irvine and I spoke at the evening session. While Huckabee’s message was an excellent spiritual message, my message was spiritual, prophetic and economic. I shared with the audience that it is my belief that the current economic crisis is planned and it is engineered to bring in a world currency, a one world economic system and a cashless society. At a recent G 20 meeting, the President of Kazakh, Nursultan Nazarbayev, proposed a world currency. Canadian economist and Nobel Prize-winner Professor Mundell backed the proposal for a world currency and urged the G 20 to immediately form a working group to accomplish the task.

Professor Mundell was one of intellectual architects of the European Union’s single currency. As you listen to world leaders you hear the steady drum beat for world currency and some kind of one world economic system. Speaking before over 7,000 people at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, Southern California Prophecy Conference, I outlined what I believe was the hidden agenda behind the current global financial crisis which I write about it in my new book, “The Day The Dollar Died.” The present economic crisis is a planned event designed to deliberately crash the value of the dollar so that a world currency can be ushered in. Unfortunately, you, the American tax-payer and your children are going to suffer terribly during this transition from the U.S. dollar to a world currency. It is designed to lower the standard of living of the American Middle Class. Notice how Communist China is being artificially promoted by the international banking system. While our automobile manufacturers are being bailed out, the Chinese auto industry is about to explode. Mysteriously, they have an electric car ready to be released on the market that will sell for around $22,000. If the U.S. automobile manufacturers produce the same type of car, it would have to sell for around $40,000. The Chinese have distinct economic advantage because their cost of labor is so low. The game plan of the “Shadow Government” is to artificially lower the standard of living of the American Middle Class by promising to take care of all their needs. That is the bait of Socialism or Communism and millions of Middle Class Americans are just waiting to bite the bait!

Let’s take a look at some of these Socialist or Communist nations. First, no one is trying to sneak into Communist China, Russia, Cuba or Venezuela. These nations which forced their people to accept the “workers paradise,” basically have two classes, the poor and the super-rich. It is true that there is some Middle Class in Russia and China, but it represents a very small percentage of the population. They have don’t have freedom of speech, a free media or freedom of religion and we are in the midst of losing those inalienable rights here in America. Ironically, Russia seems to allow more of the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their schools and government than we do in America. Christianity is allowed in the Russian school system. Christianity is not allowed in the American school system. The true Church in China is persecuted, tortured and imprisoned. The State Approved Christian Church in China is allowed to worship openly as long as their message is similar to a well-known American minister who appears on Larry King and presents a Gospel so watered-down, that even King doesn’t buy it. But, the predominant Church in America is the Laodecian Church in Revelation and wouldn’t know the truth from error if it hit them in the head like a one hundred pound hailstone. That is why America is in the mess it is in. The root problem is not the Federal Reserve, the bankers or the politicians. The root problem is the average American Christian has turned his or her back on God and His Word. That is our foundational problem. We have evangelical seminaries where the professors no longer believe God’s Word and they are the one’s training pastors.

As I surf many of the television news networks and listen to some of what is called “conservative talk radio,” I hear an extremely superficial analysis which misses the big picture. Let me give you a specific example, as the media and government focus in on the AIG bonuses and other corporate bonuses which could add up into the hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars, the more important story is the planned destruction of the American economy through the devaluation of the dollar! Like the Roman circuses of old, the masses are being occupied with a kind of blood lust watching the corrupt CEO’s scream. There is no question that they deserve to scream with their unethical contracts that do not that do not tie their bonuses to performance and profit for their stockholders. There is no question that this is newsworthy and it should be covered. But, there is a far bigger theft going on then the bonuses at AIG and other corporations. The really important story is the Federal Reserve and what they have done with all that money. Very rarely do you see or hear a story on the Federal Reserve. Yet, it is the Federal Reserve who controls and owns our money supply. The Federal Reserve, which is a secret group of private international bankers own and control the U.S. monetary system. Since their charter in 1913, the Federal Reserve has taken over the U.S. monetary system. Yet, because they control both the Democratic and Republican Parties and most the media the average American does not know that the Federal Reserve is not part of our Federal Government, but is a powerful group of international bankers, who are not under the authority of the American people or the U.S. Government! Since around 1914, these international bankers took control of our entire monetary system and they in effect control America. To put it bluntly America is not a free country and the American people lost their freedom in 1914.

