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The Plan to Rule the World 1 In this 9 Part series Paul exposes the Luciferian conspiracy to rule the world that is happening today. In "The Plan to Rule the World Part I," Paul exposes the dark sinister plan to control the minds of men and women here in America and around the world through drugs, Psy Ops and planned traumatic events to shock the human personality into submission. Not only in this is happening on an individual level, but on a national and global level as well. The world is being prepared for the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet. Revelation is coming true before our eyes. Download “The Plan to Rule the World 1” MP3 now. Or visit and download the entire "The Plan To Rule The World Series" and discover from the Word of God about what is really going on in our nation and world!

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The purpose of the United Nations is one world government. Many people in the highest political offices of the nations of the world view themselves as "citizen's of the world." They are replacing the Judeo Christian Constitution with a humanist and UN Constitution. Instead of one nation under God, we will have one world under man and that man will be the Antichrist. At the highest levels of government and culture there are open Luciferians rejecting the God of the Bible and communicating to spirit guides. Just look below and see the meditation room of the UN which is Eastern mystical and led by the guru Sri Chinmoy. Lucifer Trust Publishing which published the occult teachings of Alice Bailey and the Externalization of the Hierarchy, Due to bad public relations they moved Lucifer Trust off UN property and now call it Lucis Trust. They are guided by the teachings of the occult teacher Madame Blavatsky who influenced Hitler and Barbara Marx Hubbard, a promoter of of one world government who rewrote the Book of Revelation. At the heart of the UN is occult worship and the open worship of Lucifer!

Plan to Rule the World 2” I have a burden to see you become the overcome that has destined you to become before the foundation of the world. We are in the last days harvest and the apostasy is spreading. This apostasy is energized with demonic power and delusion. In fact, this delusion is a convergence of sophisticated mind control technologies, drugs and shock. Demonic powers seek to bring you under their control and to bring nations under their control. Behavioral scientists like Pavlov and B.F. Skinner understood that by applying regular shock to an individual, you could program them. In addition, these social engineers understood that by introducing shock, chaos and trauma to an entire nation you could transform that nation into a New Age and globalist country with no moral absolutes or belief in God. Listen to this “Plan to Rule the World 2” MP3 now and find out what you can do about it before it is too late!

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The Plan to Rule the World 3. There exists a hidden elite or Shadow Government in the U.S. and the rest of the world that is using mind control technology to prepare youth and the masses for a one world government. In order to do this they must destroy the family unit, Christian morality, patriotism and the belief in God. They are using highly sophisticate mind control technology to set up the masses for a one world religion. We are now in the preparation period before the False Prophet and Anti-Christ emerge. You must understand how this is happening and how it affects apostasy in the church, government, culture and our laws before it is to late. Download "The Plan to Rule the World 3" MP3 now.

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The occult symbol on the back of the U.S. dollar. The occult pyramid, the words New Order of the ages or New World Order translated from Latin. The base of the pyramid represents the serfs or masses. The destruction of the Middle Class. The all-seeing eye of Lucifer or the illumined ones. The Illuminati are the elite at the top of the pyramid rule the Luciferian New World Order. The Bohemian Grove where the world's elite participate in Satanic rituals.
A secret ritual at the Bohemian Grove where the world's elite participate in the worship of a giant owl.

Paul's message, "The Plan to Rule the World 4" reveals even more of the plan by an elite to rule the world. In this message you will learn how mind control is so sophisticated that its victims not only do not know they are being programmed, but become violent and angry when someone attempts to educate them about it. We have moved into what George Orwell, the author of “1984”, called “concentration camps of the mind.” Aldus Huxley, author of “Brave New World” took it further when he said, at a speech given in 1961 at the California Medical School in San Francisco, Huxley said:

"There will be in the next generation or so a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them but will rather enjoy it."

But, the Lord Jesus Christ knew that all of this would happen before His Return. “To him that overcomes will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne”. Revelation 3:21 Download "The Plan to Rule the World 4" MP3 or to get a full understanding download the series!

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"The Plan to Rule the World 5" Paul reveals the occult, technological and psychological methods of mass mind control. Using the Behavioral Modification techniques of B.F. Skinner and the occult/scientific technologies of the Tavistock Institute and Stanford Research Institute, Paul explains how this fits into Bible prophecy. Paul exposes how Russian, American and British Intelligence adopted the brainwashing and mind control of the Nazi's, psychedelic drugs, trauma and shock to "freeze" and "unfreeze" an entire population. This is the apostasy of the False Prophet, the mark of the beast and a one world government ruled by the Antichrist. Listen to "The Plan to Rule the World 5" MP3 now.

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Behavior Modification developed by B.F. Skinnner in the Stanley Kubrick movies "A Clock Work Orange. Behavior Modification, mass brainwashing and social engineering have been used on mass population in the United States and Great Britain since the 1950's.

" Plan to Rule the World 6" In this powerful MP3, Paul explains the reality that most people are brainwashed and they cannot see where our nation is headed. Tragically that includes many Christians. Nano technology and Behavior Modification Psy Ops are keeping America, England and other nations passive. The apostasy is spreading and we are moving to the point where the False Prophet, who is the head of a coming one world religion, will control a one world economic system that is based on a chip or mark. Until the Return of the Messiah, there must be revival and a Last Days Harvest. Download "The Plan to Rule the World 6" MP3 now.

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Visit and order the entire "The Plan To Rule The World Series."

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