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Prophetic Events Coming To Israel & America

Prophetic Events Coming To Israel & America
How God Will Protect His People
Paul McGuire

The Lord has put it on my heart to share things that are about to happen in America and the world. The Lord has also placed it on my heart to minister to God’s people and share with them Biblical principles about how you can expect the Lord to supernaturally strengthen, protect and provide for you. God is going to protect His remnant. But, believers who do not know how to draw close to the Lord are not going to be under His supernatural protection.

You need to join me for a McGuire Prophecy Meeting this Tuesday September15th at Beth Ariel Congregation at 7PM at 22222 Saticoy Street in Canoga Park. Admission is free, but you should pre-register by E Mail. Bring friends and expect to be touched by the Lord. Also, I will be holding a McGuire Prophecy Meeting this Thursday at Lighthouse Community Church in Costa Mesa at 7PM at 300 Magnolia Street. God is going to move in Costa Mesa as well. Admission is free – pre-register.

Netanyahu has a secret meeting in Moscow. Russia, Iran and Venezuela sign arms deals. Is there a nuclear checkmate going on? Iran and Venezuela are working together in South America, which is America’s back door. Now we have the Russian navy with nukes in Cuba, Venezuela and the Panama Canal. Remember what President Kennedy told Cuba when the Russians put nuclear weapons in Cuba. He understood the threat to America!

Yet, in the middle of this God is going to move powerfully throughout the earth through His remnant. Many of you are going to be called to do things for the Lord that you would never have thought possible. To those who seek His face, His safety and provision will be poured out.
It appears Israel is going to strike Iran’s nuclear production facilities. But, will our present Administration back Israel? It appears America has turned its back on Israel. The Abrahamic Covenant is still in effect, “I will bless those that bless thee and curse those who curse thee.” Is America on the verge of God removing His hand of blessing on our nation? What powerful forces will be unleashed upon an America which has “cursed” Israel?

However, God knows His people who have stood for Israel and love Him. He has made a provision to protect them and guide them. You do not have to fear! The Lord is with you!
The G20 Meeting’s are coming up in Pittsburgh soon. They are preparing for massive demonstrations and the police have new high-tech body armor that makes them look like they are right out of Star Wars. We are about to flip into a world currency and it will happen suddenly. The official line will be that by adopting a world currency and dumping the dollar we can restore economic prosperity. You will be asked to trade your dollars in for some kind of world currency or an “amero” dollar. We are just one crisis away from that happening and one crisis away from waking up one morning and hearing an announcement from the President that America has merged with Canada and Mexico into a North American Union. “This will insure our global competitiveness and prosperity.”

I encourage you not react or make decisions out of fear. God has financial and economic provision for His remnant.

Obama has recently hired a man high up in his Administration who is busily re-writing our Constitution without the consent of “We the People.” The want to change the Constitution, expand Big Brother Government and take away your Constitutional freedoms. I detail this in my book, “The Day The Dollar Died” which people are buying all around the world. I was recently doing a television show with Pat Boone and he and his wife are avid readers of my books and follow me on television.

Join me for The McGuire Prophecy Meetings this Thursday Sept. 17th at the Lighthouse Community Church in Cost Mesa and at Beth Ariel Congregation in Canoga Park this Tuesday September 15th. I have much new information to share and be sure to bring friends!
A massive Tea Party happened in Washington D.C. organized by Glenn Beck. Americans came from all over the nation. The Corporate controlled and Big Brother Media complex will censor it from most Americans, as they have the other Tea Parties.

50,000 Muslims are expected to descend upon Washington D.C. for Ramadan and pray to Allah all over our nation’s Capitol and in all our monuments which say “In God We Trust” and that God is the God of the Bible and not Allah! As this is going on we must rise in intercessory prayer and pray for our nation’s protection.

I have been seeking the Lord and praying for those of you who receive the E Mail blast and asking the Lord to give me a prophetic understanding of what is soon about to come upon our nation and the world. I have not shared all of it, but just a part of it. There is much more coming.

I have been crying out to the Lord to give me wisdom and guidance for His people, so that the Lord can protect, provide and overshadow with His presence. I will be sharing some of this at the upcoming meetings.

God has not abandoned His people or you in these times. The Lord knows there is a remnant of His people on the Earth who love Him and seek to walk in His ways. God knows your heartaches, anxieties, concerns, financial worries and problems. He has supernatural provision, “manna” if you will. I will share in these meetings how to seek the Lord for His guidance and provision. Many of God’s people are running to and fro and making all kinds of financial, career, political and “where to live” decisions without hearing a word from the Lord.

Many of God’s people in America are listening to false prophets and have been lulled to sleep. In the Book of Jeremiah, God instructs Jeremiah to tell the people that sought after false prophets, false priests and false leaders that destruction and captivity will come. According to Jeremiah, one of the characteristics of a false priest is that he leads the people through his own charm, intellect and human ability. He has not sought the Lord!

I am going to be sharing not only what is going on, but teaching on how you can enter God’s ark of safety, by seeking His face and walking supernaturally in His presence. We are living in a time where it is absolutely essential that you draw close to God, and learn to hear his still small voice. It is important to be informed by financially and politically.

I will be speaking at a “Get Ready” Conference with economist Dr. Larry Bates and Larry Pratt, of Gun Owners of America .

The Get Ready Conference will prepare you for any event to come!

Strategies for weathering any crisis while keeping your finances and political freedom intact!

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Saturday October 3rd 9Am – 1PM
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You need to register and you need to be there if you want to be prepared for what i

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