The Federal Reserve is the most powerful organization in America and yet they operate in almost total secrecy. Since they own most of the major media you never see an expose on who they really are. They control our money, media and political system and yet our government and the American people do not know who these bankers are, what they do with the money or anything about the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve caused the Great Depression and in my opinion they are behind the global financial meltdown. As I write in “The Day The Dollar Died,” the real agenda is a massive expansion of a socialist-style government in the United States, the further establishment of what they term a “scientific or technocratic elite” to rule our nation and the world. However, the first order of business is to tighten their control on the world’s economy by creating a world currency and some kind of “International Federal Reserve,” through the IMF or some other front-agency. This puts the complete control of the world’s monetary and political system in the hands a select group of international bankers who in effect become the “Masters of the World.”

I am aware that their primary strategy in disguising their plans is to marginalize, demonize or relegate anyone who brings this up as a “conspiracy nut.” Yet, they are fully prepared to use and implement at a moment’s notice Police State powers such as Martial Law and have already constructed a global Big Brother surveillance system. I understand that when you bring this up, most people go into a state of cognitive dissonance and disassociation. The reason for this is that we live in a world where social engineering has become what George Orwell called “concentration camps of the mind.” Even now as some of you read these words you are in a psychological state of conflict. A voice inside you say’s” this guy is a “conspiracy theorist” and you are angry. But, if I was simply spouting nonsense you would not be angry. Your emotional state of anger is a psychological survival mechanism. For decades psychologists have understood that people deeply resist any change in consciousness, they would prefer their “normal” or programmed state of mind, even if it is not true. The reason for this is that on a psychological and spiritual level people desire the status quo, a homeostasis or equilibrium. The internal dynamic works like this: A wife and mother is married to a man who she knows is molesting her daughter sexually, even as an infant. That reality is horrific to her and it is do deeply upsetting that it would be possible to have a nervous breakdown in order to deal with it, because it threatens everything she has believed about her marriage and family. These are terrifying thoughts! So as a psychological defense mechanism she goes into a state of denial. The denial, even though she knows deep down inside is a lie, is preferable to the seismic shock of dealing with this reality.

This principle is spiritual as well as psychological. On a spiritual level people are in captured by strongholds and in spiritual bondage. It is this principle that is at play right now in America. Growing numbers of Americans sense that there is something not right about what is going on. They intuitively know they are being lied to and manipulated. However, the external shock of economic crisis produces a twofold result; First, there is the planned result by the social engineers, going back to the father of Behavioral Psychology B.F. Skinner. Shock, trauma and crisis can and are being used in what can only be described as a Mass Manchurian Candidate operation designed to move entire nations into desiring “change.” “Change” is the vocabulary of propaganda and mind control. Due to the dumbing down of the population, people have do not know history and are experience oriented. This problem exists in the Church. “Change” is code for socialist-style society where the people willingly surrender their freedoms. That is what is happening now in America. Crisis and fear is producing rapid mass transformation. This is not a Democratic or Republican issue, both parties are involved. This rooting for Republicans on talk radio is a diversion and it misses the point.

But, the secondary effect, which the social engineers use, such as Skinnerian Conditioning and other forms of behavior modification, do not fully take into account is what I call the “echo chamber effect.” The crisis and fear which is a classic stimulus-response mechanism controls consciousness, behavior and belief systems as long as the external information network such as radio, television, the Internet education and peer pressure etc. reinforce the conditioning. That is what is so important for them to control radio, television, education and the Internet like China does.

By, God’s grace we have a very brief window of time to utilize the “echo chamber” effect. Fear and crisis dislodge human consciousness or unfreezes it in order to produce the global transformation they desire. But in that brief window of time where the programming is being dislodged people are open to the truth. That is why Jesus Christ said, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” Thus, there exists what I believe is God-given strategic spiritual window to awaken millions of people to what is really going on. In addition, through a legal, peaceful and spiritual awakening preserve our religious and personal freedoms, even in an environment of globalism. This happened during the First Great Awakening.

In “The Day The Dollar Died,” I talk about the two contradictory messages on the back of a dollar bill. On one hand it says, “In God We Trust” and it also says, “Novus Ordo Seclorum” which means “New Order of the Ages” or New World Order in Latin. Above these words there is a picture of a pyramid and an illuminated eye which is the all-seeing of Lucifer almost at the top of the period. Above the all-seeing eye of Lucifer there is a smaller pyramid at the top. The words and symbols mean that there is a plan for a new world order and that this new world order will be run by an elite class of those who have been “illumined” by Lucifer. This of course had its roots in the Illuminati, but it goes all the way back to Nimrod and the Tower of Babel.

