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Paul's update on Iran, Israel and where America is going?


As an American Evangelical Christian, I say this with a great heaviness in my heart, America, as we know it is about is on the pathway to destruction and the Evangelical or Laodecian Church in America is blind to its demise. According to an article in the London Telegraph by Endmund Conway, “ Barack Obama is committing the same mistakes made by policymakers during the Great Depression, according to a new study endorsed by Nobel laureate James Buchanan.”

Conway continued, “There are "troubling similarities" between the US President's actions since taking office and those which in the 1930s sent the US and much of the world spiraling into the worst economic collapse in recorded history, says the new pamphlet, published by the Institute of Economic Affairs. These are secular economists. Yet despite the fact, there are many true Christian, pastors and churches in America who love Jesus Christ and His Word. The majority of Christians in America are in what only can be called a great delusion. They are addicted to the narcotic effect of false teachers and the reality is that great Apostasy has swept into America. The root of this apostasy is the wholesale rejection of God’s Word from our pulpits, individual believers and the invasion of our seminaries and Christian colleges by professors who do not believe that God’s Word is true. They live in a false sense of peace and security that even secular economists and intelligence experts are warning against.

The center of this delusion revolves around the churches rejection of Israel as God’s prophetic time clock and promoting the heresy that the church has replaced Israel. I interviewed the Vice President of one of the largest seminaries in California because he was quoted as saying “Muslims and Christians worship the same God.” When I asked what Biblical basis he had for making such a statement, he could offer none. He ended the interview by saying, “we will have to agree to disagree.” This seminary in the Southern California trains more pastors than any other seminary. How can men and women who are caught up in the apostasy disciple and train Christian ministers? They can’t! That is why we have a growing Emergent Church leadership in Evangelical Christianity and that is why America is perishing. These men also teach that God is through with Israel and that the Church has replaced Israel.

When there is very little distance between much of the Christian teaching from so-called Bible believing churches and Oprah Winfrey, you know the Apostasy is raging leaving destruction in its path like the massive fires descending upon Los Angeles from where I write. I believe the Church in America is in for a rude awakening. I was talking to an expert in militant Islam who told me that the terrorists were “drugging us into a false sense of security and that at the right moment they would strike.”

History repeats itself, Adolph Hitler climbed to power with the enthusiastic support of the Protestant Church. Like the American Church, the so-called Bible believing churches of Germany had allowed their seminaries and churches to be taken over by men who had a theology very similar to the Emerging Church. The German School’s of Higher Criticism, essentially taught what the Emergent Church is teaching now.

While Emergent Churches disdain the teaching of Bible prophecy and the Rapture of the Church, Israel, God’s prophetic time clock is blaring. Although, being covered up by the IAEA, for political reasons, Iran has enough Uranium to build a minimum of two nuclear bombs. Netanyahu and the military in Israel believe the Iran situation presents a “very serious” threat to Israel. It appears that the current Administration in America has turned its back on Israel. Israel will not tolerate this existential threat to its existence and they will strike Iran with jets, missiles and bunker-busting nuclear bombs. This could happen tomorrow.
For the first time in America’s history, it has taken a giant step in embarking on activities which essentially curse Israel. This is in violation of the Abrahamic Covenant where God said, “Those that bless Israel He will bless. Those that curse Israel He will curse.”

Do we really comprehend the full reality of what it will mean for America if we begin to curse Israel? America has turned its back on Israel in so many ways. God and judgment begins in the house of God. Those that teach that the church has replaced Israel and have called the church to reject Israel and support the Palestinians and militant Islam are setting up an America that will reap the whirlwind.

Let us review briefly a number of things that are hanging in the balance for America. The beginning of wisdom is to fear the Lord. If the church does not fear the Lord, how can we expect the politicians to? In America we desperately need the blessing of God. The world is about to reject the dollar in favor of a world currency. This will have a devastating effect on an economy already in crisis. President Obama has openly shown his support for Muslim nations and the many Communist South American nations which welcome Iran and Russia. Iran is supplying Venezuela with all kinds of soldiers and military equipment. Many nations, like Nicaragua, are allowing Iranian military operatives to move into their nations and surrounding nations all across South America. The alliance between Socialists / Communists and Hezbollah in partnering to destroy Israel is well known. Russia has two nuclear submarines patrolling the East Coast of America, nuclear ships in Cuba, Venezuela and the Panama Canal. This is a planned operation of destruction. Many of the Czars that Obama has appointed were former members of the Weather Underground and avowed Communists. They took numerous trips to Cuba, Venezuela and other Communist nations for training. Bernadine Dohrn, a former member of the Weather Underground stayed at the Palace of Chavez for Communist training and seminars.