The point here is that our money system is directly connected to a spiritual system. This should not surprise us because this is what the Bible teaches. In Revelation 13 we read about a soon-coming False Prophet or Beast who will head up a coming one world religion. For a time the False Prophet will be the world’s ultimate spiritual leader. Through signs and wonders, this False Prophet will deceive the world into worshipping the other Beast, who is the Antichrist. But, notice in those verses that no one will be able to participate in the coming one world economic system without receiving the mark of the beast. The way you get the mark of the beast is spiritual. You will be required to renounce Jesus Christ as Lord and you will be required to worship the Antichrist as God. Thus the right to participate in the one world economic system is completely based on spiritual terms.

There are serious consequences surrounding the acceptance or rejection of the mark of the beast. If you accept the mark of the beast, which could be biochip implant you will be judged by God and cast into the Lake of Fire where the Antichrist and False Prophet will be sentenced at Christ’s return to earth. If you reject the mark of the beast you will be killed through beheading. Serious stuff!

Consider the reality that we are moving full speed ahead towards the fulfillment of Daniel Chapter 9, The Revived Roman Empire or the “Fourth Beast.” A one world economic system, global currency and the cashless society is literally at the door. However, it is at this juncture that many Bible believing Christians miss the point of Bible prophecy. Jesus Christ did not tell us to sit here until He comes nor misinterpret and reduce the Great Commission to “I am just called to preach the Gospel.” That is twisting the truth to rationalize one’s fear and apathy, and it is a sin to be repented of. The Great Commission encompasses making disciples of all nations and teaching them always to do what I have commanded.” That means communicating a Biblical world view and standing for righteousness. America is already under judgment and judgment begins in the house of God. Remember the words that Jesus Christ spoke to the Church and Laodecia where he warned He would “vomit them out of His mouth because they were neither hot or cold, but lukewarm.” Those words are to us the Laodecian Church in America. We are on the verge of serious consequences in America before the Tribulation Period. I really do not think the average Christian or Christian leader understands exactly how severe those consequences will be. Words are glibly tossed about, “the best thing that could happen to the Church in America is persecution because it will purify us.” First, of all it is the blood of Jesus Christ that purifies us and not persecution. That would mean we are saved by works and not of faith. It is true God uses trials to teach His people and the Church would learn in under a totalitarian state. But, the people who throw those words around do not seem to really understand the full implications of what they are saying. Christians were tortured and went to the gas chambers in Nazi, Germany. Today, Christians are being raped, tortured and killed in Muslim nations and China.

To those who justify their apathy by romanticizing persecution, would you like me to explain in graphic detail what the Communist soldiers, who took over Eastern European nations did to Catholic nuns and young Protestant girls and women? Would you like me to explain explicitly what the Communists did to young girls and women, over and over again sometimes in front of their fathers and husbands? To the Christian’s and to the Christian leaders who seek safety in retreating, accommodation, and justifying their fear and apathy by saying, “I am just called to preach the Gospel.” That is what the Church did in pre-Nazi Germany and Europe. Before the Tribulation Period, the soldiers and agents of Hitler and the Communist Party moved in. Once they took over they dropped their masks of civility and the horrors began. I ask you men specifically,” are you prepared to watch what they are going to do to your wives and daughters?” I ask you Christian women, who seek to escape in some kind of Christian fantasy world, “are you prepared when they come for you and your daughters?” You say, “I don’t want to hear this you are scaring me and God has not given me a spirit of fear.” My reply to you is this, “I am not trying to scare you, I am telling you the truth. I am educating you to the historical realities of what happened. I care about what happens to you. I care so deeply, that I am willing to risk being misunderstood and falsely accused in order to protect you from this ever happening to you. That is what true Christian love is. I am willing to lay my life aside so that you and your family may live. I am willing to be called names and marginalized so that you might find life, hope and safety.

I am your brother in Christ and I have been called to be a Watchman and a Watchman I shall be. I am not coming to you in a spirit of fear, but in a Spirit of truth, love and a sound mind. There is hope. The Lord has given us one last window of opportunity. What I described above can still be avoided, but the hour is growing late. I cannot do this alone on any level. It is only through a supernatural strengthening of the Lord, your constant prayers and fasting, and your financial support that we can do this together. If it is to be done? and I believe with all my heart that this is what the Lord wants because He is merciful, than we must join together. This is a spiritual battle and far too great for any one man or woman to fight alone. I must obey my call! I can do nothing less for the Spirit of Christ commands me to move forward in faith. My eyes are fixed upon the Lord and His command thunders in my heart. I tremble in His presence, for the fear of God has replaced the fear of man. He is a Holy God and I am but dust. His return is closer than we think, but make no mistake about it, there will be spiritual battle before He returns for His Church. We are the Bride and He is the Bridegroom. Even so come quickly Lord Jesus!

Paul McGuire

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