The current Administration has put in many radical Communists and haters of Israel into the highest positions of the Federal Government. Unelected Czars are moving quickly to shut down talk radio, Christian radio and the Internet. This is a classic Marxist take-over. Investors from Muslim nations, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and other nations have bought controlling interests in the stock of American media companies. This is why many television networks present pro-Islamic and anti-Israel news. But, this began long before Obama. The Marxist billionaire, George Soros and other high ranking members of the Council on Foreign Relations have financed these operations. Remember the international bankers like J.P. Morgan financed the Communist Revolution in Russia and his brother financed Adolph Hitler. The bottom line is that the elite, many who have ties to the occult, prefer totalitarian governments either from the right or left because it gives them total control over a nation and an expanded opportunity to vastly increase their wealth, bring in a world currency which they control and a one world socialist government. The endgame is found in Bible prophecy, one world government ruled by the Antichrist. The mark of the beast directed by the False Prophet who heads the coming one world religion.

When you read the writings of the men behind the Council of Foreign Relations you see constant references to using crisis to change a nation and a world.

There has been discussion of plagues and diseases created in laboratories as a means of Malthusian population control and a mechanism to manipulate a population to accept totalitarianism. There is speculation as to whether or not the Swine Flu Epidemic is a designer virus created in a laboratory. Notice that the Council on Foreign Relations 2005 report “Building a North American Community,” talked about merging Canada, Mexico and the United States with a common currency, especially in light of a “crisis” or flu epidemic. In 2007, the Security Prosperity Partnership produced another report entitled, “North American Plan For Pandemic Influenza” which called in stronger terms for a complete unification of the three nations, along political, economic and military lines, to fight a coming “Bird Flu” or some other kind of flu epidemic. It’s very strange how the architects of the merger were able to predict a worldwide Swine Flu epidemic (H1N1) even after the Bird Flu fizzled!

There have been a series of Executive Orders that began with a Republican President and accelerated after 911 by Attorney John Ashcroft, a “born-again,” Christian, who was apparently completely ignorant of the historical precedents in violating Constitutional rights to fight terrorism. This is often the case in America when Christians in government, science, etc. only have a “Jesus experience,” and lack a Biblical world view, in which the truth of the Bible is applied to all of life. This is the plague of modern American Christians who can only understand the Bible through a personal experience with Christ, but are incapable of integrating the Bible with politics, science, education, government, art, media and so on. Francis Schaeffer called this weak form of Christianity “Pietism” and this is why the Church in America is so weak. The root of this is not believing the Bible as the Word of God and its direct application to all of life.

Let us examine a possible scenario with a high potential of happening. Israel strikes Iran and America turns its back on Israel, thus releasing the curse upon America due to its violation of the Abrahamic Covenant. Due to a Swine Flu Epidemic, terrorist attack or economic collapse, America wakes up to find it is now under Martial Law; all Constitutional freedoms are gone. In order to solve the crisis, America merges with Canada and Mexico. A new currency is issued, representing a North American Union, which is a regional form of global government modeled after the European Union, like the EU’s “euro.” The NAU will have the “amero dollar.” Americans are then required to turn in their guns, U.S. currency and gold for the “amero.” The average America loses a large percentage of the value of the dollar in this currency exchange. This could happen at any time!

A regional thermonuclear war breaks out in Pakistan. Israel is invaded by Russia, Iran and a consortium of Middle Eastern nations. Israel is supernaturally defended by God. At some point, God supernaturally removes His church from the Earth before the Tribulation begins. However, we do not know when that will happen. Especially in America, Christians maybe rounded up and placed in government concentration camps and the church will move underground as it has in China before the Rapture happens.

America moves into a Communist Chinese style of totalitarianism. This is what members of the Council on Foreign Relations, like Rockefeller, have dreamed since Mao’s bloody revolution where 60 million people were killed. American Evangelical’s are in shock. They will be completely unprepared for a Communist-style Revolution in the United States, because they have been listening to false teachers and false teaching for years.

Police State measures accelerate in the U.S. and other nations of the world. First, an RFID radio chip driver’s license is required. But, this turns out to be inefficient. U.S. and world governments will require a microchip implant in the right hand or forehead. The technology is already in place. The chip appears to be simply a Totalitarian means of control. While this is happening two spiritual movements are spreading across the earth. On one hand there is a remnant of Christians who are on fire for the Lord and an unusual measure of grace is poured out upon them, in a manner similar to what has happened to the underground church in China. But, simultaneously a world charismatic political leader emerges and has Messiah-like charisma. He offers hope and peace to the world and especially in Israel and the Middle East. A great ecumenical religion rises. It begins to unify the world’s religions, except for the Bible believing Christians who are “extremists” and “haters;” they are placed in camps. These Biblical Christians will refuse to accept this mark of the beast.

As the world moves rapidly to this place, an unexpected event to the world happens. In the twinkling of an eye all true Christians are removed from the Planet, in fulfillment of God’s promise to “deliver us from the wrath to come.” With the Bride of Christ removed from the Planet, the world which has rejected Christ chooses to follow the supernatural signs and wonders of the False Prophet. The False Prophet or Second Beast sets up the economic mark of the beast system that causes the world to worship the Antichrist. The seven year Tribulation Period begins. The question is, are you ready?

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Paul McGuire is the author of 16 books, a conference speaker and television commentator. Paul can be reached at

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